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Valparai ... Heaven on Earth

I know I am visiting my blog after a long time. I don’t know any exact reason for why I have orphaned it, but I know I have orphaned it. Last week I had a brain fart and then decided that I should revive my blog and I was just waiting for a reason and there came with a bang, a trip to the most gorgeous place in tamilnadu - "Valparai". It was a quick planned trip and as you all know, no trip actually clicks when you do long planning. So let me take a walk down the memory lane (yes, my memory is short-term) and tell you the beauty of Valparai. The trip started with the much needed excitement, thrill, anxiety and eagerness and of course it is not after we reaching Valparai, it just started right at the Central Railway Station. My very good friend C and his wife M, would have almost missed the train and I can hear your mind voice "What's the big deal, you could have gone to Valparai na?", but wait, I am just an arrow for this whole trip, the main bow was C, as he