Exam Fear ...

Vineeth was tensed to the core as the day of the exams were nearing, he has no time to prepare but the feeling of having an exam is itself a pain. He used to tell himself that he will be starting his preparation today but unfortunately that "today" never came. He knows that he is not spending any time to study, and when he happened to see the syllabus it made him petrify. He conveniently put the blame on the current on going IPL matches, but he too knows that it’s not an excuse from not studying for the exams...

Days rolled on and there were no sign of he preparing for the exams and unexpectedly his friends teased him saying that they are all heading to coorg to spend a weekend, tough Vineeth too wanted to go, but the thought of examination haunted him, because he knows that its an important exam of his life, but somehow his friends dragged him to their excitement and then convinced him to come to coorg along with them. Vineeth happily packed his things and hurried up to join his friends. It was total fun at coorg and all the guys enjoyed a lot, it was an unforgettable trip for him.

Vineeth came back home on a monday and did not start studying for his exam owing to the tiredness due trip over the weekend and took an oath that he will be preparing for the exam from tomorrow, but again fate smiled at him in a cruel way and he was struck by a viral fever which paralyzed him for almost a week, he was slowly recovering from that and by then, the exam date is just two days away. Vineeth was visibly weak and hence he discounted the rest of the two days from studying. He felt so bad that he wasted so much of time and now he has to face the music at the exam. He has no choice to skip that exam as well, as it’s an important exam of his life.

The D-Day came and Vineeth dressed himself in his best and then decided to approach the exam with sheer confidence, he reached the exam center 1 hour before the start of the exam and decided not to mingle with any of the other candidates as they would make him worry by asking "whether he read this or that", so he decide to sit calm on a bench and the exam started sharp at 10:00 and Vineeth's turn was given at 11:00 AM, he just grabbed few books which were kept outside and flipped throw its pages and nothing seem to be known to him, he held is nerves and tried to be cool.

It was 11:00 and Vineeth was called inside the principal room and his 4 year old son Rahul was waiting outside with his mom and his lips praying to GOD that his dad should do well in that exam and then only he will get an admission in that school for L.K..G.

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