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I just could not believe how on earth people give importance to those 12 cheque boxes which were drawn at the time of your birth ? I know that's always a debatable topic, some say its science and some say it’s pure mathematics and some like me says is bull sh**, because I neither liked science nor mathematics when I was in school (long long ago, so long ago). I still can't believe that our life and future is already plotted out in the form of "Horoscope" which is (unfortunately) is not in a readable format for most of us and we in-turn trust another human being to decipher that and let us know what the "hell" is there in that ...

I am sure there were lots of logical questions which "horror"scope or the people who believe in that cannot answer and if I state those questions here, then it will be more like re-inventing the wheel, so let me know go into that part of the story. I am stunned to see people giving up their hope in life just because someone said that the planetary positions are not so favorable for them, I came to hear a case yesterday which literally made me to freeze, and as always, when you come to know that some disaster has happened for your near and dear, then only we will feel the real heat, or else we will just offer a "chuh chuh chuh" and carry on with our life, of course don't panic, it has nothing to do with me or my family (see I am extremely selfish), it happened to one of my close friend's brother.

My friend's brother was in love with a girl for almost 14 years (yes, avar konjam pinjulaye pazhutha case thaan), and apparently that girl was also in love for the same period (I am not sure if she is also that case) and finally at the age of 31, this guy decided to marry that girl (??!!!), and the guy's family is also fed up in hunting for a right match and hence they gave a green signal to the marriage, at that time, one old fellow (perisu) from the guy's side took the "horror"scope of the couple and has shown to one demi-god (I mean astrologer) that bugger has shown enough stunts, in the sense, he (a silly human being) took both the "horror"scope's, one on the right and one on the left, in just a matter of 5 seconds, he threw those "horror"scopes on the floor and washed his hands in water (he claims to be "ganga" water) and said that he has to take bath for touching such bad horoscopes in his life (if that bugger has not taken bath for years, what can we do??)

Obviously the emotionally-sentimentally bonded guy's family got terribly worried and they were asking him reasons and he has told all horrifying after effects if they both marry, as you all know, the result was as expected, both the families are dead against this marriage and the worst part is, that girl is saying - I don’t want anything to happen to him, he should live longer, so I don’t want to marry him, bugger does she know that without her "He is virtually dead???" and that guy on the other hand is saying - "If the "horror"scope is true, I don’t want to marry her and leave her all alone in this world, she should always be happy and smiling" what the hell man ... you folks wasted all of your young age in loving each other and now you guys are parting ways ?? (At lease he or she could have tried for a better figure / guy if this was known well before). Now they are not going to marry and their life is ruined. Why the hell folks have to be so hell bent on this horoscope matching ? Not everyone is good in maths or science, so do we still need to believe them ?

I too would have been dragged into this world of believing the horoscope but for one incident which totally changed my perception about horoscope. Once there was an astrologer (Kerala man) came home and as usually my folks gave him my horoscope and asked him to evaluate, the first thing that guy told was "Indha kuzhandhaikku (naan thaan) sarswathi naakkula irukka, so he will excel in studies like anything", well, I too was so thrilled and happy, because I am the one who wrote the math’s annual exam a few weeks back (6th std) and I was not so confident in clearing that, but there was a glimmer of hope after his saying, you know what ? the results came the very next week and Satish failed in 6th standard annual examination, our post man, who generally throws the letters at home, that day, rang the bell, called my dad, and gave a post card which had a big letter in red color saying "Detained" hahahaha, goiyaale I am still searching that astrologer, maybe he would be no more by now. Then what happened at home was a pure "MGR - Nambiyar" fight.

So folks, there are only two choices in life, either trust your instincts or stick on to the rules, if we are in-between these two lines, then life is going to be miserable. My heart goes for my friend’s family and I know what kind of pain they are going thru now, God save us from these astrologers and "horror"scope's


  1. Very true Satish, My mom says astrology is nothing but statistics.. and law of probability
    if 99 people with such and such a trait have this and this happen to them, the 100th person will too
    and law of probability takes care that the 100 th person does so in most cases..
    but it serli is a whole lot of rubbish
    my dads condition to get both his kids married is - no one shd even involve an astrologer. He says, the ppl i want to b in laws with shd be educated enough not to consult astrologers else my children's life would be ruined.
    i think we need a more pro active out look
    but indians lack it.
    Imagine even educated and allegedly broad minded ppl wear 1001 rings on fingers for this dosh n that, shun manglik girls and what not.
    It s PATHETIC that it is still happening in the year 2009 :(

  2. I beleive in horoscope to some extent. I feel that sometimes it happens what has been predicted, and sometimes it does not happen what has been predicted. May be the actions happening may be just the coincidence. Not sure. I cannot debate on this one, as I am standing right in the center of both the gravity.

    But I cannot and do not agree with the some of the actions that people carry out such as the one father raping his own daughter to become rich. That's extremely abhorrable.

  3. Even in my case when my grandma consulted astrologers, they gave conflicting opinions. But, i was stubborn. I think people should stand by their decision.
    The main purpose of astrology is to give people morale booster at the times of difficulty, i suppose.

  4. Please could you remove the image you have used. It is one of my copyrighted artworks (can be found at http://sam241.deviantart.com) and I did not give permission for it to be used.


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