Royal "Damagers" Bangalore

HAHAHAHAHA, I actually wanted to laugh much louder than this by looking at the pathetic and dismal performance of this Royal Challengers Bangalore team. It has now actually become like a school or a college, where all the students fear for their principal, likewise all the players are in a terrible fear to meet Vijay Mallya. Who on earth will be cool after investing 111 crores and not getting even 10% of the same money in return ?.

It has not become a habit for the RCB team to lose every match they play, there is absolutely no unity in the team, the unceremonious exit of their CEO, Charu Sharma has created some amount of ripples within the team, and I do feel that its sheer stupidity to sack him for the poor performance of his team, this is more like a corporate culture, which you cannot impose in a game. Mallya's latest allegations on both Dravid and Charu are baseless, its he who is investing the money and he should be the one who should take immense care in selecting the team. If he says that he had trust in Dravid and his boys then he should have the same trust even now...

The point Mallya is refusing to accept is, he has invested such a huge money on a gamble like this and he just cant digest that he has lost so many crores in that gamble. He is now trying to pass the buck on to someone else and trying to convince himself that the mistake was not from his side for this huge loss. Every one knows that there is a bit of accountability that is involved here, as huge amount of money is being invested into this whole concept, but the owners very well know that they are going to lose some bucks out of this and they should be mentally prepared for this, practising such childish finger pointings is not going to do any good to RCB team.

The funniest part is, Mallya's teams advertisement is being shown between each IPL match, and they way those players play in that advertisement, applies more salt into Mallya's wounds, I think its high time they remove that ad, and also its so pathetic to see Dravid inventing excuses for his team's poor performance, no wonder if he is to say, "Ya, the boys did very well, but unfortunately we were playing with a round ball, which really is one factor we did not expect" ;-). GOD save Dravid and his boys from that stringent school headmaster Mallya, if this trend continues, you could actually see players walking to the pitch with tears rolling down their cheeks, hahahaha :-)


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