Atrocity Beyond Words ...

How should I start this? Should I say that I am proud to be an INDIAN or should I say that I am not fit to be an INDIAN or should I say I am not a responsible INDIAN? Being in the IT industry for more than 13 years, I felt that I did not know or learn anything about my surroundings and I was happy to be ignorant as I was place inside a closed vacuum balloon which did not show me the real picture of this country. I have lived outside of INDIA for a long time, but not even a single day I felt that INDIA is bad, I always wanted to come to INDIA and be in this great country, but with the current situation, I don't think INDIA is improving, it is decaying beyond recognition and we educated fools are waiting and watching for this great country to rotten ... Let me share my horrific experience in Regional Passport Office at Chennai today ... of course, it’s not my personal problem, but as a citizen of this country, I was humiliated today...

I know going to a government office without an agent is more like walking nude with your eyes closed, you may think that you have everything, but others will be laughing at you. I am not a person who will give bribe at any cost; I am dead against that even if my job is gonna be delayed. I decided that I am not going to have any agent, and I applied online, took all the forms and with the help of my buddy Chandru, I filled all the forms and filed it as well. I owe him a big thanks and a wonderful lunch for this favor and I am yet to give him the money for the stamp paper he procured for me. I checked with him on the procedures and steps of how to go and do things and as per his words I followed what he said and it was hassle free for me, only at one point, the guy who sticks the "TATKAL" sticker on your application form, asked me to re-arrange a sheet which I did then and there. I got my appointment at around 12 and hence I decide to walk out to get myself a drink. I came back and re-joined the queue at around 11:15 itself.

A girl who must be in her late 20s (may be 28 - 29) walked the steps and she approached that person and requested him to let her know what is the procedure to get that "TATKAL" sticker on her application form, she was in some hurry it seems so her tone was a bit "fast", this a** h*** asked her "enga avasaramaa PP vaangi un purushan kooda poi padukanumaa ??" (What, you want to get the PP so soon and go abroad and sleep with your husband?), she broke then and there and she just could not digest that cruel statement, she rushed passed the steps in front of my eyes with tears flowing all thru her cheeks, and I felt so bad and hurt for her and that unruly behavior of that bastard. I know, I am not a person who can stand all these, but at the same time, I wanted to control my anger, hence I started to count from 10 to 0, if that girl would have been my sister I would have killed him then and there. I was so restless and I wanted to blast that fellow, somehow I controlled my anger (me getting pissed off like that is a rare phenomenon).

This happened around 11:35 and by 11:45 an elderly couple who would be in their late 60s came climbing 2 floors and they had a bunch of papers on their hand like us and that old man approached this bastard and asked him if he can go and stand in the queue as his appoint time is 12 noon. He grabbed the papers from that old couple, pretended as if he is checking something and then shouted at them saying the papers were not arrange properly, he removed the gem clip from their bundle and threw them on the floor, the papers scattered everywhere and that poor couple slowly walked towards picking that up, I just could not stand such atrocity in front of my eyes, and if I would have kept quiet, I am not eligible to call myself as an educated person and I am no different than a dog. I know I am not a hero, and at the same time I don’t want to project myself as a hero in that crowd. I walked towards that couple and asked that old maamaa, not to pick those papers. I went to that bastard and blasted him in tamil, I was furious and I was really really angry.

It is not always necessary that you have to fight for justice only for you and your known folks. I used all bad words possible in tamil, for a moment I ignored that I am an Architect, I was fuming inside, the fight got nastier and to my support the entire public joined hands, and we all dragged him by his color and took him to his higher up, I blasted his manager for his colleague behaving like an animal to a senior citizen and I showed him the way he has thrown the papers, he came down and on his behalf he blasted that fellow and asked him to apologize to that old couple. He has no choice other than apologizing and that old couple was so happy and that maamaa told me "I am proud to see a youngster like you", the power of public is proved once again and I was happy that I helped them. Though I lost my cool, I felt that it was necessary at that point in time. The most disgusting thing in this whole fight for justice is, not even a single educated IT professional came to raise their voice, and it was those not so educated people who came to my support. What is the whole point in saying we are educated when we are just a mute spectator of some injustice like this ?? I am ashamed of those folks and they to me are the spineless folks I have ever seen.

So who is to be blamed for all these ?? Don't think too hard, it is me and you who are to be blamed for this. If we would have encouraged educated people to stand in the elections and if we had the heart to caste our votes for educated people, we would not have been in this mess. We elect rouges and bastards to rule this country and those rouges and bastards will only employ fellow rouges and bastards as their servants and we will have to bear the brunt for all these. For our next generation, we need not save them money, we should give them a peaceful environment to live, with the current trend, and I don't think we are going to give our next generation a peaceful INDIA. Bribing is more like AIDS, it is spreading fast and we as responsible citizens should stop that. Please be bold enough to fight against injustice, if you say you are educated, you should stand up for injustice and slap the folks who do that to public. I will fight as long as I can and will work towards making my society a wonderful place to live. I have to go back to the same PP office to renew my dad's passport, I am not afraid to go there. I will go and I will still not pay even a penny bribe and will make that happen.

Have you ever been to a government general hospital to claim a body ?? I wish, none of my readers should even get such an opportunity in life, but I had been in such a situation and the way those folks use your situation and mint money is beyond words for me to explain. Searching for the body of your loved one by opening every drawer and whenever you open a drawer, your heart skips a beat and the man who opens that for you will humiliate you to the core, he would be heavily drunk (it is officially allowed), and for you to get that body out, you have to surrender everything to him, including your self-esteem & self-respect and that time I was with my friends mom, and she being a lady, he did not bother to ask her to get him a packet of liquor late in that midnight, I went for her ........... Please think guys, never ever give a blind eye for injustice, tomorrow you may well be a victim of that. The only minority in this country is an INDIAN

I am extremely sorry for those harsh words in this post, but I just wanted it to come out of my system.

One Minute Stories - Part 2

I am somewhat obsessed with this concept of writing and the idea for these stories struck my mind at 3:00 AM and I got up, opened my laptop, penned it and then slept. I hope you folks too like it. Please do let me know your sincere comments :)

Do it ...

Shalini was very nervous on that day, her heartbeat was sky rocketing, but she knew that there is no other option other than what she has on mind as she has had enough. If she has to move on in her life, this has to happen. She called Aravind to the spot and she took a pair of gloves and sets of knife, which were actually presented to her by her dad. Aravind who was unaware of what is going to happen agreed to come to the place Shalini asked him to come. Shalini is confused whether to pray before this of come and pray after it is done, she was visibly shivering, but somehow she gathered the strength and told herself that she can do it and she alone can do it. Aravind reached the place 30 minutes in advance and was made to wait and in the mean time Aravind actually slept. Shalini walked in and saw Aravind in deep sleep and she knew that this is the time, she wore her gloves, took her knife set, with her hands shivering miserably, she pierced Aravind's chest in a flash, blood started to pierce out and Shalini ordered "Nurse, take some piece of cotton and check if his pulse rate is in control" and yes, the first heart surgery by cardiologist Shalini started this way.

Compatibility ...

Varun got an urgent call from his village to his US cell phone and that too at the wee hours of the day, it was his mom who was on the other side, she said, "Dad had a major heart attack and you have to come now". Varun a leading nuclear scientist in the US did not know what to do, but he kept his cool, called up his live-in mate Anne and said he has to leave to his country and he will be back in 15 days. Varun reached India and then to his village, just to see his dad lying on the bed with tubes running across all over his body. Later in the day his dad regained consciousness and he called Varun next to him and beside the other side of the bed, Aditi was standing. Varun's dad whispered into his ears saying, he has to marry Aditi now and that is his last wish, Varun was totally against this decision as he always wanted his wife to be a scientist on nuclear research, but he had no choice other than accepting to his dad's wish, hence he married Aditi and his heart was still with Anne.

Both Aditi and Varun came back to the US and Varun continued his relationship with Anne, one fine day Anne called him up and said she is no more interested to live with him and hence moving out of his life. Varun's world came crashing, because he was sure that one day he can marry Anne who is also a leading scientist in his company. Varun was like a zombie for months, but at the same time he felt pity for Aditi, poor girl what mistake she did and why should he punish that village girl. One weekend he decided to take her to a nearby national park which is famous for snakes, Aditi was thrilled and for the first time in her life she wore a JEANS pant and holds her husband's hand in public, which is not the case in their village. Deep inside the jungle when Varun stepped out to take a snap of a hissing rattle snake, before he could focus, that rattle snake bit him hard on his calf muscle and Varun fell down like a dead wood. Aditi did not show any sign of panic, she took out the knife she brought with her to cut fruits, she cut open his wound, sucked all the contaminated blood out, took a cloth and tided it hard above the bitten area to stop the flow and within hours he was rushed to the hospital and the doctors praised the brilliant first-aid work of Aditi which actually saved him. Varun for the first time looked at Aditi with pride, because if he would have married a fellow scientist, he would have died by now. Aditi asked him, what is that you said "Thaaangg que" is that rite ???

One Minute Stories ...

I myself know that my long stories are quite boring and I do wonder how my readers patiently read those, so for a change I have decided to write a series of one minute stories which I am trying to present it short and sweet. The success of the story is, it should reach my audience very fast and at the same time, the concept and theme of the story should stay for a long time in their hearts. I am not an expert story writer as you all know, but I am seriously aspiring to become one. I may be blabbering complete nonsense in this attempt, kindly bare with me and please bash me with your comments and I will surely correct myself. If you don’t put comments, I will mistake that to be a "silent appreciation" and hence I will continue to haunt you all with many more one minute stories.

1. Savithri - Vasanthi

Heavens cut loose on Savithri's head and she busted into tears, the entire family knows that they have to deal with such a situation and it was just waiting to happen. Savithri is 78 years old and is a widow, her only companion is Vasanthi who had a similar traumatic young age like what Savithri had, the incidents that happen in Vasanthi's life is very identical to what happened for Savithri, especially the incident where pregnant Vasanthi was dragged on to the road on a rainy day by the family members of her husband just because she did not cook that night's dinner properly, more than the pain of people pushing her on the road, looks of her mute husband pained a lot to Vasanthi and that is what exactly happened for Savithri as well, though now Savithri is very well taken care of by her grand children, the bashings and humiliation she underwent at her young age, remained as a deep scar in her heart.

Savithri's family knew that she cannot take this news, but unfortunately there is nothing much they can do to avoid Savithri from knowing this. Savithri was inconsolable and at her age and considering that she is a heart patient his incident shook her so badly. She refused to eat or drink, neither she took her tablets, her condition deteriorated, she was on the verge of slipping into coma, her family was quite nervous and they do not know what to do, the family doctor was called upon and he connected few ECG monitors and continued to monitor her heart pulse and he inquired to the family members of what exactly happened which pushed her to this extent, the youngest grandson of Savithri who was just 5 years old was in full tears and then said Vasanthi paati who acts in "Avalum oru Pen" serial died today and paati could not take that shock. And yes, that is what these mega serials are doing to our paati's these days.

2. Teether ...

Little Rohan was excited to have his first pup and that too a cute and an adorable Labrador, he was waiting for this moment for a long time and as promised by his dad, he got this little cute thing as his birthday gift. Rohan took immense care for that pup, right from giving that little pup a bath, feeding him with kibbles, it was all done by Rohan. After a weeklong research, Rohan named his pup "Teether" and he loves to chew his fingers all the time. Rohan's mom was so happy and proud to see the way Rohan is taking care of his pup, she felt that he acts so matured and affectionate and this will really help him to have a better attitude when he grows up. Rohan stopped going outside and play on those muddy ground and come home with bruises or cuts, he was full time busy with "Teether" and this came as extra relief to Rohan's mom and this relief did not last long. Rohan got so attached to "Teether", in a way he refused to do anything without "Teether" around.

One fine day the fate had a twisted tail, all of a sudden "Teether" took ill and he was out sick for more than 10 days, it has been just too many frequent visits to the vet, but unfortunately one fine day "Teether" died. Rohan's mom did not know what to say when he comes back from school, she asked the vet to cremate the pup and she came home with teary eyes. Rohan came back from school and the first thing he asked was "How is Teether doing and where is he ?", Rohan's mom felt that, it is better to tell him the truth and not hiding it, as this has to be told one day, so she slowly approaches Rohan, took him to her arms and said "Rohan, Teether died today morning", Rohan just said "Oh is it, that's fine" and then he took care of doing his routine homework and he was quite normal. Rohan's mom could not believe that and she was so proud that he took this so cool. Five days later little Rohan came back from school and asked his mom "Mom, where is Teether ??", though a bit surprised with that question, she replied to him calmly, "I told you naa beta, Teether died 5 days back, why are you asking now ??", that's it, Rohan broke into pieces, he cried like hell, he threw everything he saw, he banged his head on the wall, he rolled on the floor and cried. His mom did not know what to do and at the same time she has no clue why he is reacting to this so badly now. She somehow calmed him down and took him to her arms and asked - "I told you the same thing 5 days ago, at that time you did not say anything, now why are you behaving like this ? Weeping Rohan wiped his tears and said "That day I heard it as Father and not Teether"

One day In Chennai ...

One day trip to Chennai was exciting, not only for the fact that I had been to my close friend B's engagement, I settled scores with an house-hold goods maintenance (AC, Fridge, Heater etc.) agency which was fiddling with my dad's innocence and minting money from him without doing anything and last super thing that a kind of closed my day was by playing with my friend's 7 month old kid, and he is always fun to be with and as he has grown up a bit since the last time I saw him, he is now trying to be on his four and rounding the house all the time.

Chennai was not at all hot, contrary to the popular belief; it was a kind of pleasant, but a bit sultry. I first finished off settling scores with the agency folks who came home thinking that my dad would be there, and they probably did not expect me to be at home, for them I am a new comer to that house, and they said, they have to do AC service, and I said, the house has been locked for more than a month, since the last time you guys serviced and hence there is nothing much to service as it has not been switched on. That guy was adamant and he said that he has to service the AC, or else I will lose one "service" and this visit will be counted as a "completed service", this statement a kind of irked me and I said, if you are here to do a "service" just for the heck of it, I don’t need your service anymore and you can walk-off (inside I said F***-O**), this statement irked that fellow, and he said, "We cannot be coming again and again to see a locked house, what do you think, we don’t have any other job other than you house is it ?"

I know I don’t have the patience to deal with such people who are senseless and hence I decided to give him a mouthful, I asked his manager's number or the number of the owner of his agency which he refused to give, and poor guy does not know that there is a service called "yellow pages" which can give me the number of businesses, I called up those folks, got his agency number, then and there got the number of the owner, and called him rite away in front of that service fellow and blasted the owner left, right and center and also made sure that I pass on a complaint against the service person who has come home and who is willing to do his "job" for the heck of it. My blackberry was handed over to that service person and the owner gave his part of mouthful to that service fellow and finally, he asked me "So tell me when should I come again" and I said "This should have been your first statement and you should have asked me this before talking to your owner". I cancelled their contract then and there and initiated a refund as well.

I had my lunch at my friends house and that is the only house (outside my house) where I will have food, apart from that I will not have anything in any of my other friends houses, the reason is, I know her for almost 18 years now and she is my first friend of the opposite sex and she is more an extended family to me and not just a friend. I came home around 3:00 PM and took a power nap and around 7 I went to "New Woodlands" to attend my friend’s engagement. The gang is all from Oracle and I know everyone very well and when I am with my close circle, as you all know, I am a perfect "loda lodaa" and we were pulling each other’s leg and it was total fun. As usually the topic turned towards my marriage and folks had a nice gala time in teasing me. B at last found his match and I would say, the pair looked perfect, at least by the looks, they both looked compatible and I am so happy for B and congrats for him and his fiancé, and I am sure they are gonna have a wonderful life ahead. Knowing B for almost 8 yrs now, he is a no non-sense guy and she is very lucky to have him as her husband. Note to Self - Satish, there is not point in fearing for the waves, bloody one day you have to get into the ocean so be bold.

I had to rush out of the engagement around 8 PM as I wanted to meet my friend's little kiddo and babies sleeping habits are pretty volatile, so I wanted to see him before he sleeps. I reached her house by 8:30 and this little fella was swimming on the floor and keeps circling the house and his mom's leg. I grabbed him on to my shoulders and as usually I tweaked my voice and spoke to him for a full 15 mins and GOD only knows why he laughed so much, he was non-stop laughing whenever I speak with him with a "keech keech" voice, at one stage he started to cough by laughing too much. Took few snaps of that fella and had a brief chat with my friend, she is now managing both personal and professional life in a balance, I know it tough, but still she is doing it very well. This being a one day trip, I could not meet any of my other friends, but I am planning to have a tweet-up with most of my friends during the 3rd week of this month where I will be in Chennai for close to 10 days. On the whole, one more exciting trip to Chennai and I am looking forward to more such trips.

Is that a Compliment ?

I interviewed this fellow few months back and he joined my office last week. He sits a few cubicles away from mine, but he can clearly see me and what I am doing. Today it happened that we both were the only two folks in the office at 8 in the morning. I don't know that he is also from Chennai and speaks tamil, all of a sudden my mobile phone ringed my fav song "Karikaalan Kaala Pola ..." and I picked it up and spoke for while in my mother tongue and cut the line. Satish being Satish, did not initiate the first conversation as I generally don't talk much to strangers unless they come and talk to me, may be its in my gene and I am not able to change that character of mine. He came to my desk and asked "You were the one you interviewed me rite ?" and I said "yes ..."

On seeing me, he was not able to judge either my role or my experience or my age, probably he got confused. I don’t have anything to talk to him, so I did not initiate any further conversation, and he started "Are you also a tamilian ?", I said "Yes", he was recruited as a "Software Engineer" and he was curious to know what I am and what's my role, but he did not ask, he then continued to tell me his experience in his previous company and he was leading some 10 odd people and he was the "All in all Azhaguraaja" in that company and he has seen many challenges in his "6" years of experience and when he finished his line he said "May be you too will see such challenges as you gain more experience in this industry" and I was like "Oh, ok, ya I will ... thanks". I felt that he had something in his mind and he has not finished with me yet, before that thought in me dissolved he started "In my previous company, only senior people will take interviews and it looks like in it's not like that". I said "May be ... but here in our company it’s not like that"

He was visibly curious and I could see that in his eyes and as we all know "Curiosity Kills the Cat", he said "When I was like you, fresh joining from the college, I used to work 20 hours a day to develop my skill and you should also practice such hard work to come up in IT career", I was not sure how to react to this, should I be happy that he is not able to sense my age or should I be sad that he is not believing that I am an "Architect", in any case, I liked this conversation, so I allowed him to talk and see how far he is going. I nodded my head like a typical fresher who always gives you a confused look and continued to do what I was doing. He asked what I am doing, and see if he can help me, I said I am trying to get few metrics out of few system monitors and immediately he jumped into action and taught me how to take those metrics out (!!!$$$$), and I patiently observed that and once he took those metrics out, I said "Thanks ..." and he was like, "If you have any technical queries, don’t hesitate to come and ask me and don't be afraid that I am a senior and all ... ok ??", once again "yours truly" nodded his head and continued working.

Afternoon I had a management meeting with the "Solutions Management Group" to discuss few architectural changes to an upcoming product, I came out of the meeting and took my seat and continued to work, that same person who is currently jobless and project less, dragged a chair next to me and started watching what I am doing, I actually cannot work when someone stares at me or my monitor, so I turned back and asked "Do you need anything ?" and he said "No, nothing, I just want to see what you are working and how you are working", I was like "Oh ok ... and said, I am doing some small stuff and it may not require a "senior" like him to jump in, I was actually troubleshooting a complex memory leak issue by monitoring umpteen number of screens and tools, and I don’t want to end this game so soon as I still wanted to project that I am a fresher to him. I then asked him if he can help me out in monitoring the "Network Packets" that are sent across the wire, he said, there is no way to do that as it needs lots of skill and tools, I was like "Whattttttttttttttttttttt???" and said, "I can do that with ease ... and it’s surprising that you don't know that" and he has to maintain his senior role naa, he said "I am not saying that it is totally impossible, I was telling that, it will be a difficult for a new comer like you to do"

I seriously did not realize that my close hair cut will make me look so young ;)) though I was happy that I am still maintaining my "youth" image and not showing my real age out, I was worried with the fact that, how many more years I should deal with such situations and people assuming me to be a fresher :(. Around evening one of my other colleague broke the glass by screaming on top of his voice from his seat as "Architecttt" and this fellow was shocked to hear that, it looks like he has inquired that guy about me and he came running to me and apologized that he never imagined that I can be someone with 13 yrs of exp, as I don’t look like an old person. The point here is, this incident made me feel so happy that, I am still youthful ... I wanted to blow this trumpet here in my blog and hence done. BTW - That guy has just 4 yrs of experience :)

Swami's Sex Tales ...

It looks like it is the period of uncovering "sex scandals" of the so called GODMAN's of this country. There was one who was flourishing money via flesh trade near Delhi and now a south Indian godman "Nithyanandha" was caught "saffron" handed on bed with an ex-tamil actress. I actually know a little bit of this Nithyanandha or should I say "Nithya-Aanandha" (Ever Happy) via one of my ex Oracle colleague who is a disciple of this fellow, he used to tell me so much of good things about this person and again I am not saying that he is now a fraud just that he was caught in a sex scandal. One thing I personally don't believe is "No Human is GOD" and there ends my views on such godmen's. What is so surprising is, the so called god men who get caught on sex scandals like this are capable of attracting millions of "devotees" all around the globe and how on earth that is possible if they are having such filthy thoughts and expectations?

I would blame the people who blindly follow such god men for this mess, anyone who comes out with saffron attire is considered to be a god-sent person in this country and people fall prey for such folks and they too take undue advantage of the situation and then ruin your life. I am not an atheist and I truly, deeply, madly believe in GOD and there cannot be a supreme power than him, when you develop such a thought in your mind, you cannot and you will not run behind such fakes. No human is beyond "worldly pleasures" and they cannot be as well, as a human being you and your body has to undergo certain stages and chemical reactions which cannot me stopped or controlled and when that process is not in your control, you cannot be considering yourself as a messenger of GOD and for GOD's sake, there are no god sent messengers in this real world. These fake godmen's purely thrive on our "desperation" and nothing more than that. If you apply your mind a bit, I am sure no one will fall prey to such fakes.

Again I am not saying that he having sex with a women is a fault, after all it is a need for the human body to undergo certain chemical changes and no HUMAN can (never and ever) stop that. My anger is, why are you doing that on the name of GOD? You have earned the trust and belief of so many million people and you are added as a part of their daily prayers, I would pardon someone who has physically killed someone, but it is a bigger crime, if we kill someone's trust and confidence and that is what these fake god men are doing and that is a punishable crime not in this court of law, but in the court of GOD. I was almost dragged by that colleague once to go and visit the ashram of this "Nithyanandha" but I strongly refused saying, I will never worship another human being as GOD in my lifetime. I am sure, this country has got many such fake godmen's and there are millions of ladies who fall prey to their cheap and dirty needs all in the name of GOD, and it is just that they have not been brought to light.

I strongly condemn "Sun TV" and its allies for broadcasting such nasty videos on air and it shows their utmost irresponsible behavior towards the society and once again they have proved that they are one of the most selfish and cruel news channel in INDIA. Right from the "Bus Burning" incident to an "Elephant killing a tantrik in a temple pond" this channel has gone beyond the ethics of broadcasting limits and I am sure the government of tamil nadu or INDIA will not do anything against this channel and we spineless citizens will not raise our voices against such channels and would continue to do arm-chair cribbing. The more we keep silent, the more rotten this country is gonna get. I am sure this issue too will fizz out after a day or two and we will be ready to allow one more god men to do whatever he wants, untill his acts are uncovered. Jai Hind!!!

அவள் ஒரு ...

நந்தினியின் மனதில் ஓடிக்கொண்டிருந்த குழப்பங்கள் அவள் இறங்கும் எடத்தை மறக்க செயும்மளவுக்கு அவளை ஆக்கிமித்துக்கொண்டிருந்தது. "ஏ பொண்ணு, அட உன்னதாம்மா, உசிலம்பட்டி எறங்கணும் நு சொன்ன டிக்கெட் நீ தானே, சீக்கிரம் எறங்கும்மா, உன்ன எழுப்பறதுக்கு அலாரமா வெக்க முடியும், என் வண்டி நு ஏறுதுங்க பாரு, சாவுக்ராக்கிங்க" - என்று கண்டெக்ட்டர் சீரியவுடன், தன் முதுகு பையை மாட்டிக்கொண்டு வெளியே இறங்கினாள் நந்தினி. காலை நேர குளிர் காற்று அவள் மனதிற்கும், உடலிற்கும் சிலிர்ப்பை ஏற்படுத்தியது, தான் பிறந்து வளர்ந்த இடம் தான் உசிலம்பட்டி என்றாலும், அன்று அவளுக்கு அந்த இடம் மிகவும் புதிதாக தெரிந்தது. தன் வீடு நோக்கி நடக்க முற்பட்டவள், ஏதோ தடுத்தது போல், தன் போக்கை ஓடிக்கொண்டிருக்கும் "செண்பகா" நீரோடையை நோக்கி நடந்தாள் ...

நந்தினி - சுண்டிவிட்டால் சிவக்கும் நிறம் இல்லை என்றாலும், எவரும் அவளை கடந்து போகும் பொழுது ஒரு கணம் திரும்பி பார்க்கவைக்கும் ஈர்ப்பு உடையது. அளவான உயரம், அதற்க்கு ஏற்ற இடை, மொத்தத்தில் அவளும் ஒரு சராசரி பெண் தான். "பொன்னம்பலம்", ஊரில் அனைவராலும் "அறியப்பட்ட" ஒரு நபர், இந்த நாட்டின் சிறந்த "குடி மகன்களில்" அவரும் ஒருவர். உள்ளே அந்த "திரவிய அரக்கன்" நுழைந்த பின், அவர் கட்டுப்படும் ஒரே ஜீவன் "நந்தினி", அவரின் முதல் தாரத்து பெண். அவர் இரண்டாம் தாரமாக திருமணம் செய்துகொண்ட "தேவகி", நந்தினிக்கு "இரண்டாம் தாய்" என்று தான் சொல்ல வேண்டும், வழக்கமாக "சித்தி" என்ற "அரக்க" பரிமாணத்திற்கு முற்றிலும் மாறு பட்டவள். அவளின் தந்தை பொன்னம்பலத்திடம் வாங்கிய கடனுக்காக அந்த குடிகாரனுக்கு இரண்டாம் தாரமாக வாழ்க்கைப்பட்ட பாக்கியசாலி.

சூரியன் தனது ருத்ரதாண்டவத்தை முடித்துக்கொண்டு "நாளைக்கு வெசுக்கறேண்டா உங்கள" என்ற தொனியில் மலை அடிவாரம் நோக்கி விரைவாக மறைந்து கொண்டிருந்தது. நந்தினி தான் படித்த பள்ளி நோக்கி நடக்க துவங்கினாள். எண்ணற்ற நினைவு சிதறல்கள் அவள் மனத்திரையில் பட்டு தெறித்தது, அதில் தெறித்த அதனை துளிகளும் ஒன்று கூடி வரைந்த முகம் "கண்ணன்", நந்தினியின் ஆருயிர் தோழன், பின்னாளில் காதலன். நந்தினி இந்த உலகில் அதிகம் நேசிக்கும் ஒரு ஜீவன். அவளின் கோபங்களுக்கும், சந்தோஷங்களுக்கும் பலியாகும் ஒரு அப்பிராணி அவன். சிறு வயதிலேயே தன் தந்தையையும், தாயையும் தன் கண் முன்னே பரி கொடுத்த பாதகன், ஊரார் அவனுக்கு வைத்த செல்ல பெயர் "முழுங்கி", அவன் பெற்றோரை முழுங்கியவனாம்.

நந்தினி அந்த மூடிய பள்ளியின் அரை கதவை மெல்ல திறந்தாள், தானும் கண்ணனும் சிரித்து கும்மாளம் போட்ட அந்த கடைசி மர பெஞ்சை வாஞ்சையுடன் வருடினாள், அவளின் ஸ்பரிசம் தொட்டு வெளிப்பட்டது அந்த செதுக்கல் - "நந்தினி லவ்ஸ் கண்ணன்", அவளின் கன்னங்கள் தாண்டி கரைபுரண்டு ஓடியது அந்த கண்ணீர் அருவி. அந்த அறையின் நிசப்ப்தமும், அதில் கலந்துள்ள அவளின் நினைவுகளும் அந்த தருணத்தை மேலும் அழகு படுத்தியது போல் தெரிந்தது அவளுக்கு. அன்று நல்ல பௌர்ணமி, அவள் அவ்வளவு அழகாக ஒரு இரவை பார்த்ததில்லை அவள் வாழ்நாளில். மெல்ல அந்த பரந்த வயல் பரப்பில் நடந்தாள், அந்த இருளிலும் நந்தினிக்கு அழகாய் தெரிந்தது அங்கு சுருண்டு உறங்கிக்கொடிருந்த அரவத்தின் கண்கள். தான் ஆசையாய் வளர்த்த செல்ல நாய் "மணியின்" ஊளை அவள் காதில் மெலிதாக விழுந்தது.

நந்தினியின் பக்கத்து வீடு தான் கன்னியம்மாளின் வீடு. நந்தினியை தன் மகள் போல் பார்த்து வளர்த்த அவள் பள்ளிகூடத்தின் "ஆயா". அந்த இரவு வேளையில் நந்தினியை கன்னியம்மாள் தன் கனவிலும் எதிர் பார்கவில்லை. "என் ராஜாதி, என் கண்ணு, என் தங்கம், எங்கடா இந்த சிறுக்கி வீட்டுக்கு இந்த நேரத்துக்கு வந்தவ ? யாருமே இல்லாத இந்த அனாத கெழவிய பார்க்கணும் நு உனக்காச்சும் தோணிச்சே, எப்படிமா இருக்க ?" என்று பாசம் போங்க பேசிய கன்னியம்மாளின் கண்களும் கசிந்தது. "ஆயா, எனக்கு ரொம்ப பசிக்குது ஆயா, நீ எப்பவுமே ஆசையா எனக்கு குடுப்பியே "கடலை மிட்டாய்" அது இருக்கா ? எனக்கு தாயேன்" என்று கெஞ்சலாக நந்தினி கேட்க, ஓடிச்சென்று அந்த தகர டப்பாவிலிருந்து அள்ளி எடுத்து கொடுத்தாள் அவள். "ஆயா, உன்ன என்னிக்குமே இந்த நந்தினி மறக்க மாட்டா, என்னிக்குமே எனக்கு ஆயா நீ தான், சரி நா போறேன், நீ தூங்கு" என்று சொல்லி விடை பெற்றாள் நந்தினி. நந்தினியின் வீடு, கன்னியம்மாளின் வீடிற்கு பக்கத்துக்கு வீடு.

அந்த காலை பொழுது உசிலம்பட்டியில் வழக்கம் போல் துவங்கியது, மாலை நேர ஓய்வுக்கு பின், புது தெம்போடு உச்சி நோக்கி நகர்ந்து கொண்டிருந்தது சூரியன். சுமார் 9 மணி அளவில், பொன்னம்பலமும், தேவகியும் போட்ட கூச்சலில், வேப்ப மரத்தில் எச்சம் போடா எண்ணிய காகமும் அவசர அவசரமாக பறந்து போனது, கூச்சல் கேட்ட அடுத்த வினாடியில் ஊர் கூடி போனது அவர்களின் வீட்டு வாசலில், பதறி அடித்து கொண்டு ஓடி வந்த கன்னியம்மாள் "யாருடி இவ, கோண சிறுக்கி, பொண்ணு ஊருலேர்ந்து வந்துருக்கா, அவளுக்கு வாய்க்கு ருசியா ஆக்கி போடாம கூச்சல் போட்டு ஒப்பாரி வெக்குரவ, நந்தினி நீ வாடா ராஜாதி, இந்த ஆய இருக்கேன் உனக்கு" என்று மறு கூச்சல் போட்ட கண்னியாம்மாளை விக்கித்து பார்த்து நின்றனர் நந்தினியின் பெற்றோர்கள், அவர்கள் கையில் நந்தினியின் இறப்பு செய்தி தாங்கி வந்த தந்தியுடன் ...

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...