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My First Love ...

Here comes one more poem from me, let me know how you guys liked it ...

World was all mine
I had my own tasks to mind
Who thought life would change
And everything looked so strange

Its my shoes, Its my Toy
Every moment I just enjoy
It was all just so nice
Till i saw her little eyes

It all happened as a surprise
And I did not pay a single price
She was so cute and small
But her legs are really too tall

I wanted to speak a lot with her
When my mom is not very near
I may have to be very sure
As I always had a sense of fear

I first saw her with a white frock
I stood still, like a black rock
I saw her bathe in a bath tub
My heart just skipped one lub-dub

She has a very sharp nose
Loves to throw a stunning pose
I fell pray to that cute smile
Happiness flows in me like river nile

Will she like me, God only knows
I think she will, is what i suppose
No one in this world can oppose
A true love which is sure to arose

Its her thoughts, that always linger
It goes off when i hold her finger
Its her thoughts, that always pester

Bangalore to Chennai ...

I am not a poet in any forms of definition, but I know I have that capability in me ;-). This is my first ever poem in English, so kindly read it and let me know how you guys like it. This poem actually talks the mood of a bachelor who travels from Bangalore to Chennai every weekend. Its one more travelling weekend
My entire soul is weakened
I would say it’s due to hectic work
And all I get is a peanut perk...

Friday evenings are traffic choked
Reaching home is always lurked
Packing things with a sense of joy
The mood is same for a girl or boy

On to the streets to catch an auto
And you ought to wait, if you need to
When it starts to rain white and grey
All you can do is stand and pray

Long wait always makes you angry
Then I realize I am hungry
Rushed to a near by sagar chain
Search for an idly went in vain

You may be techie with lots of flair
But auto wala's just don’t care
Head or tail you want go
To get an auto you have to bow

Reached station which is @ 10 kilometer
By paying the auto one and a half …

Its GOLD ... At Last ...

It’s GOLD at last. The shame of the entire nation for not getting an individual GOLD medal at the Olympics came to an end after nearly 88 years. This is the first time an INDIAN had won gold and it’s certainly a remarkable feat. Let stop worshipping sachin's and dravid's and ganguly's for one time, here we have a true hero who has really made the nation proud. He came from no where and conquered the world. I just happened to see the recorded version of that shooting sport and I was jumping in JOY after Abhinav Bindra hit the last bullet right on the bull’s eye ... Bindra was fourth after qualifying but had a brilliant final round and even hit a near perfect 10.8 on his last visit to pull in front of Henri Hakkinen of Finland, who dropped to bronze with a poor final shot of 9.7. That allowed China's Zhu Qinan, the defending Olympic champion and heavy favourite, to pass him on his final shot and win the silver medal. "It's just great," Bindra said just befor…

Please try again later ...

Its an usual Monday morning Vineeth has to rush to office, but his shuttle had some issues and hence it refused to start, he had an important meeting that day and he gotta rush. He immediately radioed his wife Sindhu who was already on her way to work in her shuttle, she was too busy in driving and hence she ignored that radio signal. Vineeth was scratching his head not knowing what to do, and fortunately his neighbor who works in a near by station was starting his capsule, Vineeth bounced on it and requested for a drive, but his neighbor told him that his capsule does not have enough oxygen and hence it could not support two people, he pressed the oxygen level button which was on his top and it read as LOW, Vineeth has no other option other than using his back belt mini rocket to go to his work, with the prices of rocket fuel touching almost 12000 stars per gallon, he had to use that ...
After reaching her station Sindhu radioed Vineeth and she got an automatic response where a robot …

My Fair Lady ...

It was the time where I thronged for love, when everyone of my age was having a companion; I was the one who does not have one. I don’t want to be so desperate to catch one for the heck of it, so I waited for my day to come and as you all know, our sincere prayers will always be answered and I too found an angel who was so down to earth, and she just stole my little heart on the first sight. On seeing her, I felt some kind of closeness between us and it sounded as if we both know each other for a long time, no wonder she is "My Fair Lady" ...It started with occasional chats and later it became a frequent gossip's. It was almost like confessing each and every incident that happened for the day as if I that would cleanse my soul. She as ever would be a silent listener and would stop me for any clarifications that she wanted to know. I used to admire her sharp eyes and the power of concentration she has while I talk to her. I learned the art of talking to the opponent by lo…