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Last Glance ...

Vineeth knows that its his last day at this office and he will be moving to a different office from tomorrow. He not only leaves a company to which he has worked for almost a decade, but he is also leaving his puppy love which came all of a sudden from nowhere, He knows that it all started with that look of Sandhya once in the cafeteria, but the beauty is both have them have never exchanged even a single "Hi", all that has been exchanged till date were those occasional glances, and that too the glances never straight at each other, it was he who looks at her when she is not looking at him and vice versa ...

Vineeth knows that this is just an infactuation, or may be some chemical changes in his body, but he has seen instances where the same chemical reacted even on Sandhya. He recollects all those tiny instances where both were caught each other looking straight into their eyes and those moments were cold like flurries. Even today he rushed to the cafeteria just to get his last glimpse on Sandhya, he knows that he can never see her again in his life, at the same time he does not know why his heart has to throng so much for Sandhya. He just cannot give reasons for all his actions.

He normally settles with a fruit bowl, but that day he ordered a plate of Idly / Vada and also a Fruit Bowl and a paper cup full of juice, his friend gave him a puzzled look and asked him, "Why the hell you have to get so much, I have never seen you eating like this ?", just to give his friend a convincing reply, he said "Hey man, we have to eat like a king at breakfast", but still his friend continued his puzzled stare with a sense of dis-belief, but Vineeth's heart knows the fact, he just wanted to be there in the cafeteria, as long as he can, so that he can get more time to see Sandhya. Every night has its dawn, there came Sandhya with her gang of friends.

Vineeth as usually avoided seeing her but he knows that Sandhya never misses to give her glance at him, Vineeth's heart literally skipped a beat when Sandhya crossed his table, she got her breakfast from the near by juice counter and she proceeded towards the other end of the cafeteria, Vineeth just could not take his stare away as she walk passed him, but she went too far from his sight, Vineeth pretended as if he got a call on his mobile and walked across the cafeteria just to see where Sandhya is sitting, atlast he found the place and immedieately rushed all his friends to vacate their table and occupy a different one which is close to where Sandhya sat, his friend asked him, "Are you ok ?", Vineeth knows that he is acting weired, but he knows that this is not the time to convince his friend.

Sandhya gave him occasional glances and at the same time she too pretended as if she is not seeing Vineeth. Vineeth's heart was pumping fast and his mind was pregnent with too many thoughts, he knew that this day could just be the last day for all these tiny glances, and he cannot enjoy that anymore. Sandhya was quick to complete her juice and she was about to leave with her friends, immedieately Vineeth showed a sense of urgency to finish his breakfast and also asked his frined to finish it fast, his friend asked him "Why has he not finished his Idly / Vada" and he said, he has no time for that as he need to complete a lot of exit formalities. Now the theory of eating breakfast like a king does not apply.

Vineeth just wiped his hand with a tissue paper and went out of the cafeteria, just to wait for the one last time to get a glimpse of Sandhya, Sandhya too came out and for one last time they both exchanged direct eye contact and no words were exchanged, that one last look, said a lot and meant a lot for both of them. There was a sudden power cut at the office and the entire place plunged into silence as the noise from those AC ducts too stopped, there got seperated two souls who for no reason shared just glances between them and getting seperated just with that same glance and with an added decibel of silence.


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After a long struggle, i somehow managed to collect 800+ songs of SPB, which to me are the GOLDEN SONGS sung by that GOLDEN VOICE. Here is my complete songs collection. My target is to get 1000 songs of SPB (Tamil Songs). S.NO Name Artist Album 1 Unna Vellaavi Vechu Thaan GV Prakash Aadukalam 2 Ayyayo Nenju Alayudhadi SPB - S P Charan Aadukalam 3 Ottha Sollaala Velmurugan Aadukalam 4 Yetthi Vecha Nerupinile SPB - Chitra Aalapirandhavan 5 Ponnai Virumbum Boomiyile TMS Aalaya Mani 6 Oru Kili Urugudhu Janaki Aanandha Kummi 7 Oomai Nenjin Osaigal SPB - S Janaki Aanandha Kummi 8 Oru Raagam Paadalodu KJY - Chitra Aanandha Raagam 9 Mere Sappunoun Ki Rafiq Aaraadhana 10 Oru Kunguma Chengamalam SPB - S Janaki Aaraadhanai 11 En Kannukoru Nilavaa SPB - JANAKI Aaraaro Aariraro 12 Kanmaniyae Kaadhal Enbadhu SPB - S JANAKI Aaril Irrundhu Arubathu Varai 13 Meenammaa Adhi Kaalaiyilum Unni Krishnan - Shobana Aasai 14

Madras Tamil in IT Industry

Ah, thot of writing a new series called PITHUKULI, and i hope you all will enjoy this series. Here is my first try and please let me know your sincere comments. We all know that IT industry is a place for all educated people and english is considered to be the global language in this industry. Me hailing from the heart of chennai, i would love to see "Chennai Thamizh" being spoken at all s.w companies, so here is a small conversation between a Programmer and his Project Manager, in pure "Chennai Sen Thamizh". The situation is this ... Its appraisal time and Project manager is doing appraisal for his team member. ahhhh ... vaa kannu ... suresuu ... eppdi keera ? sokaa keerayaa ?? inaathuku unna itukunu vandhurukaango nu unikku message teriyumla ?? aahaann ... inaamo ... aapuraisalaa ... keepuraisalo ... ennamo oru ezhavu ... atha pathi kostin panna thaanae ittnadhukara ... kareeektaa putcha baa maatera nee ... seri ... nee immaa naalu inga kundhikinu inaatha kilicha