LIVE Cricketing Experience ...

What an excitement, what a drama. I would re-live these moments in my life forever. I am talking about my first LIVE watching of a cricket match which was held between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings at Bangalore. I would rather say that this is also a kind of addiction, if you taste the thrill of watching the match LIVE, I dont think you will be willing to watch it the next time on your TV sets. Let me go through the entire 5 hours spectacle which I witnessed yesterday in this article ...

Myself and other colleagues of mine started from office by 4:00 and reached the stadium by 5:50, we were actually about to wait for one of our friend who came late and hence we missed the opportunity of ocupying the front seats of our gallery. We were sure that the match is gonna be an electrifying one just for the reason that there is already a friction that exists between these two states, and there is a huge presence of tamil speaking people in this place which would obviously come to cheer their home team the Chennai Super Kings (I am one of them). Adding on to all these political turmoil, the match was set to be a heated clash not only between the two teams, but also between two communities. There was this spectacular LASER show and this cute little CHEER GIRLS dance, which was a treat to watch.

We went there with our banners and prepared a very big one on the stadium just before the start of the match and the caption read as "THIS IS THE LAST BOARDING CALL FOR DRAVID AND HIS BOYS FOR FLIGHT KF-091 FLYING FROM BANGALORE TO DELHI, PLEASE REPORT TO THE BOARDING DESK - VIJAY MALLYA". Let me not take time to explain what this banner means. We were unfortunately sandwiched between two rows of RCB supporter's, but we had CSK supporter's at a visible distance. We all cheered up within ourselves by showing our banners, there was a constant chant for RCB from the back and I should mention that there was this nasty guy who was sitting right behind me and was constantly booing the CSK team. It wont be fair if I dont mention about some good looking girls who came to watch the match, and they were sitting just next to our row, but unfortunately they were RCB supporters, so we dont want to see them.

CSK won the toss and elected to bat and to our shock, one of our star batsmen Hayden got out cheaply and the roar from the RCB suporters we huge. The scoring rate of CSK was not that good till the 15th over, and in the meantime we lost one more wicket (Raina). There was a huge exchange of heated comments between me and that nasty guy who sat behind me, but nothing on the face, it was all generic to the game and the teams. When ever CSK flops that guy used to lean towards my ear and scream something in his broken TAMIL language, I told myself 100 times that I am not going to react to any of his comments, as that might create a chaos, I felt its time to be smarter than losing my temper to such flued remarks about CSK, all certain done its just a cricket game to me.

Our captain cum hero Dhoni came to the crease and gave RCB the pinch of their own salt and he blasted a quick fire 65 of just 30 balls, its least to say that I was jumping from earth to sky not in the happiness of dhoni blasting 6s and 4s but for the fact that the face of the irritating guy who was sitting behind me, shrunk like a dry lemon. I loved seeing that somber on his face. I then screamed saying "Chennai Rocks, Bangalore Sucks". CSK posted a pretty decent total to defend (178/5) and we were confident that couple of quick wickets at the start would do the trick. Then came the innings break, and my friends got us few veggie buns which was spoilt and I settled to starve rather eating that JUNK.

The RCB team started their run chase with a worst possible start where they lost one of their openers very early. It was then left to Jaffer and Ross Taylor to build the innings and keep the scoreboard ticking, we CSK fans little know that this partnership could spell us the doom, both of them blasted CSK bowlers to almost every place in the park, and we CSK fans had to put our head's down, there was not even one instance where I could take my banner out and show it to the crowd. Ah, that irritating kannada guy who was sitting behind me started to pass comments in his broken tamil and also it was like targeting a particular community, he used to come close to my ears and shout right inside it and when ever he claps, he claps right above my head. I was a kind of heart-broken to be in that situation and just could not stand to see my fav team losing the match. I and my friends decided to leave the stadium after 15 overs and hence I called up my taxi wala to come and pick me up. Again, little we know that CSK is for some terrific fightback.

It was this 14th over where Jaffer scooped one to Oram of Amarnath and he was soon followed by Ross Taylor, still RCB where in terrible command. With just 54 needed of just 6 overs, RCB did not give up the chase, as Kallis was at his best, nudging the off boundries, then came our magic man Johinder who produced a beauty to get rid of Kallis. CSK sensed that the match is still alive and our voices started to raise in the stadium. They were stranderd at 136 for 5 and this situation brought some worrying lines in the face of RCB fans, which I loved to see. Then came the biggest hungama, one of the power hitters in the last recognised pair of RCB edged on to Hussy in the deep and he was soon to be followed by the captain of RCB Dravid for a 1st ball golden DUCK, that's it Satish just could not control his emotions, I just turned back to that irritating guy who was praising Dravid, and showed him my middle finger, ofcourse it was not so deliberate that i showed it on his face, but i made sure that he sees my middle finger.

Then it was a mere completion of formality by the CSK bowlers where they cleaned up the rest of the batting order with the help of some suicidal runouts by RCB. It was once again left to the last over expert Johinder to bowl the last over, where he had 17 runs to defend, and he bowled it right on the spot and RCB could just do nothing, other than scooping one in the air to give away their last wicket. It was a bigggg screem from me, and its my turn to boooooo all the RCB fans and I did it at my best. The face of that irritating guy who sat behind me was sunk into tears and poor guy did not expect this shocker from CSK. I felt more triumphant in painting a black paint on that guy's face, rather the victory of CSK. The fun of watching this match actually doubled as I went with all my close buddies, though my friends did not like / take some of my comments, but knowing me and my character, I hope they didn't mind.

We all came home by 12:30 and all i did was slipped into my night dress and had a quick wash and hit the bed rightaway.

Investigation ...

It was a cold-blodded murder, where the owner of that house has been mercilessly killed by smashing his head with a hard rock, and no valubles or money have been stolen from the house, so the motive of this murder cannot be theft, also the suspect has gained free entry into the house as there were no breakages or damages to the main gate or the windows, hence the murderer should be a known person to the family, describes the DIG of police Mr. Ramanathan to all his colleagues, and he was assigning this investigation to the inspector whom he trusts the most, Mr. Varadarajan...

Mr. Varadarajan is one of the most senior police officer who has handled umpty number of cases like this, he is very very successfull in his career and has won many accolades for his abilities in solving some of the complex cases, but as you all know, GOD does not give everything to everyone, he too has his own personal problems in life which he hardly discuss or disclose to his friends. He is very sincere and honest in his profession and never gives up or succumb to pressure. The another reason for Mr. Varadarajan to handle this case personally was that, the deceased was none other than his own uncle.

Varadarajan visited the crime site to investigate further details and also to see if he can get any additional clue. By the time he went to the spot, the chalk diagram was already drawn and the body was removed. Varadarajan spoke to his aunt who was crying in-consolably, she was not present at the house when the crime happened as she was off to Tiruchy to attend a function. Varadarajan spoke to her as a police officer and not as their relative. He asked his aunt if his uncle has any emenies who would have done this, his aunt repled that he is such a nice person and hardly he speaks to anyone.

Varadarajan's family got seperated from his uncle's family due to a land dispuite long long ago, and apparently the case went into the favour of his uncle which made Varadarajan's mother bed-ridden and also that took her life, but leaving aside all the personal grudge on them, Varadarajan was keen in solving this case. He and his team conducted a hunt for discovering any clues at the crime site, but the search turned futile. Then they started investigating the local residents if they did happen to see anyone coming to meet the deceased on the day of crime, but none of the investigations helped Varadarajan to get to a clue.

The entire team was waiting for the post-mortem report which they thought could provide some information and also any clue. The report came saying that the cause of death was due to a very large object that has hit him hard on the skull and there was a very specific mentioning of a Diamond Ring which was recovered from the closed hands of the dead body, with an initial "V" on it. Varadarajan who is already suffering from somnambulism disorder, started to sweat.

Silence ...

Vineeth was shivering badly when the doctor asked him to have a look at his mother who is at the ICU, he refused to see his mom with all those tubes running all around her, he was taught by his mom to be bold in any situation of life, but that does not seem to work here as the teacher who taught that is in her dying bed. Vineeth somehow managed to peep into the ICU, that dim lighting, frequent beeps of those life saving machines and all the more the silence in that room, gave him the feel of his spine getting chill ...

He slowly went to the last bed in that room, just to see his loving mom lying unconcious in a bed, though he is not an expert in analyzing the ECG monitor, but he dared to have a look at it, it was fluctuating in all possible manners which really made him worried, thanks to some good old movies where they have shown that if the ECG monitor draws a straight line, then that's the end, so to that extent, he is aware that his mom is alive. He slowly inched towards her bed and carefully dragged a chair close to her bed, suddenly his mom's face started to fade from his sight as his eyes pulled the water screen in front of his retina. He knows that he should not cry, but somethings are beyond human control.

He felt the pain of those injections and needles that were pierced on all possible nerves on his mom's body, he told to himself that, he should have taken care of her very well, he should'nt have allowed for such a situation to have arised in the first place, with these thinking going in his mind, a tear drop fell on his mom's hand, may be that tear drop was too hot for his mom to handle, immedieatly she was brought back to her senses, she slowly opened her eyes to her son staying next to her with his fingers crossed over his forehead, she gathered some strength and weaved her fingers over Vineeth's head. Vineeth could not believe that his mom is still concious and she is recognizing him.

It was one of the greatest moment of silence in both their lives, all that was exchanged between them was their eye to eye contact, he knows very well that Anjali did not take care of his mom very well and she treated his mom more badly than a maid, but his mom never complained about Anjali and was doing all the assigned tasks, just because she wanted Vineeth's life to be happy and she should not be the cause for any worries. Vineeth looked at his mom as if he has to say 1000 sorries to her and his mom looked at him as if she has pardoned both of them 1000 times. He just could not control his emotions anymore, so he burst out with a very big screem.

Immedieately the lights were on and he heard a loud voice screaming "CUT ... CUT ... CUT", the scene was shot perfectely in the way director wanted it to be and there was a big round of applause in Ramoji Rao studio, where this scene was shot for one of the upcoming tamil movie.

Resemblence ...

I saw that guy in a party hall. He looked exaclty like me and too his mannerisms. I am a personality who likes to be the center of attraction always, but this time he has stolen the show and all my friends sorrounded him, though I felt so bad, I just could not say anything....

I asked myself why I am like this ? Why cant I accept these little changes of life ? But I could not get an answer. That guy was at his best attire that day just to impress his sweetheart, and he was making the environment lively, people around him started to enjoy his chat and were laughing non-stop, It was me who was doing that all the time now, but today this guy has taken up my position. This is what is all about human heart and mind, its pretty difficult to accept changes in life and especially if that change is not favouring our desire.

I just could not resist moving away from that place, but I thought I should not do that, because that guy has all my striking resmblence of mine and I was watching him constantly. I immedieately called my friend and asked him, Hey did you see that guy, who is wearing a similar black coat as mine, does'nt he look like me ? His mannerisms, his actions all are like me ?, My friend gave me a nasty stare and told me that, Oh yaa, he is exactly like you and that is what I say is the power of SAINT GOBIN clear reflective mirrors, you drunken nut.

Register Office ...

Kavya was waiting for Varun at the park for almost 2 hours now, more than the pain of waiting all alone, she just could not stand those on-looker's stare at her, it some what made her uncomfortable. She called him up many times on his cell phone, but it was never picked up, she thought that he might be driving. She was about to send a SMS to him saying that she has waited enough and hence she is planning to go, the message was composed fully and was about to send, just then ....

Varun came rushing towards her with his mouth full of apologies, as she just could not get upset on Varun she posed a fake anger and pretended as if she is upset on him, Varun very well knew that its just a prank and hence he did not take it seriously. Varun just switched to the serious tone and asked Kavya whether she is all set for the marriage ? Kavya told him that she is very nervous over the whole issue and she just could not imagine the fact that the marriage is going to take place in a "Registar Office". Varun comforted her saying that, this is something which they both have mutually agreed and there should not be any setback in this.

Kavya still appeared to be nervous and asked "What if the dad and mom come to know about this ?", Varun said, at some point in time this has to come out, so its good that the issue is gonna come under the light very soon. Varun asked her to be cool and less nervous, and also gave her a list of things that she needs to get from her home. Kavya then raised the big question, btw - How much money I need to carry ?, Varun realized that he has forgotton that main point, He then with a little bit of hestitation told her to bring the maximum possible from her side. They then discussed about the route plans through which they are going to come to the Registar office, and they too know the fact that they should not give any feelers to their parents about this.

Kavya and Varun spent the rest of the time on the beach and were just silent. The D-Day came and both were all set to start to the "Registar Office", Kavya was extremely nervous and she has not done anything like this in her past and she felt bad that she is doing this against the wish of her dad and mom. Kavya knows that its not time to get emotional or centimental and hence she decided to leave home. Kavya and Varun followed their plan and reached "Registar Office" on time, Varun was waiting for her and there was a sense of urgency and anxity in his speach, He asked her "Have you brought the Mangal Sutra", Kavya rightly took that gold "Mangal Sutra" from her bag and gave it to Varun, Kavya was not sure why Varun is so tensed.

Varun told her in a husky voice that some how the matter got leaked and there is a mob which is planning to storm the "Registar Office" any moment, Kavya was shocked to hear that and both of them rushed to the registrar and they were joined by all their college mates who have gathered to witness the marriage of "Vineeth and Sandhya", Kavya and Varun were the two key witnesses to this marraige, inspite of knowing the rough political background of Sandhya's dad they both agreed to sign the witness singnature for them, though they were asked NOT to do so by their parents as it might lead to some threat to their lives.

Both Kavya and Varun sighed a sign of relief after Vineeth tied the knot on Sandhya.

Software Heaven ...

Ah, we were all brought up by hearing stories about mystical characters who live up above us. Its starts from Yama dharma to Chitragupta to Rakhshasa's to Mogini's. I am sure none of us (even who told such stories) would have seen them (they do not want to also), but the way they narate those stories, a screen un-winds in our mind and we start to paint faces for those unseen GOD's, you wont believe, for a long long time I used to co-relate our good old actor Mr. S.V. Ranga Rao as Yama always, dunno why, but when I hear stories about Yama, this guys face is vizualized in my mind.

OK, here is a small imagination of how our HELL or HEAVEN would be, if it has to like a typical software company which has Project Managers, Project Leads, Team Leads, Team Members, HR, Admin, Finance etc etc. Here I spell my imagination in that way and in my own style ...

: Hi, Chitragupta, How are you doing today ?

:: Hey dude ... i am doin cool ...

: So can you brief me with the status of the projects ?

:: Oh ya, the current one which is currently being worked upon is the "Bird-Flu" project, where we are expected to have a headcount of 500+ in INDIA and the rest at Onsite, but it looks like there a couple of unresolved issues in executing the "Bird-Flu" project as we are yet to decide on which bird we have to start with.

: Oh ok, why can't we start with Chicken ? I heard lotsa ppl are eating that, and its a pretty easy way to increase the head count, also its easy to hire lots of chicken for this.

:: Ah. not a bad idea, I would then as the HR team to talk to the rectuiters and employ more chicken, so by end of this week we can roll-out the Bird-Flu stuff worldwide.

:Ok cool, what next

:: We currently have an escalation on hand ?

: What's that ?

:: We actually hired a guy here last week, but it looks like we have hired him by mistake...

: Oh, thats bad ? Whats his experience ?

:: He is 55 yrs experienced, and his skill sets are into Politics, Cheating people, grabbing money from innocents, he has all bad habits we wanted, but ...

: But what ... his skill sets match perfectly for a resource at HELL

:: Thats ok, but our clients (Bus, Lorry, Train, they are all the clients) feel that he does not deserve such a natural recruitment, they want him to be sqeezed and then brought here.

: Oh, but I know there is no way he can get back to earth, so do one thing, put him under the recruitment team for HEAVEN, I know thats one area where we cannot find resources, and let him try his best to get some good quality people there.

:: Sure, will do that, but he will still be operating from HELL to recruit resources for HEAVEN

: Ok, makes sense. So any information on the deliveries ?

:: Yes, we have made a total of 11,34,567,768,234 new developments worldwide during last week, out of which, 23,443,534 pieces were defective and 54,353,532 pieces were taken back, as the owners of those products were not good.

: Hmm, If I need to draw a productivity metrics out of this, which team is more productive ? Is that the New Development team of the Firing team ?

:: Ah, its pretty difficult to say that, because the New Development is happening at a faster rate than the Firing team, especially our India Development Center is leading the deliveries table and they play a huge role in that ?

: Ah, I know, IDC is always fond of new development.

:: Also we have our messengers in earth (Bomb attacks, Epidemic, Floods, Fire accidents, Terror Attacks etc etc) who are trying their level best to improve the efficiency of firing department but, New Development team is much quicker than them.

: I am a little concerned about the numbers you have shown on the "Defective Pieces" that were delivered to our customers, are the QA guys doing their job ?

:: Ya, even I am a lil worried about that, I spoke to the QA (Vishnu) manager, he claims that the reason for defective pieces could be due to the health condition of the owners themselves. They are all addicted to Smoking, Drinking and other bad habits which eventually affects the new releases.

: Well, lets have an check on that and ask our Firing department to concentrate more on the resources who are drinking and smoking, I think its easy to hire those resources.

:: btw - I forgot to tell you this good news

: Whats that ?

:: There is another one project which is yet to be named, but we have started the development of that

: Oh, interesting, whats that ?

:: Its a very intersting project, where we can hire heaps and heaps of people in just a flash ?

: Sounds good ... Can you tell me more about that ?

:: Oh yaa, actually our development team has named it as "Global Warming" where it increases the temperature of the globe and it will cause serious damage at the later stage to all the people, and the beauty of this project is, the people will not have any sign's untill they actually face it.

: Good, so can you explain me the technical architecture of it ?

:: Its very simple, we are using a medium called "Plastic" to start with, which when thrown on ground and left as it is for a longer period of time, it creates a gas called "Chloro Fluro Carbon" which is very dangerous to all the resources, but unfortunately, our resources are so used to that material, so that they cant live without it, in short, its an enemy which sits amongst them and finally kill them. If this project becomes a great success, I am sure we need to expand our rectuitment team / HR, as we will have loads and loads of resources joining us every day.

: Hey cool Chitragupt, it was an wonderful status reporting and I wish you all the great success for your new project. We will continue chatting on this topic and let me know the updates.

: Oh, ya, its my pleasure Yama. Take care and talk to you later.

Its Demi-God's Birthday...

Its the birthday of our country's demi-god, everyone knows he is a cricketing genuis, but not many people know that he is the one who has brought in great changes in my life. I have grown seeing him and I truly respect and admire him for the way he carries himself on and off the field. He taught me life's basic qualities like modesty, sincerity, committment and attitude, I still cherish the day (12th April 2000) I met him for the first time in my life at Chepauk stadium during a cricket match...

I just should say that I was attracted by the way that genius spoke to me, he asked me about my studies, he asked me about my new job (I was new to Covansys that time), he actually spoke to me like a brother, also he adviced me to be committed in whatever I do. I felt as if I have attained the purpose of my birth in this world that day. I always celebrate this day as my own brother's birthday, and I make sure that I visit a nearby temple and pray for his well being. Some people do not know what kind of an impact they have made in other's life and Sachin Tendulkar is one person who has changed my life forever.

I wish and pray to GOD that this demi-god should live longer with good health and atleast till the next cricket World Cup, I want to see my little master to play for my country. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart my dear Sachin. You are simply an idol for me and I think I cannot have anyone else other than you in my life to be my "Role Model".


Movie Review - Horton Hears a Who

What else I can say, other than, I once again cried buckets after watching this cute, sweet, wonderful, lovely, unbelievable, extrodinary, terrific, super movie called "Harton Hears a Who". I wish our INDIAN film directors too think of such creative movies. Oh man, this is even better than ICE AGE 1 (of course that's a classic beauty). Would you believe that the entire movie is happening on a small spec over a flower ? unbelievable imagination rite ? I could see your eye brows raised up, yes, that's the feeling you will have after watching this movie...

It not only gives us entertainment and laughter, but also it teaches us a BIG lesson of how to be kind to other, no matter what they do for us. It also stress upon the very important factor of life, "Just keep up your words" (I do follow that for sure). The story is all about an elephant (Harton) tries to save a whole world of people who are living inside a spec, and how he overcomes the ordeal that he faces while safeguarding them is the story line. Rest ... better you ppl watch it.

There were so many hilarious scenes and animations in the movie and also a bunch of humorous dialogue's. I liked this harton more than the serious "Maddy" of ICE AGE1. This is one movie which deserves a 5 star rating. I bet you guys, who will seriously appreciate why they have to name the movie like that, after watching it, Its awesome.


I Will be back ...

I (Vineeth) was in no mood to get back to my military base when Anjali is due to deliver a baby, but when we are serving for the nation, we have no place for emotions or centiments, so I have to bid adieu to Anjali today evening. I spent most of the day with her, but I somehow could not tell her the news that I have to leave tonight. Anjali was very happy that I am at her bedside, and she was asking me every now and then "You are not returning to your camp, right ?". I just replied her with my usual smile and got one back from her...

I was constantly getting wireless messages from my Lt. General and confirming my joining date. I too know the seriousness of the situation, and I was equally keen to join my battalion. I got an urgent message from my commander that my best frined "Naipaul" was killed in a gun fire between the millitants, it landed as a rude shock on my head, and i could not control my emotions. There was this emotional battle in my mind saying, "If I were there, I would have saved my friend". This news added fuel to my fire and I was determined to go to the camp and demolish that militant base.

It was 5:00 in the evening and Anjali was resting in her bed, I stood beside her with my army uniform intact, that conveyed the message to Anjali and she helped herself to get out of her bed, head towards the pooja room and came back with a plate of "aarathi" and "kunkum", she pinched a gram of kunkum and applied on my forehead and fell on my knees to seek my blessings, i too applied the sindhoor on her forehead and kissed her, she nodded her head in the sign of acceptance for me to go back to the Army camp, thats my wife Anjali, she understands me very well, and i really dont want to speak to let her know what I am thinking.

I told her the bad news that "Naipaul" was shot dead, and that brought a tear ball to pop out of her eyes, yes Naipaul is more than a brother to Anjali. She told me that she will pass on the news to me once she delivers a baby and will wait for my return. I padded up my weapons and got ready to go back to the army base, I had my vechile coming at my door step to pick me up. My mom, who is inturn a wife of an army man, did not show her emotions out, and needless to say about my dad who is a retired army officer. I seeked their blessings and told them to take care of Anjali. I could still remember the sight of Anjali standing at my house and waving her hand at me, till my jeep turned into a small dot for her vision.

It was a very tough battle at the war field, i was posted at SECTOR-18, which is the most vulnerable zone for militants to infiltrate, I have to be in vigil for many days, I should admit the fact that I almost forgot Anjali and did not realize that I am expecting a good news from my family. It has been 13 days since I was put on safe guarding the border, and one fine morning, my commander came to my camp and asked me get back to the base and take a day off. I was very tired and hence I was thankful to my general who granted me this day off. I was greeted by all my fellow army men and, one of my friend inserted a big ladoo in my mouth and said that, I have become a proud father of a cute baby boy. I just could not express my happiness in words that day, and i thanked all the GOD for blessing me like this.

That happiness did not last for long, as I was asked to go and meet our chief commander. I initially thought that he has called me to wish and congratulate for the birth of my son, little I know that he is going to spell the words of doom, yes he had a telegram in his hand, which carried the good news of my son's birth and also the bad news of my dear Anjali's death. She could not survive the delivery, and hence she died due to some complications. The entire world crashed on me, and I just did not know how to react. I controlled my tears in front of him, gave him an army salute, and waited for his next order. He asked me if I need to go back to my village to meet my son, at that point in time, I just had the vision of saving my nation from the millitants, and hence i refused to take up the offer.

I wanted to forget this trauma, and hence i went back to the camp the next day, all my fellow army men who came to know the news, tried to make me feel comfortable. I once again got into my business and fought hard to kill most of the millitants and save my motherland. After a hard fought battle for nearly a month, the war came to an end, and we stuck up the tri-color flying high in the montains of himalayas and came back triumphant to the base. Days rolled on, Months rolled on, Years rolled on, I did not get my chance to go on a long leave, for some reason or other, my request for leave has been postponed. That is army life and you have to accept it, as you represent your country. He told himself "I wanted to meet my son, I wanted to see how he looks like, I need to make him an ARMY officer, I am sure i will meet him one day".

Tears rolled out of Naipaul's eyes, after reading the dairy of his unseen dad, the only article which was returned by army after Vineeth died in a grenade attack. Well, Naipaul heard the horn sound at his door-step, yes, this Lt. Kernel Naipaul has to go back to the army base, leaving his wife Mamta, who is expecting a child.


Profiles ...

Lakshman was sent to a nearby temple where CHARTS for marriages will be available every sunday, even though he likes to sleep for a long time on sundays, but he cant afford to that sleep as he needs to go there and check out the CHARTS before its too crowded, he wonders how complex of a process, this society has adopted for marriages. He pulled out a chart which comes under the prefered year of birth and started searching for the right one, he very well knows the constraints and before taking a note of that particular horoscope, he need to do a quick validation against the norms and then validate it...

Some had good qualification and a good job, but their expectation does not match to his needs, some had matching expectations but that does not match his requirements, at one stage he was totally fed up and cursed himself for such a situation. He went to chk out the charts without even having his breakfast and came home by noon. His aging mom could clearly see the dejection on his face. He asked for a glass of buttermilk and after gulping it in one single shot, Lakshaman said, "Mom, I think its very difficult to get a girl for my brother Raman, as none of the profiles match his requirements", his mom was overwhelmed to see that he is so caring for his brother marriage and his future, but we know that he sees his unemployed brother Raman as a bottleneck, for him to marry Sandhya.

Indian Premier League Blasts off ...

Cricket's biggest extravaganza begins today at Bangalore and the entire city is rocking tonight. Its the first of its kind in this sport, where in the concept was absorbed from the famous European Football League, where small teams will be formed with the inclusion of various sporting legends of the game from various countries...

Who would say a NO to watch Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne facing each other on the field, who are now playing for their representing county and not their countries. So this short version of the shorter version of the game (I mean 20-20) is expected to create the spark and ignite the hearts of zillion cricket fans in the country. Its gonna be a treat for the next 45 days and it is going to bring in more excitement than watching the World Cup. Players from all 10 test playing nations have been bid to take part in this tournament and to stress on this point, a huge sum of money has been invested in this tournament, that itself has created a big expectation amongst the cricket fans. Well, i would try to sneak in for a match direct to the stadium if I have time.

I am all set to glue myself in front of the idiot box in just a while, and whats the beauty if I am not telling you, which team I support, Oh yeah, you got it right, its my homehown team the - Chenai Super Kings. Cheerrrr them up. This cricket fanatic is going crazyyyyyyy

Couple ...

Varun was shouting on the top of his throat, "Hey Kavyaa, where are the car keys, and dont forget to put in those mineral water bottles in the bag, we may need it when we are climbing up the hill", yes, the more admirable couple of that apartment are all set to go out for a trekking. Kavya came out of the house with her hands full and the door key swinging between her lips, she gave a nice kick on Varun's ass and signed him by action to take out the keys from her mouth and lock the door, Varun had to obey to that kick and promply locked the door, and returned the kick back to Kavya....

They are heading to the tallest peak of Karnataka called Mulliangiri Betta, they will be joined by Varun's colleagues mid-way. Varun had already planned a surprise for Kavya, moment he started his car, the sony speakers melted the voice for which Kavya would die, oh yaa, its her favourite M S Subbulakshmi's collection, Kavya just gave a tight hug to Varun and whispered "I Love you da ..." and as a sign of acknowledging that, M S S sang "Kurai Ondrum illai marai moorthi kannaa ...". Everything was perfect, for a wonderful day of trekking, and also this being the day of Kavya - Varun's first wedding anniversary, it was more an icing on the cake.

Varun has the habit of single-handed driving and he rests his left hand on the gear shift, Kavya decided to cling on to that and she topped her hand over Varun's and made that mountenous drive even more pleasurable. Who would not want a drive like this, with their sweetheart sitting next to them. Whether you are in love or you are married, there is a lot of fun over those "Sweet Nothings" chat with your heart throb, throughout the dirve, it was all those kinda talks, giggles, and of course those "1 minute fights".

They reach the bottom of the mountain around 9 in the morning and already they were joined by many other couple's. Before even the trekking started, the rest of the gang opened up a big "Black Forest" cake, which had this beautiful wording on its top "For the more adrobale couple .... Happy Anniversary", this was a pleasant surprise to both of them, they were made to cut the cake together by holding the knife, and both became kids when they were asked to feed the cakes to each other.

Varun has already visited this mountain for trekking and he knows how difficult the path would be, so he took the role of the guide to the rest of the team and of course his assistant was Kavya. Every couple were busy in their own world of "Sweet Nothings" and was occassionaly made to be attentive for Varun's commands. Kavya was not such an experienced trekker, so Varun decided to carry her back pack, just to ease her weight, on seeing this, all the other male counter parts, pulled his leg by saying "Hey man, can you take the back pack of my wife too", Kavya looked at Varun with a sense of pride and love, Oh yaa, that look injected a 1000 more watts into Varun's body and he was more stronger now to carry that backpack.

With a map on one hand and Kavay's hand on the other, the couple started to climb. By evening 5:00 PM they all reached the hill top and almost all the couple's were dead tired, but they were all surprised to see the charm still sticking on to Kavya and Varun, when they were asked what's the secret of their energy, both of then replied simulatenously "Kavya - Varun", no wonder they are the most enviable couple. While climbing a very steep strech, Varun made sure that there were no rolling stones on which Kavya would step in, so he cleaned all of them with his hand, and was more nervous than Kavya when she climbed down that. Kavya could see the anxity on his face and was playing pranks as if she is going to fall down.

The whole night went inside the tents and it was such a tiring sleep for all of them, Varun made sure that Kavya is ok and she is intact with her sleeping bag, every now and then. Kavya though pretended as if she was sleeping, was just overwhelmed with Varun's love and affection and has to shed a few tear drops inside the bag. Ah, all said and done, it was a wonderful trip to cherish. Kavya and Varun came home two days later and it was almost wee hours of the next day. Kavya slept inside the car and she was too tired to realize that she has reached home. Varun slowly parked the car in the basement and went up to open the main door, and came back rushing to lift Kavya in his arm's and placed her comfortably on her bed.

It was business as usual for both of them as they have to go to work the next day, and their usual routine life started. Both of them hardly had a chance to speak to each other, nor they had time to meet, as Kavya and Varun were busy with their shifts, days rolled on and they both were pretty much stuck to thier profession, time has certainly created a rift between them. One fine morning Kavya left a note on Varun's bed side saying that she has to go off to the US tonight and was not given a chance to say a NO, coming to know that his wife is leaving abroad via a stick note was actually a bit painful and wiht most of the working couple's, this is the reality. Also there was a list of actions Kavya asked Varun to do, and Varun was meticulously carrying over that. He packed all her things including her sanitary napkins, knowing her menstrual cycle. Kavya is certainly a blessed girl to get such a sweet husband.

With all these going in his mind, Varun was brought back to his senses when his name was called three times in the court room - "Varun ... Varun ... Varun", oh yaa, the most enviable couple, admirable couple, adrobale couple have filed for a divorce ... the fate most of the employed couple's face these days, expecially who are in IT

Love for "Dummies" ...

Life has become a "Mega Serial" for Vineeth, in the sense, too many breaks, dis-jointed story line, never knows where he is heading to, this is what people call as "mid-life crisis". At the age of 30, Vineeth is comfortably placed at a software company with a handsome ransome, he has owns a good flat in bangalore, he has all the gadgets that are needed to kick-start a family, but something is stopping him from getting married and the funny thing is, he himself is trying to figure out what that "something" is....

As every one knows, life is more like a pendulum and it keeps swinging between the good's and bad's, up's and down's, cheer's and sorrow's, but Vineeth thought that his pendulum has swung to the extreme end of bad luck and its never gonna come back, wait wait wait, our hero is not suffering from any love failure, his worry is all about his failure to love someone. He used to think, what are the qualities a man should possess to impress a girl ? some of the couple's he came across totally defeated the logic of falling into love. A very fair girl is in love with a very dark guy, a very thin guy is in love with a fat girl, a guy with all bad habits has 3 to 4 girl friends etc etc.

Vineeth used to pacify himself by saying "We should not love, thats a pain, it will unnecessirily put my family in a spot of bother, so i should not indulge in that", but what his heart speaks is totally different from what his mind speaks. Well, its natural rite, Its Summer after winter, its day after night, its silence after storm, similarly, Vineeth's pendulum started to swing the other way, yes you guessed it right, Vineeth too was smitten by that bug, it came in the name called "Sandhya". He has already seen her umpty number of times in his office cafeteria, but he had no such feelings earlier, but it all started when Sandhya gave him that "look" on him, it was not once or twice, she made sure that she sits just opposite to Vineeth's, Vineeth is too smart to sense that Sandhya is looking at him, but he appointed a spy to see if Sandhya is seeing him.

His spy confirmed the news that Sandhya is looking at him quite often, and it was a burst of butterflie's in his tummy and he just could not believe that he too has impressed a girl, hmm, why not, this is the first time in 30 years, even more precious than India winning the cricket world cup. This time Vineeth wanted to break the ice and was waiting for a moment to get a chance to talk to her, he was very sure that his speech skills would flatter anyone, but he is clueless of how to inititae a link. He tried her name in Orkut, but in vain, there were 1000s of Sandhya's floating in the web, he is not an idiot to scrap all and ask them if she is the one who works in his X company. He really felt that he is too old even to plan for a date as he is running out of steam.

Well, good things just happen you know, so in that sense, there was a situation wherein he has to go and help Sandhya's team members in solving a technical issue, for the first time in his IT career, he felt so happy about the decision of he sticking on to the technical ladder, and not getting into management. When he got a call from Sandhya's PM, he immedieately rushed into the restroom to see if he has come in the best of his attire, he washed his face, combed his hair and checked his walk, and he is all set to go to her floor. He was praying that the issue should be in Sandhya's machine, so that he can directly work with her, suggest her some options to solve the issue and at the same time he can exchange mobile numbers, so that she can call him if the issue is not solved.

Oh ya, the issue was with Sandhya's box, he was greeted by her PM and was introduced to the team as an expert in solving such issues, he felt as if he is flying, though he cannot establish a direct eye contact with Sandhya, he somehow managed to sneak to notice that Sandhya was staring at him, the same stare which started off all these hungama's. Her PM, asked him to work with Sandhya directly and Sandhya started to explain him the issue, for a moment he just heard the rythm of "Nothing but wind" in his ears, oh ya, I mean her voice was so sweet and was ringing like a melody, while admiring her voice and her sparkling eyes, Vineeth conveniently ignored the description of the issue, he has to force himself to come into terms and asked her to repeat the issue once again.

Ah, to him it was a chota issue where he solved it in a second, Sandhya thanked him for that, Vineeth knows that this is the right time to break the ice, so he told her that he needs to talk to her and asked her if she can come to the cafeteria at 4:00 in the evening, Sandhya agreed to that as if she was expecting it. You won't believe, time just did'nt move from 11:00 to 4:00, for him one hour is equal to 120 minutes, waiting for love is a pain, he felt it that day. Vineeth rushed back to the restroom by 3:50 and checked his make-up and was there at the cafeteria at 3:55, as we all know, girls never keep up their time, Sandhya came around 4:10, and placed a sincere apology for coming late. Sandhya started ....

Hi ... I am sorry, i got stuck up in a meeting
Oh that's ok, not a problem
So, whats the agenda for this meeting ?
Ah, actually I wanted to tell you something and also ask you something
Sandhya, knowing what he is going to ask, responded saying, ok go ahead
Let me be frank and straight forward, I could notice you seeing me quite regulary, do you have any crush on me ?
Well, let me also be straight forward, yes i do admit that i was seeing you quite often, but its not for any crush
For a moment Trees Stopped, Volcano errupted and stopped, Birds stopped flying, Waves hit the shore, splashed and stopped. (Oh yaa its the usual cinema style of expressing shock)
He gasped some breath and asked, so whats the reason other than a crush
Sandhya took out her cell phone and called Anamika, to the cafeteria
Anamika came to the cafeteria with all the shy on her face ...
Sandhya said, Anamika likes you for some reason, and I was the person who has to tell her whether you see her or not, and hence i happened to notice you frequently, i never knew that things had a twist in the tail and you mis-took the entire scene.

Poor Vineeth has to settle with Anamika now, but anyways, as the saying goes, "Something is better than nothing"

Peace or Politics ...

Ah, our politicians have their own style of pulling out tricks every now and then, this time its the visit of Ms. Priyanka Vadra to the Vellore Jail to meet one of the accused (Nalini) who was a part of her dad's assasination. I know Ms. Priyanka is not directly into politics, but she hails from a family who's prime profession is politics...

I totaly respect and admire the visit by Priyanka, whatever be the background motivation for this meeting, but going and meeting an accused who was part of killing her father, really needs a BIG HEART. I am sure it must have been an emotional one from both the sides and its pretty weired to think what they could have talked. As far as the sources of media goes, it looks like Priyanka enquired about Nalini's daughter and also congratulated on her successfull completion of MCA that too with a distinction. Also Priyanka spoke to Nalini in detail about what exactly happened on that fateful day of May 21st 1991.

It was believed that both of them exchanged few gifts and thats something not poked by the media. After this meeting with Priyanka, Nalini felt that her soul has been cleansed by the visit of Priyanka and the respect she had towards Sonia Gandhi has increased heaps, it was Sonia who appealed against her death sentence and changed it to a life imprisonment considering the future of the then 5 yr old daughter of Nalini. Its actually good to see such an attitude from the great family of "Gandhi's" and it would be really wonderful if this was not done for the sake of gaining some cheap public sympathy, which inturn changes into votes, as everybody knows that we INDIAN's are a bunch of emotional unit.

Anyways it's a big kudos to Ms Priyanka Vadra on attempting such a bold act, I hope she has followed the foot steps of "Mahatma Gandhi" to embrace PEACE


தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்துக்களோடு, என் கவிதைகளை படிக்கும் சுமையையும் உங்களிடம் தருகிறேன், இன்பமும், துன்பமும் கலந்தது தானே புத்தாண்டு ...

1. பேனாவின் மை கறைய தொடங்கியது,
காகிதத்தில் காவியமாய்
நெஞ்சத்தில் சுமை குறைய தொடங்கியது
அவள் என் முன் வந்தாள் ஓவியமாய்

2. வாழ்க்கை எனக்கு ஒரு கேள்விக்குறி,
எதிர்காலம் என்னவென்று தெரியாததால் அல்ல,
என் காதலை அவள் ஏற்காததால்

3. கருவை சுமந்து பார், தாயின் வலி புரியும்,
தனிமையை சுமந்து பார், ஏக்கத்தின் வலி புரியும்,
சாவை சுமந்து பார், பிரிவின் வலி புரியும்,
காதலை சுமந்து பார், வாழ்க்கையின் வலி புரியும்

4. வண்டுகளுக்கும் இறைவனுக்கும் இடையே வாக்குவாதம்,
பூக்களில் மட்டும் தான் தேன் எடுக்க அனுமதி என்கிறார் இறைவன்,
உன் இதழ்களிலும் தேன் எடுக்க கோரி கெஞ்சுகின்றன வண்டுகள்

5. வெறித்த பார்வையும்,
முளைத்த தாடியும்,
வரண்ட உதடுகளும்,
நடுங்கும் விரல்களும்,
ஊர்ஜினம் செய்தது, காதலின் தோல்வியை

6. நம் காதல் தெய்வீகமானது என்றாய் நீ,
பட்டாணி சுண்டலில் உப்பில்லை என்றேன் நான்,
நம் காதலை யாராலும் பிரிக்க முடியாது என்றாய் நீ,
கடற்கரையில் காற்று குறைவாக உள்ளது என்றேன் நான்,
உன் கண்களில் தோன்றி மறைந்தது ஒரு நீர் முத்து,
வேறு என்ன சொல்ல முடியும் என்னால்,
உன் திருமண அழைப்பிதழை கொடுக்க வந்த போது ?

7. கூண்டு கிளியை பார்த்து மகிழ்ந்து சிரித்தாள்,
மீன் தொட்டியில் நீந்தும் மீன்களை பார்த்து வியந்தாள்,
கூரை வழியே கசிந்த சூரியனை கைக்குள் அடக்கினாள்,
வேறு என்ன செய்வாள், வீட்டில் அடைக்கப்பட்ட இளம் விதவை ?

8. புல் நுனியில் பனி துளி,
மலர்கின்ற பூ மொட்டு,
விடிகாலை வெண்மேகம்,
கண்டதுண்டா எவரேனும் ?
நான் கண்டேன், என்னவளின் ஓர் சிரிப்பில்

9. எழுதவும் தெரியாது, படிக்கவும் தெரியாது,
விவரமும் புரியாது, வயதும் கிடையாது,
ஆனால் சம்பாதிக்க வேண்டிய கட்டாயத்தில் இருக்கிறது,
நிறுத்தத்தில் பிச்சை எடுக்கும் தாயின் இடுப்பில் தூங்கும் கை குழந்தை

10. "காலை எழுந்தவுடன் படிப்பு, பின்பு கனிவு கொடுக்கும் நல்ல பாட்டு
மாலை முழுதும் விளையாட்டு, என்று பழக்க படுதிக்கொள்ளு பாப்பா"
என்ற கிழிந்த ஒரு பக்கத்தை படித்து பார்த்து சிரித்தான்,
ரோட்டில் பழைய பேப்பர் பொறுக்கும் ஐந்து வயது முருகன்.


Varun was not so sure about his new assignment and he has his own hooks hanging over his head about his new job. Kavya on the other hand thought that it’s a very good break for Varun in his career and she was pretty much excited about it, infact she was aslo happy with the hefty package Varun has got with his new employeer….
Varun started the discussion with Kavya,
Varun: Hey I don’t know yaa, something is disturbing me, and I feel heavy
Kavya: Ya Varun, even I feel the same way and it’s very heavy for me too
Varun: So do you feel that I have done a mistake by taking up this new assignment ?
Kavya: I don’t know, but certainly you did a mistake
Varun: Well, it won’t be nice if I decide to go back to my old decision
Kavya: It’s too late to go back or reset
Varun: Don’t you think you should have told me all these before I made up my mind ?
Kavya: What to do, even I could not say a no and you would’nt have accepted to it
Varun: Well, whatever may come, I have decided to stick on to my decision and move ahead Kavya: Yes, it’s high time you get a promotion
Varun: What do you mean ? I have already got one with my new job
Kavya, just had to whisper into Varun’s ear that he is promoted to the nexl level in his personal life. Yes Kavya and Varun are going to be proud parents very soon.

Ten things I want to Change in INDIA

I want the following things to be changed in my COUNTRY, for the betterment of INDIA ...
1. Change this complete political system and bring in tough norms to participate in elections.
2. Formulate a transparent system for all government related activities and hence get rid of bribery
3. Remove the caste based system for all educational streams, no more quota, only merit that matters
4. Bring in a practical / research based learning style in schools, rather sticking on to the old fashioned textbook method
5. Enforce the maximum punishment for sexual abuses on women, no courts, no trials, just a simple DNA test, if proved positive, hang him the next day
6. Make all police stations VIRTUAL, make all the complaints to be online and force the authorities to take action within 24 hours
7. Never entertain beggers who are not physically challenged. Put them on to a career pathing wherein they can sustain a business on their own
8. Sex education should be brought in all the schools and create awareness about that metabolical changes of human body. This will take care of reducing the crime rates against women
9. Manufacturing of any tobacco / alcohol brand should be banned completely. Even if its going to incur a heavy loss to the government. OR Increase the rates of Alcohol and other tobacco products during budget and lets not touch essential commodities like Milk and Bread prices sky rocketing
10. Infrastructure across the country has to be improved by laying good quality roads and the responsible company which took the contract should pay a huge penalty if the roads go bad within a stipulated amount of time.

Piece of Advice ...

This young guy was about to get married and he has his own anxiety and dreams about his future wife. He is a very shy type persona and generally keeps quite. One day he gets his chance to meet a girl who may be a probable bride for him, the usual customs went on fine and both the families were about to agree on this alliance and go ahead with the marriage preperations …

This guy’s father came to him one day and knowing his shy personality, he adviced him saying, “My son, don’t be shy and timid at this stage, you feel free to ask whatever you want to your future father-in-law, and please always remember that you should ask for something bigger and then only you will get what you actually wanted, for example, if you want a bike, you should ask for a car, if you want an aparment you should ask for a villa, if you want a gold ring, you should ask for a diamond ring”, hope you got my point”, after this piece of advice, his father leaves his room. Our hero got the message and he too was convinced with the fact hidden behind that.

One fine day, his future father-in-law came to his house to meet him and discuss on what all things he needs before marriage, the discussion went on for about 5 minutes and after that there was a big scream and a tight slap, his future father-in-law came rushing out of his room and spit on his dads face and said that the marriage is cancelled, the shell shocked dad does not know what happened between them and rushes into his son’s room to enquire what made this father-in-law to go mad and crazy.

Our hero replied, its all because of you dad, and his dad could not understand the meaning of it, so he asked “Why because of me ?”, his son replied, you only told me to ask something bigger, so that I can get what I really wanted, so he asked me what I want from his side, and I told him that I need his wife, so that I can get his daughter.

Types of Proposal ...

This is just an imagination of how people of different professions will propose to a girl ...

Carpenter - Hey darling, you have hit a nail straight into my heart, and no cutting plyer could take it out, please apply some turpentine to my wounded heart and lets unite like a fevicol.

Plumber - When i think of you, love flows like a leaking tap. I tired many washers to stop that leak, but none worked, i know your love is in the pipe line, please let the valve open and shower your love on me.

Lawyer - Oh my lord, may i proceed with my argument ? I would want to prove my innocence to you and appeal to your notice that i am in love with you. Kindly grant me a life scentence in your heart which is non-bailable.

Car Mechanic - Oh sweetheart, my engine is failing to start if i dont see you even for a day, my legs apply automatic brakes when it crosses your house. Please pour your love oil into my engine and increase our love mileage.

Cricket Player - Hi darling, my heart is WIDE open for you to SWING inside. Please dont DEFEND my love or WELL-LEFT it. I will be your KEEPER and will follow you to all BOUNDARIES of this world. Without you my life is a NO-BALL.

Software Engineer - Oh you are the virus who entered my heart which was behind a fire-wall. I know i am bitten by this love bug, and trying to comment out the love lines which has some errors. I would like you to appraise me, and i hope you give me a good hike from lover to husband. I want you to give me three months notice period, failing to accept my love.

Rajinikanth - Bursts out on Hoggenakkal

The one and only Super Star of the WORLD, Rajinikanth today burst out during the KOLLYWOOD meet which was held at Chennai today. He blasted all the politicians of both the states and warned them not to practice such cheap tactics just because the election is in sight. He requested them to act with some brain. He was too emotional in his speech and was spitting fire in his words. If he thinks like those cheap politicians, and that too for the mass of followers under his belt, Rajinikant can provoke any level of violence to the people of Karnataka, but he will not do that, and all political parties should understand this and stop blowing up this Hoggenakkal issue. Here is the link at which you can watch this speech Rajinikanth - On Hoggenakkal

Resigned ...

This day is one emotional day for me as i have resigned from my current company after nearly 9 years of my service. I know its a very tough decision that i have taken, but i have no choice other than quitting. I am not a kind of person who frequently jump jobs, this is my second jump in my 10 years of service, but this time i really felt that i need this change, as my career seem to go and hit a blind dead end, and its my responsibility to take appropriate action ...

I took this decison based on some actions taken by my management which really upset me and I felt very bad over those decisions. I felt that my management is not really taking care of my team and they failed to sense the quality of the resources. I happened to lose two good quality people just for the heck of it. Today they have taken a replacement for my team by paying a very high salary to a new comer, if the management would have spent half that amount on the old guys, they would have retained them as well as their experience and expertise. This is one area all management teams make the mistake, they think they can get the job done with a new comer and they just dont care about the existing experienced people.

Its now almost curtains for my existing team with just one junior member working for it, I hope my management atleast takes care of that resource and try to retain her. People working for BRAND is now a history, people work for better challenging opportunities and a hefty pay package, I hope my management hears this loud and clear and take appropriate action to avoid further damage. But its an excellent team to work with, the director who heads our unit is a great human being, but unfortunately his hands are tied and mouth stitched, so poor guy could not do anything beyond his limits. I wish this team a good future and great success and I hope they start looking at people's quality and reward them as accordingly.

Its really really tough to miss a company to which you have been associated for almost a decade. This is one place where i loved to play a longer innings, but its so sad that i have to call it a day very soon.

Hogge "Nakkal"

I always wonder whether GOD has given the organ called "brain" for both TN and KA politicians ? they are always upto some fight or other towards their neighbouring state, and the issue always centers around "water". Just to gain some political advantage some stupid party has pulled out this age old issue and is trying to create a scene out of this. The verdit from the center is very evident that, karnataka people should not try to own the "Hoggenakkl" part of kaveri which runs its main path inside tamil nadu. There was an aggrement which was put between the two states long long ago, and suddenly out of the blue some bloody politician has digged this out and trying to make the life misserable for innocent people like us ...

First this old politician of TN should have kept quite, he waiting at the door of his death is spelling some unwanted statements and is upseting the rythm of normal life and creating chaos amidst the people of two states, already we all know that these two communities are under some kind of friction always, and politicians are pouring oil into that. The funny things which i try to understand here is, why the hell anyone has to stop airing the respective language TV channels ? What are they trying to say out of this ? doesn't this sound stupid ? what is the point in breaking theatres and shops owned by the respective community ? Its a shame on us that we have allowed stupid and illitrates to rule this country. The situation will change only if educated people venture into politics and clean all these filthy people.

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...