Does GOD Exist ?

Some incidents that happen around us really makes even the hardcore believer of GOD to turn an atheist. If we all say and believe that GOD is one super power who exists (up above us), and why the hell he should write such traumatic scripts for his people? Is he also one, who loves "terrorism", so shall we call him as a "terrorist”? Two things that happened this week really made me to think whether we are cheating ourselves by saying that "GOD will do good for good people", one being the blasts at Jaipur and the other being the massive quake that hit china...

If GOD does not know how to take quick wickets, I think he dawns the hat of a "terrorist" or initiate a "natural disaster". I can even digest to an extent that "earthquake" is something that is really to do with physics and it is bound to happen, and its a mere bad luck to lose lives in such incidents, all certain done, a human life is more precious than anything in this world. But I just can't tolerate these bomb blasts and terrorist attacks, which takes away the lives of innocent people. The sad part is people who have been to a temple to worship GOD, have been given an entry to directly come and meet him in person, which they did not ask. So, why is GOD scripting such incidents in our lives? I am not ready to pass on the blame on to fate and then remain still as like our GOD's, but I know I am a mere idiot when it comes to understanding the super power.

What happened in Jaipur is totally unacceptable, when you read the morning news papers, where they have printed such traumatic stories about the individuals who have lost their dear ones, even the bloodiest human on this planet will shed a tear drop. How many families have lost their kids? And how many kids have lost their family? that too the later being the worst of the situation to be in, and I would not want even my enemy to be in that state, where he has no one. There was one incident where a 4 year old girl has lost her mom, and she is totally into coma now, but whenever she regains senses, all she cries is for her mom and nothing else, who on earth can console that girl apart from her mom ? What sin that 4 year girl would have done? Do you want me to say that, it’s her fate?

There was one more incident where a teenage girl was ripped apart in that blast and she was thrown out by that blast impact, fully naked, and the terrible thing is, she has gone to purchase clothes for her marriage, why does GOD have to give her a brief state of happiness and then shatter everything in a minute ?. I am seriously disturbed by these incidents, and every time something of this sort happens, I used to tell myself, bloody don’t ever ask for more money, promotion, iPod’s, Bose speakers etc etc, just be happy with the way you are and thank that merciless GOD, that he has not practiced such witchcraft on you. But you know what? All said and done, I have no other alternative other than falling under his feet, and again pray for the safety of all humans he has created.

I wish, GOD stops all these cheap games on humans and then start targeting the real bad people who are thriving to take innocent lives. Have we ever heard an incident where there was an earthquake in the terrorist hideouts? Have we ever heard of a bomb blast at a terrorist outfit? I would advice GOD to do such things, which will save this planet. So please GOD, please for GOD sake, save us, just because you are a monopoly, you cannot do whatever you like to do, have some mercy on us too. Thanks


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