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Out of a Fucked up City ...

This is the day I dreamt for seven and a half years, a fire which was always burning inside me all the time. I am so happy today that GOD has helped me fulfilled my dream and I am finally setting my base in my lovely hometown Chennai. I wish and pray that I should never go out of this city again in my life for any professional assignments. No city can match the warmth and comfort that your hometown offers you, every individual who is staying away from his / her hometown, would always have the urge to come back to their hometown, it's a fact not many people would disagree.  I came to Bangalore with utmost joy like how every software engineer would have in him. It is the California of INDIA and the kind of weather that city had when I came in 2004 was quite typical to the bay area of SFO. Life seems to be bliss and I felt as if I am living my dream. As everyone knows, dream's are always short lived, so as mine. That city started showing its true face, the sugar coating