Rakhi Ka Swayamvar ...

I don’t know how many people know about this, there is this program called "Rakhi's Suyamvar" that is being aired on one of the hindi channels and this is considered to be the heights of reality shows. Rakhi herself in my opinion is a crazy peer shaped nut and she is off to choose her life partner at the end of this show, and the best part is, Rakhi's brother is the co host in that show and he is the one who interviews all those probable candidates (what a family???). I am flabbergasted by the way these channels invent such stupid ideas to increase their TRP ratings and this one surely tops the list...

We all know that these channels will even enter our bedroom and feast on that if we say OK, but where on earth those participants come from ?? I am seriously lost to digest the fact that the so called bridegroom's who are all educated and who are all coming from a well off family, why the hell they have to go so cheap ? The way those guys behave and beg is beyond words to explain, and occasionally those crocodile tears shed by Rakhi is focused and zoomed and freezed on our TV screens and there is this thin air of "suspense" when Rakhi decides whether that fellow is eligible for the next round or not, man, all these are bullshit and stupid. The funny stunts that the bridegrooms do to make Rakhi laugh is the most cruel part of that reality show, the dignity and pride that every individual should have on themselves is lost forever.

Then comes the interview part by her brother, he intended to ask some silly questions to those guys to read their mind eventually spoiled and damaged the character of his sister, some of his questions where like this and this is the part where I was ROTFL.

Bro: Are you ok in marrying an item girl, who dances on the TV half naked ? (What a brother ...)

Guy: Yes Ji, I don't mind, my heart on soul is for Rakhi, and she is just doing her profession ...

Bro: Don't you think that people will say that an actress would have slept with many people, and how will you deal that ? (This was the best question, I don't know if he intended to say the truth here ...)

Guy: That is all nonsense. Even I am travelling across to the GLOBE for my business, even people can say the same thing about me. (I think accidently he let the cat out of the bag)

Bro: After marriage if Rakhi kisses someone or she acts in a rape scene, will you object ? (I seriously doubt if he is her real brother)

Guy: Again, that is just acting right ? (His tone was like ... as if he is asking, it’s only acting naa ... tell me the truth daa ... kind of)

Like this every bridegroom is called in and her *brother* is asking such brilliant questions, one guy was very emotional, not sure why, probably he would have thought that he shouldn’t have participated in this show, bugger was on tears most of the time, may be the producer and director of this reality show wanted to give a "mega serial" touch to this and hence they wanted someone to cry all the time. During the course of this long reality show, Rakhi will be visiting all the families of those bridegrooms and then understand their lifestyle and she will be interacting with his friends to know more about him and all those tamasha will happen it seems, I am afraid this may be a trendsetter of its kind and put bachelors like me in soup :-((

Wanted to hear what Rakhi have to say about all these ?? - "It was my idea, so I approached them. I have become famous due to reality shows. When I have become such a celebrity, why then should I have a quiet wedding? " ok ok, I can see your fuming face, just chill out dude ... On the whole, this program is one shit of a program which I request my readers NOT to watch, after watching and following some brilliant programs in Nat Geo like "Air Crash Investigation", "Wild Wild Animals", "Mega Builds" kind off stuffs, I just can’t stand this program even for 10 minutes. I am writing this just by watching the promotional video of this program, I don't know how the full program would be, I am sure the crap is going to be more and not less.

அன்புள்ள காதலிக்கு ...

வார்த்தைகள் அற்ற ஒரு மௌனமான மாலை வேளையில் மனதுக்குள் ஒரு இனிய போராட்டம், உங்கள் இருவரில் யார் அழகு என்று, பல முறை கடிதம் அனுப்பியும் திரும்பிப்பார்காத நீயா ? இல்லை, ஒவ்வொரு முறையும் அந்த கடிதத்தை கிழித்து போடும் உன் அப்பனா என்று. ஆள் வளர்ந்த அளவிற்கு அறிவு வளரவில்லை உன் அப்பனுக்கு, உன் போன்ற ஒரு சப்ப பிகரை பெத்ததற்கே அவனுக்கு இவ்வளவு ஏத்தம் கூடாது. காலா காலத்தில் நடக்க வேண்டியது நடக்காவிட்டால் இப்படித்தான், நான் கூறியது உன் கல்யாணத்தை பற்றி அல்ல, உன் அப்பனின் மரணத்தை பற்றி.

எனக்கு ஒரு உண்மை தெரிந்தாக வேண்டும், அதிகாலை நான்கு மணிக்கெலாம் அந்த பெருச்சாளி எழுந்து உன் வீட்டு அடுபாங்கரையில் பாத்திரங்களை போட்டு உருட்டுகிறதே, அது அப்படி அந்த வேளையில் செய்யும் வேலை தான் என்ன ? நான் ஒரு முறை உன் வீட்டுக்கு வந்த பொழுது அது கையால் ஒரு சொட்டு காப்பி வாங்கி குடித்து விட்டு நான் பட்ட பாடு எனக்குத்தான் தெரியும், என் மொழியில் சொல்ல வேண்டும் என்றால், அந்த காபி, அவர் மண்டையில் என்ன இல்லையோ, அது போல இருந்தது. நமது குடியிருப்பில் "சமைத்து பார்" போட்டி வைத்த பொது, போட்டியின் பெயருக்கு ஏற்ப இருந்தது அவரது கை வண்ணம் "சமைத்து" பார்க்க மட்டும் தான் முடிந்தது, உண்ண முடியவில்லை. அப்படி ஒரு சமையலை உண்டும் நீ இவ்வளவு குண்டாக இருக்கிறாய் என்றால், உன் மன வலிமையை வியப்பதில் ஆச்சர்யம் இல்லை தான்.

அவர் போட்ட முதல் குட்டி தான் லூசு என்று நினைத்திருக்கும் வேளையில், உன் உடன் பிறந்த சகோதரனை கண்டதும், அந்த லூசுத்தன்மை உங்களது "ஜீனில்" இருப்பதை உணர முடிந்தது. எந்த மலையில் வைத்து உன் தந்தை அவன் வரவிற்கு நாள் குறித்தாரோ தெரியவில்லை, அவன் சற்றும் குரங்கிற்கு சளைத்தவன் இல்லை என்று நிரூபித்துக்கொண்டே இருக்கிறான். போன வாரம் நமது தெரு முனையில் உள்ள டீ கடையில் புகுந்து அவன் செய்த கலாட்டாவில், அன்று மூடிய கடையை இன்று வரை திறக்கவே இல்லை அந்த நாயர். எப்படி திறப்பார், அவர் மேஜை மேல் வைத்திருந்த கடை சாவியை தான் உன் உடன் பிறந்த வானரம், பஜ்ஜியோடு சேர்ந்து கபளிகரம் செய்துவிட்டதே. பஜ்ஜிக்கும் சாவிக்கும் விதாசம் தெரியாத அவனை எந்த வகையில் சேர்ப்பது என்று உலக வனவிலங்கு துறை யோசித்து வருகிறது.

சரி உன்னை பற்றி பேசுவோம், பார்பதற்கு முட்டை கண்ணும், சோடா பாட்டில் கண்ணாடியும் அணிந்திருப்பதால், படிப்பில் சுட்டியாக இருப்பாயோ என்று எண்ணினேன், அது அதிகம் படித்ததால் போட்ட புட்டி அல்ல, அதிகம் சைட் அடித்ததால் போட்ட போட்டி என்று பின்னர் தெரிந்துகொண்டேன். கண்ணாடி முன் நின்றால் அது எப்படித்தான் உங்கள் மனம் கல்லாகிப்போகுமோ என்று எனக்கு தெரியவில்லை. போன வாரம் நீ ஆசை ஆசையாய் ஒரு சுரிதார் வாங்கினாய் என்று உன் அம்மா என் அம்மாவிடம் கூறினார், "சூமோ காருக்கு ஸ்கூட்டர் கவரா" என்று மனதுக்குள் அலறினாள் என் அம்மா. அதை நீ மறுநாள் நமது குடியிருப்பில் போட்டுக்கொண்டு அலைந்ததை பார்த்ததும், "மாவு மிஷினுக்கு துணி சுத்தியது போல் இருந்தது. ஒன்று உன் வீட்டு கண்ணாடியை மாற்று அல்லது உன் புட்டியை மாற்று, தவறிக்கூட மார்டன் உடைகளை உன் கையால் கூட தொட்டுவிடாதே.

உன் தங்கையை பற்றி கூறாவிட்டால் இந்த கட்டுரை எப்படி நிறைவடையும் ? அவளும் அந்த பெருச்சாளியின் சிலிமிஷத்தால் பிறந்தவள் தானே, அதே "டர்ட்டித்தனம்" அவளிடமும் இருக்கும் அல்லவா. என் தம்பி அவளிடம் லவ் லெட்டர் கொடுத்ததற்கு அவனை பார்த்து "ஸ்டுபிட்" என்று கூறியதாமே அந்த கோட்டான் ? அந்த லவ் லெட்டர் முதலில் அவளுக்கு இல்லை என்பதை அவள் காதுகளில் உரத்து கூற வேண்டும், உன் தங்கைக்கு அப்படி ஒரு கடிதத்தை என் தம்பி கொடுத்திருந்தால், அவனை இன்றே ஒரு நல்ல கண் மருத்துவனிடம் நான் கூட்டி செல்கிறேன். கோழி முட்டையை சற்றே பிதுக்கி விட்டது போல் ஒரு முகம், எருமை மாட்டிற்கும் பன்றிக்கும் பொதுவாக இருப்பது போல் ஒரு மூக்கு, அதில் சார்ட் பின் சொருகியது போல் ஒரு மூக்குத்தி. இந்தியாவின் நுழைவாயிலை போல் இரண்டு பற்களுக்கு மத்தியில் ஒரு பெரிய பள்ளத்தாக்கு, சுருக்கமாக சொல்ல வேண்டும் என்றால், அவள் ஒரு மேக்கப் போடாத பேய்.

ஏய், நா எழுதின இந்த கட்டுரைய கொஞ்சம் படிச்சு பாரேன், நீ மொதல்ல என் லவ்வ ரிஜெக்ட் பண்ணின பாரு, அப்போ உன் குடும்பத்து மேல இருந்த கடுப்புல எழுதின கட்டுரை இது. இதை ஆசை மனைவி சரண்யாவிடம் அவன் படித்து காட்டிய பின், சுதாகரை ஏதோ ஒரு கண் மருத்துவமனையில் பார்த்ததாக தகவல்.

Talking MJ - The Human ...

"August 29th 1958 - June 26th 2009 - Michel Jackson - RIP". Every soul like me who had a little idea about what POP music is all about, would have been injected to them by this legendary musician Michel Jackson (MJ). I would want to be very honest in this post and I don’t want to copy paste some of his all time golden hits which I came to know after his death, I have not listened to many of his songs except a few and that too without realizing that those songs were from MJ. I am not a person who fancies that kind of metallic music. This post is dedicated to this great person where I am not going to talk about his singing or dancing or composing skills, which the entire world knows, I am going to spell out few beans which not many people know and I too came to know from variety of websites, i.e Michel Jackson as a Human Being ...

MJ had a very troubled childhood and he was not blessed with a silver spoon, he spoke a lot about his personal life in his legendary speech which he gave to the folks at Oxford University in 2001 and this post is just an excerpt of that speech, which revealed the true heart of MJ and how he wished to give back to this society in every possible way for its betterment. He is one person who loved children and who was willing to do anything for child development and it was a ruthless molestation case on MJ that he molested a 11 yr old kid, which he has mentioned in one of his interviews that, he would die if those charges were proved and also he stated that he can die with any charges levied against him, but not this one, as he loved kids than anyone else in this planet. I don’t see a psycho in MJ, he cannot be a person of that sort.

MJ's Legendary Speech at the Oxford University - 2001

I suppose I should start by listing my qualifications to speak before you this evening. Friends, I do not claim to have the academic expertise of other speakers who have addressed this hall, just as they could lay little claim at being adept at the moonwalk - and you know, Einstein in particular was really TERRIBLE at that.

But I do have a claim to having experienced more places and cultures than most people will ever see. Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink - it is also comprised of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiseled on the human soul, and engraved on the human psyche. And friends, I have encountered so much in this relatively short life of mine that I still cannot believe I am only 42. I often tell Shmuley that in soul years I'm sure that I'm at least 80 - and tonight I even walk like I'm 80! So please harken to my message, because what I have to tell you tonight can bring healing to humanity and healing to our planet.


Tonight, I come before you less as an icon of pop (whatever that means anyway), and more as an icon of a generation, a generation that no longer knows what it means to be children.

All of us are products of our childhood. But I am the product of a lack of a childhood, an absence of that precious and wondrous age when we frolic playfully without a care in the world, basking in the adoration of parents and relatives, where our biggest concern is studying for that big spelling test come Monday morning.

Those of you who are familiar with the Jackson Five know that I began performing at the tender age of five and that ever since then, I haven't stopped dancing or singing. But while performing and making music undoubtedly remain as some of my greatest joys, when I was young I wanted more than anything else to be a typical little boy. I wanted to build tree houses, have water balloon fights, and play hide and seek with my friends. But fate had it otherwise and all I could do was envy the laughter and playtime that seemed to be going on all around me.

I would therefore like to propose tonight that we install in every home a Children's Universal Bill of Rights, the tenets of which are:

1. The right to be loved without having to earn it

2. The right to be protected, without having to deserve it

3. The right to feel valuable, even if you came into the world with nothing

4. The right to be listened to without having to be interesting

5. The right to be read a bedtime story, without having to compete with the evening news

6. The right to an education without having to dodge bullets at schools

7. The right to be thought of as adorable - (even if you have a face that only a mother could love).


About twelve years ago, when I was just about to start my Bad tour, a little boy came with his parents to visit me at home in California. He was dying of cancer and he told me how much he loved my music and me. His parents told me that he wasn't going to live, that any day he could just go, and I said to him: "Look, I am going to be coming to your town in Kansas to open my tour in three months. I want you to come to the show. I am going to give you this jacket that I wore in one of my videos." His eyes lit up and he said: "You are gonna GIVE it to me?" I said "Yeah, but you have to promise that you will wear it to the show." I was trying to make him hold on. I said: "When you come to the show I want to see you in this jacket and in this glove" and I gave him one of my rhinestone gloves - and I never usually give the rhinestone gloves away. And he was just in heaven.

But maybe he was too close to heaven, because when I came to his town, he had already died, and they had buried him in the glove and jacket. He was just 10 years old. God knows, I know, that he tried his best to hold on. But at least when he died, he knew that he was loved, not only by his parents, but even by me, a near stranger, I also loved him. And with all of that love he knew that he didn't come into this world alone, and he certainly didn't leave it alone.


If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can he dealt with. A professor may degrade you, but you will not feel degraded, a boss may crush you, but you will not be crushed, a corporate gladiator might vanquish you, but you will still triumph. How could any of them truly prevail in pulling you down? For you know that you are an object worthy of love. The rest is just packaging.

But if you don't have that memory of being loved, you are condemned to search the world for something to fill you up. But no matter how much money you make or how famous you become, you will still fell empty. What you are really searching for is unconditional love, unqualified acceptance. And that was the one thing that was denied to you at birth.


You probably weren't surprised to hear that I did not have an idyllic childhood. The strain and tension that exists in my relationship with my own father is well documented. My father is a tough man and he pushed my brothers and me hard, from the earliest age, to be the best performers we could be.

He had great difficulty showing affection. He never really told me he loved me. And he never really complimented me either. If I did a great show, he would tell me it was a good show. And if I did an OK show, he told me it was a lousy show.

He seemed intent, above all else, on making us a commercial success. And at that he was more than adept. My father was a managerial genius and my brothers and I owe our professional success, in no small measure, to the forceful way that he pushed us. He trained me as a showman and under his guidance I couldn't miss a step.

But what I really wanted was a Dad. I wanted a father who showed me love. And my father never did that. He never said I love you while looking me straight in the eye, he never played a game with me. He never gave me a piggyback ride, he never threw a pillow at me, or a water balloon.

But I remember once when I was about four years old, there was a little carnival and he picked me up and put me on a pony. It was a tiny gesture, probably something he forgot five minutes later. But because of that moment I have this special place in my heart for him. Because that's how kids are, the little things mean so much to them and for me, that one moment meant everything. I only experienced it that one time, but it made me feel really good, about him and the world.


Mahatma Gandhi said: "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." Tonight, be strong. Beyond being strong, rise to the greatest challenge of all - to restore that broken covenant. We must all overcome whatever crippling effects our childhoods may have had on our lives and in the words of Jesse Jackson, forgive each other, redeem each other and move on.

This call for forgiveness may not result in Oprah moments the world over, with thousands of children making up with their parents, but it will at least be a start, and we'll all be so much happier as a result.

The complete transcript of his speech can be read here

Thinking Hard ...

I have been seriously thinking of kicking off a parallel income, it's not that I am running short of finances, this is a thought which I have been debating within myself for a long time and in my family no one has ventured in to any kind of business, we are all more like "Mind your own business" types, after spending more than a decade in this competitive and pressurizing IT industry, I am seriously thinking of an alternative. Starting a new line of business gives me two benefit's, one is I can peruse my desire and start-up something which fascinates me and the other one is, it will take me off the worries of how this IT industry is going to shape up and take care of removing the hooks that are hanging over my head. I would want to startup something while I am at the prime of my IT career ...

I have been thinking of various business options and I bifurcated them into two, one is one the entertainment side, in the sense, trying out in the cine industry, of course "behind the scene" activities, like script writing, humor track writing etc etc, I know I terribly lack so much of skill if I have to take that path, as getting into the cine industry is not an easy joke and entertaining people is not easy. The next option I have is to do a business which has a good "carrier" and what best could be other than "Catering", coz there we have lots of "Carriers" naa. I am not a terrific cook, but at the same time I am not a bad cook either, but that does not convince me to start a catering business, I know I have to hire few real good cooks to run the show, again, saying is all easy, executing that is what would be a challenge. After considering every option what I seriously felt was, IT job is the easiest job in the world. :-)

It is time I take some decisions and move a coin towards doing a business, I am talking to so many friends of mine who are good at planning and directing me to the right direction, everyone are pointing me towards the cine industry, but I don't know what special skill I have to compete in that battle field, just because you crack jokes in your friends circle and everyone laughs for that, does not mean that you are a crowd puller. I am very particular that I am not fit for acting, so I cannot come in front of the lens. I have directed close to 13 plays right from my school to my college to my office and to Humor club, so I know my strengths and weaknesses. I still would feel the drama which I stage in my company was one of the best where I mocked my own company and that was received well till the top management. My fellow blogger Chandru was one of the main actors in that play, I am sure Chandru wud remember that :)

I am an intuitive person, though I listen to my friends and their suggestions, but finally I decide what my gut says at that point in time, something tells me that I have to go the other way and try out the "Catering" one, as we all know that the best way to reach anyone's heart is via their stomach. I have been interacting with few cook's who are not so famous but they are simply talented in few things, there is one guy near my area who works as a cook in a local tea shop, his potato bonda is something out of the world, I have not tasted such a tasty bonda in my life, probably he wud be earning a meager 2000 bucks a month after boiling himself in front of that hot furnace, if I can convince him to eject from there and if I start an evening bonda shop, that would be a good start, but the issue here is, I would be too dependent on an individual, I strongly believe on one fact, that is, never do a business if you are not aware of the tricks of that trade, it's not just that you have money and you are trying your luck on.

Well, too many cross thoughts going on these days and I don't know where my instincts will take me, but I have no immediate plans of quitting this IT field at least for another 5 more years. I request my readers to help me in throwing some great ideas for a start-up and I swear, if the idea is good, we can do a combined business with them as well. One of my cute little friend used to tell me this - "Life is once and live that to fullest" so I will have to take her words here.

My Favourite Lyrics ...

Music and Songs were always my one source of entertainment and there were songs which touched my heart, made me cry, made me fly as well, but there are few lyrics in various songs which really made a direct impact to my life and I would say, they played a major role in molding myself and I would like to list the top 10 lyrics which touched my life and my heart ...

10. This song is from "மறுபடியும்" and it starts like this "எல்லோரும் சொல்லும் பாட்டு ..." and the best lyrics of this song is this

நாயகன் மேலிருந்து நூலினை ஆட்டுகின்றான்
நாமெல்லாம் பொம்மை என்று நாடகம் காட்டுகின்றான்
மானிடன் ஜாதகம் இறைவனின் கையிலே
தயக்கங்கள் நேர்வதில்லை தெளிந்தவர் நெஞ்சிலே ...

God is having the string in his hand and he is exhibiting a drama as if we are all mere dolls.
Our fate is all in his hands
There is no confusion in a heart which is clear

This song talks about the essence of life, it clearly says that we are all string dolls to GOD and he is the one who controls us, our fate is decided by him and once you believe in him and hand over your life to him, you will not have any confusions in your mind.

9. This song is from "நிழல்கள்" and the song starts like this "பொன் மாலை பொழுது ..." and this is Vairamuthu's first song ...

வானம் எனக்கொரு போதி மரம்
நாளும் எனக்கது செய்தி தரும்
ஒரு நாள் உலகம் நீதி பெரும்
திருநாள் நிகழும் செய்தி வரும்
பூமரங்கள் சாமரங்கள் வீசாதோ

Sky is a Bodhi tree to me
It gives me ideas everyday
One day this world will be perfect
That news will be heard one day
Won’t the flower trees blow the gentle wind

The author says that the entire sky is like a bodhi tree to him, the tree which gave the great Buddha the knowledge and he says that sky is giving him new ideas every day and one day this world would change, here the world means, his own world where the hero aspires to be a singer in the movie and he expects that day would come soon and all the trees will sprinkle flowers on him with a gentle breeze of wind ...

8. This song is from "பயணங்கள் முடிவதில்லை" and the song starts like this "இளைய நிலா பொழிகிறதே ..."

முகிலினங்கள் அலைகிறதே முகவரிகள் தொலைந்தனவோ
முகவரிகள் தவறியதால் அழுதிடுமோ அது மழையோ
நீல வானிலே வெள்ளி ஓடைகள்
போடுகின்றதே என்ன ஜாடைகள்
விண்வெளியில் விதைத்து யார் நவமணிகள் ...

Clouds are roaming as if they have lost the address
since they have lost the address and their cries is what is Rain ?
Silver streams in the blue sky
showing different resemblances ...
Who sowed the navarathna's in the space ?

This is an excellent piece of imagination, the writer says, that clouds are running here and there as if they have lost the address of where they want to go and just because they lost their address they start crying and do we call that as rain ? This clearly indicates the creativity of the writer and the way he has observed rain.

7. This song is from the movie "May Maadham" and the song starts like this "மின்னலே நீ வந்ததேனடி ..."

பால் மழைக்கு காத்திருக்கும் பூமி இல்லையா
ஒரு பண்டிகைக்கு காத்திருக்கும் சாமி இல்லையா
வார்த்தை வர காத்திருக்கும் கவின்ஞன் இல்லையா
நான் காத்திருந்தால் காதல் இன்னும் நீளும் இல்லையா
கண்ணீரில் தீ வளர்த்து காத்திருக்கிறேன்
உன் காலடி தளத்தில் நான் பூத்திருக்கிறேன் ...

Isn’t the earth waiting for a good rain ?
Isn’t the god waiting for a festival
Isn’t there a poet who waits for his words
If I wait, won’t that extend my love ?
I am waiting by growing fire in my tears
I am budding on your footsteps ...

This is a wonderful piece where a guy justifies his wait for his love he is comparing his wait with the rain, the god, the poet and he feels that the more he waits, the more his love would grow, he is waiting for her with tears rolling over his cheeks like fire.

6. This song is from the movie "Muthu" and this piece was penned to utmost perfection where it slaps hard on the face of evey human being ...

மண்ணின் மீது மனிதனுக்காசை
மனிதன் மீது மண்ணுக்காசை
மண் தான் கடைசியில் ஜெயிக்கிறது
அதை மனம் தான் உணர மறுக்கிறது
கையில் கொஞ்சம் காசு இருந்தால், நீ தான் அதற்க்கு எஜமானன்
கழுத்து வரைக்கும் காசு இருந்தால் அது தான் உனக்கு எஜமானன்

Human is fond of soil
Soil is fond of human
But soil is what which wins at the last
And our heart refuses to accept that
If you have little amount of money, you can be its owner
But if you have money up to your neck that will be your owner ...

All of us are crazy in buying lands and properties and we are so much in love with that, at the same time, soil is fond of us, when we die we are buried under that, without realizing this ultimate fact, we still go crazy in buying properties for acres and we are not ready to accept that fact as well. More money is more trouble is what these lines say

5. This is from the movie "அபூர்வ சகோதரர்கள்" and the song is "உன்ன நெனச்சேன் பாட்டு படிச்சேன் ..."

கண்ணிரெண்டில் நான்தான் காதெலெனும் கோட்டை
கட்டி வைத்து பார்த்தேன், அதனையும் ஓட்டை,
கொட்டும் மழை காலம் உப்பு விற்க போனேன்
காற்றடிக்கும் நேரம் மாவு விற்க போனேன்
தப்பு கணக்கை போட்டு தவிச்சேன் தங்கமே ஞான தங்கமே
பட்டபிறகே புத்தி தெளிஞ்சேன் தங்கமே ஞான தங்கமே

I had constructed a love fort in my eyes
After construction I realized that it is full of holes
Rainy season I sold salt
Windy season I sold flour
I did wrong calculation
Then realized my mistake ...

This song actually one of the most touching "Love Failure" songs which I have heard off, Kamal after realizing that his love is not actually love he sings this song, this was so beautifully penned in a fashion were he says what all mistakes he did, like he went to sell salt during rainy season which eventually will dilute the salt, he sells flour during a windy season, the comparison was simply top notch ...

4. This song is from the movie - "மன்னன்" and the song starts like this "அம்மாஎன்றழைக்காத உயிரில்லையே ..."

பசுந்தங்கம் புது வெள்ளி மாணிக்கம் மணி வைரம்
அவையாவும் ஒரு தாய்க்கு ஈடாகுமா
விலை மீது விலை வைத்து கேட்டாலும் கொடுத்தாலும்
கடைதன்னில் தாய் அன்பு கிடைக்காதம்மா
ஈரைந்து மாதங்கள் கருவோடு எனைத்தாங்கி நீபட்ட பெரும்பாடு அறிவேனம்மா
அடுத்திங்கு பிறப்பொன்று அமைந்தாலும்
நானுந்தன் மகனாக பிறக்கின்ற வரம் வேண்டுமே

Pure gold, new silver, bead diamond
all these cannot equate a mother
how much ever you bargain, you cannot get
a mother love on stores
I know the pain you underwent when holding me in your womb for 10 months
if there would be a next birth, I want to be your son once again ...

I don’t think any other poet other than the great Vaali could have produced this masterpiece lyric, I am sure these lyrics would have brought tears in everyone who listens to this song. If there could be a song which can describe the value of a mother, I don’t think there is any song which is in near comparison to this. The song which touched me in every possible aspect and the song which lingers in my heart forever.

3. This song is from the movie "கண்டுகொண்டேன் கண்டுகொண்டேன்" and the song starts like this "எங்கே எனது கவிதை ..."

மாலை அந்திகளில் மனதின் சந்துகளில்
தொலைந்த முகத்தை மனம் தேடுதே
வெயில் தார் உருகும் நகர வீதிகளில்
மையல் கொண்டு மனம் வாடுதே
மேகம் சிந்தும் இரு துளியின் இடைவெளில்
துருவி துருவி உன்னை தேடுதே
உடையும் நுரைகளிலும் தொலைந்த காதலனை
உருகி உருகி மனம் தேடுதே ...

Evening dawn, gaps between my hearts
Mind is searching for the lost face
Roads where sun is melting the tar
My mind is centered and worrying
In between the gap two rain drops
I am searching hard
On the bursting bubbles too
I am searching for my lost lover ...

This song is simply excellent for variety of things, Chitra's voice, ARR's music and Aishwarya Rai of course. The song tells how a girl is searching for her lover and how far she misses him in her life the amount of imagination Vairamuthu has given to the lyrics is simply hair-raising, the creativity in the way he has explained the pain is simply out of the world. The line which says that she is searching for her lover in between the gaps of two rain drops is my fav.

2. This song is from the movie "புதிய முகம்" and the song is "கண்ணுக்கு மை அழகு ..."

இளமைக்கு நடை அழகு
முதுமைக்கு நரை அழகு
கள்வர்ர்க்கு இரவழகு
காதலர்க்கு நிலவழகு
நிலவுக்கு கரை அழகு
பறவைக்கு சிறகழகு
அவ்வைக்கு கூனழகு
அன்னைக்கு சேய் அழகு

Walk is beautiful for young
Silver hair is beautiful for old
Night is beautiful for thieves
Moon is beautiful for lovers
Stain is beautiful for moon
Hunch is beautiful for Avvai (the tamil poet)
Baby is beautiful for mom

The whole song itself is a beauty and I was debating if I have to put the entire song, but if I have to make a choice, I would want to choose this piece of lyrics, ah what a masterpiece writing is this, though this may sound simple when you hear, but if you dig to the truth of these lines, then you would appreciate the versatility the writer has in this skills, it is our one and only Vairamuthu and a hats off to this song ...

1. This song is from the movie "வேலைக்காரன்", lot of you folks may have this as a surprise, yes, it is this piece of lyrics which I always humm and this lyric is something which I felt is the KING of ALL when it comes to exaggerating things, writing a poem is all about creativity right ? and this song tops my list. The song starts like this "வா வா வா வா கண்ணா வா ..."

வானில் காணும் வானவில்லின் வண்ணம் ஏழு வண்ணமோ
தோகை உந்தன் தேகம் கூட மேகமாக மின்னுமோ
காணும் இந்த பூக்கள் மேலே காயம் என்ன காயமோ
கார்ச்சலங்கையோடு வண்டு பாடிச்சென்ற மாயமோ
நூறு நூறு தீபமாய், வானில் அன்று கார்த்திகை
வாழும் காதல் சின்னமாய், மாறும் எங்கள் யாத்திரை ...

The rainbow that is there in the sky is it of 7 colors ?
Girl, your body too glitters like that sky
what is the reason for all these flowers being hurt ?
Is it becoz a bee with a musical chain on his leg sang over them ?
Hundreds of lamps shine in the sky as like "Kaarthigai" (festival of lights)
Let this journey be termed as emblem of love

This song beats all the barriers for creative thinking and especially in the line where it says the reason for why the flowers got hurt, wowww, what an imagination and I know my translation cannot be apt when I say it in English (My English is also bad), but when I heard this lyric for the first time, I was baffled with the way the poet has imagined and this is one song which my lips will always murmur and especially this line.

I know there are 1000s of songs like this and if you feel you have a song which you feel that is simply great, please share that with me, post a comment here. Thanks for reading this ...

He - She ...

He is extremely restless and so as she, both of them have to get out of this and set out free like others, but circumstances did not allow them to do so. He has drunk enough and he literally is swimming in water, and she on the other hand is totally in pain and she has no words to express her anguish, but she knows that she has to undergo this period of her life, coz without him her life is next to nothing. Both of them have no choice other than waiting for this phase of their life to get over ...

He called her up one day and he did not speak much, she knows his mind much better than anyone else, she asked him what she can do for him to feel better, still he responded with silence. She said she will meet him in a week's time and asked him to be patient, but that does not seem to have convinced him, he felt as if kicking himself for all this mess, but he knows that it will hurt her so much so he decided to be quite and went to bed, he has drunk enough and he just could not stand becoz of that, but he somehow managed to hit his bed. He was thinking how he is going to handle the pressure which is staring at him, but he knows that it is a competitive world and somehow he has to win this battle.

She is nervous right from morning and the D-day has come and she has to face this in her life some day and that day is today, she has to break the silence and scream on top of her throat. He on the other hand had a wonderful swim that morning which made him feel fresh, he is ready to face the challenge, he is all ready to meet her and is pretty excited. This is the first time in his life he is going to see a girl in person who he has not met before in his life, though he has developed immense love and affection towards her even without seeing, he was nervous too. She is too worried to see her parents especially her dad, she is not ready to leave him and go, but she has to. It is a battle between love and deep love.

She somehow managed to escape when her dad did not notice her, she hoped that her mom will take care of him. She is all excited to meet him who would be her life forever and she is wondering if he will also have the same feeling. She is just minutes away to meet her love and life, she just could not control her excitement and she knows anything is worth missing to see him, she just screamed on top of her throat and there he came out with a mixture of blood & water, he was also screaming on top of his throat, everything is new to him, the light, the fan, the faces. He was too tired of swimming inside her tummy for almost 40 weeks. After having good bath, there he lands himself on the arms of the girl who he wanted to meet and he just said "I Love You Mom..." in a language only she can understand. It was all tears in her eyes and nothing to be translated in words.

Ready"Maid" Rape ...

Everyone are talking about this Shiney Ahuja case, my next door kid who is doing his 2nd standard is following this case very keenly, why not I ? I should first admit the fact that I came to know that Shiney Ahuja is an actor only after this case was brought to light, I am not a movie buzz, hindi movies to me are like how "promises are to politicians", though I go ga-ga over few seriously good looking heroines like "Priyanka Chopra", "Katrina Kaif", "Amrita Rao", "Neha Dupia" etc etc, I just don’t follow that stream of entertainment. I personally feel that this case has been blown to proportions and they are actually washing the dirty linen in public. Every news channel is debating on this topic, WTF?? Of course the entire episode is all about that "F" I know, but since it happened between a so called popular actor and his maid, the issue added spice ...

I happen to speak to one of my friend who is a news anchor by profession; I asked her, what is that her channel is going to get by talking about this for hours together ? She gave me a blunt reply saying, her editor is the man who needs to answer that question. I told her that more than the rape victim, the news anchors are extremely emotional while reading that news, and in fact she read this news with utmost grief and sorrow in her voice which to me is an overreaction than the victim. This animated lady Burkha Dutt of NDTV 24X7, was almost on tears when the debate was on in her news channel, man, this is too much. Well coming to the main issue, I just don’t understand why this "rape" case is being put under the lens and magnified so much ? This makes me think as if there were no "sexual assaults" that are happening in this country and this is a one-off case. I don’t want to debate whether Shiney is innocent or not, coz I was not there at the time of the crime or at the scene ;-)). This news is feeding blood and flesh to all media persons and they are more than happy to shoot that innocent girl left, right and center and follow her wherever she goes, do media persons have a heart ?? I don’t think so.

Needless to say the global secret which is known to every INDIAN citizen of why first class coupes are always booked in our railways and for what bloody purpose that is being used. Using the RTI act, just demand for the list of the passengers who have travelled in those coupes for the past 6 months, all you will see is the names of some 50+ year old politician and a young girl of 20+ travelling in the same coupe, WTF will that be ?? Do you think that the politician would have been teaching her the secrets of politics ?? Every nasty thing is possible in INDIA, 99% are not being caught as the victims are not ready to come out and complain, and even if they come and complain, the victim knows that the society will stamp her as someone of "that" profession and hence her life is screwed forever, see, even for this case, Shiney's wife has come out all guns blazing saying that her husband was raped by her maid which to me is a brilliant argument and that made even the judge think for a while. Till date, INDIA does not have any stringent law against such "sexual assaults" which are mainly targeted on the weak links of this society.

I am skeptic over the fact that science or technology can prove or figure out the actual truth of an incident like this which has happened inside the four walls, what the hell they will do by collecting the blood samples or investigating the private parts or the dresses ? And why "dresses"???, as if both of them would have been dressed in formals while this w"hole" incident happened? Crazy folks I say, crazy folks!!. That poor maid may have been raped by Shiney once or if the media reports are believed to be true, she would have raped Shiney once, but this media and the society is raping her daily by debating over every ugly possibility on that incident and making a hell for that victim on earth. That maid too has now started to handle media with some courage, as she knows what kind of questions would come, she is also getting experience rite??. There is this twisted tail to this case where one set of crowd is saying that celebrities are soft targets, this statement has to be taken with a word of caution saying, not all celebrities are clean. "Celebrity" is just a social status and that is not something which makes an individual to be a "super human". May be it would be true on some cases, but in this case everything has been confessed and there is no hidden secrets here.

The country which is termed to be a pioneer in the art of sex and the country which gave the great "Kamasutra" to the rest of the world, forgot to educate the kids of its own land about the ways to control the senses and the limits allowed in such a game. Today we all may be talking about one Shiney Ahuja and one maid, but as you read this or as I write this, there would be so many Shiney Ahuja's raping so many innocent maids or the vice-versa, so let’s not get emotionally carried away by this incident, and keep the fact in mind that we all are living in a country where such incidents are not new, I know we Indian folks are a bunch of emotional unit, and I know how we reacted to Rajiv Gandhi's death, Gujarat Earth Quake, Tsunami, Aarushi's Murder case, Mumbai Attacks, Surat Rape Incident, etc etc, for us every news is just hot for a week or 10 days and after that we all depart in our own ways until another emotional incident happens.

Ramblings of a Soul ...

When destiny seems to be a moving target and aims appear to be smudged in your mind all that you can do is to search for a silent space in your brain to wander freely without being disturbed by any noise, it’s the noise made by your heart, which at times sounds like a music, at times sounds disturbing, when there is a time where you can't decide whether it's a noise or a disturbance, that's when your soul starts to ramble and search for something which no one knows what it is, including you ...

Who said, a confused mind is an "un-tied dog", just because it does not stand in one place you cannot say so. A confused mind is the place where all the inventions start, some invent for the mankind and some invent themselves. When the search of the unknown is truly on, the ultimate chaos kicks in and it makes us look really funny even for ourselves. Some come into your life to add confusion and some come into your life to clear them, but you will not know the result until they depart. Angels are good to hear in stories and your heart would certainly not believe when they come in real life, as we would expect a bright ring over the head and two big feathers attached to their sides. Everyone has a bell inside, but unfortunately the string is also inside, and hence you can never pull that on your own, you need an angel to pull that string for us to hear the sound loud and clear.

Life is a race for all of us, some tend to participate even though they know that they are not going to win that, but, does winning is the ultimate destiny ? What next after winning? Is it oblivion? Life as such is oblivion isn’t it? Every day begins with a ray of hope, someday GOD gives you a lamp to rub and someday he opens a Pandora box, and we have no clue of what to do with both of them, as we are searching for something which we are not sure of what it is. Things we have missed in life are aplenty, things which we are missing in life are also aplenty, at the end, we would have realized that we have just missed "Life". Things which come into your heart never ask for permission, at the same time, when it decides to go out, it still does not need your permission.

Wait Wait Wait ... did I blabber something here?? Ah, just because I need to post something today, I have just let my "soul" to do the writing, and now it’s pretty clear that, both me and my soul are two stupid nuts, see the way he has scribbled here, not a funny writer like me ah!!!. "Hey dude, can you just go back inside? It looks like this post of yours will seriously bring down my followers count ... ". I have just asked my soul to get back and I don’t want to disappoint him by not posting this, so kindly excuse ...

Dreams Shattered ...

Is it the beginning of the end of HONEYMOON period of Dhoni and his boys ? The team does not show any signs of fire right from the start of the tournament and they looked sloppy in all departments of the game and the entire nation did not take those two victories against the minnows that seriously, when it really mattered in the Super 8s the team did not deliver, we were looking like Zimbabwe against the windies and the English and least to say about yesterday's performance where India looked seriously out of sorts right from the word go. Shewag's absence was rightly felt as the team failed to give a decent start and the man who filled in that slot was not the right choice any more, Rohit Sharma is not a matured opener in my humble opinion ...

Dhoni needs such humiliating defeats and I would say that INDIA should face many more defeats like this and this would seriously make the team's think tank to work on the basics and sharpen the axe to get the eluding World Cup in 2011, I know I am thinking far ahead, but I strongly feel that this Indian team has seriously got the potential to rock any opponent, the only thing they lack is consistency and the fire to win and trash. Pakistan though being our arch rivals, I always admire their hunger and fight back to win a game, which is not the case with Indian cricket, and you may find this statement apt for any of the previous generation cricketers which we have seen. India needs to get more ruthless and such defeats would definitely get the boys out of the dream world they are in today.

India's fielding has hit the rock bottom and they does not seem to improve on this even a bit, I am not quoting just this T20, even at the IPL, the Indian players were sloppy on the field, and I would not put the blame on the fielding coach here, as he happily enjoys flying with the team all around the world, and I would say Robin Singh has not stayed so long in the team even when he was a player, lets forgive that aging cricketer and put the blame on the young boys who are not willing to bend and flex. In yesterday's match if Bajji wouldn’t have bowled those two wides which costed 10 runs for India, I think we would have romped home easily, after bowling such a wonderful last over, Bhajji should have been even more responsible in bowling that wide delivery, Dhoni obviously is not the best of the keeper we have in the team and hence the bowlers need to be careful, rather testing Dhoni's keeping skills.

Anyways, I am happy in a way that India has lost and I hope the team takes a much deserving break and spend some quality time with their families, refresh their mind, body and soul and come back banging on the Hong Kong Super Sixes tournament. So which team I support for the rest of the tournament ?? Obviously it’s our neighbor, ah, don't look up the map dude, just look at the bottom, yeah, its Srilanka. Mendis the man, who can spell doom to any team on his day and he is the trump card for the emerald island folks to kiss the cup.

Once Upon a Time ...

I was chatting with one of my college buddies today, he is in the US now and as expected he started to crib about that place and he said he wanted to come back blah blah blah ... but that chat took an interesting turn when the topic turned towards the golden days of our college where I was named as the most notorious of all and I would be there to bring out laughter in the class room quite often, he reminded me of few funny things which actually were my first trial experience in doing stand-up comedy in front of a crowd and those days I would say I am an amateurish performer and still I am ...

Mylapore to Royapettah

We a gang of 6 (decent) boys used to take bus number 1 from Mylapore to go to my college which was in Royapettah, and we have a friend who boards the bus at Thiruvanmiyur which is the starting point of that bus, and you won't believe he would reserve seats for us till mylapore, holding 5 seats till Mylapore and that too on a crowded route like 1 is not that easy, but he used to find novel ideas to reserve seats for us, but we being ruthless friends who play pranks left right and center amongst us decided to play one on that day. Once he managed to reserve 5 seats till Mylapore on a crowded monday morning, and already passengers were fuming that 5 seats were empty and still they have to come standing, and moreover they generally don't argue with a college going guy and that too from "New College" and moment the bus came to mylapore, we all decided not to board that bus where he has blocked the seats, that poor guy was screaming from inside and asking us to get in but we safely ignored his screams and showcased as if we don't know that guy and what happened next inside the bus was history, poor chap came to college with few swollen fingers and a sore left eye.

Electricity & Magnetism

There was this wonderful subject in my bachelors degree and I simply loved and enjoyed every bit of it and me being a very curious person when it comes to electricity so it was quite natural that I was very attentive to that class, but not all days are sundays rite, there was one such class where I chose to ignore and continue my mimicry session at the last bench (yes I am a last bench student), and moreover the subject was "Transformers" which I am already very familiar with. I think the professor was in a very bad mood that day and he just could not tolerate the nuisance created by us and all of a sudden he asked me to stand up and asked me this question "Tell me the various losses of a transformer or else get out of my class immediately", though my heart wished to go out, but I just don't want to miss my friends and the fun we were having at that time, so I said "Copper Loss, Eddy Current Loss, Mechanical Loss and Stray Loss" the professor seem to be very impressed with this answer and he said "Very good, you remember the things which you studied in 12th standard" and not giving even a second for that reply, I said "What is the big thing sir, I still remember what I studied in LKG and started saying A B C D ..." and it took more than 15 mins for the entire classroom to stop laughing, including the professor.


This lovely instrument was the apple of my eye whenever I went inside our lab, not sure why, but I somewhat like that instrument a lot and above all, I like the prism they give us for experiment to find the "Interference and Diffraction of Light". We the gang of 6 hatched a plan to lift that entire instrument along with the prism one day, and mind you guys, it was a plan which is more complex than the plan laid for 9/11 attack. Each individual was given a specific role to play and my role was to divert the lab technician as folks thought that I am good at talking and making people laugh, one guys job is to un screw the spectrometer from the table where it was fixed and another guys job is monitor the main entrance so that no one is entering the lab and another guys job is to actually lift the instrument without making noise and another guy would be sitting under the table with a big bag, so that we can put that spectrometer in that bag. Roles and responsibilities were defined and it's the D day of execution and we chose Saturday to be the right time as there would be no issues and only the Lab technician would be available.

With the dreams of "owning" a spectrometer sparkling in my mind, our gang set out to execute that plan and we all know very well that if get caught, we are out of the college and that too taking a risk on the final year is something which makes me shiver when I think of that today. We all marched into the college lab and the plan was to go one by one and not all in one at a go, R was the first one to enter the lab and his duty is to signal to another R in our gang who owns the bag to come in and he should get under the table without anyone noticing him, it was more than 10 minutes R did not give any signal to us and we were worried whether R decided to take the complete plan on his own, so we asked R1 to go and see what is happening, R1 who went inside did not return for another 10 minutes and our gang really got worried, without knowing what has happened. B, S and A was so scared that they decided to withdraw from the plan and gave me advice to drop the whole idea. But somehow I convinced B, S and A to go into the lab and I will follow them.

As expected R was planning something other than the plan, I just went in at the right time and squashed his ideas, A was asked to get inside the table / cupboard so that no one sees him hiding, that cupboard is the place where all accessories would be stored, it is a pretty big one which can accommodate one or two persons easily. I approached the lab technician and asked him how his family and other things, just a casual chat, in the meantime S started to unscrew the spectrometer from the table, that is just a hand-tight screw, so it was easy to remove, another R was guarding the gate now and B carefully lifted the spectrometer, again don’t ask me "Why a spectrometer ??", it was all set, and I was monitoring both the lab technician and the guys, when it was all set, that bugger A screamed from inside the cupboard and unfortunately B had latched the cupboard from outside.

A's bloody scream attracted the LAB technician’s attention and he came running towards the table and he caught B red-handed with the Spectrometer in his hand, well all our final year dreams came crashing, the Lab technician first opened the cupboard to see A jumping out like a rabbit, and I was fuming, the lab attendant has no clue of what was happening there, out of all these chaos, we were all laughing out of the back because A was bitten by a bit RAT on one of his juicy bum, blood oozing out of that bitten portion and A in full tears, the lab attendant started to laugh along with us and there came my presence of mind for the rescue "Hey folks, let’s not beat A for the fact that he hide himself in the cupboard and it won't be fair for us to hit him with a spectrometer, S please keep it on the table da", then I have to cook a story to the attendant saying that we were all searching for A as he has to pay us some amount, and once we found him hiding here, we latched from outside blah blah blah ... and there ends my dream of "owning" a spectrometer and that too by a RAT, but the bite on A's butt was simply out of the world and every time we used to pull his legs by that incident, and we added spice to that incident by spreading that news across college and telling everyone that the RAT died immediately after biting A's back, as he has not washed it for a long time.

Well, we 6 are still in touch, but only via the electronic medium, though I had a chance to stay with them when I was in the US, but still our gang misses all the fun, and there is one plan which is still pending becoz of me and that is nothing but, we six should go to some lovely honeymoon destination with our partners and laugh out loud by sharing such incidents, well, I am the one who is yet to tie the knot, so folks are patiently waiting ... time will answer this question guys ... just wait :)

தாய் மண்ணே வணக்கம் ...

மோகத்தின் உச்சியில் மயங்கித்தான் கிடந்தோம்
தாய் மண்ணின் மணத்தை நுகர்வதற்கு மறுத்தோம்
தேசமெங்கும் ஊழல் என்று மார்தட்டித்திரிந்தோம்
நம்வீட்டின் ஓட்டைகளை சரி செய்ய மறந்தோம்
போதுமடா சாமி என்று அயல்நாடு பறந்தோம் ...

பணம் ஈட்டும் ஆசையில் உறவுகளை துறந்தோம்
நம் நாட்டில் இல்லை என்று கடல் பல கடந்தோம்
கல்வி கற்கும் ஆவலில் ஈட்ட செல்வதை கரைத்தோம்
அயல் நாட்டு பட்டத்தை வெற்றி என்று நினைத்தோம்
அதுவும் வெறும் காகிதம் என்றறிந்து ஒரு நொடி திகைத்தோம்

பிறப்பையும், இறப்பையும் ஈமைலில் படித்தோம்
பெண் பார்க்கும் படலத்தையும் அங்கேயே முடித்தோம்
இட்டிலியும் தோசையும் அறியாதது போல் அலைந்தோம்
பிஸ்ஸாவும் பர்கரும் தெரிந்தது போல் நடித்தோம்
கோக்கையும், பீரையும் குலுக்கி குலுக்கி குடித்தோம்
நம் நிலைமையை நாமே எண்ணி மனதுக்குள் சிரித்தோம்

அயல் நாட்டின் பெருமைகளை பேசி பேசி மகிழ்ந்தோம்
நம் நாட்டில் அவை தோன்ற யுகமாகும் என்றிகழ்ந்தோம்
"fuck"கையும், "புல் ஷிட்டையும்" பேச்சினிடையே கலந்தோம்
அவையன்றி பேசவே முடியாதென்று விணைந்தோம்
மதிகெட்ட மானிடனாய் உருமாரிக்கிடந்தோம்

அன்று அந்நியனின் கைப்பிடியில் சிக்கித்தான் தவித்தோம்
அடித்தாலும் உதைத்தாலும் மண்டி போட்டு பிழைத்தோம்
வலி தாங்க முடியாமல் அம்மாவை அழைத்தோம்
உன் மடி தான் சொர்கமேன்ற உண்மையொன்றை உரைத்தோம்
காலம் கடந்த சிந்தையென்று இன்று நாமே உணர்ந்தோம்

போதுமடா அடிமைகளாய் நாம் வாழ்ந்த காலம்
மீதமுள்ள சொத்தென்றால் அது இந்தியனின் மானம்
உனக்காக காத்திருக்கு இந்திய விமானம்
அதை ஏறி வருவது தான் உன் உயிருக்கு பாலம்
கட்டாயம் ஒரு நாள் இந்தியாவும் மாறும்
அதை கண்டு உங்கள் மனம் கட்டாயம் ஆறும்

இந்தியாவை போல ஒரு தேசம் எங்கிருக்கு சொல்லடா
குறை மட்டும் கண்டெடுக்க நீயும் நானும் இல்லடா
அங்கு சிந்தும் ரத்தத்துளியை இங்கு கொஞ்சம் சிந்தடா
இந்தியனாய் பிறந்தோமென்று தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா ...

தாய் மண்ணே வணக்கம் ....

Logoff ... Shutdown ...

After slogging at work on an average of 18 hours a day for the past 8 days, and also reaching home just today morning, Satish has decided to tell **** off to his boss and then stay at home and take complete rest. I sensed that I am stressing myself to the core and I felt that a break is very much in need and thanks to the overnight rain which literally washed Bangalore and forced people to be inside the cars and sleep on the middle of the road with blinkers on and rain playing the drums on your car's roof. I too would have been a victim to one such nightmare, but my driving skills saved me from that as I sneaked my way back to office on those flooded roads of EGL and slept inside the server room or I would say tried to sleep on a sitting pose for nearly 4 hours ...

Work pressure is really demanding and I am slogging day and night for a management's fault and my boss does not seem to realize that, though he admits that it is his mistake in agreeing to a tough dead line, but I somewhat feel that we are projecting ourselves as slaves to those white skin folks, which I really hate from the bottom of my heart, though I cannot be rough and rude to them as well, but I have to speak my heart out somewhere and the best place would be here. We have given them an impression saying that we are available 24X7 and for them it is always 8 to 4, doesn't that sounds atrocious ? It is again my management's fault by giving them an image that we are always ready to work. Those folks take undue advantage of that and they change the requirement over a con call and then expect us to complete that even if it is late into the night and the best part is, they will not ask anything, it’s my boss who will say "When can we re-group again" already the time would be 12 in the mid-night. I should admit that he too participates in those early morning con calls, but why should we bend our back like this ???????

Today I have decided to refrain myself from working and I am in no mood to work, I have slogged enough. Today I have to attend the wedding reception of C's BIL, so will be having some nice time with her kids. Yesterday's rains have added more misery to our roads and it looks like I have to get a tanker to drive on these roads. BBMP is actually providing excellent learning opportunity for the school going kids in Bangalore, you know why ?? Most of the schools bring their students to my area and then they are explaining to them "Students ... the surface you are seeing now is the exact replica of what you will see in Mars or Jupiter or for that matter Pluto as well, these big big holes are called craters and they are aplenty in Mars, and if you look at that bigg hole on the center of the road, that is called a "Black hole and those big big stones that you are seeing are nothing but meteoroids ..." It looks like, even Mars and Jupiter will have tarred roads and not my area.

Taking a day off on a weekday is always fun, I have plans to do so many things before I hit my bed, I have to pay a lot of online bills, book tickets and read few blogs etc etc. I also need to catch up with my friends to whom I have not spoken for a long time, especially L and C, may be its time to catch up. Hope this day goes well as planned and office folks are not ruining my plans. It's just time to relax a bit.

இப்படிக்கு ... காலம் ...

வாழ்க்கையில் நாம் நிகழ்காலத்தை ஏனோ ஏற்க மறுக்கிறோம், அது கடந்தகாலம் ஆகும் வரை. மனித மனத்தில் தான் எத்தனை எத்தனை மாற்றங்கள், வாழ்கையின் அந்த ஒரு நொடியை, அந்த ஒரு நிமிடத்தை, அந்த ஒரு தருணத்தை, அந்த ஒரு நாளை தொலைத்து அழுதவர் தாம் இவ்வுலகில் அதிகம். பள்ளிக்கூடம் சென்ற நாட்களில், பள்ளிக்கூடத்தை வெறுத்தோம், கல்லூரி சென்ற நாட்களில், கல்லூரியை வெறுத்தோம், வேலைக்கு சென்ற நாட்களில் அலுவலகத்தை வெறுத்தோம், முதுமை எனும் அரவம் தீண்டியபின், நாம் வெறுத்த அந்த நாட்களை, உள்ளத்தில் களிப்போடு அசைபோட்டு பெருமைப்பட்டுக்கொள்கிறோம் ... இப்படிப்பட்ட ஒரு முரண்பாட்டை ஏன் நம்முள் வைத்தார் இறைவன் ?

அறுபதில் பாதியை கடந்த எனக்கு, பொறாமை எனும் குணம் இன்று என்னுள் தலை விரித்து ஆடிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறது, காலை எழுந்தவுடன் என் காலைக்கடன்களை முடித்தபின் நான் தங்கியிருக்கும் குடியிருப்பில் நடை பயிற்சி செய்வது என் வழக்கம், அப்படி செல்கையில் ஒரு நாள் ஒரு மழலையை சந்தித்தேன், கோடை விடுமுறையை முழுவதுமாக அனுபவித்துவிடவேண்டும் என்ற வெறி அவன் கண்களில் தெரிந்தது, பெரிதும் எந்த எதிர்பார்ப்பும் இல்லாத ஒரு பருவம் அது, அவன் கையில் இருந்த பந்து தான் அவனது உலகம், அவன் தான் உலகமென்று அவன் பின்னால் துள்ளி திரிந்தது அவன் வளர்க்கும் ஓர் நாய்க்குட்டி. என் அருகே அவன் அடித்த அந்த பந்து வந்த பின், என்னையும் அறியாமல் வேகமாய் எட்டி உதைத்தேன் ஒரு இளைஞனின் துடிப்போடு, அப்படி உதைத்ததில் தசைகளில் நான்கு பிசகிக்கொண்டதை நான் இங்கு சொல்ல விரும்பவில்லை. அவனோடு சேர்ந்து ஒரு 15 நிமிடங்கள் விளையாடியதில் நானும் குழந்தையாய் போனேன். வாங்க அங்கிள், இன்னும் கொஞ்ச நேரம் விளையாடலாம் என்று அவன் என்னை கேட்டதில், அந்த "அங்கிள்" என்ற சொல், நான் என் பால்யத்தை கடந்து விட்டேன் என்று மீண்டும் ஒரு முறை ஊர்ஜினப்படுத்தியது. நானும் இவன் போன்ற வயதில் இருந்த ஒரு காலத்தில் என்னையும் பூங்காவிற்கு அழைத்து சென்று விளையாட வைத்தார்கள், ஆனால் அன்றோ, டாம் அண்ட் ஜெர்ரியில் இருந்த மோகம் எனக்கு விளையாட்டின் மேல் இல்லை ... அந்த வயதில் அதை அனுபவிக்க எனக்கு தெரியவில்லை ... அந்த சிறுவன் மேல் பொங்கி அடங்கியது என் பொறாமை தீ.

பள்ளிப்பருவம் தான், நாம் நாமாக இருந்திருக்கக்கூடிய கடைசி பருவம், அதுவும் என் போன்ற வடி கட்டிய முட்டாளுக்கு அந்த பருவமும் சுமையாகத்தான் இருந்தது. ஆனால் அதில் பல சுவாரஸ்யங்களும் நிறைந்திருந்தது. பணம் என்ற அரக்கன் நம்முள் நுழையாத காலம் அது. பள்ளிகூட வாசலில் "குச்சி ஐஸ்" விட்ற அந்த முதியவரின் முகம் இன்றும் என் நினைவில் தெளிவாக இருக்கிறது, அவர் அதை ஒரு வியாபாரமாக ஒரு நாளும் செய்ததாக எனக்கு கவனம் இல்லை - "டேய் உனக்கு மூணு நாளா இருமல் ஜாஸ்தியா இருக்கு, உனக்கு நா இன்னிக்கு ஐஸ் குடுக்க மாட்டேன்" ஒரு வியாபாரியிடம் இருந்து இந்த பரிவை நீங்கள் எதிர்பார்க்க முடியாது. அவரிடம் நான் வைத்த கணக்கை இன்று வரை தீர்க்கவில்லை, இப்பொழுது வருந்துகிறேன் நான், அந்த 6 ரூபாய் 25 பைசாவை கொடுக்காமல் போனதற்கு. இன்று வங்கியில் லட்ச லட்சமாக பணம் வைத்திருந்தாலும், பாஸ்கின் அண்ட் ராபின்ஸ், கார்னர் ஹவுஸ், மில்கி வே போன்ற இடங்களில் ஐஸ் கிரீம் வாங்குவதருக்கு பொருளாதாரம் இடம் கொடுத்தாலும், அந்த முதியவர் கொடுக்கும் குச்சி ஐஸில் இருக்கும் சுவை வேறு எதிலும் இல்லை என்றே சொல்ல தோன்றுகிறது. பெட்டிகடைகளில் விற்கும் ஸ்ட்ராங் மிட்டாய்களை சிறிது நேரம் சுவைத்து விட்டு, உடனே நீர் பருகும் போது, நம்முள் ஒரு குளிர்ச்சி உண்டாகும் அல்லவா, அந்த உணர்வை தான் நம் பள்ளிப்பருவம் நமக்களிதிருக்கிறது. பள்ளிக்கூடங்களை கடக்கும்போதெல்லாம் அந்த குழந்தைகளின் மேல் எனக்கு பொறாமை வருவதென்னவோ உண்மை தான் ...

கல்லூரி பருவம் தான் எந்த ஒரு மனிதனின் எதிர்காலத்தையும் தீர்மானிக்கும் பருவம், இது அவர்கள் என்ன துறையை எடுத்து படிக்கிறார்கள் என்ற அர்த்தத்தில் அல்ல, அந்த வயதில் தான் ஒரு மனிதன் இந்த சமுதாயத்தில் செதுக்க படுகிறான், இல்லை இல்லை, அந்த பருவத்தில் தான் சமுதாயம் ஒரு மனிதனை செதுக்குகிறது. அன்பு, வீரம், காதல், நட்பு, பாசம், விடா முயற்சி, வெறி, வெற்றி, தோல்வி, சிரிப்பு, அழுகை இவையெல்லாம் ஒரு கலவையாக நம்முள் உருவெடுக்கும் பருவம் அது. நண்பர்களின் நடுவே, ஜாதி, மதம், இனம், மொழி, நிற வேறுபாடுகள் மறந்து ஒருவர் தோள் மீது ஒருவர் கைபோட்டு நடந்த காலம் அது. கூட்டி கழித்து பார்த்தல் பத்து ரூபாய் கூட இருக்காத காலங்களில், ஒரு பேக்கரி கடையில் மூன்று எக் பப்பை 12 துண்டுகளாக பிரித்து சாப்பிட்ட அனுபவம் இன்றும் சிலிர்பை ஏற்படுத்துகிறது, அது தான் பகிர்ந்து உண்ணும் பழக்கத்தை நம்முள் ஏற்படுத்திய முதல் அனுபவம், வயிறு நிரம்பாவிட்டாலும், மனது இரம்பியிருக்கும். அன்று பிசிக்ஸ் வாத்தியாரும், கெமிஸ்ட்ரி வாத்தியாரும் பேசுவது உளறலாக தெரிந்தது, ஆனால் இன்றோ ப்ராஜெக்ட் மேனேஜர் என்கிற பெயரில், ஒரு லூசு என் உயிரை வாங்கிக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறது. நல்ல வேலை அதுக்கு தமிழ் படிக்க தெரியாது, படிக்க தெரிந்தால் என் "அப்பரைசல்" "ஆப்பு"ரைசல் ஆகிவிடும். கல்லூரி பருவத்தில் வேபங்கையாக இருந்த நாட்கள் இன்று இனிக்கத்தான் செய்கிறது ...

அவனியில் அவளன்றி யாரும் இல்லை என்று திரிந்த காலங்களில், என்னுள்ளும் வந்து போனார்கள் ரஜினிகாந்தும் ... கமலகாசனும் ... சென்ற வாரம் என் மனைவி அவள் சமைக்கும் மேடையில் ஒரு பல்லி இருப்பதாக கூறி, அதை விரட்ட என்ன அழைத்த பொழுது, ஒரு நாற்காலியின் மேலிருந்து ஒரு ஆறடி நீளமுள்ள கம்பை வைத்துக்கொண்டு "ஷூ ஷூ" என்று ஈனசுவரத்தில் நான் கத்திய பொழுது, அவர்கள் எங்கு போனார்கள் என்று தான் தெரியவில்லை. காதலிக்கும் பொழுது அவளுக்காக காத்திருக்கையில், அந்த தருணங்களை வெறுத்த என் மனம், அவள் வந்ததும் அவளிடம் மனம் விட்டு பேச மறுத்தது, இதோ, இன்று யாரோ அறிமுகம் இல்லாத ஒருத்தியை மனந்த பின், அவள் தாமதமாக வந்தாலும் சகித்துக்கொள்ள கற்றுக்கொண்டது இந்த மனம். அன்றும் நான் என் நிகழ்காலத்தை ரசிக்கவில்லை. இப்படி ஒவ்வொரு தருணத்திலும், சந்தோஷத்தை தொலைத்து விட்டு, அந்த காலங்கள் மீண்டும் வராதா என்று ஏங்குகிறது மனம்.

வெறும் அவல் பொறியும், அரிசி பொறியும் மட்டுமே அறிந்திருந்த நான், இந்த பாழாய் போன கணிப்பொறியை சாப்பிட வேண்டும் என்று ஏங்கிய நாட்கள் தான் எத்தனை எத்தனை. விவரம் அறிந்த வயதில், அது உண்ணும் ஒரு பொருளல்ல என்று தெரிந்தபின், அதை எண்ணி நான் கண் கலங்கியது, கொஞ்சம் டூ முச்சாகத்தான் தெரிகிறது ... இதோ காலத்தின் கோலத்தில் நானும் ஒரு ARCHITECT என்ற பெயரில், ஒரு கணினி நிறுவனத்தில் குப்பை கொட்டிக்கொண்டு தான் இருக்கிறேன். இன்று அலுவலகத்தில் இரவு பகலாக அந்நியர்களின் தேவையை பூர்த்தி செய்வதற்காக, என் உடல் வருத்தி வேலை செய்யும் பொழுது, மனம் என் கடந்த காலத்தை நோக்கித்தான் செல்கிறது. இதோ இந்த நிகழ்காலத்தையும் நான் அனுபவிக்காமல் புலம்பிக்கொண்டு தான் இருக்கிறேன். நாளை நான் உடல் தளர்ந்து, உள்ளம் தளர்ந்து, ஒரு மர நாற்காலியில் சாய்ந்திருக்கும் வேளையில், இதோ இன்று கசக்கும் இந்த அலுவலக வேலைகளை எண்ணி பூரிக்கும் நாட்கள் வரத்தான் போகிறது.

வாழ்க்கையில் தவற விட்ட தருணங்களை மீண்டும் பெற முடியும் என்றால், நம்மில் பலர் இன்று தொட்டிலில் மட்டுமே தவழ்வதற்கு ஆசை பட்டுக்கொண்டிருப்போம். நம் எல்லோர் உள்ளும் ஒரு குழந்தை இன்னும் ஒளிந்து கொண்டுத்தான் இருக்கிறது, அதை கொஞ்சம் எழுப்பிவிட்டுத்தான் பாருங்களேன், வாழ்கை இனிக்க தொடங்கலாம். குழந்தைகள் மட்டும் தான் நிகழ்காலத்தை ரசித்து அனுபவித்து வாழ்கின்றனர், மீண்டும் நம்மால் அதை முழுமையாக அனுபவிக்க முடியாவிட்டாலும் ... முயற்சி செய்து தான் பார்ப்போமே ... "அப்பா ... நேக்கு பிச்சு (biscuit) வாங்கித்தரிய ? நா இனிமே சூ சூ பெட் ல போமாட்டேன் பா ..." தயவு கூர்ந்து செருப்பை கீழே போடவும் ... நான் இப்பொழுது தான் என்னுள் இருந்த குழந்தையை எழுப்பினேன் ... :-)

இப்படிக்கு ... காலம் ...

Pissed Off ...

I don’t know, I am slowly losing my patience day by day and especially since I have started driving in Bangalore. I just could not believe that the government of karnataka has got absolutely no sense whatsoever. There is this great division called BBMP (Bangalore B(not sure what this means) Mahanagara Palike), believe me guys, the folks who are working in this division are a bunch of jokers and fools. I seriously wanted to find the person who designed the bus stops in this f***ing city. You can find bus stops every possible place where you would not have imagined that they can have bus stops, Just when the road turns you will find one, Right in the center of a T junction you will find one, Just before you see the fly over ramping up you will find one, Right in the middle of a fly over (on the top) you can see bloody signal and a bus stop. Have you ever seen a signal right in the middle of a fly over ?? come to this irritating city Bangalore ...

BBMP is actually a place where idiots are being recruited, I would say most of the infrastructure goof-ups in this city are because of that department. Actually you can conduct a contest saying if someone finds one single road in Bangalore without a dent of a hole, they can win 1 crore. The bus drivers are another bunch of senseless idiots, you are driving a 20 ft long bloody bus and you should see the mirror they have fixed on that bus, it is just a small one which is just 2X2 inch, GOD only knows what the hell the driver can see in that. Those busses do not have any indicators, so you can never know to which direction he will turn until he turns, and these drivers have a very peculiar sign of putting indicator, the driver just peeps out his fore finger, you should be extremely sighted to notice that.

Coming to the roads, tell me this guys, there is a main road which has heavy traffic flowing in from morning 9 AM to evening 7 PM, what should the government do to repair that road or tar that road ?? They should do that when the traffic is less right ?? In Chennai, the roads or laid or repaired in the mid night when the traffic is minimal, here in Bangalore, this useless BBMP folks will come into that road with a huge road roller and then the will block half the side of the road and you know what ?? there won’t be any signs saying that the road is repaired you have to go near that and then the rest is left to your fate, you have to find your way out to get out of that mess. Can't they put any sign boards ?? Another interesting thing which you all should know, You may leave your house in the morning, the roads by which you travel will be fine, but evening when you return, you can find a big ditch on one of the road which you have to take, and the beauty is, you cannot go home without crossing that ditch, you have to park your car and walk all the way to your house.

With the amount of traffic that is flowing into this city day by day, BBMP has absolutely no clue of how to improve this infra and people who are living here for a long long time, have become bricks and they are used to all these nuisance and they just practiced to live with that. After me spending 5 years in this city, I am not able to tolerate all these anymore, I wish I go back to Chennai and live a peaceful life. I don’t know when GOD is going to take me back to Chennai. I think I will become an animal, if I continue to live in this HELL. BBMP officials have to realize that, they are screwing this city and making it as un safe as possible for its citizens. God save Bangalore and Bangaloreans.

Racism ... Just for Us ??

Well ... it’s a lesson that we Indians are forced to learn in a hard way. What is currently happening in Australia is something unbelievable and it clearly shows that the rest of the world is too jealous about the growth our country is gaining. Everyone in this world knows that we Indians are smart, intelligent and capable and it obvious that these reactions bound to happen. Australia is a place which is well known for this and racism is always there in their blood, we all know the way those folks play cricket, and you just cannot straighten a dog's tail. But I would say that we Indians are the ones to be blamed for all these...

There are many aspiring youngsters in INDIA who just wanted to do their higher studies abroad, well, there is a whole lot of money involved here and it is not that easy for every Indian to afford and send their children abroad for higher studies. I just wanted to ask one thing to all those who wanted to study or work abroad, if you are really serious about studies and if you really think that you have that extra quotient in you, why can't you folks try that out in India's prestigious institutions ? like the IIM's or the IIT's or the REC's or the XLRI's ? I am not ready to buy the statement that India is having a poor education system, remember folks, we are not a country who is 50 years or 100 years old, we really are a very old country and we would have probably be the pioneers in setting up most of the systems which the rest of the world have currently modified and implemented.

I agree that our intentions is to make more money and that is what everyone is fighting for (incl me), and when making money takes the front seat, then we should be ready to face such consequences especially when you are working in a foreign land. It’s a very simple concept, will you agree if an outsider comes to your house and starts dominating in all possible ways and poses a threat for you to be eliminated out of your house ? We won't rite ? That is what is happening to all INDIANS who are living abroad and that is the feeling we INDIANS are giving the folks who are living in their country. I am still curious to know, what is that INDIA lacks and what is so special the other countries offer ? I know, politicians in INDIA are a bunch of loafers and they are literally raping our mother India in every possible way ? but remember, they cannot come to power on their own, it’s WE who elected them and made them sit up above our head and throw shit on us.

Racism is a dangerous devil and if this spreads across the globe, I don’t think Indians will have no place to hide other than INDIA. It is so unfortunate that my fellow brothers and sisters are being attacked just for the fact that they are smart than those foreign nationals, I wish WE realize the seriousness of this issue and take corrective action. I am not saying this out of pride or over confidence - "If we Indians decided to walk out of certain countries, I bet you folks, those countries will come to a screeching halt", It’s not that we are under their mercy, it’s just that they are under our mercy. Again, talking to Indian government and requesting them to help those suffering Indians in Australia is more like we spitting on the air, it’s surely gonna fall on us, our bloody politicians have no time for all these, they are still fighting for their seat allocation, the biggest minority in our country is an INDIAN. Politicians have to change and if they are not ready to change, we will force them to change.

My heart goes for all those who are injured in the attacks and I wish and pray for their speedy recovery.

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...