Century of Tags ...

Hooo, what a lengthy tag this was, but it was quite interesting though ...

1. Last drink: Coffee

2. Last phone call: With a HP Support person

3. Last text message: A funny forward from my friend

4. Last song you listened to: "Kaadhal Oorvalam Inge" when I am taking bath

5. Last time you cried: November 23rd 1990


6. Dated someone twice: Ah, too old to date also I did not date when I was young...

7. Been cheated upon? Cheated - many times by many taxi wala's.

8. Kissed someone & regretted it? Myself :)))))))))

9. Lost someone special? Ah, not really, if they are special, I don’t want to lose them that easily.

10. Been depressed? At times, but not frequent

11. Been drunk and threw up? Phew ... no way

12. Black
13. Orange
14. Black

15. Made new friends: Yes, one interesting girl ... in my work place. She is an exact character replica of mine.

16. Fallen out of love: Not really, Not yet ...

17. Laughed until you cried: Once in a train journey with L, where we found two cupboards as our berths. Right L ???

18. Met someone who changed you: My mentor Mr. Sam. He is a real role model to me.

19. Found out who your true friends were: I don’t make friends who are false by heart.

20. Found out someone was talking about you: Yaa, one girl in Oracle was enquiring about me left right and center, not sure why, Still I don’t know.

21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Yes, my friend Ramanathan, after seeing our results in 12th Std in paper :)

22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Almost all, except 4 or 5. I have not seen them even once.

23. How many kids do you want to have: Depends on how many wives I marry :) hahahaha

24. Do you have any pets: No, but I love to have one.

25. Do you want to change your name: NOT AT ALL

26. What did you do for your last birthday: Took Bath ... ;-). Well, My Bday's are always silent. I prefer it that way.

27. What time did you wake up today: 9:30 AM.

28. What were you doing at midnight last night: I slept at 10:30 and don’t know what happened till 9:30 today morning.

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: To own a pup.

30. Last time you saw your father: Last week.

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I am a GOD blessed child, so I don’t think I have any regrets in life.

32. Most visited web page: Goooooooooogle

What’s your:

33. Name: Satish

34. Nicknames: Bhaashaa, Cheetah

35. Zodiac sign: Leo

36. Male or female or transgender: Huh. Male

37. Elementary: Rajalakshmi Balamandir School

38. School: P S Senior Secondary School

39. Colleges: New College

40. Hair color: Black and on its way to Grey

41. Long or short: Short

42. Height: A little more than 5 5"

43. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes I do.

44. Ever been in love? No, Not yet.

45. Piercings? Ears. When I was 1 yr old

46. Tattoos? What are they ?

47. Righty or lefty: Righty

48. First surgery: One just above my left eyebrow when I was 4 yrs old. I pushed the wall by sitting on a parked cycle, not knowing Newton’s Law. Cycle Break pierced just above my eyebrow missed my eyes by a whisker. That was the last surgery as well.

49. First piercing: Of course Ears

50. First best friend: Tough one. A girl by name Vidhya. In fact she was my first friend of opposite sex.

51. First sport you loved: Cricket (obvious)

52. First pet: None

53. First vacation: I don’t remember. May be to Thiruchendur to put Mottai for me when I was 1 year old.

54. First concert: A kutchery by K J Yesudas at Aastrika Samajam. I was 6 yrs old that time.

55. First crush: I would say, it would be Jayapradha (actress)


56. Eating: Nothing.

57. Drinking: Nothing again.

58. I'm about to: Move songs to my IPOD

59. Listening to: Some old songs in instrumental.

60. Waiting for: Lot of things to happen in life :)


61. Want kids? Again, depends on whether I marry someone or not

62. Want to get married? Thinking about that. Now, the answer is NO

63. Careers in mind? Cinema or Catering


64. Lips or eyes: Both

65. Hugs or kisses: Both

66. Shorter or taller: Same as my height

67. Older or Younger: Younger (of course)

68. Romantic or spontaneous: Whatever it may be, but it should be real and should be from the heart

69. Nice stomach or nice arms: Stomach ?? How does that fit this question ??

70. Sensitive or loud: Loud

71. Hook-up or relationship: Silly question.

72. Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant to make trouble ...

73. Kissed a stranger: I have not got that chance yet

74. Lost glasses / contacts: Nope

75. Broken someone's heart: I did not personally, but I should ask the girls in Oracle ;-))

76. Had your own heartbroken: Not for a girl of course.

77. Been arrested: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

78. Turned someone down: Yes

79. Cried when someone died: Yes

80. Liked a friend that is a girl? Like ?? Again ... in what sense ?


81. Yourself: Every second

82. Miracles: NO, I don’t believe in Miracles. Everything is pre-written. There is nothing like that exists.

83. God: Without him I would not be blogging like this.

84. Love at first sight: Nope

85. Heaven: Good to see in cinema's and story books.

86. Santa Claus: Nice imaginary character

87. Kiss on the first date? I don’t kiss the "dates" and eat, I just swallow them ;)

88. Angels: Again, good for Cinema's.

89. Devils: Our own minds

90. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes, certainly yes.

91. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? No

92. Wanted to kill someone ever? No

93. Among your blog mates, whom would you like to kiss? Whatttttt ?? Seriously this question is Stupid.

94. Committed a blunder and regretted later? I don't think so.

95. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? Noooo.

Associate with something you wear:
96. White: T-Shirt

97. Black: Jeans

98. Red: Can only be my inner wear. That color is not suitable to be worn elsewhere.

99. Pink: Not a fav color of mine.

100. Posting this as 100 Truths? Simply amazing.

I want all my readers to try this out and especially Chandru and Chennai Girl. Shylu is already tagged by Amrita.

"Horror"Scope ...

I just could not believe how on earth people give importance to those 12 cheque boxes which were drawn at the time of your birth ? I know that's always a debatable topic, some say its science and some say it’s pure mathematics and some like me says is bull sh**, because I neither liked science nor mathematics when I was in school (long long ago, so long ago). I still can't believe that our life and future is already plotted out in the form of "Horoscope" which is (unfortunately) is not in a readable format for most of us and we in-turn trust another human being to decipher that and let us know what the "hell" is there in that ...

I am sure there were lots of logical questions which "horror"scope or the people who believe in that cannot answer and if I state those questions here, then it will be more like re-inventing the wheel, so let me know go into that part of the story. I am stunned to see people giving up their hope in life just because someone said that the planetary positions are not so favorable for them, I came to hear a case yesterday which literally made me to freeze, and as always, when you come to know that some disaster has happened for your near and dear, then only we will feel the real heat, or else we will just offer a "chuh chuh chuh" and carry on with our life, of course don't panic, it has nothing to do with me or my family (see I am extremely selfish), it happened to one of my close friend's brother.

My friend's brother was in love with a girl for almost 14 years (yes, avar konjam pinjulaye pazhutha case thaan), and apparently that girl was also in love for the same period (I am not sure if she is also that case) and finally at the age of 31, this guy decided to marry that girl (??!!!), and the guy's family is also fed up in hunting for a right match and hence they gave a green signal to the marriage, at that time, one old fellow (perisu) from the guy's side took the "horror"scope of the couple and has shown to one demi-god (I mean astrologer) that bugger has shown enough stunts, in the sense, he (a silly human being) took both the "horror"scope's, one on the right and one on the left, in just a matter of 5 seconds, he threw those "horror"scopes on the floor and washed his hands in water (he claims to be "ganga" water) and said that he has to take bath for touching such bad horoscopes in his life (if that bugger has not taken bath for years, what can we do??)

Obviously the emotionally-sentimentally bonded guy's family got terribly worried and they were asking him reasons and he has told all horrifying after effects if they both marry, as you all know, the result was as expected, both the families are dead against this marriage and the worst part is, that girl is saying - I don’t want anything to happen to him, he should live longer, so I don’t want to marry him, bugger does she know that without her "He is virtually dead???" and that guy on the other hand is saying - "If the "horror"scope is true, I don’t want to marry her and leave her all alone in this world, she should always be happy and smiling" what the hell man ... you folks wasted all of your young age in loving each other and now you guys are parting ways ?? (At lease he or she could have tried for a better figure / guy if this was known well before). Now they are not going to marry and their life is ruined. Why the hell folks have to be so hell bent on this horoscope matching ? Not everyone is good in maths or science, so do we still need to believe them ?

I too would have been dragged into this world of believing the horoscope but for one incident which totally changed my perception about horoscope. Once there was an astrologer (Kerala man) came home and as usually my folks gave him my horoscope and asked him to evaluate, the first thing that guy told was "Indha kuzhandhaikku (naan thaan) sarswathi naakkula irukka, so he will excel in studies like anything", well, I too was so thrilled and happy, because I am the one who wrote the math’s annual exam a few weeks back (6th std) and I was not so confident in clearing that, but there was a glimmer of hope after his saying, you know what ? the results came the very next week and Satish failed in 6th standard annual examination, our post man, who generally throws the letters at home, that day, rang the bell, called my dad, and gave a post card which had a big letter in red color saying "Detained" hahahaha, goiyaale I am still searching that astrologer, maybe he would be no more by now. Then what happened at home was a pure "MGR - Nambiyar" fight.

So folks, there are only two choices in life, either trust your instincts or stick on to the rules, if we are in-between these two lines, then life is going to be miserable. My heart goes for my friend’s family and I know what kind of pain they are going thru now, God save us from these astrologers and "horror"scope's

Good Bye IPL Season 2 ...

Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! What an exciting finale it was between the Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore, my every prayer for a Bangalore's loss has been answered, there are many ways to take revenge on your opponent and we Chennaites took the revenge by praying hard for a Bangalore loss and what would GOD do when all the good hearts pray other than approving it ;-). Though initially our prayers were not heard loud and clear to the lord so he took off our one and only Gilly in the first over for a duck and there came our world crashing down ...

Deccan Chargers were shaken after the early loss of Gilly, but Gibbs made sure that he is gonna be there till the end and then make his bat do the talking. It was once again the old horse Kumble who came into the attack and removed two wickets in quick succession and once again road blocks for the Chargers, and I should say that I loved to see the replays again and again when Rahul Dravid dropped a sitter of Symonds at the slips and Symonds thanked Dravid with a huge six the very next over, things seem to gain speed for the Chargers but then the unfortunate dismissal for Symonds applied the brakes and hence the scoring rate was not that good. The last over too was not that productive and Deccan Chargers managed a meager 143 and if history has to be believed, Royal Challengers who buried Chennai the previous game by chasing 146 in 18.5 over’s, I too thought that this is going to be a cake walk to them.

Royal Challengers came with all guns blazing with Kallis and Manish Pandey started to inject poison in the wounds of Chargers who have not put a commendable total, but a mis-timed pull by Kallis which shattered his leg stump triggered the fight back by Gilly and his men. The body language of the Chargers seem to be electric and they decided to give it back to the Royal Challengers in their own style, Pragyan Ojha pulled out a stunner from his bag to remove Manish Pandey and Van De Merve and at this stage Satish was singing "We will ... We will ... rock you ... We will ... We will ... rock you ...", I know I have to intensify my prayers and so I did the same and the result was pretty evident the very next over when Rahul Dravid was dismissed by Harmeet while attempting to glance a ball to the leg while it pitched between the off and middle, Gilly's reaction to that was a "Picture Perfect" moment.

Bangalore started to sweat and it was pretty obvious on the faces of the folks who were sitting at the dugout, and our one and only beauty doll Katrina's plan for a great "Hugging" ceremony started to pull its curtains down, she realized that there won't be a chance to hug anyone as her team kept losing wickets at regular intervals. The last over by RP Singh was a real beauty as he did not allow the Royal Challengers to freeze their arms and go for the on-slaught, when the last run was pushed on to the long-on for a single, the celebrations broke out at the Deccan Chargers dug out and also in my apartment, I called up my neighbor who teased me when Chennai lost to Royal Challengers and it’s time for me to reciprocate, so I too called him up and offered my condolences, on the whole my prayers for a Banglore's defeat has been answered and I am all thrilled about it. I can now go to office with my heads-up and tease all bangaloreans to the extent possible.

Thank you IPL for keeping our entire country entertained and divided for the past 34 days, we would certainly welcome you back the next year and till then it Good Bye!!

Lessons ...

It was a pretty cold morning and wind was cutting chill, I usually don't like to cover myself under my quilt, instead I prefer going on a morning walk, just to breathe those fresh air and enjoy the symphony of birds who would be singing at the best of their voices. I had a pretty bad day at work yesterday and my mind was pregnant with those thoughts, and I took a conscious decision of not to think about that anymore. I walked into the park where I usually do four of five rounds and will just admire the beauty of Mother Nature. It was 7:00 in the morning and the park was virtually empty as the weather was so cold that no one would actually want to venture out.

I just comforted myself by digging my hands right into the pockets of my jerkin and lighted a cigar, still I could not get over the issues that I am facing at the work place, but again, I said, let me not think about that anymore. Just few meters away, there was an iron bench on which a small young girl was sleeping with her thighs close to her stomach and hands playing the role of a pillow, sleeping outside and that too on a cold winter morning is hell, I felt ashamed of digging my hands into my pockets, I slowly approached that girl and she was fast asleep, I just don't want to disturb her, but at the same time, I felt pity on her, so I removed my jerkin and then put that on top of her, so that she feels comfortable, but the moment I placed my jerkin on her, she got up and flashed a beautiful smile, she said - "No Thanks uncle, I am fine, it’s my mistake of sleeping on this bench, I should have chosen a good place, anyways thanks for your concern" and she winked her sparkling eyes.

It was just two of us in that beautiful park and there was a small coffee vending truck, I asked her if she minds to come with me and have a cup of coffee, she after hesitating initially, accepted to come with me, but she said that she will pay the money for her cup, I was surprised by that, and I asked her, do you have money to pay for your share, she just put her heads down and went silent, I know she does not have even a penny, and just to cheer her up I said, today let me pay for you and tomorrow you can pay for mine, she flashed that sparkling smile and said, If that is the deal, I am ok. I was stunned to see the kind of self-respect she has and her attitude was simply great. We ordered for two cups of coffee and placed ourselves under a cozy umbrella. I said,

I am Steve, 40 years old, working for a software company at the downtown and how about you ?

I am Amy, 7 years old, working for food and I work anywhere in this city ... and she winked ... she continued ...

How much do you earn ??

Though I was surprised by that question, I said, not sure if you are good at counting, I earn $30 per hour

Wowww, that's a huge amount. I would have to take ages to make $30, but don't worry, I will work hard to pay for your cup of coffee tomorrow.

She walked up to the counter and asked the man, what is the price of one cup of coffee, and that man said "$2.35 angel ..." her face visually turned dull and she inserted her tiny fingers into her gown and she pulled out another small sack bag and poured the contents of that on the table and she said, "Can you please count this for me ?", I could see lots of stones, empty chocolate wrappers, one small toy which had just 1 eye and amidst of that there were few coins, it all counted to 9 cents, I said you have 9 cents in total and immediately she asked me how much more she should add to make it to $2.35, I said she still needs to make $ 2.26, her eyes got wet, but she managed it pretty well that she did not let those tears flow out. I told her to take this cool, and she can get me my cup of coffee once she earns $2.35 and I will be coming to this park regularly. We both had our coffee and continued our conversation.

So where do you live, I asked her ...

I don't have a particular place as such, yesterday I stayed on that bench, normally the police uncle will not allow anyone to sleep on that bench, but yesterday I told him that I will get up early and go, so he allowed me to sleep. I think I have not over slept and then put that police uncle in a spot of bother. I just could not stop admiring her, she even though is homeless, and she is so cautious about not disturbing any one and at the same time is so caring about others feelings. I felt ashamed that I was worrying about my silly office issue. I continued ...

So where are your dad and mom ? Where do they live ?

She was so excited and screamed, "hey .. look at that bird in the nest, she actually was not there the whole of last night, and those little ones where constantly screeching, may be they were hungry or they were missing their mom, today she is back to the nest and see how cute she is feeding those little ones", she literally dragged me to that tree and for a moment I too re-winded my age to 7 years and enjoyed that beautiful scene with Amy. She was seeing that for a while and went dull, I could see that on her face and she slowly walked with me back to the place we were sitting. She asked me ...

Uncle, what is the time ?

8:00 AM I said ...

Oh my god, it’s getting late for my school, so can I leave now ? We will surely meet tomorrow and please don't drink coffee at your home, we will have it together and I am going to buy one for you, and she just ran out of the park. I was wondering where she can go to school when she is homeless and has no one to take care, and I decided to follow her and ran in the direction she went. She ran to the 8th street where there is a big convent, I decided to hide myself behind a tree and notice her actions. She stood next to the school entrance and I saw her talking something to the school security, but he was constantly nodding his head and at one stage he pushed her out and she fell down on the street, I was about to rush towards her to pick her up and give a nice whack to that security, but before that she stood up on her own and rushed towards a nearby play ground to play with the other kids, even there, no one bothered to invite her to play, but she showed all signs of enthusiasm by just watching the other kids play. I noticed that her gown got torn when the security pushed her down, so I decided to surprise her with a new gown tomorrow morning.

I went to the park the next day morning, this time not to enjoy the morning breeze or to listen to the symphony of those singing birds, it’s purely to see Amy and give her what I have got for her. Amy was waiting for me on the same bench, and to my shock she had her head completely shaven, I asked her - "What happened to your beautiful curly hair ?" she just did not answer to that, instead she took me to that coffee shop and ordered for 2 cups of coffee and looked at me, she inserted her tiny fingers into her gown which was torn in multiple places and took out a $5 bill and came and sat in front of me. I was shocked to see that she lost her beautiful hair, and the reason she gave me was even more shocking, she sold her hair for $ 5 to a wig company so that she can get me coffee today. I just could not control my tears, I hugged her and kissed her on her forehead and gave her the packet which has this new gown for her.

She strongly refused to take that from me saying that her mom has told her not to get anything from anyone if you don't have the capacity to pay back, I told her that she does not need to pay anything to me for this and she can take it for free, the moment I said that, She walked silently back to the bench and I followed her with the two cups of coffee she got for me. I still could not see her with a shaven head and my heart felt so heavy, I sat next to her and took her on my lap and made her to sip the coffee, once again, I could see her eyes lightening up and she dragged me to the same tree where we saw those birds yesterday, but today she showed me a beautiful red plum that was hanging on one of its branches and it looked "picture perfect" with that morning dew settling all over it, she asked me if I like plums, I said, "Oh I certainly do", immediately she climbed one of those wet branches and plucked one big plum for me and another small plum, she gave me that big plum to eat and kept that small plum into her gown, I asked her if she is not going to eat that, and she replied that the plum is not for her, it is for a old squirrel who lives on one of the tree top near 7th street and she has promised him that she will get him a plum today.

I once again requested her to take that gown which I got for her, this time she said, she needs some time to think and hence she will let me know tomorrow. Can a 7 year old girl, who is homeless and who does not have anyone to take care, be so matured ? And so caring about others ? That was the question which was haunting me thru out the day. I started hating the minutes when I am not with Amy and I felt as if I am sleeping on thorn when I sleep on the bed, where Amy sleeps on a cold iron bench. I decided to bring Amy home and take care of her, but I was skeptic if she will accept to that as she is not a normal kid, she is someone who is so special and she does not like to be at anyone’s pity. I was waiting for the morning cuckoo to start his alarm and I just could not wait for the darkness to dim, I went to the park around 6 AM and I was shocked to see that Amy was not there on that bench, I felt as if my world has stopped, I rushed to the security guard who was guarding that park last night and asked him if he saw a little girl who used to sleep on that bench, he said that he did not see any girl and he went back to his sleep.

I just sat near that bench with my hands over my head and my Adam’s apple was just blocking my throat and I just don't know how to react, I just prayed with my closed eyes to bring back Amy to me. Time just rolled on and it was 7:00 in the morning, I just don't want to drink coffee without Amy. When my brain almost stopped working, I saw the coffee wending man waving his hands at me, I rushed towards him with a hope that he is going to give me some information about Amy, he told me that the little girl with a shaven head came to his shop last evening and asked him to give this piece of letter to me, my hands started to shiver, the letter read ...

Uncle, Amy here, I am sorry I would not be able to come to the park tomorrow as I have promised my friend that I will help him in curing his blind mother, poor Sam has no one to take care of him or his mother, so I will have to go with him to the hospital and talk to the doctor and inquire how much it will cost to bring back the sight to Sam's mother, I don't know if I will ever get time to come back to the park, coz I know I have to work hard to earn that money, but I am sure I will meet you one day and I will get the gown from you, I am sure I can earn that extra money to pay you for that gown as well. Take care uncle.

I burst into tears and for the first time in my life I felt as if I have lost something which is very important in my life, Amy has taught me the lesson for life, we all think that our worries are the most deadliest in this world and hence we ignore to live for others, we become selfish and that selfish nature continues all thru our life. Years passed by and I did not miss even a day to visit the park, I used to carry that gown every day, but Amy never returned, but knowing Amy and her nature, whenever I see a blind girl on the street, my heart would skip a beat and that would remind me of Amy. Some people may come across our life for just a short span, but they will change our lives forever.


Airtel - Do Not Disturb ...

I really don’t understand what is the meaning of this DND (Do Not Disturb) facility which most of us have enrolled with our respective service provider. I am still getting calls from all those irritating banks to credit card companies to holiday resorts. I got so flared up one day when I got close to 7 calls from the same bank (ICICI) asking me for a personal loan, I called up Airtel with that same intense irritation and I caught hold of a call center girl, I know they are not the one at fault, but they have been paid to handle tough customers like me, the first thing I asked her was, can I talk to some top official of Airtel ...

She probably wouldn’t have expected such a first line from me, she said "Pardon Me, can you repeat" and this is how our conversation un-folded ...

ACC: Sorry Sir, can you repeat ...

Me: Dear, I just asked you if I can talk to any of the top management folk of Bharati, I know it would be a call center, but still can you provide me with some details ...

ACC: Sorry sir, we are not supposed to disclose any such information, may I know what your problem is ...

Me: See, I am getting unwanted calls and sms from tom, dick and harry who I don’t want to know or to talk, can you guys do something to stop that ??

ACC: Sure Sir, we can certainly solve your problem, there is a facility called DND which you have to register and it will take 48 working days, for us to process your request and put you on the DND list.

Me: Madam, I have registered for DND not once, I have done it thrice and I have come across so many 48 working days funda of Bharati, which no one in this world knows why you folks need 48 days. But it just takes 2 mins for your executives to steal the numbers from the database and sell it all banks and resorts.

ACC: I am sorry for this inconvenience sir, you mean to say that you have already registered for DND and still you are getting marketing calls sir ?

Me: I thought I said the same thing before and you just re-iterated, btw - are you any Mega Serial director ?? You tend to grow conversations which are not needed (I pissed off na ...)

ACC: Sir, I should say that we cannot do anything; you have to contact the banks and request them to remove your number from their database

Me: (Almost about to blast), What ?? Are you talking with any sense ? That is the reason I asked you if I can talk to someone who is on top of the ladder, and you are just at the bottom who is receiving the shit that your boss throws at, but I don’t need to be in that situation, I am paying money for your boss to even get his underpants, mind it. Why the hell I should run behind those anonymous callers and "request" them to take my number off their database. In the first place how did that go out of Bharati ??

ACC: Sir, I will have to connect you to my manager sir, you can talk to him.

Me: He was the shit whom I asked you to transfer in the first place.

ACC: Sir, can I place you on hold for a moment ?

Me: You place me wherever you want to, if the line gets disconnected while you transfer, Swetha (that’s her name) I would make sure that you lose your job.

Line got transferred after nearly 6 minutes.

Manager: Hello Mr. Satish, how may I help you. I spoke to my colleague and she updated me with your problem.

Me: See, you talk like a typical IT manager, you know half baked information, and you would talk as if you will solve everything on your own, and you already know certain things, but still you asked me "How may I help you" (I decided that I make the life of few Airtel customer care folks ... a HELL)

Manager: It’s not like that Satish, I just wanted to understand the problem much better.

Me: Good that you at least agreed that I am having some problem. It is related to that DND facility, I am getting shit calls and fcuking sms from anonymous ppl who is asking me to come and attend some shit of a night party at this beach and that beach. Can you do something to stop those fcuking calls coming to me. (I used those "fcuking" words)

Manager: Ah, have you registered yourself with our DND facility Satish ?

Me: Well, if I have to repeat the Ramayana once again to you, may I know what kind of update you got from Swetha ? Was she telling you that she got few shots last night ?? Boss, you are talking to a customer, mind it, I don’t want to repeat anything that I told to Swetha, understand ? Tell me if you folks can bar those calls, I just want a YES or NO. Don’t waste my time and your time here.

Manager: Can I place you on hold for a minute Satish (May be he scolded me there)

Me: Waiting

Manager: Satish, thank you for holding the line, I have forwarded your complaint to the concerned department, you should be contacted by an Airtel Customer Care Executive within 2 business days.

Me: Just could not control my anger ... - So you are not the guy from that fcuking "Concerned Department" is it ?? Then why the hell the line got transferred to you ? What, you thought that I need someone to shape my balls is it ? I just don’t want any explanations, if the call is not going to be transferred to the concerned department now, I will make sure that I walk-in to Airtel office and give a written complaint on you and Swetha. The call is yours

Manager: No Satish, there are certain procedures and process that we need to follow, if your issue is so urgent, then you have to walk-in to our office and then meet our manager

Me: Dude, do you think that I am jobless ? You dirty jerks will give my number to all the prostitutes in the city and you want me to go there and then suck them up is it?? Fcuker ... I can take you guys to consumer court saying that you have created a whole lot of "Mental Agony" to me, don’t think I will not do that, never underestimate your opponent.

Manager: Ok Satish, I will ask my manager to talk to you

Me: Sampath, I don’t need any explanations, I am not here to find out the organization chart of Bharati, I wanted to talk to someone and make him understand that Airtel is giving terrible hardship to a customer.

Manager: Transfers line to his manager ...

Me: Happily sipping a hot cup of coffee in my balcony and making the life of someone miserable ...

Sr.Manager: Hi Satish, good evening. I know what your problem is, I spoke to the DND department and they told me that there has been some mistake, and they will surely rectify that and will get back to you in 24 hours. I am extremely sorry for this hardship, and trust me Satish, even I am getting those irritating calls, and though I work for Airtel (he laughs)

Me: Boss, just because your balls are also screwed, it does not mean that all of us can share your pain. It is absolutely non-sense. One more call I get on my mobile from any banks or resorts or somebody unknown for that matter. I am personally gonna write up to TRAI and make sure that Bharati Telecom is paying me a huge ransom for causing this "Mental Agony". I appreciate your time for this. Thanks

Ding ... Line cut. Looks like this silent Satish can also go so ruthless ... How many bad words I have said in 6 minutes ... Did not keep a count on that ...

Love is not Blind ...

Sandhya just could not believe that she too was smitten by this LOVE bug, if she has to rewind her life 3 years back, she is one activist who is dead against love marriage and she has instrumented so many cases in her life where she has convinced her friends in not falling into that trap, but today her world is different, she just could not imagine a life without Vinay, this love too has its own default ingredients, both of them are from a different caste, both of them speak different languages at home, both the families are very orthodox and particular about horoscope etc. etc, but Sandhya is determined to convince her parents and get their nod for her love for life ...

It all happened when Sandhya met with an accident, yes; their love is just by accident. Sandhya was knocked down by a speeding truck and she was thrown out of her scooty, Vinay who was driving his brand new Honda City car which he took just minutes before from the showroom, it had those lovely beige interiors and even the ribbon was not cut. Vinay noticed that Sandhya was left unattended and the truck which dashed her was not to be seen in the sight, as usually our society was more than happy to watch and give their sympathies to the victim and their families, but Vinay is a bit different, he knows the pain of accident, coz in one such accident he lost his dad, so he made sure that he is going to save her and not let her die. Vinay with the help of some on-lookers, lifted Sandhya who was terribly bleeding by her nose and ears, put her on his back seat which is now filled with blood and flesh, drove like crazy to a nearby hospital and got her admitted, he stayed there till her parents came and all his attitude showed that he is a goody goody boy.

Sandhya once she recovered out of that accident invited Vinay to home for lunch, Vinay though was not so keen to visit, but still agreed to go. The entire family of Sandhya welcomed him like a hero and they all showered their appreciation and gratitude, Vinay is a very simple and humble personality, he does not want to be in a spot whatsoever, he replied all of them with a mild smile on his face. One of Sandhya's relative asked him, how come he had the heart to take blood and flesh on to his new car, lot of people might not like that as there would be sentiments attached to that, Vinay replied back saying, if I would have found one such person who does not have those sentiments like me, probably I would have saved my dad, as he too was knocked down on the road and there was no one to help him. Sandhya was brought back from all these flashbacks which she was playing in her mind, by a sms from Vinay - Hey dear, what about Barista @ 6 in the evening.

They both met that evening and Sandhya opened the topic, "Vinay its time we break the shell and we disclose our love to our parents, I know there would be lots of noise created around this, but I think it’s all worth it to take that step and make our marriage happen", Vinay too nodded his head in signs of agreement to her words. He was at least confident that he could convince his mom and he was worried about Sandhya's parents. At Sandhya's place they know their daughter very well and her aversion towards love marriage and falling in love on someone, they were totally blinded over the fact that Sandhya is still in touch with Vinay even after 3 years from the date of accident. Sandhya was waiting for the right time to come to open the topic, and one fine Sunday morning, she called her entire family to the dining table and asked - "Do you remember the guy who saved my life?", and her dad replied, "Oh yaa, some guy by name Vijay rite ?, Ya we all remember him, very kind and a shy type person, Did you meet him somewhere ?", Sandhya replied, "He is not Vijay, he is Vinay, yes, I am meeting him daily and we both are in love"

There was a sudden freeze in her family, and everyone on the dining table just could not believe what they just heard, her dad has to replay that dialogue many times in his mind to come to senses that it was told by his daughter. Her mom just did not know how to react, so she stood still with the pose of serving a scoop of sambar to her husband, Sandhya's sister sensed that there is going to be a storm that would soon be brewing in her house and just pushed her chair and walked off in a flash as if she is done with her lunch, but Sandhya was pretty calm and cool, she just asked her mom to server her that rasam and also appreciated her for making such wonderful rasam. Sandhya decided to break the freezing scene and continued saying, Vinay is a very nice person as you all know, the only fact is he is not from our caste and he does not speak our language, apart from that there is no problems with him.

His dad usually does not over react, but at the same time he values his family's traditions and said in a very low tone, "If you decide to leave us, I don’t mind, I think I can still live" and washed his hand on the plate and disappeared into his room, as usually what we can expect from a house wife apart from few drops of tear, Sandhya's mom did not speak even a word and she too walked into the kitchen. Sandhya expected such reactions and at the same time she did not lose hope, she is a person who does not give up when it matters. Vinay on the other hand opened the topic at his place and his mom gave him a green signal saying, whatever he decides is final, Vinay just could not believe his ears, he just hugged his mom and lifted up in the air, he rushed to his bedroom, picked up his mobile and dialed Sandhya's number to convey the good news, but at the same time he knew that Sandhya too would have opened the topic at her place and not sure how they would have reacted. He just called her up and said "My side it’s a green flag, how about you?” Sandhya replied with her usual sense "Its the same expected reaction, but don’t worry, I think I can convince them". Vinay gave the phone to his mom and Sandhya spoke to her would-be in-law for the first time and Vinay's mom just liked her very much.

Sandhya knows that she just cannot allow this matter to settle, so she opened the topic the next the in the same dining table, and the situation was even worse, his dad just gave her a blank stare and pushed his chair to get up, Sandhya stopped him saying "I know, I don’t want you to starve, just because of me, but at the same time you have to understand that it’s my life, so think about it and let me know, I will not do anything against your wish and I too expect the same behavior from you". Sandhya's dad and mom have to call up for an urgent family meeting, they all sat together and discussed about the pro's and con's of this marriage, the discussion mainly revolved around the reaction of the society and their distant relatives and they just did not bother how their daughter would react is this does not happen, well that is the typical mentality of an orthodox middle class family. The meeting did not bring any clear resolution; instead it added more confusion to the matter. Sandhya was not aware of this meeting.

One fine day after Sandhya left to office, the door bell rang and to all of the house members surprise and shock there stood Vinay the guy who saved their daughters life 3 years back and the guy who was given a hero's welcome, but today there was not even one soul who welcomed him, he was made to stand at the door step for a long time, but Sandhya's sister felt its very bad, so she invited him to come in, he went straight to Sandhya's dad and told him, "Uncle, I might have saved your daughter's life, but that does not mean that I can hurt your feelings and sentiments and see you suffering, I am not a personality who enjoys hurting others, myself and Sandhya took a conscious decision that, we are not going to get married even if one person is not happy about our marriage, so I promise you that I will not come into your daughter's life again, and take away the happiness of your family, I am sorry for creating this upset in your family", saying this, he walked back to his bike and disappeared in a flash.

Sandhya came home that day evening, and Vinay did not tell her that he visited her place, Sandhya's dad too did not tell her that Vinay visited home, but Sandhya's sister leaked the discussion and Sandhya was very much tensed, she knows that Vinay would have done this to please her parents, she tried calling him but his cell phone was switched off. Sandhya's dad called her to his room and after a brief silence for 10 minutes, he said, "Sandhya, I think you folks are matured enough to decide on your future, if you feel that Vinay would be the right choice for you, please go ahead, but you have to prove me that he is a person who can take care of you at any situation, I know he is a nice guy, but I just can't trust a person just because he is nice to others", Sandhya just could not believe her ears, there was mixed emotions in her, she went near her dad, hold his hands and said, "Dad, Vinay has saved my life even before he was not knowing me, so I don’t think you need to have any doubt in that and I am you daughter dad, I will not make such a mistake by choosing a wrong guy for me"

The next day morning was really a "Good Morning" to both of them, she called up Vinay and told him that his dad agreed to their marriage and the only concern he has is, whether he will take care of her or not. Vinay too could not believe his ears, he told Sandhya that, "Tell your dad that I will take care of you, more than the way I take care of myself", and they decided to celebrate this by going for a long drive, Sandhya loves to go in bike that too by hugging tight around Vinay's rib-cage, Vinay took his bike after a long time and picked her up from her office, both of them were terribly excited about their future and set off to ECR for a lovely ride. Sandhya told Vinay,

Hey man, just do it slow,

No I am so happy ....

Even I am, but you can drive slow ...

Tell me that you love me ... I will slow down ...

What non-sense, did I ever say that I don’t love you ...

But tell me now that you love me ...

Ok ... Ok ... I Love you ... screamed Sandhya

OK then you have to kiss me ...

Hey you naughty ... you first slow down the bike ...

No you kiss me first ...

Ok take it ... Sandhya kisses him hard on his cheek ...

Ok ... you should now wear my helmet ... then only I will slow down ...

Vinay, I think you are going crazy and gone mad ...

Just do what I say ... wear my helmet ...

Sandhya did so ...

The next day morning the papers read, "Couple met with an accident on ECR, the guy died on the spot, and the girl since she was wearing a helmet, she was saved, there was a sudden break failure in the bike which caused this accident"

Hope Sandhya's dad now realized that Vinay has taken care of his daughter, for some actions in life, GOD does not give us a reason, it would just happen and we have to accept that. Sandhya's love life ended the same way it had started

Concentration ...

Once upon a time somewhere inside the deep jungles of Africa a college student went for studying about a particular poisonous mushroom, he knew that he has to be there in that dense forest for months together and hence he prepared packing all the necessary things which he may need to make his stay comfortable in the forest. He went to the jungle and was roaming around to find out where he could find those mushrooms. While he was busy searching for that, just within few meters he found a small elephant which was standing with three legs and lifting one of its leg up in the air. He knew that he has to very careful, because his moves may upset that elephant and it would kill him to death ...

He cautiously approached that little elephant and he found out that there was a big thorn which got stuck on the middle of its foot and the elephant was crying in pain, he looked straight into its eyes and gave that elephant a comfort feel that he is there to help him and not to harm him, he slowly approached the elephant, took his pen knife from his pocket and carefully removed that thorn, the elephant gave him a grave look and lifted its legs once again and trumpeted on the air three times and slowly walked back into the forest, the student was happy that he saved the life of an elephant and he continued with this research inside the forest.

Years rolled on and one day he and his son went to a nearby zoo and while they were approaching the cage of wild elephants, one of the elephant waved its trunk from the cage and tried to reach him, he initially got very scared and moved few yards away, but later that elephant gave him that same grave look, lifted his legs up in the air and trumpeted three times, his eyes got wet and tears started to roll out, in spite of the warning sign boards he jumped into the cage and stood just in front of that elephant, again the elephant lifted his leg up in the air, took him by his trunk and trashed him all over the cage and stamped him to death. While he was taken to the gates of St. Peter, one of the companion angels told him - "The elephant you saved showed you his left front leg and this guy showed you his right front leg, didn't you notice that??"

Moral of the story - So whatever you do, you do it with 100% concentration. I just don’t know what to blog, so came out with this :)) I think that was funny, if not, as usually pour in your comments!!

What's Happening ...

Am I lost ? That is the question which I have been asking myself for more than a month now. I have absolutely no clue of what I wanted to do, it’s not that I have achieved a pinnacle in my life, I am seriously lost, that too after my folks moving in with me, I have absolutely nothing to do, no cooking, no cleaning, no need to take care of the household activities, maybe I am tuned to do all these on my own and when someone is there to take care of that, I really don't know what to do and how to spend my time. It’s good in a way that my office work is keeping me busy for 16 hours a day, but weekends are the ones which are really hard to push...

I know I have to get back to my routine, I have lots of things to blog, but something is stopping me to sit in front of my laptop and put them all as a post. There were few interesting things that happened since I posted my last post which is probably 3 weeks back. I happen to meet a person who is exactly like me, it’s not by looks, and it’s by character. I should admit the fact that I have not seen any one who is this close to my character, I told that person that I am "stunned" to see such striking similarities in our characters, thought that person is (probably) 7 to 8 years younger than me, but the amount of maturity and character that person exhibits reminds me when I was 23 - 24 years old. I am glad that I got acquainted to that person and at least for me, it's a relationship that I wanted to continue forever and remain as a good friend. I would say that this person is in the lines of V or L or C or R to me.

I am seriously trying to get back to my routine and I just don’t want to be like this, I wanted to kindle by creative thinking and try to write something really really interesting which will please my reader's. I know everyone in this world now knows ZooZoo's :) Oh yaa, I have literally fallen in love on them and every ad of this ZooZoo is a masterpiece, but if I have to choose the one which really really made me go crazy is that "Group SMS" ad, I downloaded that from here and I would have watched it almost 200 times. ZooZoo has really brought in some cheer into my life and also it reminded me that I have to work really hard to achieve my dream which is to get into a field which involves creativity, it can be Cinema or Ad World or anything, but one thing for sure is, Satish is not going to be in this IT industry for long. I wanted to pursue my desire sometime down the lane. I hope GOD hears this loud and clear and gives me the right opportunity.

I was seriously considering "Story Telling" as a part-time hobby, I am so fascinated about kids and I would do anything to please them or make them laugh, and also considering the fact that I am quite an animated personality, I think I can seriously do a good job in "Story Telling" if any of my readers know where in Bangalore I can go and volunteer myself for this, that would do a world of good for me. I have started practicing that as well, I got few story books from "Amar Chitra Katha" and I am rehearsing on this "Pandu and 5 Thieves" story. Life needs to move on, I just don’t want to get stagnated in life and do this "arm-chair cribbing" saying that "Life Sucks", I can be the only person who can keep me happy, so I am working out on options. Well, I have started practicing cricket at the NETS, so I should be back to my swinging ways pretty soon, I also have a plan to start drawing "caricatures" an art which I was so comfortable during my school days, I happen to pick few of my cartoons last week, and that was amazing actually.

OK folks, you will now be constantly getting emails from my blog and I have taken a vow that I will make sure that I entertain myself and my beloved readers. I thank each and every one of you who have registered as readers in my blog, and without your support and motivation, I wouldn’t have come this far. My count stands exactly at 48 and 2 more to that will hit the half-century and as a footnote information this is my 250th post.

Here is my fav ZooZoo Video

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...