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Dandi March by NRI's in US ...

I apologize to my readers for using violent terms in this post, but as everyone knows blog is to only vent your anger in a better way and that too to a wider audience. So what triggered this useless INDIAN is, a bunch of dollar earning idiots who just have a birth certificate to prove that they are from INDIAN origin, who ran out of this country saying INDIA is no good, who cribs and compares every issues of INDIA with the US, who have not thought of doing any good to their motherland have decided to go for a “Dandi March” in the fucking US land and for what?? To fight against corruption in INDIA, What the FUCK, this to me sounds like, you doing a surgery in your leg for a heart problem. With no offence meant on the NRI’s, I would like to say, they better mind their own job of running behind the dollars and keep escaping from problems, they have NO RIGHT on our country, they are not tax payers, they do not have rights to vote, why then worrying so much about INDIA? We are a unit of