Concentration ...

Once upon a time somewhere inside the deep jungles of Africa a college student went for studying about a particular poisonous mushroom, he knew that he has to be there in that dense forest for months together and hence he prepared packing all the necessary things which he may need to make his stay comfortable in the forest. He went to the jungle and was roaming around to find out where he could find those mushrooms. While he was busy searching for that, just within few meters he found a small elephant which was standing with three legs and lifting one of its leg up in the air. He knew that he has to very careful, because his moves may upset that elephant and it would kill him to death ...

He cautiously approached that little elephant and he found out that there was a big thorn which got stuck on the middle of its foot and the elephant was crying in pain, he looked straight into its eyes and gave that elephant a comfort feel that he is there to help him and not to harm him, he slowly approached the elephant, took his pen knife from his pocket and carefully removed that thorn, the elephant gave him a grave look and lifted its legs once again and trumpeted on the air three times and slowly walked back into the forest, the student was happy that he saved the life of an elephant and he continued with this research inside the forest.

Years rolled on and one day he and his son went to a nearby zoo and while they were approaching the cage of wild elephants, one of the elephant waved its trunk from the cage and tried to reach him, he initially got very scared and moved few yards away, but later that elephant gave him that same grave look, lifted his legs up in the air and trumpeted three times, his eyes got wet and tears started to roll out, in spite of the warning sign boards he jumped into the cage and stood just in front of that elephant, again the elephant lifted his leg up in the air, took him by his trunk and trashed him all over the cage and stamped him to death. While he was taken to the gates of St. Peter, one of the companion angels told him - "The elephant you saved showed you his left front leg and this guy showed you his right front leg, didn't you notice that??"

Moral of the story - So whatever you do, you do it with 100% concentration. I just don’t know what to blog, so came out with this :)) I think that was funny, if not, as usually pour in your comments!!

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  1. hmpf cmon Satish cook some stories


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