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Ok guys, let’s get this straight. We are all human beings and every human being thinks that he or she has the rights to be selfish and I totally agree, but make sure you take a firm stand and do not try to jump guns. If you chose to be selfish, be selfish all thru your life, if you chose to be a person who would fight for injustice, fight for it all thru your life. It is highly disgusting to see the way our society is screaming over this "Ruchika's Molestation" case, what were we doing for 19 long years ?? Scratching our balls (Oh yaa, I am pissed off and kindly bear with my language). What was Ruchika's dad doing all these years ?? What was Ruchika's so called friend doing all these years ?? Covering their ass behind the bush ?? When you care so much for your daughter or friend, bloody your folks should have made this noise 19 years back. Everyone knows that our judicial system is a non-sense, but it has not changed now, so what kind of justice you are expecting today from the same old system which has not changed even a bit ??

Hello Ruchika's dad, admit the fact that your were fearing for your life when that DSP Rathore was on power, if you are a true father, you should have made this huge noise 19 years back and not today. When you were forced to sign on empty papers, you signed 19 years back without thinking anything and fearing your balls, and now you come out to public and begging for justice, shame on you old man, If I were Ruchika's father, I would have made every possible attempt to get justice to my daughter even if I have to risk my life, already I would be half dead on hearing my daughter's death, so there is nothing much to lose. Why was the media so quiet for such a long time ? The same media is now coming out and screaming for justice. Media is a "parasite" it breeds on other organisms, today they wanted to increase the TRP ratings and they run behind Ruchika's case, yesterday it was Aarushi and tomorrow it will be some Sumithra, who cares ?? As long as the advertisers agree for such hot news topics and as long as the news channel is getting money, they are happy folks, all these hue and cry to get justice for Ruchika is just a gimmick. For example, if tomorrow a girl is being raped and murdered in a broad day light by a gang of criminals, I bet, Ruchika's justice program will take a back seat.

DSP Rathore, that guy is evil, he mis-used his powers and tampered every possible document he can and cleverly escaped from the case, If I am the lawyer of that DSP, I have all proof to say that my client is innocent, because our judiciary system believes in proof and I have all the proof to say that Rathore is innocent, then ?? What’s the big deal ? Why we did not investigate this matter 16 years back ?? Why all these so called truth are coming out now ?? Why every old politician and police officer who anyways is going to die in two years time is being roped in ? The answer is simple "FEAR", those spineless people feared for their life and hence murdered the truth and emphasized on the lie again and again and made the world believe that it is truth, and we all happily accepted it 16 years back and all of a sudden when the verdict came out, we all woke up and then start digging the DRY DUNG and inhaling the stench it is spewing in the air and trying to cry foul over it, so, we are SHAMELESS creatures. These guts should have been there 16 years back and by this time something fruitful would have happened. The society and this judicial system are responsible for this death and not DSP Rathore. If we continue to be quite like this, this society will be a breeding ground for more Rathore's and tomorrow your daughter or my sister or our mother will be molested and we will be crying like a wounded dog inside 4 walls.

Lets us not cheat ourselves here, there are 10000s of Ruchika's molested every day in our country and the more we cover and try to hide such incidents from public or from our judicial system, we can expect more suicides of such innocent lives. We are becoming more selfish in this mechanical world, as long as the fire is not disturbing my ass, I am happy, all I can do is to feel sorry or pity for my neighbor, first this attitude should change, we being the young generation of this country, join hands and create a force which would pave way for a bolder nation. The more we keep silent, the more dangerous would be to live in this society. I am not saying that we should fight for everything, but at least let us have the guts to question the person who is doing the mistake. You go to a ration shop, you see a tin of kerosene hiding inside the godown, when your turn comes, you are told that there is no kerosene, and what we do ?? Do we question that fellow ?? NOOOO, we give a pity stare at that tin, and kindly accept what the guy at the counter says and come back and tell that to our friends and relatives, but why did we not question then and there ? First cultivate the habit of questioning, which would be the first step to fight against injustice. "Yen endra kelvi ondru ketkaamal vaazhaki illai ..."

My heart goes for Ruchika, a young bud destroyed at a very early stage, who knows she would have been the first Sania Mirsa for our country, but it is bloody our mistake in covering that wound for so long and now we are at the stage where nothing can be done with that wound other than amputation. Did you guys saw the way that DSP walked out of the court ?? He was well dressed and he was smiling and posing for the cameras, who gave him that guts ?? It’s we the spineless people who do not have the guts to question him, gave him that confidence, come on guys, it is your baby and you should have slapped it long time back. Ruchika's friend is now giving interviews in every news channel and I am not against the publicity she is getting, when useless politicians can get publicity why can't she, but what hurts me more is, where was she hiding for such a long time ?? I think friendship is much more than life, at least to me. Let's not corrupt the term friendship by doing such stunts in front of camera. Ruchika's soul too would be laughing today after seeing all these jokes. Let's build a fearless nation, today we fear for a DSP or a Minister or a MLA, tomorrow our kids would fear for a Rickshaw wala, Auto wala, or a toilet cleaner, so our next generation will be ruled by goonda's and corrupt officers. Do we all want to see such a country ?? Think guys, think ....and wake up early before it’s too late.


  1. Hey Sats, I agree wid ur posts in parts. I too agree that media is like pack of hyenas in the pretext of cows waiting for any news and tear it apart as though trying to help. Yday it was Arushi and today it is Ruchika...

    I do not agree that Ruchika's parents or her friend never made noise. They were fighting the case in the court of law and her friend was attending every hearing coming all the way from Australia. It's pretty easy to say not to fear but in reality its all really tough. And just becoz one kid is dead the parent cannot die. When i say that all i mean is standing in front of a running train when one noes we stand no chance is not courage but insane. Fighting these people is similar. Even if these people are proved guilty they do not serve any punishments. one example is Shibu Soren the inline CM of Jharkand.

    These r just my thots abt this...

  2. neenge sonna madri yedhuva irundhalum chinnada irukurappave killi yerinjidanum. Just this attitude with the public can save this nation. And a lil training in some martial arts can help. It not only helps us defend, it also gives us the courage to face things rather than shying away.

  3. Even i go with Chan, the father should also take care about his other family members rite? And i read about the same story here http://www.kavim.blogspot.com/. And it presents a different perspective

  4. Swetha is spot on. I am determined to send my daughter to Karate class and I will also learn along with her.


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