My Picks of 2009 ...

I Loved Reading

Yaaro Oruthiyin Diary Kuripugal - By Nilaa Raseegan. Its collection of short stories by my buddy Nilaa Raseegan and the way he has penned some of the stories are simply too good. If you folks wanted to read that book, you can purchase that online HERE. It costs just 70 bucks and I am telling you, it’s all worth every penny. Congrats my buddy!!! You rock and you continue to rock forever.

Song that went in Loop

Mazhaiye Mazhaiye from Eeram movie, music directed by Thaman and sung by Ranjit. I wud have heard this song umpteen number of times.

Movie which made me say "Wow"

Again, it goes to Eeram, wonderful screenplay and they never used the conventional formula for a ghost movie.

Deaths which shook me

Michael Jackson - He is a great human being than a pop singer. Excellent dancer, a great entertainer
Y S R - Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who died in a helicopter crash. He is a great leader and a humble personality

Happiest Sporting Moments

The day Sachin Tendulkar completed 20 years in international cricket
The day INDIA became the number 1 side in world cricket
Saina Nehwal coming all the way till semis in the World Badminton C'ship
Pathan Brothers winning the T20 match against Srilanka
Ghamir and Kholi showing terrific grit to win the 4th one-dayer against Srilankans

Funniest Political Tamasha

Chiranjeevi making a U turn on the Telengana issue and finally resigning his post.
Tiwari denying all the sex allegations and finally resigning from his post.
Center showing a sugar coated lolly-pop to folks of Telengana and finally pulling the lolly-pop out.

My "Hats Off" Award of 2009 goes to

The girl from Bangalore who had the guts to walk into the marriage hall and then stop the marriage of the guy who betrayed her.

My "Ass Piece" Award of 2009 goes to

Shared by Tiwari and SPS Rathore for their sexual act.

Best News Reader of 2009

Avantika Singh of Headlines Today - She is gorgeous, smart, and has got a beautiful voice
Baani Singh Chadda of NDTV - She too is so cute, and I am a big fan of her dimple smile.

Best Joke of 2009 - In Tamil

Doctor: Cha, patienta oru 1 hour ku munaadi kootikitu vandhurundhaa, kandippa kaapaathirukalaam ....
Person who admitted: Kootikittu vandhurukalaam, but accident nadandhe 10 nimisham thaan aachu

Program I glued myself to

Man Vs Wild by Bear Gryls - Discovery Channel
Re-Inventing Da Vinci - on Discovery Channel
Man Unseen - on Nat Geo

Actress who stole my heart

Anushka Shetty, Oh man, she is drop dead gorgeous.

Worst Airline I have travelled

Lufthansa, I will never ever step into that airline again in my life

Exciting Sporting Moment

When French captain Henry, ball handled against Ireland and then converted that as a goal, which eventually shutdown the doors for Ireland to qualify for the WC and France scraped thru.

Unexpected Shot

Tiger Woods swinging himself to get stuck in a whirlpool of sex scandals and spoiling his name and image in the sporting arena.

Hottest Topic

Of course, no guesses in this category, our great Swine Flu or H1 N1 virus

Well, these are just my random picks of 2009 and with this, I conclude my last post for this year and see you all tomorrow. Happy New Year Folks.


  1. Now this is wat I call a RECAP...Anyways wish u and ur family a very happy and prosperous new year!!

  2. "Mazhaiye Mazhaiye" is mesmerizing for sure....

    Wishes for a great year ahead...May life bring in all that u hope for and much more!!!

  3. Great summary. neenga kandippa pannuvingannu theriyum athanalathaan naan antha pakkame pogala.

  4. Pretty good selection of the best & worst of the year gone by!

    I really liked your choice of "hats off" "ass piece" award!

    Hey Sathish, i heard Eram is supposed to be a great movie.....Should pick up a dvd!

    You have a fabulous year ahead:-).

  5. Sathish unga blog padichu naanum intha book online la purchase panni 2 vaaram aayiduchu.. innum book vanthu serntha paadu illa. varumgara nambikaiyae pochu :(

  6. the comment was abt the book by nilarasigan

  7. I will ask Nila to check on this immdly and then let you know. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

  8. Thanks Sathish.. Very kind of you!

  9. thanksss Sathish.. unga thayavula todaay finally I received my copy.. and I already finished the first two stories on dairy kuripukal and sanga mithirai. thanks again for intervening.


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