Funniest Sledging Incident Ever ...

England were playing Pakistan and, at what turned out to be a crucial moment later on, Frank Tyson managed to get an outside edge off a Pakistani batsman after the batsman had been frustrating them on a hot sweaty day. The ball went right through the hands of Raman Subba Rao who was standing in first slip and through his legs. After the over Raman heads over to the bowler and says, "Sorry Frank, I should've closed my legs."Frank Tyson, who didn't find any of this amusing, quipped back, " No, you bastard, your mother should have ."

Exam Fear ...

Vineeth was tensed to the core as the day of the exams were nearing, he has no time to prepare but the feeling of having an exam is itself a pain. He used to tell himself that he will be starting his preparation today but unfortunately that "today" never came. He knows that he is not spending any time to study, and when he happened to see the syllabus it made him petrify. He conveniently put the blame on the current on going IPL matches, but he too knows that it’s not an excuse from not studying for the exams...

Days rolled on and there were no sign of he preparing for the exams and unexpectedly his friends teased him saying that they are all heading to coorg to spend a weekend, tough Vineeth too wanted to go, but the thought of examination haunted him, because he knows that its an important exam of his life, but somehow his friends dragged him to their excitement and then convinced him to come to coorg along with them. Vineeth happily packed his things and hurried up to join his friends. It was total fun at coorg and all the guys enjoyed a lot, it was an unforgettable trip for him.

Vineeth came back home on a monday and did not start studying for his exam owing to the tiredness due trip over the weekend and took an oath that he will be preparing for the exam from tomorrow, but again fate smiled at him in a cruel way and he was struck by a viral fever which paralyzed him for almost a week, he was slowly recovering from that and by then, the exam date is just two days away. Vineeth was visibly weak and hence he discounted the rest of the two days from studying. He felt so bad that he wasted so much of time and now he has to face the music at the exam. He has no choice to skip that exam as well, as it’s an important exam of his life.

The D-Day came and Vineeth dressed himself in his best and then decided to approach the exam with sheer confidence, he reached the exam center 1 hour before the start of the exam and decided not to mingle with any of the other candidates as they would make him worry by asking "whether he read this or that", so he decide to sit calm on a bench and the exam started sharp at 10:00 and Vineeth's turn was given at 11:00 AM, he just grabbed few books which were kept outside and flipped throw its pages and nothing seem to be known to him, he held is nerves and tried to be cool.

It was 11:00 and Vineeth was called inside the principal room and his 4 year old son Rahul was waiting outside with his mom and his lips praying to GOD that his dad should do well in that exam and then only he will get an admission in that school for L.K..G.

The Village - Part 2

Sandhya thought to herself, if this would have been a city, people would not even remember their old neighbors and they will not have time to even wish them a "hiii" and if you say that you need to stay there for a week, there wont be anybody willing to acknowledge that idea in the first place, city people's heart has become congested just like the city they are living in. She knows that nowadays the concept of joint family is vanishing from the society and the bondage people had in a family is weakening. The bond within families in city is getting more suffocating and silent than a coffin. But Sandhya is out there to enjoy the best days of her life and hence she decided to live the most of it...

She was asked to stay in a house where in the grand father once lived, though the house has not been maintained well, but the village people did their best to clean a part of it and gave it to Sandhya and ensured that she is feeling comfortable there. They also appointed a watchman for her and also to take care of all her immediate needs. She was served a very good meal which was extremely delicious, even the feeling of eating that horrible office cafeteria food would trigger a vomit in her, and this food is damn so good, again her inner voice told her that, if she continued to eat the same stuff for a week, even this will trigger vomit, and this time Sandhya acknowledged her inner voice. She went to the only temple of that village which was surprisingly well maintained but there were not many people who were visiting that temple, apart from few outsiders like her. She once thought that these people have absolutely no worries in their life and hence they really don’t need to pray to GOD as they are happy in what they have and in what they get. So greed is the need for being spiritual too.

Sandhya likes to be with kids and moment she was in the village, there were lots of small girls who were so keen in seeing her, for variety of reasons. They used to come near her and then touch her pant and shirt and then ask funny questions, "If you wear this pant and shirt, then what will your dad wear ?", "What is that machine which you always hook up to your ears (iPod) ?", "What is that you are drinking from that paper box (Real Juice) ?", even the slightest of changes seem to be a big surprise to these kids. Sandhya once called a girl and then placed the ear phones of her iPod which was playing "Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalaali ..." song, moment that little girl heard that, she screamed to all her friends, "Hey come here, Rajinikanth uncle is singing inside this wire", on hearing this Sandhya just could not stop her laughter and at the same time she did not fail to enjoy that innocence, which she has lost long long ago.

Sandhya sat with some of the ladies of that village just to understand what would be their daily routine and when she got to know what they are doing, she felt jealous on the fact that they are leading a very simple and a conservative life. They may not earn the money that Sandhya is earning, but they are pretty contented with what they get and lead a peaceful life. Sandhya wished she could be here forever, but she knew she can't. The villagers took her around the village to show what all the different kinds of plantations they have, and what grows when and what should they sow on their fields depending on the season. Sandhya was surprised to hear that there is a whole lot of process that is involved before the rice comes on to her plate and after hearing all the hard work these farmers are doing, Sandhya took an oath saying she will not waste even a single piece of rice from now, how bad it be.

For the first time in her life Sandhya tasted tender coconut which was taken straight from the coconut tree and cut in front of her eyes, she asked how much she needs to pay for this and got a puzzled stare from all the other villagers who were around her, as they don’t generally do all these for money. Sandhya's inner voice screamed "you cheap ...", and that's the culture city life has injected in her, whatever you do or you get, that will be for money. Sandhya then went to a school in that village and was shocked to see the state of it, and also the children who were studying in that school does not have the basic amenities for them to study. There was a little boy who had scattered buttons in his shirt and had a broken slate in his hand, he stood example of a typical village boy with his dark color tone with an oil soaked hair. He was made to kneel down outside the class room, I mean outside the shade of the tree and the reason being he did not pay his school fees of Rs 10, that month. Sandhya was quick to pay that money for that little boy, but he strongly objected that by saying his parents will scold him if they come to know that he borrowed money from her. She liked that little boy's attitude towards maintaining self esteem, in spite of his situation.

Sandhya now decided that she is going to stop being a spend thrift as she spends a whopping 15K a month on her costumes and other accessories, She started to realize that this trip is teaching her lessons for life. Three days have already gone by in a flash and Sandhya was not too happy about that, She has to leave that place in another 3 days and already that sickening feeling of going back to city started to haunt her, she asked herself many times, "Can't I be here forever ?" and as usually her inner voice said "NOOOOOO". It was pouring cats and dogs at their village for almost two days and Sandhya was forced to be indoors and it came as if to spoil her party to be outside and mingle with those people, but whatever be the rain, the food and other amenities that she needed kept coming, she was deeply moved and touched by the commitment and affection shown by those villagers. She cannot get such unconditional love and affection from anyone in the city, as they all live in their own world and does not have time to think about others.

She happened to hear a lot of stories about her grandfather and it looks like he was the one who literally ruled that village, people praised him for all the good deeds he has done for the village and also they had erected a bus stand with his name, which Sandhya noticed when one of the villager showed her that broken plate which is still hanging in that bus stand where only 1 bus comes every three days. There was a big meeting at the village to discuss the fate of the paddy fields which got completely drowned due to that heavy rain, and she could come to know that most of the farmers have lost almost all their earnings because of this and they have to wait for the government to do something for them. Sandhya could not imagine that all the hard work which they have put in has gone for a toss and that too for a mistake which they are not at all responsible for. Sandhya badly wanted to help the farmers and she took a detailed stock of what could be the total amount of damage this rain would have done. She took her laptop out and then worked on the mathematics and as usually she had a curious gang of little ones who were looking at the laptop for the first time and calling it as "TV potti".

That night Sandhya had too many changes in her life, she just thought how blessed she is and still she is cribbing about the life GOD has given her and really felt happy that this vacation to this village has totally changed her and would certainly shape her up as a better and a matured person in her life. It was the last day of her vacation and when she said that she has to leave, she could literally see tears in almost all the people's eyes and they got so attached to her even her little friends wept badly after knowing that she is leaving, Sandhya is not a stone to be hard at this situation and hence she too could not control her tears. While leaving she handed over a cheque of Rs 50,000 as relief for all the villagers who have lost their money to this recent rain and forced the village head to accept it. With too many changes which she has undergone in the past one week, Sandhya boarded her train as a new person who is now ready to take things easily in life and be more matured and responsible in her actions.

By the time Sandhya narrated this story to all her grand children, everyone's eyes were wet and they too promised her that they will not waste any food, they won’t waste money, and they will be helpful to all their friends and neighbors. Vinay looked at his mom with a sense of pride, as he felt that she is the right choice to mentor his kids who are living in the US and does not know the value for people and money. Now he can be rest assured that his mom will bring them up very well in life.

The Village - Part 1

It was a much needed break for Sandhya from her hectic normal routine and also to get her mind off from her worries. She decided to head towards some village all alone and wanted to spend this 1 week vacation. She thronged to live a life which is totally different and a life she has never lived before. She made sure that she is not connected and hence she switched off her mobile, that simple feeling itself brought a huge smile on her face, no conference calls, no escalation calls, no one will call her to ask "Hey were you the one who was working on that Banking module?", yes, Sandhya needs this break and it has to happen ...

Sandhya headed towards a remote village inside Tamil nadu called "Kottaampattipaalayam", there were two reasons for her to choose this village, one being, this is the place where her great grand father was born and the next one is, that is the place where electricity is yet to visit, for that matter I would say, that place is still in 1950s period. Sandhya gave herself a pat on her back for choosing this village. She took a train and reached that village on a cool Saturday morning. For a person who has always seen crowded airports and railway station, the deserted look of that station gave her the feeling that, "Yes this is the place I was looking for", Sandhya wanted to distance herself from the set of people who are always chasing something in life and going nowhere.

That was the only train which visits "Kottampattipaalayam" and that too once in a week, the so called crowd of 10 village boys who were there at the station came just to watch this giant mechanical vehicle racing on the tracks amidst of puffing thick dark smoke and that mesmerizing whistle, these are the beautiful things of life which we city people miss, said Sandhya's inner voice. Sandhya too joined that gang of guys and started to admire the train, she liked the innocence of those little ones, who heart fully wave hands at almost all the people of the train even though there were none to reciprocate that wave back to them, but that did not do any damage to their joy, they screamed and waved at the train as it gained speed from their station and watched it till the end where that "X" became "x". Sandhya was absorbed into their enthusiasm and hence she too was enjoying the train leaving the station and stood there till she could see the train as a "Black" dot.

She did not have any clue about that village and its people but thanks to all the tamil movies she has seen which preached one unwritten thumb rule saying, if she goes into the village and tells her grandfather's name, some oldie will recognize her grandfather and would say "Avar pethiyaa nee ..." and would shed few tear drops for her grandfather, once again Sandhya's inner voice said "You crazy nut". Sandhya took a long walk into her village, she does not want to ask anyone of how far is it from the station, she just wanted to walk and of course who would not like a morning walk in a village that too on a mud road where you could see a river flowing on your right hand side and a big landscape of green field on your left. The sight of winds flowing across the field and the way those tall grown up greens shaking their head would give you a feeing as if nature is performing an opera by itself.

Sandhya just wanted to stand there and admire that beauty of nature, and above all, if you want to inhale such pure oxygen with a pinch of green smell with it, you can never get that in a city. Sandhya told herself for cribbing to go to work at 8:30 in the morning, but she could see scores of females who were already started their work at around 6 AM in the morning, of course with their lunch carriers and she could notice a nearby tree playing a role of the hanger to those lunch boxes (ah, lunch cylinders ??). She used to wonder if what's been shown in movies about villages are true and that is what she is seeing today, those ladies were actually singing their favorite songs and doing their work, they are not Chitra's or Suseela's or Janaki's but they enjoy their singing, once again her inner soul imagined a scene where all team members singing a song at the start of their day in her software company and their project manager dancing for it, that brought a wild giggle on her face the next moment.

Sandhya unwind her bag and took out her tooth paste and tooth brush and decided to freshen up herself in that wonderful river where water flow is pretty normal. That was the first time Sandhya is stepping into a river in her life, she also took out her facewash and couple of other soaps, a typical software girl ah ?. She first tested the water, it was very cold and very sweet, and above all its freeee, if she has to get this kind of water in the city she has to pay Rs 20 for it and all she will get is 1 litre. She squeezed a pinch of paste and applied it on her brush and placed her eyes on the tree which was just above her, and she could see a bunch of parrots sitting on it and making those wonderful "ki ki ki ki" sounds, it was as lovely as hearing Illayaraja live. She washed her face and decides not to wipe it with a towel, she wanted that cold breeze to dry it for her. She continued her walk into the village and within 15 minutes she could sense that she has reached the heart of the village, and what else could be a better sign, other than a tea shop and a bench in front of it.

She walked inside the village amidst of those curious onlookers, and at the same time she was on the look out for an oldie to whom she can say that she is the grand daughter of Selvarathinam, fortunately she was approached by an old woman who asked her "Who are you ? Being a girl you are wearing pant and shirt like a guy ? Are you from madras ?", they still don’t know that Madras has been changed to Chennai long back. Sandhya does not know what to reply and she thanked all tamil movie directors who have given her a hint that girls should not wear pants and shirts inside the village, but for this question thrown to her, all she replied was, she is from madras and she is the grand daughter of "Selvarathinam", and as a rude shock she got a reply back from that old women asking "Which Selvarathinam ? There is no one by that name in this village as far as I know", she just cleared her throat and asked, "Is this kottampattipalayam ?", and got a reply saying "Yes", and now she remembered to add the keyword before her grandfather's name and this time she said, she is the grand daughter of "Pannayaar Selvarathinam".

That brought a big smile on that old women's face and with an extra sense of excitement that old women replied "Pannayaar pethiyaa nee ...", after this dialogue she appreciated all tamil directors to have guided her well, but that over reaction of the tear drop was missing. That old women then screamed a couple of other names which Sandhya could never pronounce in her life, and immediately she was surrounded by a gang of people who by now have got the news of whose grand daughter she is. Following that there were enquiries about various names in her family which she could not recollect, and she was surprised to hear that they remember the name of her mom and they enquired about her well being, with so much of love and affection in their words, by now Sandhya tried to re-collect her room mate's name, which she couldn’t. She told all of them that she is planning to stay her for one week and spend some time with all of them. She was most welcome and an old woman revolved her hands around Sandhya's head and broke few bone tangles on her fingers by pressing it against her head and said "She looks exactly like her mom ..."

To be continued ...

Arushi Talwar ... A Mystery

Arushi Talwar, the name which is buzzing around the media all over the nation. Who could have ever imagined such a tragic end for a sweet daughter. Her eyes says it all to me, she is innocent. How can someone have the heart to kill her, I don’t want to get into the allegations made on her dad, as the case is still under investigation...

The most pathetic thing is, the media is now glaring a false image on Arushi and Hemraj the servant maid saying that her dad (so called dad) Rajesh Talwar has seen them in a compromising position, how can someone say such things (even if its true) in the media just to save his a**, that too on a departed soul. Its very very difficult to digest the fact that she was brutally murdered just because she is a witness for an extra-marital relationship which her dad is having on one of his colleagues, which is again a baseless statement as the police does not show any proof of evidence for that. To me the case is still a mystery and it has not been solved. The UP police are just keen on closing this case by framing some stupid and baseless charges, but I am sure our judiciary system will not allow the vital loopholes of this case to be brushed under the carpet.

There are several un-answered questions in this case, if these points are so obviously sensed by a common man like me, I am sure the police would have sniffed more gaps in this twin murder case. I have my own thoughts of investigating this case and it’s actually funny for me to wear a "detective's" cap, but if you happen to think about this case in detail, you too will have the same questions knocking your head.

1. Why there were no tears from Rajesh Talwar or Nupur Talwar when they were questioned by the media ? It was the murder of their only daughter and you just can't control your emotions like the way they did.
2. Why did Nupur Talwar have to drag Rajesh Talwar's paijama, from his back to prompt him not to speak, when the media chased them for questioning them at their house ? This was caught on camera.
3. If the claim of Arushi and Hemraj being in a compromising position was true, then why Rajesh Talwar did not object it immediately? Why does he went to browse the internet and then come back to kill them ?
4. Hemraj was asked to come to the terrace by Rajesh Talwar and he was killed there with a Hammer and a Surgical Knife, so has Rajesh Talwar pre-planned this murder ?
5. Why would any outsider bother to lock the terrace after killing someone and leaving the body there ? From where an outsider could have got the lock and key ?
6. When some one was sitting just 6 feet away from the place of crime, how come Nupur Talwar did not hear any sound when her daughter is being killed ? So was she witnessing all these crime ?
7. Why was Arushi's birthday gifts not allowed to be opened by Rajesh Talwar on the day of murder ? Was he planning something ?
8. The silence of Nupur Talwar is a big weak link in this case, if a person could kill his daughter / servant for the reason that they have objected his extra-marital affair, then how come he spared his wife ? Does she already know about that ?

But whets the use in investigating all these points now, we have lost an innocent soul, and we are not going to get her back with us. The sad thing is today 24th May is her 14th birthday and she is not there to celebrate that, Its difficult to say that how tough will that be for her close friends to digest this. A dream has been shattered, Arushi's note in her dairy on her birthday and her autobiography was touching. I just can’t buy the statement that she and her servant maid had some affairs, it’s baseless. Well, may GOD take this angel in his arms and say sorry to her for giving her such bad parents. May her soul rest in peace.

Update - A Mother's Story

Ah, I just happened to see the interview given my Ms. Nupur Talwar on this Arushi's murder case. It was shown on NDTV, I should admit that she truly deserves a HATS-OFF for the way she conducted herself at the interview, not even once she broke down and she answered all the questions thrown at her with a sense of boldness and courage. I could see a confident soul in her, a person like her will not hide the truth and I would like to withdraw my comments stated above and I too feel that Mr. Rajesh Talwar is innocent. The one question which she asked to the media made a lot of sense, she asked "Does any mother will protect her husband when she knows that he has killed her daughter ?", I think that answers all, she is a women of character and she talks sense. Above all, what really made me to salute her is her courage, a female who has lost her loving daughter and that too her husband has been accused of killing her daughter and now he is behind the bars, and the family which normally comes to her support during difficult times have been dragged into an embarassing allegation saying, her close family friend has had an affair with her husband, when all these traumatizing factors freezing her brain, the way she handled this notorious media is simply superb, I doubt if I were in her shoes I would have broken down 100 times in front of the media. I think the accused is still at large. May GOD who gave Talwar's family a tough time, also give them the strength and courage to face this terrible phase of their life.

Missing ... Angel ...

It was one cold winter morning Vineeth stepped out to his balcony with a hot cup of coffee and a well covered shawl around his head covering his ear. There was this sudden sense of chillness which kissed his brain as he rested his naked forearm on that cold iron railing which almost made him freeze for a moment, he immedieatly rolled out his folded sweater to run till his wrist, and felt as if he has won the battle between that bitter cold and his naked forearm. With memories lingering in his thoughts about a variety of things, he kissed the rim of his coffee cup to take a hot sip to warm-up his cold nerves ...

One night of missing Sindhu, his wife, made him feel as if he missed her for years together, he knows that he is over reacting to the situation, but his heart confirmed that he really miss her a lot. He cursed himself for not being bold and acting very timid in facing tough situations of life, but he told himself that one has to learn things in life by experience and this is one such phase where he has started to learn. As everyone knows, we generally dont appreciate a person when they are around us, but we will feel their worth and need only when they are not with us, this thought in his mind opened up his tear gates and a few droplets spoiled that sweet cup of coffee by adding a salty tinge to its taste.

Still its cold outside and coffee is hot, Vineeth, went back to the first day he met her in his life as one of his probable alliance in a near by restaurant at a common place, it was actually an un-willing act that he did, just because he needs to obey his parents. He was not dressed up in his best and adding on to that was a week long beard which has surfaced around his cheeks, he saw her coming to the restaurant well before him and after seeing her, he exchanged a sleepish "Hi" but was greeted with a jubuilant "Hiiiiiii" form Sindhu, which actually injected a whole bunch of enthusiasm cells into his blood. Both of them started talking to each other by confessing their negatives to each other, Sandhya was quick to say that she is a "lil self-centered, lil over ambitious, lil too talkative, lil too moody" and Vineeth was equally fast in his confessions by saying, He is a "lil restless, lil too lazy, lil too careless, lil too scary and extremely absent minded". It was more like a confession room but without a pastor around.

Sindhu was the first one to say that she likes him and she does not mind what he decides, but wanted to be more clear in what she thinks. This sense of clarity and openess Vineeth liked, but he did not let the cat out of the bag, and he responded saying that he needs sometime to think, Sindhu affirmed him saying, "No silly feelings" and she is ready to digest any answer from him, and waved her hand at him added with a wink when she left the restaurant. That was the moment Vineeth felt that he has found his girl, but men will always be men and will not let their emotions out. He headed straight to home and pretended as if he needs to think for somemore time to decide and did not say anything to his parents for the next to days, as he was always thinking about Sindhu and hence forgot to tell his decision to his parents., as we know he is extremely absent minded". A month after that, he had his dream girl next to him as his wife.

Still its cold out side and the coffee is warm and memories started to freeze. Sindhu is a very bold person, she has a very broader and an optimistic outlook of life, but Vineeth on the other hand is a very conservative personality and never ventures to take risks in life, a kind of emotionally imbalanced person and that emotional imbalance is the one which is making him feel terrible when Sindhu is not around him, she is his stength, courage, support and life. Vineeth felt the coffee is getting warm and so his nerves, he still wants to be their in his balcony for somemore time for some reason. Again this incident of Sindhu went missing at an alien country came into his mind.

It was their first outing together abroad and they were enjoying their honeymoon at Mauritius, it all started very well as planned but it turned ugly when Sindhu decided to take bath in that roaring beach of Mauritius inspite of Vineeth's disapproval, but you cannot say a NO when a beautiful angel is requesting you with that infectious smile on her face. Sindhu jumped straight into the sea and Vineeth was keeping a telescopic eye on her since the moment she jumped in, but nature is much faster than we think, so in no time a big tide came from nowhere and took Sindhu off his sight, he became so restless and after waiting for more than 5 minutes he could not see his angel, he screamed for help and coast guards rushed to the scene and there was total pandemonium at the shores of Mauritius, immedieately the coast guards jumped into action in search for Sindhu and Vineeth was crying buckets at the shore with his nose woosing out all the unwanted water from his body in form of a viscous fluid.

Neiling down on those wet shores and immersing both of his kees into the sand and with his hands clasped together and his lips uttering all those broken slogas that he knows, he felt a tap on his back with a wild non-stop laughter and that was his angel Sindhu, just that he could not control his emotion of happiness on seeing Sindhu, he broke down heavily on her laps but Sindhu was still laughing and slowly Vineeth too was dragged into her laughter and this time that woosing viscous liquid from his nose entered his mouth over coming the mustache dam. Sindhu comforted him saying that she is alright and she knows swimming and hence could manage to reach the shore. This support and comfort feeling is what Vineeth is missing right now, the absence of Sindhu was killing him slowly and the irritation he has on himself for being so timid in life developed a sense of frustration on himself. Its still cold outside and also inside the coffee cup.

There came a call to his cell phone, which really made him shiver, he just could not dare to take that call, but he knows he has to, by gathering all the little courage he had, he picked up his phone and the voice at the other side screamed "Congratulations, Vineeth, you have been blessed with a baby girl, now you dont need to have any fear in stepping into the hospital and waiting those anxious moments, Sindhu is doing absolutely fine, so please sack all your fears and rush to the hospital to see your little daughter" said his father-in-law. Vineeth was flying up in the air and wished he could have obliged Sindhu's request of watching her delivery LIVE, but its just that he is too scared, he didn't do that. As we know, Vineeth is "lil too scary ..."

Nature's Cruel Smile ...

Its been almost 5 days since China was devastated by that horrifying earthquake and countless people have died and many more injured and lost their loved ones. I read an article which described the after effects of the quake, which was really heartening and hence I thot of posting those in my site ...

1. An earthquake, magnitude 8.0, struck Sichuan province of China at 2:28PM, May 12, 2008. The epicenter of the earthquake, Wenchuan, is about 90 miles from Chengdu. The earthquake released more energy than 500 atomic bombs, 30 times more than the Kobe earthquake in Japan, 1995. By May 19, there are more than 32,000 confirmed dead, more than 20,000 still missing, and more than 4.7 million houses collapsed or heavily damaged.

2. Within hours, people rushed to rescue. Blood donation lines run for 100 yards, and people waited hours to donate blood; within 24 hours, all major blood banks ran out storage space. The highway to the earthquake struck city Dujianyang (20 mile from Chengdu) was almost jammed one hour after the earthquake, not by people fleeing the aftershocks, but by volunteers, led by over 1,000 taxi drivers, came from Chengdu to rescue.

3. Chen Guangbiao, owner of a big construction company 1,500 miles from the disaster area, just 2 hour 30 minutes after the earthquake, started transporting 60 construction machineries and led 120 volunteers to rescue. They arrived at the disaster area 24 hours later, almost the same time as Army Engineering Corp.

4. Medical workers provided care under extreme conditions; they even delivered many new born babies on the parking lot.

5. Wen Jiabao, 66, Chinese Prime Minister, boarded on a plane 30 minutes after the earthquake, and arrived in disaster area in 2 hours. He has been the chief of the rescue operation since then, working almost around clock at the frontline with rescue workers.

6. 1,1000 paratroopers started boarding airplanes 2 hours after earthquake. Despite heavy rain, high wind and thick cloud, they jumped from over 20,000 foot high to remote mountain areas where they did not even know if there would be a place for them to land. The first jumped off plane was Senior Colonel Li Zhenbo, 51.

7. With roads buried by landslide and bad weather hammering airborne operations, a group of 600 soldiers and medical teams, let by Major General Xia Guofu, 57, Commander in Chief of Sichuan Military District, walked 21 hours straight on foot in mountain area, carrying heavy relief supplies, risking landslide and falling rocks. They became the first group to arrive at the epicenter of the earthquake.

8. People are rushing to donate money. Many rich people donated in millions, but no one can match Xu Chao, 60, He is a homeless in Nanjing, 1000 miles from the disaster area. He saw the news and went to donate 5 Yuan in the morning. He said people in the disaster area were worse off than him because their lives were threatened. He came back in the afternoon, donated another 100 Yuan ($14). He explained that all he had were pennies and dimes, and he didnt want to waste volunteer workers time to count them, so he went to the bank to change everything he had into one big bill. This is from a man who doesnt have money to buy food for himself.

9. Song Xinying, 3, pulled out from rubble after being buried for 2 days. She was in critical condition and lost a leg, but survived. Her parents hold each others hands and shoulders face to face to make an arch to shield her from the falling building. Her parents did not make it out.

10. A 5 year old boy was rescued after being buried under rubbles for 24 hours. His left hand was broken, but he smiled and saluted to his rescuers. His smile made everybody cry.

11. Yuan Wentin, 26, first grade teacher. When the earthquake struck, she rushed to carry her stunned students from classroom on the 3rd floor to the ground. She managed to pull out most of her students, but the building collapsed when she was trying to pull out the last few. At the last moment of her life, she was trying to use her body to shield the students from falling concrete.
Many teachers did the same thing.

12. This high school student was rescued from the collapsed building. She lost both legs, and her both hands are broken. The rescue workers were all in tears when they saw this. She smiled to them: "Be Brave!"

13. A baby, after being buried over 24 hours, miraculously, was rescued unscratched. He is about 3-4 months old, and his mother kneeled down, pinned her head and hands on the ground to shielded him from the falling concrete, and milked him. His mother did not make it out. A rescue worker found his mom’s cell phone in his wrapper. It had a text message left by his mother: "Dear child, if you survive, please remember, Mom loves you forever…"

Amrita's Tag ...

1.Last movie you saw in a theatre?
Hmmmm, "Vel" (Just for Asin)
2.What book are you reading?
The Name is Rajinikanth (I am reading that for a longgg time now)
3.Favourite board game?
Paramapadham :)
4.Favourite magazine?
Anantha Vikatan
5.Favourite smell?
The smell you get when you clip off the stem of a beetle leaf, hmmmm wwooowwww ...
6.Favourite sound?
The variety of sounds I hear early in the morning of all these cute little birds which lives in my apartments bamboo tree. Awesome.
7.Worst feeling ever?
Losing self confidence
8.What is the first thing you think when you wake up?
GOD, and pray for a minute or two
9.Favourite fast food place?
Bombay Halwa House (Chennai)
10.Future child's name?
If its a guy, Dhanush
If its a gal, Sindhu or Sandhya
11.Finish this sentence " if i had a lot of money i'd..."
Pay my debts and start an old age home with the rest, So that i can stay there when I am old.
12.Do you drive fast?
Yes, I do.
13.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Oh yaa, Its my sweet little Tweety Duck
14.Storm cool or scary?
If I am inside the house, Coollll, If I am outside, then Scary!!!
15.What was your first car?
Santro, Zip Plus.
16.Favourite drink?
17.Finish this sentence "if i had the time i would?"
Listen to all Illayaraja / SPB songs
18.Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
Whats that ??
19.If you could dye you hair,which colour would it be?
I would rather die, than applying dye. Be natural always. Silver strings are a sign of maturity, so I would leave it as it is.
20.Name the different cities /town you have lived in?
Chennai, Bangalore
21.Favourite sports watch?
Cricket, Tennis (If Sharapova or Steffi Graf plays)
22.One nice thing about the person who sent you this?
I actually copied it from one of my fellow blogger's blog :) She only said that any one can fill this questionniare. But I am an admirer of her blog and she write damnn cool stuffs.
23.Whats under your bed?
24.Would you like to be reborn as yourself?
Nope, I want to be reborn as a DOG. I wanna live a dogs life.
25.Morning person or night owl?
Combination of both
26.Over easy,or sunny side up?
Over easy
27.Favourite place to relax?
Any temple which is inside a remote village where no one comes..
28.Favourite pie?
Saravana Stores "pie", that actually is strong and sterdy and holds more weight ;-)
People who I want to tag this are - Chandru, Meera, Bhavana, Chandri, Lavs, Radhika, and Vidhya.

I Know ...

Kavya was getting ready to go to her work and she is already running 5 minutes late to catch her office shuttle. She was busy cleaning things at her kitchen and thats when she received this painful blow on her head from one of the opened cupboard doors, the pain was so hard that Varun could hear her scream right at his balcony, Varun came rushing just to see Kavya sitting down on the floow with her two hands holding her head tightly, she did not faint though, but the pain was so unbearable. Varun could not understand what hit her but he could guess that the open cupboard door just above her top should be the culprit, he promply closed it and then gave soothing treatements to her head and infact asked her to take rest and not to go to office ...

Kavya too thought that she cannot go to office as the pain was so hard and it had left a big bump on her head. Varun was insisting her to go to a doctor and then take a quick scan, just to ensure that there is not blood clot of anything serious of that kind has happened. Kavya second his opinion and they both went to a nearby hospital. The doctor adviced her to take an MRI scan and she took one and waited for almost 2 hours to get its report, in the mean time Varun called up both their office and conveyed their inability to come to work, and he has to cancell all his important meetings because of this. The report showed that she is all normal and is good to go to work in a couple of days time. They both sighed a sense of relief and were thinking how life changed all in a second which was never expected to happen.

It was business as usual for both of them after this incident. Kavya continued her daily routines and afte that incident she made sure that she closes the cupboards once she is done with taking the stuffs out of them. One fine morning, Varun was about to leave to work and as a usual practice he hugged Kavya and kissed on her forehead and told her a bye, Kavya was asking him a peculiar question of whether he is going by car or by bike, though a little surprised by her question, he said "its car by default, my dear", and Kavya replied, "ok then check the air of your cars spare tyre in a nearby pumping station and go to work", Varun said, "Ya i need to do that" and he quickly left to office. He was tied up heavily at work and hence he came home very late and by the time he reached home, Kavya was fast alseep.

Kavya and Varun exchanged their good mornings and then sipped their cup of tea in their "sea view" balcony, and thats the time they both get to exchange a few words before both of them set themselves in the race of earning money, Kavya was instructing her sevant maid to do the necessary cleaning and at the same time she was busy at her kitchen. She was seen filling all the available buckets with ample water and Varun questioned her of why is she doing such a stupid act as if the entire world is going to run out of water the next day, Kavya gave him a smile and said, "Ya, just in case if that happens, I wanted to make sure that we have ample water at our place at least". Kavya asked her servant maid not to come to work tomorrow and she will take care of the tasks, generally Varun does not interfere in the nitty gritties of house keeping, so he has given full rights to Kavya to do whatever she wants, the maid was so happy to get a day off.

Varun being a project manager in a leading software company, he is always busy at work, and he generally dont get time to call up Kavya during the work hours and speak with her. That day Kavya called him up on his cell phone and then asked him if he can take a 10 day off, Varun was taken aback to hear that from Kavya, as she very well knows that he is not in a position to take even a single day off with his current commitments, he asked her "where on this earth you got this idea and how can you ask me this, you know all my project commitments rite ?", Kavya said, ya i know, but I just wanted to find out, if you could transfer some of your tasks to your fellow colleagues and then take this off, so that you can take this 10 day off, so Varun asked her "What on this earth, we will do by taking a 10 day off ? Do you have any thoughts of a second honey moon baby ??", Kavya said, "She wish to, but ... hey Varun I will call you back, I have an urgent meeting coming up", Varun felt she is one crazy nut who he loves the most and hung up the line.

Kavya is one such person who is liked by all her colleagues for her quality of helping others, she does not mind in working on others modules once she finishes her work, so in that way she approached Chitra and told her that she will take care of her module from today and asked her to do a little bit of knowledge transfer, Chitra said, she is very much going to be in town and will take care of the module on her own, but still thanked Kavya for offering her this help, Kavya rushed to her PM and then insisted that she has done with her module and would want to work on Chitra's module from tomorrow, her PM was more than happy to transfer the work to Kavya and thought of assigning another module to Chitra, and Kavya successfully took over her friends module.

Varun was narrating all these incidents with sense of panic and tension on his face to the chief doctor of the "Neuro Scientific Research Center", because Kavya was doing all these with a reason. His car tyre went flat, His flat ran out of water for 2 days, Her servant maid's husband passed away the next day she gave her a day off, and her collegue Chirta met with an accident the next day she got the module from her, and as a rude shock, Varun lost his father and has to take 10 days off from work. The doctor who was inspecting Kavya in his diagonisitc lab came out and confirmed to his chief doctor that she was suffering for this unique disorder called "Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)". There came Kavya out of the lab and asked Varun, why he has to bring her to this doctor once again, and Varun controlled his emotions and said, "Just to check on the blow you had on your head and nothing more than that". Kavya nodded with a cone ice cream melting on her hand.

"Falling" In Love ...

Vineeth is one of the silent characters on her office, people have never seen him talking loud or rather talking in the first place. He lives in his own world and will always be glued to his laptop. He used to go to lunch or tea / coffee on his own. He is very good technically and hence he had a nice name and respect with the management. But his silence is still a mystery to all his team members, even some of his team members would hesitate to go and talk to him in case of any doubts; he has created a canvas of being "reserved" to his fellow colleagues...

Sandhya joined the company a day back and she was put in Vineeth's team, and for an "all boys" team, Sandhya's entrance to their team was a welcome break and it actually changed the morale of the team, Sandhya is an extrovert and she does not have this sex barrier in moving with her team mates and in fact she was very much comfortable in moving with them. Sandhya does not know anything about Vineeth and she was equally warned by all her fellow team mates saying, not to talk to him unless or otherwise it’s very necessary and that too only if its an official thing. Vineeth's character was totally opposite to Snadhya's and as we all know physics, "Like poles repel and unlike poles attract".

Sandhya was pinned to work with Vineeth in one of the modules, which is an opportunity the other guys were expecting to have come to them, not only that they can work closely with Sandhya, but this module needs to be developed at onsite, its so unfortunate that she has to work with Vineeth, and the reason for the other guys to feel envy is, they both will have to fly abroad very soon and be there for couple of months and complete the assignment. Sandhya was thrilled about this opportunity and somehow, she started to like Vineeth's character and was even more curious to know why is so silent. She first thought of developing a good rapport with him and then slowly investigate the reason for his silence.

One fine day Vineeth called Sandhya to tell her that he needs to teach her something important which she needs to know before she starts working in this project. Both of them sat inside a conference room and Vineeth was going over a presentation to her, he asked her to raise any questions, if she has any doubts. Sandhya was impressed by his technical abilities and she was very attentive to the presentation. Vineeth completed the class and without any hesitation he said thanks and started to leave the room, Sandhya stopped him and then asked him, if he can give her his mobile number, so that she can call him if she has any doubts, she was slapped with a reply saying, "Whatever be the doubt, you email me, I will clear it for you, I don’t feel there is a necessity to share my mobile number with you". Sandhya was not shocked over the reply, as she was expecting something of this sort.

That day she logged on to orkut to find his profile, and luckily she found his profile which was last updated way back in 2004. She happened to read some of the testimonials that were written for him and all were praising Vineeth for his technical abilities and his quite character, also people were praising him for his terrific sense of humour and its always fun when he is around. This is one statement which Sandhya could not understand as she has not seen him talking anything "funny" since the day she joined. She immediately sent him a friend request and after a wait for nearly a month or so, that was promptly rejected. The D day came, when both were set to fly to the US and Sandhya's fellow mates asked her to take some good novel or an i-pod while travelling, as Vineeth is not a good companion to travel with.

They both were at the airport and Sandhya first proceeded to the counter and got her boarding pass, she asked for a window seat, and looked at Vineeth to see if he wants a window seat, but Vineeth does not even pay attention to her looks, next was Vineeth, he asked the front desk person to give him the last seat which is towards the tail of the aircraft, Sandhya did not expect that Vineeth would opt for a different seat which is quite far, she promptly asked him why he has not got a seat next to her, and all she got back as a reply was a "deaf year" from him. Vineeth took a remote seat at the waiting lounge and made sure that there is no one around him, Sandhya was curious to see if he is pulling out any magazines to read, but he was simply sitting and closing his eyes. At this time, too many thoughts were going on in Sandhya's mind, over the reason for his mysterious behavior. "Would he had a love failure", "Is he a psycho", "Is he pretending as if he is reserved", or "Does he have any serious family problem. While all these thoughts were occupying her mind, there came the announcement for boarding, as it was already 2 in the morning, Sandhya went to sleep immediately after the flight took off. The story remained the same at the rest of the boarding points.

They both reached US and took their respective hotel rooms, and Sandhya did not see Vineeth for the rest of the 2 days over the weekend, his room was never opened and she was also a bit hesitant to know the status. The next monday morning he went to office without even letting her know and Sandhya has to find her way to office as she was not sure of its exact location. As her other colleagues warned, it was not such a pleasant stay with Vineeth as he hardly bothered to talk to her. Sandhya decided that she has had enough and she wanted to break this silence. One day she barged into his room and Vineeth does not expect that. She said "Hi, just felt boring, so thought of having a chat with you", and Vineeth was quick to ask "Do you have any doubts with respect to our application?", and Sandhya was even quicker to respond, "No i have some doubts about your character, I just wanted to know why you are distancing yourself from the rest of the crowd".

Vineeth does not want to encourage such talks, so he said "He is feeling sleepy and he wants to sleep now", and asked her leave his room. Sandhya was adamant to do that and hence she pressed upon a reply for her question. Vineeth blasted her by saying "You have no business to know that and i don’t think i need to tell anything to you", Sandhya decided to take it light and then said "See Vineeth, i respect and admire you for variety of reasons, but its really getting difficult for me to understand you, if you really have something that is bothering you, why can't you speak up and pour it out?". Vineeth said, he has nothing to say to anyone and he is not interested to talk to her anything about him now. Sandhya was smart to pick up that word "now" and she asked him, "Ok, if not now, will you share your thoughts with me over this weekend?" Vineeth just showed her the exit and was waiting with his room door opened for her to vacate his place.

The rest of the week was very busy at work and Sandhya did not had time to think about anything other than work, but she had her views clear in grilling Vineeth that coming weekend and then make him speak out. That Saturday, Sandhya went to Vineeth's room in the morning and then told him that today is her birthday and she wants to go out with him for lunch, Vineeth initially refused to come out with her and also did not bother to say a formal wish for her birthday, but Sandhya forced him to come out with her. Vineeth slipped into his jeans and then reluctantly accompanied her to a nearby INDIAN restaurant. Sandhya ordered the dishes for Vineeth without even asking him what he needs, after ordering she turned to Vineeth and said "If i ask you what you want to eat, you are not going to reply and if i eat without giving anything to you, i will have stomach pain, so i thought its better i order for you" and gave him a wink, and that did not sound funny to Vineeth so he turned his face towards the window and fixed his eyes on those speeding cars at the expressway.

Sandhya started, "OK now tell me, what’s your problem in life ?, you are well educated, you are employed, you are earning a good amount of money, you are young, I just could not find any reason for you being like this and above all, I read all your orkut testimonials and people around you have given a different picture about you, which is in absolute contrast from what you are today, so there must be something in your mind which is bothering you, so please, open up, there is nothing you are going to gain if you have all those within yourself", Sandhya has worn the hat of a psychologist now. Vineeth immediately took off from his seat and started to leave the restaurant, Sandhya has to literally beg him to come back, with her promising that she will never ask about him or his personal life anymore. It was one of the silent lunch she has ever had in her life.

Vineeth remained to be a mysterious figure for her but she was confident that she will change him before they fly back to India. That day evening she saw Vineeth going out somewhere, but before she could call him, he took their hired car and went off. She did not see him the whole of next day and she had no clue of whether he returned to the hotel or not. That being a Sunday morning, she got up a bit late and was actually disturbed by a door bell ringing at her room, she opened the room with a big yawn on her face and immediately that got closed as she saw a group of well built police officers dressed in blue standing in front of her. They came into their room with their trademark question "How are you doing today" and told them that they have came here to enquire about one of the terror suspect who blew himself up at the O’Hare International Airport, Chicago last evening and they found a piece of his passport paper which had Vineeth's photo half-burnt.

Shame on us ...

Can there be a worst shame than this? I was shocked to read that article in the "Times" today. Have people become so cheap and shameless? I am talking about the people of Jaipur, they all know that their city is in a serious crisis and trouble, instead of supporting the people who are in need, some people are trying to make the most of it at this hour of pandemonium...

It all started when the government announced a 1 Lakh rupees compensation for the injured and Rs 5 Lakh for the next kin of the deceased, when this news started to spread across the city, some crooked minds decided to think the other way. There seem to be a big queue outside the mortuary of the SMS Hospital in Jaipur, where lots of people have come forward to claim the bodies of the beggars who died on the spot when a blast occurred near the Hanuman Temple. Those beggars when they were alive, not even a single soul would have come forward to offer them Re 1/-, but now those beggars are worth Rs 5 Lakh each, so those shameless people have come in to claim responsibility of 5 or more bodies of those beggars, so the simple maths being 5 X 5 = 25 Lakhs.

This being one side, and on the other side, there were fights between families to claim the bodies of their relatives, it includes outsiders who have joined them to claim the bodies, so the real families who were already in a sort of trauma, has now have to fight between the hospital authorities and also the government to claim the bodies to perform the last rites, it looks like there were so many unattended bodies lying in the mortuary just because of this confusion and they are getting decomposed.

Where on this earth these shameless creatures have the heart to do such a deed just for the sake of money?? Are we getting so heartless? Is money such a bigger evil than anything in this world??

Does GOD Exist ?

Some incidents that happen around us really makes even the hardcore believer of GOD to turn an atheist. If we all say and believe that GOD is one super power who exists (up above us), and why the hell he should write such traumatic scripts for his people? Is he also one, who loves "terrorism", so shall we call him as a "terrorist”? Two things that happened this week really made me to think whether we are cheating ourselves by saying that "GOD will do good for good people", one being the blasts at Jaipur and the other being the massive quake that hit china...

If GOD does not know how to take quick wickets, I think he dawns the hat of a "terrorist" or initiate a "natural disaster". I can even digest to an extent that "earthquake" is something that is really to do with physics and it is bound to happen, and its a mere bad luck to lose lives in such incidents, all certain done, a human life is more precious than anything in this world. But I just can't tolerate these bomb blasts and terrorist attacks, which takes away the lives of innocent people. The sad part is people who have been to a temple to worship GOD, have been given an entry to directly come and meet him in person, which they did not ask. So, why is GOD scripting such incidents in our lives? I am not ready to pass on the blame on to fate and then remain still as like our GOD's, but I know I am a mere idiot when it comes to understanding the super power.

What happened in Jaipur is totally unacceptable, when you read the morning news papers, where they have printed such traumatic stories about the individuals who have lost their dear ones, even the bloodiest human on this planet will shed a tear drop. How many families have lost their kids? And how many kids have lost their family? that too the later being the worst of the situation to be in, and I would not want even my enemy to be in that state, where he has no one. There was one incident where a 4 year old girl has lost her mom, and she is totally into coma now, but whenever she regains senses, all she cries is for her mom and nothing else, who on earth can console that girl apart from her mom ? What sin that 4 year girl would have done? Do you want me to say that, it’s her fate?

There was one more incident where a teenage girl was ripped apart in that blast and she was thrown out by that blast impact, fully naked, and the terrible thing is, she has gone to purchase clothes for her marriage, why does GOD have to give her a brief state of happiness and then shatter everything in a minute ?. I am seriously disturbed by these incidents, and every time something of this sort happens, I used to tell myself, bloody don’t ever ask for more money, promotion, iPod’s, Bose speakers etc etc, just be happy with the way you are and thank that merciless GOD, that he has not practiced such witchcraft on you. But you know what? All said and done, I have no other alternative other than falling under his feet, and again pray for the safety of all humans he has created.

I wish, GOD stops all these cheap games on humans and then start targeting the real bad people who are thriving to take innocent lives. Have we ever heard an incident where there was an earthquake in the terrorist hideouts? Have we ever heard of a bomb blast at a terrorist outfit? I would advice GOD to do such things, which will save this planet. So please GOD, please for GOD sake, save us, just because you are a monopoly, you cannot do whatever you like to do, have some mercy on us too. Thanks

Royal "Damagers" Bangalore

HAHAHAHAHA, I actually wanted to laugh much louder than this by looking at the pathetic and dismal performance of this Royal Challengers Bangalore team. It has now actually become like a school or a college, where all the students fear for their principal, likewise all the players are in a terrible fear to meet Vijay Mallya. Who on earth will be cool after investing 111 crores and not getting even 10% of the same money in return ?.

It has not become a habit for the RCB team to lose every match they play, there is absolutely no unity in the team, the unceremonious exit of their CEO, Charu Sharma has created some amount of ripples within the team, and I do feel that its sheer stupidity to sack him for the poor performance of his team, this is more like a corporate culture, which you cannot impose in a game. Mallya's latest allegations on both Dravid and Charu are baseless, its he who is investing the money and he should be the one who should take immense care in selecting the team. If he says that he had trust in Dravid and his boys then he should have the same trust even now...

The point Mallya is refusing to accept is, he has invested such a huge money on a gamble like this and he just cant digest that he has lost so many crores in that gamble. He is now trying to pass the buck on to someone else and trying to convince himself that the mistake was not from his side for this huge loss. Every one knows that there is a bit of accountability that is involved here, as huge amount of money is being invested into this whole concept, but the owners very well know that they are going to lose some bucks out of this and they should be mentally prepared for this, practising such childish finger pointings is not going to do any good to RCB team.

The funniest part is, Mallya's teams advertisement is being shown between each IPL match, and they way those players play in that advertisement, applies more salt into Mallya's wounds, I think its high time they remove that ad, and also its so pathetic to see Dravid inventing excuses for his team's poor performance, no wonder if he is to say, "Ya, the boys did very well, but unfortunately we were playing with a round ball, which really is one factor we did not expect" ;-). GOD save Dravid and his boys from that stringent school headmaster Mallya, if this trend continues, you could actually see players walking to the pitch with tears rolling down their cheeks, hahahaha :-)

Love Life ...

It all started in the college when Vijay was doing his second year BE. Sindhu joined the college at 2nd year, as her dad got transferred to this city. Vijay is one of the bright students in the college, not only in the academics but also in other extra curricular activities, not less to say his looks, coz he was equally good looking as well. Vijay had a great fan following in his college and lots of girls had severe crush on him, including Sindhu ...

There was a mid year review examination at the college and knowing the fact that Vijay is good in Microprocessor, Sindhu approached him for a clarification, and that's the first time, both were formally introduced to each other. Vijay was simply knocked off by her beautiful sharp nose, which was very prominent and that’s the first thing anybody could notice on Sindhu on their first look. Sindhu got her doubts clarified and thanked him for that, before she left, she asked him, whether he is into Orkut, the next moment Orkut id's were exchanged.

Vijay went home and the first thing he did was to add Sindhu to his friends list, but Sindhu was even quicker, he already got an invite from Sindhu. He went thru her profile and also her testimonials, most of her friends have appreciated her on her beautiful smile and her kind hearted nature. Sindhu too checked his profile and read his testimonials where lots of his friends pointed out his sense of humour. Sindhu was quick to scrap him saying "Hey brainy, thanks for adding" and followed by a wink, Vijay was equally fast to respond saying, "No issues Angel ...". Orkut database has seen so many love stories like this and while Sindhu was about to reply the next scrap, Orkut winked saying "Bad Bad Server, No donuts for you".

The next day at college was eagerly awaited by both of them, Vijay who normally used to dress smart to college, has dressed even smarter today, and pumped few extra units of blood in all the other girls heart. Sindhu who on the other hand has already formed a fan club for her, and guys were mad about her, but the general topic in entire college was that, both Vijay and Sindhu are made for each other. Vijay has now started to go with Sindhu for all coffee breaks, lunch breaks and he actually distanced himself from his usual friend’s gang and even his gang encourages him to go with her.

They both got to know each other well and they have now gelled as a unit. Both of them took an oath saying, they will concentrate hard on their studies and come out with flying colors. Though the entire college knows that they both are in love with each other, but both of them did not make it so obvious. It was all over for the other girls and guys at the college and they too have made up their mind that Vijay and Sindhu cannot be separated and no point in trying hard to impress them. The final year was very demanding and both Vijay and Sindhu worked hard and cleared their degree with distinction. Well, if all the good omens are with you, no one can do anything against you, yes, both Vijay and Sindhu were recruited as "Junior Software Engineer" in the same company.

Sindhu and Vijay used to meet at a common point near guindy and then will board the train together to get down at Sanatorium, their office was located at MEPZ. Vijay was put into a Mainframe project and Sindhu was put into a Java project. Sindhu once again became the apple to many people in the company, but Vijay was not so lucky in that sort at office. They both have to sit in two different units and they could hardly meet each other at office, and also Orkut was not allowed as per the company policy and hence their only means of communication was thru SMS.

Years rolled on, both of them were very busy in their own life, but the love and affection towards each other has not reduced even a bit. Now both of them have become Project Leader's and they were equally appreciated by the management for their good work. Sindhu was asked to go on a long term with one of her clients, she was not ready to miss Vijay anymore, and so she said she will not be interested, on the other hand Vijay too got an opportunity to go the US which he refused to undertake. They both decided to meet at a near by cafe in the evening, just to discuss their next course of action in their life, yes, it’s about their marriage.

Sindhu and Vijay had a serious discussion about their future and they both know that they can’t be postponing such good opportunities that come on their way and hence they decided to break the shell at their houses and get married, or at least get engaged. Vijay too felt that its right time he opens up this topic at his place. Both are working and both are earning a handsome amount, and also both belong to the same caste and community, so practically there should not be any issue in both of them getting married, but they too know that, things may not be that easy as they think.

That day in the evening, Sindhu opened up the topic with her dad and mom and as expected there was a big NO NO from them initially, on the other side Vijay too opened up the topic with his parents and was gifted with a similar reaction as like Sindhu's parents. Both of them were off to work the next day and there would have been 100s of SMS that would have been exchanged that night and AIRTEL is so thankful to such lovers and their parents. Vijay and Sindhu thought that initially things might be a bit bumpy, but both were confident that they can convince their parents. Suddenly there was a gear shift in both the houses and alliances were searched for both of them at a rapid speed.

Sindhu and Vijay decided that there must be someway to stop them, and what else could be the better one, other than accepting their onsite offers, both of them decided to take up their onsite offers, Sindhu was asked to go to Australia and Vijay was put at the US, as everyone knows, distance just increased their affection and bondage and nothing has changed a bit between them, both of them has constant SKYPE chats and regular scrap exchange in Orkut. Time just went on and they both have to return to INDIA, which they were happy from one side and scared on the other side when they think about their parents.

Things were equally scary as they expected, both the parents have not changed even a bit, as like them, and they were so adamant and against this marriage. Sindhu and Vijay decided to take the extreme step, as they were not in a position to convince their parents, they know that their act is a timid one, but they have no choice, they both decided to consume poison at a particular time at their house, so they called each other on their cell phone and at the count of three, they decided to consume that, there goes 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...

Immedieatly the Actor stood up from his seat and asked that director to get out, screaming, "What non-sense story is this ? My fans will not accept me if I act in such stories, I may not be interested in doing this, I am sorry"

Subbu... Pappu ... Lallu

Subbu, Pappu and Lallu live in the same locality. Lallu is one beautiful girl who will make anyone go flat on her first look. Both Subbu and Pappu had this severe crush on her and somehow they wanted to get accquinted to her. Pappu is from a wealthy family and he has all the better reasons to approach Lallu, but he does not know how to approach her, on the other hand, Subbu is an orphan and he does not have a family or a house, gettin Lallu is not an easy joke for him ...

Both Pappu and Lallu stayed in a rented house and luckily their owners were good friends, with that being the lead, Pappu started to visit Lallu's house whenever his owner goes to meet them, Lallu initially did not mind to give her looks to Pappu, coz she does not like the way Pappu has been pampered, she always thinks Pappu as a spineless fellow. Subbu our poor guy, used to accompany that area's milk man, who puts milk at Lallu's house. He accompanies him early in the morning just to get a look of Lallu, coz that's the time Lallu goes for a walk daily.

Seeing that Lallu is going for a morning walk, Subbu too decided to do the same and started to follow her from the next day, they both run parellel to each other and never they spoke a word between them, Subbu tried to attract her attention by doing some weired tricks, but nothing seemed to work. Pappu who is always a lazy guy, got to know that Subbu the road side loaffer is behind Lallu, and he decided to get rid of him, and planned to arrange an attack on Subbu the next day. Subbu as usually decided to get ready for the morning walk, and as usually Lallu joined him in a while.

When they were walking along the beach side, there came a bunch of unidentifed folks, who sorrounded Subbu, Lallu got scared and she ran for shelter, but she was watching what all happened from a distance. Subbu was beaten mercilessly by those unidentified folks and he was left bleeding on the floor, and at a distance, there stood Pappu, and the gang went towards him after the assault, this was clearly noted by Lallu. Lallu screamed for help and immedieatly people came for the rescue and Subbu was taken to the hospital.

Days rolled on and Lallu started to hate the morning walks without Subbu, thats the time Lallu fell in love with Subbu. One fine morning, Lallu was forced to go for a walk, and she too agreed to come with a haste, but to her surprise, she saw Subbu standing in front of her house and moment she saw Subbu, she ran towards him and even now, not a single word being exchanged between them, Subbu was very happy to see that Lallu has not forgotten him, and he too felt that Lallu is in love with him. As the history goes, even their love was opposed, and this time its by their house owners, they dont want any such nonsense to happen between Lallu and Subbu and hence they seriously warned Lallu from not to move with Subbu anymore.

One fine day Lallu and Subbu decided to elope and during a wee hour of a monday both of them decided to leave that locality, but they very well know that no one will give them a house to stay, but they were ready to take this risk. Pappu came to know that they both have eloped and he could not control his anger, he felt he lost a wonderful chance, inspite of he having all the status to marry Lallu, and he felt ashamed that he lost to an orphan. But little he could do now, as things have gone out of his contol. As Pappu is also growing old, he too became a proud dad of 4 as the days rolled on, by now he has forgotten Lallu.

One fine day after nearly 1 year, Subbu and Lallu came back to the same owners house where Lallu stayed, but this time they were not the only 2, they were sorrounded by 6 beautiful and adorable labrador pups which were their son's and daughter's, Lallu's old owner happily allowed all of them into his house and at last Subbu got a house and a family to stay, even Pappu forgot everything and all the 3 dogs became friends thereafter.

So what were you thinking ???? I am serious, this is a true DOG love story ;-)

குட்டி கவிதைகள் ...

ஐம்பதுக்கும் மேற்பட்ட அம்பாசிடர் கார்கள்,
பத்துக்கும் மேற்பட்ட புகைபடகாரர்கள்,
இருபதுக்கும் மேற்பட்ட பூமாலைகள்,
வகை வகையான சோடா பாட்டில்கள்,
வெடித்து அடங்கியது போட்டோ பிலஷ்கள்,
வந்து இறங்கினார் அரசியல்வாதி,
ஒரு இழவு வீட்டிற்கு.

வாய் ஓயாமல் அழும் குழந்தைக்கு,
தாலாட்டு பாடினாள் ஏழை தாய்,
குழந்தை அழுகையை நிறுத்தவில்லை,
அதற்கு பசி காதை அடைத்துவிட்டது.

புத்தம்புது பைக் வாங்க, பணம் கேட்டான் மகன்,
வெறும் கோவணம் மட்டும் கட்டும் தந்தையிடம்.

உடம்பு முடியவில்லை என்றபோதும், அலுவலகத்திற்கு மெல்ல நடந்தார் தந்தை,கண்களில் நீர் கட்டியது, வேலை இல்லாத மூத்த மகனுக்கு.

காலில் விழுந்தால்...
தெரிந்தவர்களிடம் எல்லாம் காலில் விழுந்தால்,
அது இரு மனங்களின் சேர்தல் நிகழ்வு,
தெரியாதவர்களிடம் எல்லாம் காலில் விழுந்தால்,
அது ஓர் அரசியல்வாதியின் தேர்தல் நிகழ்வு.

பல எதிர்ப்புகளுக்கு மத்தியில், மாலதி என்று பெயரிட்டான் தன் பெண் குழந்தைக்கு,
இப்படித்தான் பலரும் ஞாயபகம் வைத்திருக்கிறார்கள், தங்களின் பழைய காதலியை.

அந்த தாயின் முகத்தில் அத்தனை பூரிப்பு,
பல நாட்களுக்கு பிறகு மகனை பார்க்கபோகும் சந்தோஷம்,
தன் மகன் செய்த ஆற்றலின் பெருமிதம் அவள் முகத்தில்,
மகனும் வந்தான்,
ஓர் பெட்டிக்குள், ராணுவ மரியாதையுடன்.

தினமும் இதே இட்டிலியும் வடையும் தான் செய்ய தெரியுமா உனக்கு,
என்று அம்மாவை திட்டியது ஞாயபகம் வந்தது, சுரேஷுக்கு,
அமெரிக்காவில் காய்ந்த ரொட்டியை கடிக்க முடியாமல் கடிக்கையில்.

நேர்முக தேர்வு...
நேர்முக தேர்விற்கு ஏன் ஒருமணிநேரம் தாமதம் என்றார் நேர்முகவாளர்,
இந்த தேர்விற்கு டெபாசிட் கட்ட தான் என் கை கடிகாரத்தை அடகு வைத்தேன் என்று எப்படி சொல்வது ?

அவன் அழுகையை அடக்க முயற்சித்து கொண்டிருந்தான்,
கண்களின் இமை, அணை அல்லவே, ஆகையால் வெடித்து பொங்கியது அழுகை,
மனைவியின் கரம்பற்றி அவள் மடியில் அழுது தீர்த்தான்,
ஆம், இந்தியா, பாக்கிஸ்தானிடம் தொற்றுவிட்டதாம் கிரிக்கெட்டில்.

Last Day @ Oracle ...

Ya, today is my last day at Oracle, Bangalore and I wont say that its an emotional exit, because I never develop any such centiments at work place. I know I am still going to be in touch with all my dear one's with whom I wanted to be in touch, but all said and done, I do feel a bit sad that I am not only leaving this organization, I do leave the good name and the respect I have earned here over the years (9 years), well, going by the fact that "Change is the only constant" in am moving on. I will not be having any access to emails or internet, till I get one from. my new employer, and I have no clue of when I will get be connected again, so till such time, its bye for my readers.

I wish all my dear friends from the bottom of my heart who were my constant source of inspiration and encouragement, I am sure their sincere prayers will always be there for my well being. At this juncture I would like to mention some names who were my intergral part of my life like Chandri, Lavs, Radhika, Vidhya, Ganesh, Raja, Ramanathan, Baachu, Arun & Elango, thanks for all your prayers guys. I am very blessed to have you all as my buddies, and it wont be nice if I did not mention my buddies at Oracle, who I will be missing for sure, Rajukumar, Sivakumar, Prakash, Barani, Maddy, Bala, Gayathari, Sreemahesh, Rashmi, Jacob, Arunava, Bhushan, Sreeni, Raju Suresh, Rajesh, Sailaja and a few more :). Thanks for all your support folks. My heartfelt thanks goes to Siddartha and his team for giving me such an opportunity to work for him and his team.

Till I meet you all from my new email id, Its bye from Satish.

Bangalore Mail ...

It was an usual weekend journey for Vineeth from Bangalore to Chennai, he usually takes this late night mail. He came to cantonment station well in advance and this time he does not have his friends to join him. He took out the latest book that he got "The Name is Rajinikanth" and stared to admire his thallaivar virtually. He found himself a very lonely bench near the S9 coach and he was given a wonderful company by a dog which took shelter under his bench ...

He was flipping thru the pages of his book and soon arrived a good looking girl with her laptop bag and the logo read as "IBM" which to an extent confirmed that she must work for IBM, moment she sat next to him, she took her mobile and started dialing a number, and there started this husky conversation, now Vineeth is no longer interested in reading about this thalliavar, he knews that such conversations will always be interesting, so he decided to place his eyes on his book and his ears on to her mobile's mouthpiece.

So what are your parents telling ?
Cant you convince them ?

By this time Vineeth lost his paitence, coz all he hears is those husky "Hmm's", he decided its not worth it to continue listening, so he refoucssed on to his thallaivar's book. She hung up the phone in a couple of minutes and tried her level best to control her tears, he took the far end of her duppata and sweezed its tip just to absorb those tiny little tear drops. Vineeth happend to notice that and he sensed that something is wrong, but as you all know, "Curiosity Kills the Cat", and his head will blast if he does not know what is the reason for her tears. He just thot of playing a silly trick, he gathered all his voice on the tip of his vocal chord and asked as if he does not know, "Hi, any idea of when Bangalore Mail will come", not expecting a question from her co-seater, she gulped a sip of water, just to clear her blocked throat and replied, 11:00 PM.

Vineeth checked his watch and said, "Oh, we then have another 45 more minutes to go, thanks and btw - I am Vineeth I work for Oracle" and you ?", she not in any kind of mood to initiate a conversation, just did not turn towards him and pretended as if she did not hear what he said, Vineeth does not know how to react, but was keeping his stare, and suddenly she turned towards him and asked "Sorry, did you say something", while she asked that to him, a tear drop just escaped out of her eye lid and fell on Vineeth's bag, Vineeth noticing that promptly, said, "I am sorry, I think you are disturbed, sorry to have bothered you", She on the other side, looked at him as if she is alright and is doing ok.

Vineeth, slowly started his philosophy, Ya I know life is always tough, everyone lives in their own world of worries, and its upto the individual to cop up to the pressure situations life throws at us, hope you agree on that. She was initially surpised to see why this guy has to tell all these to her, but her situation was something like, she needs a shoulder to cry and all she has right now is Vineeth's, attimes people tend to be very close with unkown faces, as the situation demands. She introduced herself as "Sandhya" and she said that she is into some personal problem now and does not know how to solve it, as it is getting complicated day by day. Vineeth who always believes that he has a good IPR, told Sandhya that, every issue in this world is simple, and its complexity depends on how we look at it, he was very proud of himself to have said such an encouraging statement.

Sandhya, nodded her head as if she too agrees on that point and looked at him as if no one has ever told her that wonderful truth. She said that she is in love with a guy who is of the opposite caste and his parents are dead against this relationship and at the same time her parents have started to hunt of her Mr. Perfect, and she now has an alliance on hand which she has to decide and say a yes or a no, and she also added that she has no reason this time to say a no, as this alliance has met all her requirements she had put across. Vineeth was happy to be a mere listener at this point.

Vineeth asked Sandhya of why cant she put across her views to her parents and ask them to talk to the parents of the guy she loves, Sandhya was quick to respond saying, "If my dad comes to know I am in love, he will kill me the next moment". Vineeth said, "Oh yaa, I think they are all spoilt by seeing all stupid tamil movies, we should first ask them not to watch any movies", though this was just a "mokkai" joke, but that brought a wide smile on Sandhya's face. He too was happy that he could make some one smile when they are feeling low. Vineeth continued, "So there is no point in you crying yaar, either be bold to open up your desire, or if you choose to be timid, just accept this alliance, again the choice is yours, but the point I am trying to make is, its we who have the final say in deciding what we want in life and its not FATE"

Sandhya once again nodded her head as if she is acknowledging his comment. Vineeth said to her with his eyes lit up, "Hey, Idea!!!!, What if you go and tell the guy who is your proposed alliance that you are not interested ? atleast you can get some breathing time naa ?, Sandhya replied asking "But what if that guy says that he likes me ?", Vineeth said, "Oh yaa, thats also possible and that too you look a little cute" and ended that statement with a wink, and once again that brought the same wide smile on Sandhya's face. Though Sandhya, took her mind off this issue, she could not do that for long and again she immersed herself in her tears, as she does not have the guts to open up her desire. Vineeth's blackberry vibrated in his tight jean pocket and he had to strech himself to check who has pinged him and its an email forward from his dad, after reading that, he turned towards Sandhya and said, "OK yaar, wish you good luck and don worry, things will swing your way" and there came Bangalore Mail hopping onto platform number 2, with a big siren and a wild rush of hot air.

The overnight journey was something which Sandhya does not want to go, as she has to meet her parents the next day. The train reached Central at around 4:30 in the morning and Sandhya reached home by 5:00 and gave herself a good face wash, her mom came to her with a hot cup of coffee and also she looked visiblily happy, she said "At last we got you a right match my dear" and here is the snap of the guy who we have looked for you, and there smiled "Vineeth" in that small passport size photograph. At the same time, Vineeth deleted that email from his blackberry which was sent by his dad last night which had Sandhya's snap.

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...