My Picks of 2009 ...

I Loved Reading

Yaaro Oruthiyin Diary Kuripugal - By Nilaa Raseegan. Its collection of short stories by my buddy Nilaa Raseegan and the way he has penned some of the stories are simply too good. If you folks wanted to read that book, you can purchase that online HERE. It costs just 70 bucks and I am telling you, it’s all worth every penny. Congrats my buddy!!! You rock and you continue to rock forever.

Song that went in Loop

Mazhaiye Mazhaiye from Eeram movie, music directed by Thaman and sung by Ranjit. I wud have heard this song umpteen number of times.

Movie which made me say "Wow"

Again, it goes to Eeram, wonderful screenplay and they never used the conventional formula for a ghost movie.

Deaths which shook me

Michael Jackson - He is a great human being than a pop singer. Excellent dancer, a great entertainer
Y S R - Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who died in a helicopter crash. He is a great leader and a humble personality

Happiest Sporting Moments

The day Sachin Tendulkar completed 20 years in international cricket
The day INDIA became the number 1 side in world cricket
Saina Nehwal coming all the way till semis in the World Badminton C'ship
Pathan Brothers winning the T20 match against Srilanka
Ghamir and Kholi showing terrific grit to win the 4th one-dayer against Srilankans

Funniest Political Tamasha

Chiranjeevi making a U turn on the Telengana issue and finally resigning his post.
Tiwari denying all the sex allegations and finally resigning from his post.
Center showing a sugar coated lolly-pop to folks of Telengana and finally pulling the lolly-pop out.

My "Hats Off" Award of 2009 goes to

The girl from Bangalore who had the guts to walk into the marriage hall and then stop the marriage of the guy who betrayed her.

My "Ass Piece" Award of 2009 goes to

Shared by Tiwari and SPS Rathore for their sexual act.

Best News Reader of 2009

Avantika Singh of Headlines Today - She is gorgeous, smart, and has got a beautiful voice
Baani Singh Chadda of NDTV - She too is so cute, and I am a big fan of her dimple smile.

Best Joke of 2009 - In Tamil

Doctor: Cha, patienta oru 1 hour ku munaadi kootikitu vandhurundhaa, kandippa kaapaathirukalaam ....
Person who admitted: Kootikittu vandhurukalaam, but accident nadandhe 10 nimisham thaan aachu

Program I glued myself to

Man Vs Wild by Bear Gryls - Discovery Channel
Re-Inventing Da Vinci - on Discovery Channel
Man Unseen - on Nat Geo

Actress who stole my heart

Anushka Shetty, Oh man, she is drop dead gorgeous.

Worst Airline I have travelled

Lufthansa, I will never ever step into that airline again in my life

Exciting Sporting Moment

When French captain Henry, ball handled against Ireland and then converted that as a goal, which eventually shutdown the doors for Ireland to qualify for the WC and France scraped thru.

Unexpected Shot

Tiger Woods swinging himself to get stuck in a whirlpool of sex scandals and spoiling his name and image in the sporting arena.

Hottest Topic

Of course, no guesses in this category, our great Swine Flu or H1 N1 virus

Well, these are just my random picks of 2009 and with this, I conclude my last post for this year and see you all tomorrow. Happy New Year Folks.

Recap 2009 ...

Well, this year too completed on a peaceful note and GOD has blessed be with a routine life with no major detour. This year belonged to few "firsts" in my life which I will be sharing in this post. Both personally and professionally I would say there is not much of a change in 2009 and that is good. Folks at home are blessed with maintaining their good health and my financial status too seem to be fine with no slump whatsoever. I have added few good friends to my kitty and on that lot, two folks became really very close to me and this indicates that my "Friends for Life" count increased by two. B and S thanks a lot for coming in to my life and I am truly blessed to have known you folks this year and hope our friendship continues forever. Also I came to know few good friends via Twitter and my Blog and I welcome those buddies into my friends circle as well...

Few abroad trips in 2009 took care of all the purchase I wanted to do and I have become rich by few additional electronic gadgets which I was thronging for a long time to own. Professionally I have been made to learn a few interesting things on the performance tuning side and technically that has given me the edge and I am very happy about learning them. This year I moved my family from Chennai to Bangalore and hence I got rid of those tiring weekend trips. I should admit the fact that I was not that active in blogging this year as compared to 2008, and the reduction of my total number of posts in 2009 will be a good evidence for that. I hope to write more in 2010 or at least maintain the same number of posts like 2009.

One thing which I badly wanted to do in 2009 and did not even attempt doing that is, getting back to my cricketing basics by joining a coaching center, enquired all details and even got the form, but variety of factors did not allow me to do that, and every time I take GM bat in my hand, the ligament tear on the right knee haunts me, first I have to get rid of the mind-set. I know I am still fit enough to play that game, I have the energy and fire in me to play that sport, a little bit of exercise to maintain my stamina would do a world of good for me to come back. Whenever my college friends ask me, "You should have taken cricket as your career" my heart pains, why the hell I chose IT / Software, anyways, I don’t want to go back to history, I know I cannot become a cricketer anymore, at least I want to be a decent player in my local club :). I may take bigger moves to join a coaching center in 2010.

To cover up few highlights of this year as well as the few "firsts" in my life, here we go ...

1. My best buddy was blessed with a baby boy "H" and he is the new apple of my eye. He is one cute little fella who will make you fly.
2. First time in 32 years I happened to officially see a girl "in person" for a probable alliance, but unfortunately, my instincts did not drive me to a positive result out of that.
3. First time ever I gave an interview in my life and that got published on a website, for those who have not read that, read it here.
4. First time my story got published in a printed magazine and also it got some stunning reviews by other famous writers.
5. My other good friend got married to her long time boy friend and it was an arranged - love marriage which happened without any fuzz or hassles.
6. I signed up for donating every organ (not the brain) in my body that can be used to be taken out after my death and fix it for the people who need that or use it for research.

Though most of my friends have expressed their displeasure in me not changing my marital status in 2009, I would want to thank them from the bottom of my heart and tell them that I am more than blessed to have such affectionate and caring friends. I cannot promise or commit anything on that front, as that is not in my hands, if things have to happen, it will happen and as we all know "destiny cannot be changed", I strongly believe in that and I am sure you folks would be there to support me in whatever decision I take. Once again I thank GOD for blessing me with a peaceful 2009 and I pray that 2010 too goes the same way, my principle for life is simple, be good, do good and things around you will always be good. Be strong and bold and fearless, I would want to leave a mark for my society before I die and I will do anything it takes to achieve that.


Spineless Society ...

Ok guys, let’s get this straight. We are all human beings and every human being thinks that he or she has the rights to be selfish and I totally agree, but make sure you take a firm stand and do not try to jump guns. If you chose to be selfish, be selfish all thru your life, if you chose to be a person who would fight for injustice, fight for it all thru your life. It is highly disgusting to see the way our society is screaming over this "Ruchika's Molestation" case, what were we doing for 19 long years ?? Scratching our balls (Oh yaa, I am pissed off and kindly bear with my language). What was Ruchika's dad doing all these years ?? What was Ruchika's so called friend doing all these years ?? Covering their ass behind the bush ?? When you care so much for your daughter or friend, bloody your folks should have made this noise 19 years back. Everyone knows that our judicial system is a non-sense, but it has not changed now, so what kind of justice you are expecting today from the same old system which has not changed even a bit ??

Hello Ruchika's dad, admit the fact that your were fearing for your life when that DSP Rathore was on power, if you are a true father, you should have made this huge noise 19 years back and not today. When you were forced to sign on empty papers, you signed 19 years back without thinking anything and fearing your balls, and now you come out to public and begging for justice, shame on you old man, If I were Ruchika's father, I would have made every possible attempt to get justice to my daughter even if I have to risk my life, already I would be half dead on hearing my daughter's death, so there is nothing much to lose. Why was the media so quiet for such a long time ? The same media is now coming out and screaming for justice. Media is a "parasite" it breeds on other organisms, today they wanted to increase the TRP ratings and they run behind Ruchika's case, yesterday it was Aarushi and tomorrow it will be some Sumithra, who cares ?? As long as the advertisers agree for such hot news topics and as long as the news channel is getting money, they are happy folks, all these hue and cry to get justice for Ruchika is just a gimmick. For example, if tomorrow a girl is being raped and murdered in a broad day light by a gang of criminals, I bet, Ruchika's justice program will take a back seat.

DSP Rathore, that guy is evil, he mis-used his powers and tampered every possible document he can and cleverly escaped from the case, If I am the lawyer of that DSP, I have all proof to say that my client is innocent, because our judiciary system believes in proof and I have all the proof to say that Rathore is innocent, then ?? What’s the big deal ? Why we did not investigate this matter 16 years back ?? Why all these so called truth are coming out now ?? Why every old politician and police officer who anyways is going to die in two years time is being roped in ? The answer is simple "FEAR", those spineless people feared for their life and hence murdered the truth and emphasized on the lie again and again and made the world believe that it is truth, and we all happily accepted it 16 years back and all of a sudden when the verdict came out, we all woke up and then start digging the DRY DUNG and inhaling the stench it is spewing in the air and trying to cry foul over it, so, we are SHAMELESS creatures. These guts should have been there 16 years back and by this time something fruitful would have happened. The society and this judicial system are responsible for this death and not DSP Rathore. If we continue to be quite like this, this society will be a breeding ground for more Rathore's and tomorrow your daughter or my sister or our mother will be molested and we will be crying like a wounded dog inside 4 walls.

Lets us not cheat ourselves here, there are 10000s of Ruchika's molested every day in our country and the more we cover and try to hide such incidents from public or from our judicial system, we can expect more suicides of such innocent lives. We are becoming more selfish in this mechanical world, as long as the fire is not disturbing my ass, I am happy, all I can do is to feel sorry or pity for my neighbor, first this attitude should change, we being the young generation of this country, join hands and create a force which would pave way for a bolder nation. The more we keep silent, the more dangerous would be to live in this society. I am not saying that we should fight for everything, but at least let us have the guts to question the person who is doing the mistake. You go to a ration shop, you see a tin of kerosene hiding inside the godown, when your turn comes, you are told that there is no kerosene, and what we do ?? Do we question that fellow ?? NOOOO, we give a pity stare at that tin, and kindly accept what the guy at the counter says and come back and tell that to our friends and relatives, but why did we not question then and there ? First cultivate the habit of questioning, which would be the first step to fight against injustice. "Yen endra kelvi ondru ketkaamal vaazhaki illai ..."

My heart goes for Ruchika, a young bud destroyed at a very early stage, who knows she would have been the first Sania Mirsa for our country, but it is bloody our mistake in covering that wound for so long and now we are at the stage where nothing can be done with that wound other than amputation. Did you guys saw the way that DSP walked out of the court ?? He was well dressed and he was smiling and posing for the cameras, who gave him that guts ?? It’s we the spineless people who do not have the guts to question him, gave him that confidence, come on guys, it is your baby and you should have slapped it long time back. Ruchika's friend is now giving interviews in every news channel and I am not against the publicity she is getting, when useless politicians can get publicity why can't she, but what hurts me more is, where was she hiding for such a long time ?? I think friendship is much more than life, at least to me. Let's not corrupt the term friendship by doing such stunts in front of camera. Ruchika's soul too would be laughing today after seeing all these jokes. Let's build a fearless nation, today we fear for a DSP or a Minister or a MLA, tomorrow our kids would fear for a Rickshaw wala, Auto wala, or a toilet cleaner, so our next generation will be ruled by goonda's and corrupt officers. Do we all want to see such a country ?? Think guys, think ....and wake up early before it’s too late.

Prairie Dogs - Learn from them ...

I would say this is one of the best episodes of "Wild Discovery" I have watched so far. This time they were covering one of the most endangered species of this planet the "Prairie Dogs", so what made me to write a blob on that ? No, it’s not the scenic beauty they showed or the lovely chases they usually show, it is purely because of the magic these "Prairie Dogs" weaved in my life. This was the first time I am seeing those "rat" like creatures and I should admit the fact that I fell in love the moment I saw them. I always love rats and squirrel type of mammals, and this one would now top the list from here on. These cute little creatures are doing a world of good to our nature and planet earth of course they convey a very strong message to humans like us and that message is nothing but "Love is Life ...". I am gonna narrate what I saw in that program and all the information that is being shared here is proprietary to "Discovery" channel and I am just converting the information into text ...

These lovely creatures live in the open farm lands of the US starting from the California belt to the great cost of Texas. Prairie dogs live as one family and they live in burrows. They are total veggies and hate meat. This program followed a particular Prairie dog family and the narrator has named them for convenience. They eat grass, grass and more grass for their survival. Carrots, Radish and Beetroot are feast as far as they are concerned. They have a very great sense of recognizing the objects and they form a "Yes" and a "No" to the objects they see. For example "Deer", "Bison", "Reindeer", "Squirrel" are in their "YES" list, where as "Hyena", "Fox", "Bear", "Wolf" and "Humans" are in their "NO" list. Every Prairie dog family has a leader and no one in that family will dis-obey the leader and that is the rule, the entire family obeys to every order of the leader and that leader is not like our Project Leader or Team Leader in IT companies, he or she is a true leader and a real leader.

The leader's main job is to alert his community of any upcoming danger, danger in their terms are none other than the things mentioned in their "NO" list, if they sight any of the object mentioned in the "NO" list, the leader starts giving alarm signals "keek ... keek ... keek ..." and you know the beauty of that signal ?? That signal has got a particular rhythm and every different rhythm means a different signal. If the "keek ... keek ... keek" is continuous and non-stop, then it means the enemy is very near the vicinity and the gang has to rush into the burrow without a second thought, if the same "keek ... keek ... keek" is for few minutes, then it means the leader has spotted an enemy and as of now no danger. If the "keek ... keek ... keek" is like our telephone bell, then it means the enemy is in the direct path of their burrows and the gang has to split in various directions to distract the enemy.

Hyena, Fox and Wolf treat on these poor, innocent creatures, they mercilessly kill them and feast of those small wonders. The Prairie dogs adapt a wonderful strategy to save themselves from these enemies. For example if a Prairie dog is being chased by a fox or a wolf, the leader will be the first one to jump into action, he will chase the fox or the wolf by risking his life, he will run very close to that enemy and try distracting him, if that enemy is smart and he is not getting distracted, the leader will have to take the next step of bouncing on the enemy and bite his tail, in the mean time the other members in the gang will run in all different directions and confuse the enemy. The lesson here is, when a Prairie dog is being chased for life, he has all rights to go and settle in any available burrow, it can be even his enemy's burrow, but for that time, the enemy will be more than happy to take custody of that fella and will protect him from their common enemy. How sweet naa ?. The food they get is being shared not only with fellow Prairie dogs, but also with few birds, deer’s and bison’s. Never live for yourself is the next lesson they teach us.

During rainy season snakes would find themselves a very cozy place inside the burrows dug by these poor Prairie dogs, these little creatures will dig a wonderful burrow for their entire family all thru the summer and when rain comes, this evil snake will happily go there and rest, what will those poor Prairie dogs do then for a house ?? Ah, these folks have a heart made of gold, they will be more than happy to let their house to the snake and the Prairie dogs will now seek the help of their expert builders who can finish the job of 4 months in just two days, they are called the "Dynamite Dogs". They come as a gang of 20, get the requirement from the leader and finish the job in just two day and go back, of course all for FREE. So the lesson we should learn here is, always help others and do not expect anything back from them. These dogs have got long sharp nails and cute nose which are their weapons, they constantly dig the ground for burrows and that kindles the vegetation and hence the grass is always greener and fresh in the areas where they live. Deer and Bison always thank these cute little fellas for their great job.

Summer is the time where there Prairie dogs work and slog all the day, no, they don’t have the habit of saving anything for future, they live life to the fullest, they live that moment. They eat as much as they can during summer and when the winter sets in and snow covers the entire farm land, these little fella's go inside their burrows and will not come out for 3 to 4 months till winter is over, so what do they do for 4 months inside the burrow ?? Well, the guess is rite, they mate and concentrate on developing their family and of course they sleep 18 hours a day. They can survive for 4 months without food and water and that is GOD's beauty, because he has given them the quality of secreting a fat under their skin and that would also serve as energy / protein for them to keep them alive and all these are possible only if they eat well during summer. So the lesson we have to learn here is, live life as if there is no tomorrow and be happy with the present day, don’t worry about future.

One day, a member of the Prairie dog was attacked by a wolf that too in front of his mother, brothers and sisters, the leader was not present at that time and hence this mishap occurred. The mother dog stood still and was seeing his little son being ripped by a pack of wolfs, you guys know what ?? the camera focused and zoomed on the mother Prairie dog and yes, they cried with tears flowing out of their little eyes, GOD has maintained one thing in common across all the life he has created in this world, that is the love of a mother towards its kid, anyone who watched this program would have had his eyes wet and I am no exception to that. Here comes the next part, moment the family noticed that their mom is crying, they all rushed towards their mom and started kissing her all over her body, this is to make the mother happy and to let her know that they are there to help her out. Wowwwww, do we humans do that all the time ?? They do mourn death, and they avoid eating for 10 days to mourn the death of their family member.

Here comes the real beauty, Prairie dogs cannot marry or mate whoever they wanted to, it is exactly similar to a typical tamil brahmin marriage, both the leaders of the two families should meet first and not sure what they talk, then they will send the boy to the girls burrow for a day and then the girl will come to the boy's burrow the next day, then they both would venture out and find themselves a burrow and they have to stay there all night, and finally if the alliance is successful, they both would stay on their own in their new apartment, or else they both depart to their respective burrows, fascinating rite ? Yes, every living thing has set few principles of life and they stick to that, and we humans who are considered to be the most intelligent creation of GOD, forget all these principles and change the rules for our needs. These creatures are living as an example to our mankind and let’s not destroy them. Hunters catch them for their skin and flesh to make medicines and wallets out of that, remember one thing, even after death they are proving to be useful for others, but we are proving to be useless for anyone even when we are living. Save Prairie dogs and learn those lovely lessons they teach us.

Flashback Time ...

This post has been inspired by reading one of my fellow bloggers post and hence I first thank "Chutney Post" for kindling my childhood and then inspiring me to write this. I am going to take you all to 1984 and this incident happened in my school at Mylapore (P S Senior Secondary School) when I was doing my 2nd std. Satish being a very average student got only B section and not A section. In my school A section guys are a bit intelligent than the B section and C section guys and that is what the management thought and it may be true as well. Me being a typical Leo always had a gang around me to laugh and obey to my commands (appave naanga Bhaashaa thaan) and as expected I used to occupy the last bench and the bench before mine was girl’s bench, well, let’s not think anything dirty here, as we are still in 2nd standard ... :)

There used to be four groups in my school Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz and I belonged to the Emerald team and I was the team leader for that, yaa all in 2nd std. I am always notorious in my school and for all bad reasons and I had a cold war between my class leader "Maithreyi" for some unknown reason, I always used to tease her with my gang and would be happy to see her cry :) (such a sadist I was ...). She always brings "Thair Saadham" to school and without any side dish, poor girl will eat that for hours together and most of the time she will not finish her lunch. My gang will make sure that we sit next to her and keep pulling her legs (not literally) and yes all in 2nd std. She is very obedient and a sincere sigaamani of the class and my dumb teacher always trust her and never trust me or my gang. One day she went to the teacher and whispered something to her ears and the next moment my class teacher called "Satish ... come here" ....

I was pissing in my pants and went near my teacher as if you cannot see such a nice and a paavam kid ever in this universe, my class teacher name was "Seetha Ganesan", without asking me a reason, she asked me to stretch my arms and there came a powerful blow on my palm, and instant tears, and this poor Leo did not have the guts to even ask why his teacher beat him. I was looking fierce fully at Maithreyi and she was giggling and making fun of me in front of the teacher, the cold war turned out to be a real war and I was working on ideas to take revenge on her, as a wounded cheetah, I went back to my seat and to add salt to my wound, my entire gang was enjoying my tears and loved the way I got beating. Humiliation, frustration, irritation, anger, every possible emotion got mixed in my mind and tears refused to stay inside, and the same teacher came once again to my seat and gave one nice bang on my back with her bare hands and then asked me to shut up with her loud voice, and there Satish stopped crying, like someone pressed MUTE button in my remote.

The next day morning, I went to school and Maithreyi called me near the "Black mark Chart" and then showed me that I have got 3 additional black marks and she has got two stars from my class teacher. Right from my childhood I never hit anyone, instead I bite my own hands and express that anger and for almost 15 years that bit marks were there on my hand and slowly I left that habit and those scars went away, so as usually bit my hand and this time a bit too hard that blood popped up and said "Hii" to me. On seeing that Maithreyi got scared and she rushed towards the "first-aid" kit box and brought me some ointments, I pushed it off her hands and every object that was there in that first-aid box was thrown all over the class room and poor class leader had to bend and then pick each one of them and put it back into that box and once again, when my class teacher came, she whispered something to her ears and the same sequence of events unfolded, and today it was my left hand, as I have already injured my right hand by biting.

My hate towards Maithreyi sky rocketed and the evil in me worked out a plan and that was the first and last plan I did to injure someone. I my school there used to be a lot of alpine trees and they shed a type of fruit which bears lots of thorns on their skin, and during those days most of the benches will have one to many holes in the bench where students sit and to my luck, the place where Maithreyi sits too had a hole which would hold a thorny alpine fruit. Satish and his team collected every possible size of those alpine fruits and we were waiting for the right moment to place it on her chair and what could be the best time other than the recession for "choo choo" break, as expected Maithreyi went to do the inevitable and Satish carefully bent down and placed an alpine thorny fruit from under the bottom of the bench, so that Maithreyi cannot notice. I was a bit intelligent as well, as soon as I placed the thorny fruit, I moved to a different bench which is not near her seat. Recession bell went off and Maithreyi entered the class

I don’t know what to say, whether it is my fate or her luck, Maithreyi was called by the teacher to the front row and she was asked to read something by seeing the textbook to the entire class, but I was hopeful that some time she will have to come to her seat and my plan would work out. That was an English class and she was reading some story, and my gang is also nervous at this point in time as they were curious to know the ending (ellaam koottu kalavaaninga thaan). The teacher suddenly noticed that one complete row at the back is empty and the last two rows are full, so she asked the last row bench guys to come and sit in the empty row where I have placed the alpine fruit, that's all, the first thing my then friend and current enemy stood up and said "Miss, Satish Maithreyi seat la mullu vechurukaan miss", and I was like WTF ?? and instantly teacher came down from the front and then investigated the bench and noticed that I have indeed placed a very sharp and a lengthy thorn, then what, there started this "MGR - Nambiyaar" fight in the class room, I was chasing Maithreyi in anger and teacher was chasing me in anger, and finally all the drama unfolded in front of my dad and my principal and I was made to Neil down a whole day in front of my principal's room and the then principal was "Alamelu" and she never liked me since then.

Years rolled on, and I moved from B section to C section and my connection with Maithreyi got disconnected and when I was doing my 10th standard in the same school, I stood in election for the post of "School Pupil Leader" out of the total strength of 1400, Satish got 2 votes :) :) :), I know I am the one and I don’t know who the other one was. Life has to move on rite, I moved out of PSSSS and then joined some other school, but I could never forget Maithreyi in my life, because I did not complete taking my vengeance naa. I did my college and then I joined Oracle and Maithreyi as a name did not erase from my memory. One fine day at Redwood Shores, California, my manager called me on my desk to take an interview and gave me the CV, wowww, what a surprise the name of the candidate was Maithreyi, the devil inside me said, "What’s there in person, the name matters here and it is the right time to take revenge, just go and ask tuff questions and reject that candidate" (how stupid ahn ??).

I walked into the conference room and stood frozen for a minute and I could see the same reaction on the candidates face as well. I shook hands and then my first question was "Are you from Mylapore, Chennai ??" and the answer was "Yes" and she asked me the second question in Tamil "Hey, nee Satish thaane ?? PSSSS la padichiyaa?", and my joy knew no bounds and that interview went on for 5 hours and in that 4 hrs and 30 minutes we were talking about our school days and 30 mins I was asking her "What did she said to Seetha Ganesan miss to get me that slap", poor girl said, she forgot and again as a typical Leo, I forgive all the bad things she did for me and then said, "You are selected". I am still in touch with her and I am sure she would love reading this post. She admitted the fact that she was the one who voted me for that SPL post as well.

Long Distance Call ...

Ranga would always be waiting for his annual holidays to come because that is the only time he gets to see his grandparents who are living in a very beautiful village near "tenkasi" a very scenic place in Tamil Nadu. He would not want to miss even one annual leave and before even the exams start he used to tell his dad and mom that they should take him there the very next day after the exam gets over. Though Ranga used to live in a very posh bungalow in the city, his heart always liked that village house of his grandparents. He was too young to understand the family politics and he has no clue of why his dad and mom are living away from his grandparents or why his grandparents are not coming and living with them, but he did not give more attention to figure out the reasons and all he wants is to go to that village. Taking bath in the river which flows right at the back door of the house, drinking the fresh milk which was taken just out of cow's bowl, climbing those chikku trees, drinking unlimited tender coconut, walking in the middle of a farm land by inhaling that greenish scent those paddy crops would mix in the air, watching a white crane doing his fishing amidst of those green lands, jumping inside the pond where a pump set would be pumping out heavy gush of water are some of his "to do" list of things when he goes to his grandparents village, oh yaa and not to forget those lovely bed time stories his grandpa would narrate ...

His grandparents house is quite a big one and his grand dad being the zamindar of that village, he gets the first priority in whatever happens in that village, he is well respected and admired by many people in that village for the kind of "heart" he has, no one ever has been turned out empty handed if they step into his house. That house is very big in size which would span several streets in length and breadth, Ranga would have lots of places to hide and he would give a very tough time to his grandma who would be constantly searching for him and that is one of his favorite games. The best time in a day for Ranga is when the sun sets, there is no electricity in that village and all they would be having is that "chimney" lamp which runs on kerosene. Ranga's favorite pass time is to catch those flies that fly around and put them inside that chimney and watch them burning to death. His grandma would always make dishes which are his favorite and before preparing the menu she would ask Ranga of what he wants to eat, unlike his mom giving him those "bread toasts" three times a day, so Ranga would think every possible dish that he want to eat and would demand his grandma to do it for him, knowing the fact that he has to settle with those breads once he goes back to the city....

Early mornings would always give Ranga a very different experience, for a boy who is always used to get by with the sound of "beep beep beep beep" alarm clock, getting up after the cock announcing the arrival of dawn is something he loved and he used to ask his grandpa of who will wake up the cock first so that he can wake all of us up ?. Early mornings in the village would always be a pleasant sight to watch. If he peeps out of his house, all he could see is green paddy fields and dark mountains. There is a big banyan tree right opposite to his house which is actually a resting place for 1000s of birds, he used to see lots of birds in that tree and he does not know most of its names and he used to get to know from his grandpa, and that is how he got to know about "rettai vaal kuruvi", "mann kotthi maravan", "kondai mudi naadaan" kinds of birds. He always used to compare this sight with the sight he used to see from the 18th floor of his city house where he could only see smoke, dust and a huge concrete jungle with no signs of any greenery in sight. He loves brushing his teeth out of a freshly broken "neem" tree branch, though he hates that taste, he enjoys brushing his teeth in that because his grandpa had told him that no paste in this world can give that strength to his teeth.

After a pretty long walk with his grandpa amidst of those paddy fields, Ranga would want to go back to his house before the milk man comes to collect the milk from their cow. Ranga would sit next to that man who comes with a small barrel and he would admire the technique that guy would use to get the milk. He would first spray some cold water on the breasts of the cow to make the nipples go strong and erect and he has a knack to catch hold of the nipple and would apply gentle pressure to get the milk out, while all these actions are happening, the cow would be happily munching his breakfast of "parutthi kottai and punnaakku" mixture which would be placed in front of her. Ranga never understood the concept of why the milk man is keeping a "straw stuffed" calf like doll in front of the cow before milking it, one day he asked the milk man the reason and that actually shook Ranga and he felt so bad for that cow. The milk man said that he is cheating the cow as if her calf is still alive so that she will give him more milk, if the cow comes to know that her calf is no more, she may not give him the milk. Ranga had a special liking for that cow from that day onwards.

He has his own set of friends in that village who would be equally eager to see him every holiday. That is the place where Ranga learnt the meaning of "empathy" and those friends taught him the secret of being happy even if they don’t have anything to eat. Ranga used to invite all his friends to his house and then give them food and toys and he would be happy by seeing them happy. This would remind him of his sickening city life where his mom would not allow any of his friends to even come in and giving something to someone is defined as "being cheated". Ranga who has played only with those electronic games and dumb play stations, love to play with those kids in a open land, they used to play hide and seek, top, marble dashing, gilli and paandi, he would play until it gets dark, more he plays, the more he gets hungry, more he gets hungry the more he can eat, Ranga used to think it would be nice if his life freezes right now and he hate growing old. After a game of "burning the insects" without the notice of his grandparents Ranga would be waiting for bedtime so that he can listen to some interesting "king" stories. His grandpa injected a liking in him towards history and culture. He learnt many stories of some great kings who ruled our country, the Chera's, Chola's and the Paandiyaa's. His favorite historical character is "Abhimanyu" and he used to tell his grandpa to change his name from Ranga to Abhimanyu.

Every time the holidays come to an end, Ranga would hate that day when he would be taken back to his den by his dad. One year, his dad told Ranga that they are going to his grandparents village, and that came as a sweet surprise to Ranga as he knew, there are 8 more months for the annual leave to come, on hearing this, his joys knew no bounds and he was literally flying, but that poor kid did not know that he is going there to attend his grandpa's funeral. That's when Ranga got to know about "death" for the first time and though he did not understand any meaning of it, he realized that, his grandpa would not talk to him again. He was confused to see his grandpa lying motionless, because he has always seen him as a very energetic person who is always active, he has no clue of why everyone are crying, and he just could not see his grandma crying, he went near her, took her by her cheeks and said "nee azhaadha paati, naa iruken unakku", and that dialogue increased the "crying" decibel in the room and that confused him more. This time he did not like to stay in that house for long and he wanted to go back, and also he did not understand why his dad and mom are fighting with his grandma by showing some paper and his dad threw that paper in anger on his grandma's face and walked out of the house and that was the last time he saw his grandma alive and the next time he went back to that village was to attend her funeral.

Ranga's world came to an end, he was so angry on himself that he don’t understand what is happening and whenever he pesters to his dad and mom to take him to that village, all he got was beatings and slaps on his face. Time is the best healer and Ranga too learnt that, as he grew old, he sensed that he will never go back to that village and that remained inside his heart as a scar even now. By the time he understood the meaning of his dad and mom living away from his grandparents, the fight they had over a will, the mis-understanding between his mom and his grandparents, it was too late for him to take a corrective action, he told himself that he will not let this happen to his grand children when he grows old, all of a sudden he heard "Hey grandpa, what the hell ?? Are you still on line ? for god sake just don’t waste my long distance call, it’s not my fault in you not knowing the internet, bloody old man, you are wasting my dollars here. Ok then, my pre-paid card is getting over, will call you next month, take care dude", that's the voice of his un-seen grandson who was talking to him from the United States. Ranganathan was laughing to himself and goes back to his good old memories ...

Divide and Rule ...

Before getting independence the britishers were adapting this "Divide and Rule" technique to rule INDIA and every Indian opposed that and our ancestors fought hard to get us this so called independence just to hand out INDIA to a set of rotten politicians who are ruling this precious country just by mafia power. We are the fuckers to be blamed for all these mess INDIA is facing now, we are not sensible enough in choosing the right leaders and we are all becoming so selfish and we are more than happy that the mess is not entering our houses, and we care a damn for anything that can happen to our neighbor. Saving money in the bank and giving it for our next generation is next to useless, we should give our next generation a very peaceful and a happy place to live, clean air to breath and sufficient water for them to survive, money cannot buy any of the above said things ...

What the politicians are now doing is the same what the British people did for us, but again let’s not forget the so many good things that the britishers have given INDIA, right from the railway lines that run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to some wonderful buildings and marvelous structures that still stands tall without even a single crack and acting as major tourist attractions in many cities. If we have to touch our heart and say what we have gained new after independence, all we will have would be a handful of reasons, that’s it. We INDIANs have lost the battle not to anyone but to the very own people we chose and asked them to lead us. Look at the educational status of our current politicians, how many graduates would be there in today's parliament ? 20 in total ?? I would be surprised if it is more than that. During the days of Rajaji or Kamaraj or Nehru or Indira Gandhi, citizens used to have respect amongst the politicians and today we have aversion and fear.

Many of you folks would have travelled the length and breadth of the globe, touch your heart and tell me, where INDIA stands today in terms of infrastructure, amenities, education etc etc, we would probably be the best amongst the African countries, but do you guys know that the rich heritage and resources our country has today ? And all those are fading away beyond recognition, just because we don’t have the spine to ask questions against the politician who we elected and asked him or her to take the oath, why this damn fear ? In my area we did not have roads for almost 5 years and no government cared about us, then came a MLA who pretended as if he would do wonders, and me being me, did not even believe his words even a bit, and when our association meeting took place, that MLA visited my apartment, he behaved as if he is next to GOD, and every other educated citizen who was sitting next to me did not have the guts to demand a reason for the roads being bad.

I am not a super hero like Rajinikanth or Kamalhassan to beat all the gundas in one shot, I am a normal average citizen, I just filled a RTI against his administration and demanded for the expense against the fund that has been allocated for road repairs, Oh yaa, today all those Santro's, City's, Passat's and Ford's are running on a tarred road. If we continue these bloody politicians to do whatever they want, I am sure INDIA is heading towards being another Namibia or Zimbabwe. If every cult or group can disrupt normal life by violence and then demand a separate state, I am sure our next generation will be having a very tough time in remembering the capitals of all the 100 states in INDIA. Guys lets be very sensible while casting our votes, don’t get frustrated or irritated that you have to stand in a long queue and don’t ever think of missing your vote, please do vote sensibly for our next generation to have a peaceful country to live.

I am totally against the government agreeing to split Telengana as a separate state, and this practice would follow in other regions as well and INDIA would be looked upon with shame by other countries, already we our politicians are being looked upon like a bunch of jokers in the international arena, and let’s not make it more obvious. Question everything and anything you feel as against the law, say no to bribes. There is no bigger shame in life other than being an outsider in our own country. We are the force and power who can change this country for betterment, all I have is another 30 odd years to live (I am 32 now) and I would want to see a better country in another 10 years at least, and it cannot happen until we all form a group and fight against politicians. It’s our country and let’s save it from these rotten rats.

Leave the Tiger ...

I don't know why each and every person in this world is so concerned about the private life of an individual, and that too when it comes to celebrities, it is even worse. Before we commenting on someone's personal life, let us put ourselves in their shoes and then say that comment, privacy is something every human being has as his or her birth right. The latest developments on the Tiger Woods case is actually disgusting, why targeting an individual just because he is a celebrity? We all admire and like that genius of a person as a golfer and our boundaries stop there, we have no right to poke our nose to know what Tiger Woods is doing beyond the golf course or what he would be doing after playing golf, it is all up to him and he has all rights to do whatever he wants to do ...

The US television channels are no worse than our INDIAN television channels, every channel is trying to make fun of Tiger Woods and building comedy skits on him and working hard to increase their TRP ratings. Tiger Woods is a legacy in the sport of GOLF, every golfer who is now minting money in millions should be thankful to Tiger Woods for the fact that he has raised that game way beyond anybody's expectations or imagination. The most saddening part is, most of the sponsors of Tiger Woods have now withdrawn his contract just because he has a troubled personal life and I am sure they wouldn't have put the contract based on that, the contract would have been established based on the skill and the popularity he has in the sporting arena. Tiger Woods being a very humble person, he even came out to the public and confessed the fact that he has a troubled personal life, how many of us even have that guts tell me ? Is this the price Tiger Woods have to pay for his transparency ?

Whatever Tiger Woods now does is news and the news channels are preying on that and making his life even more miserable. The most shocking thing is, most of his fellow golfers are now talking non-sense on Tiger Woods, and the beauty is, that fellow golfer would have first touched the rod by seeing the video clipping of Tiger Woods. Let us leave him alone, and lets us not speculate or talk anything about his private life, we all like him for the way he plays GOLF and lets continue doing that, I am sure Tiger Woods would come out of all these shackles and then win this year’s PGA and come out as a true winner. The world still loves Tiger Woods for the spectacular technique he has in his game and let’s not forget the fact that he is more than a genius in that tough sport. This Tiger would not hide behind the Woods for a long time.

We are World No.1 ...

What an emphatic win and a tremendous performance by the INDIAN team, they simply outplayed the Lankans in all departments of the game and this unit is so far the best Indian contingent we have ever seen with respect to the percentage of fight backs our team has made after seeing early hemorrhage for the top order line-up. I thought the second test against the Lankans wud be one of the best performance in this series and Shewag proved me wrong by coming out with a fiery, merciless and a ruthless knock of 293, at that stage the Lankans did not lose the match by numbers, they were already losers by their morale, and that is the impact a swashbuckling player like Shewag can do to the opponents ...

The way Shewag insulted the Lankan bowlers, any pacer would feel humiliated, and the icing on the cake was when Shewag demolished Muralidharan with his "Go-Attack-Kill" attitude, and it seriously demoralized Murali and would have had similar nightmares of what Warne had on Sachin Tendulkar. Moment Shewag started his assault on the Lankan bowlers; defeat was on the cards for the Lankans. The pitch was an absolute beauty which did not relent even till the last day. I was so happy to see Muralidharan taking most of the Indian wickets as the pitch offered some support for the spinners, and that was a good indication for Dhoni to deploy Harbajan and Ojha to rip off the Lankan batting order, but the surprise came from Zaheer as he scalped 5 wickets and left the Lankans at bay, and the pitch all of a sudden became a pacer paradise.

On the whole it was a wonderful effort by Dhoni and his men to reach the top spot and come out as the number 1 team in the world in the test cricket arena. It is not an easy joke to maintain a winning streak since 2008 and having the record of not losing even a single game out of the last 14 tests, we are now in the race to beat Australia's record of having 16 consecutive test wins. Also a point to be noted in this series is, this is the first time INDIA has beaten its opponents by two consecutive innings defeat and clinching the series. Well done boys and you guys have really made every INDIAN proud today. Today is a proud day for every cricket fanatic like me.

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...