Silence ...

Vineeth was shivering badly when the doctor asked him to have a look at his mother who is at the ICU, he refused to see his mom with all those tubes running all around her, he was taught by his mom to be bold in any situation of life, but that does not seem to work here as the teacher who taught that is in her dying bed. Vineeth somehow managed to peep into the ICU, that dim lighting, frequent beeps of those life saving machines and all the more the silence in that room, gave him the feel of his spine getting chill ...

He slowly went to the last bed in that room, just to see his loving mom lying unconcious in a bed, though he is not an expert in analyzing the ECG monitor, but he dared to have a look at it, it was fluctuating in all possible manners which really made him worried, thanks to some good old movies where they have shown that if the ECG monitor draws a straight line, then that's the end, so to that extent, he is aware that his mom is alive. He slowly inched towards her bed and carefully dragged a chair close to her bed, suddenly his mom's face started to fade from his sight as his eyes pulled the water screen in front of his retina. He knows that he should not cry, but somethings are beyond human control.

He felt the pain of those injections and needles that were pierced on all possible nerves on his mom's body, he told to himself that, he should have taken care of her very well, he should'nt have allowed for such a situation to have arised in the first place, with these thinking going in his mind, a tear drop fell on his mom's hand, may be that tear drop was too hot for his mom to handle, immedieatly she was brought back to her senses, she slowly opened her eyes to her son staying next to her with his fingers crossed over his forehead, she gathered some strength and weaved her fingers over Vineeth's head. Vineeth could not believe that his mom is still concious and she is recognizing him.

It was one of the greatest moment of silence in both their lives, all that was exchanged between them was their eye to eye contact, he knows very well that Anjali did not take care of his mom very well and she treated his mom more badly than a maid, but his mom never complained about Anjali and was doing all the assigned tasks, just because she wanted Vineeth's life to be happy and she should not be the cause for any worries. Vineeth looked at his mom as if he has to say 1000 sorries to her and his mom looked at him as if she has pardoned both of them 1000 times. He just could not control his emotions anymore, so he burst out with a very big screem.

Immedieately the lights were on and he heard a loud voice screaming "CUT ... CUT ... CUT", the scene was shot perfectely in the way director wanted it to be and there was a big round of applause in Ramoji Rao studio, where this scene was shot for one of the upcoming tamil movie.

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