Apr 27, 2008

Resemblence ...

I saw that guy in a party hall. He looked exaclty like me and too his mannerisms. I am a personality who likes to be the center of attraction always, but this time he has stolen the show and all my friends sorrounded him, though I felt so bad, I just could not say anything....

I asked myself why I am like this ? Why cant I accept these little changes of life ? But I could not get an answer. That guy was at his best attire that day just to impress his sweetheart, and he was making the environment lively, people around him started to enjoy his chat and were laughing non-stop, It was me who was doing that all the time now, but today this guy has taken up my position. This is what is all about human heart and mind, its pretty difficult to accept changes in life and especially if that change is not favouring our desire.

I just could not resist moving away from that place, but I thought I should not do that, because that guy has all my striking resmblence of mine and I was watching him constantly. I immedieately called my friend and asked him, Hey did you see that guy, who is wearing a similar black coat as mine, does'nt he look like me ? His mannerisms, his actions all are like me ?, My friend gave me a nasty stare and told me that, Oh yaa, he is exactly like you and that is what I say is the power of SAINT GOBIN clear reflective mirrors, you drunken nut.


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