Apr 16, 2008

Peace or Politics ...

Ah, our politicians have their own style of pulling out tricks every now and then, this time its the visit of Ms. Priyanka Vadra to the Vellore Jail to meet one of the accused (Nalini) who was a part of her dad's assasination. I know Ms. Priyanka is not directly into politics, but she hails from a family who's prime profession is politics...

I totaly respect and admire the visit by Priyanka, whatever be the background motivation for this meeting, but going and meeting an accused who was part of killing her father, really needs a BIG HEART. I am sure it must have been an emotional one from both the sides and its pretty weired to think what they could have talked. As far as the sources of media goes, it looks like Priyanka enquired about Nalini's daughter and also congratulated on her successfull completion of MCA that too with a distinction. Also Priyanka spoke to Nalini in detail about what exactly happened on that fateful day of May 21st 1991.

It was believed that both of them exchanged few gifts and thats something not poked by the media. After this meeting with Priyanka, Nalini felt that her soul has been cleansed by the visit of Priyanka and the respect she had towards Sonia Gandhi has increased heaps, it was Sonia who appealed against her death sentence and changed it to a life imprisonment considering the future of the then 5 yr old daughter of Nalini. Its actually good to see such an attitude from the great family of "Gandhi's" and it would be really wonderful if this was not done for the sake of gaining some cheap public sympathy, which inturn changes into votes, as everybody knows that we INDIAN's are a bunch of emotional unit.

Anyways it's a big kudos to Ms Priyanka Vadra on attempting such a bold act, I hope she has followed the foot steps of "Mahatma Gandhi" to embrace PEACE


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