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Doctor's Strike ...

Hmmm, i at times wonder is a doctor profession so nobel ? may be it was nobel few decades ago, but now doctor's are behaving as equal as politicians, both of them forget the fact that they are doing a service to this country and its citizens. I really dont understand what could be so important for a doctor than saving a patient's life ? That too these junior doctors often go on strike, i think they are unable to get out of their college and hence practicing such strikes even after they got into their profession. What are they gaining by protesting against some MP or MLA or government by frying themselves under hot sun and screaming from the bottom of their stomach ? during this time if a patient dies can they bring back that life ? if they have that supernatural power then i encourage them to be on strike as long as they can....
Doctor's respected next to GOD as they alone have the capability to save a human's life, why cant they understand their importance in the socie…

Burning a National Flag ...

I still dont understand the logic behind someone burning a national flag ? What are they gaining out of it ? I recently saw a news broadcast where a group of people where burning the US national flag. You should have visited USA to see how well they respect their country and their national flag, you can see flags hoisted almost at all houses in the US, they treat that more than anything. I am sure any country will respect its national flag, and its is one important thing which is given very high importance in any country. I still remember the incident which happened in chennai. A college student was wearing a jeans pant which had almost all the countries flags and unfortunately he had our tri-color printed big near his A**, and you should have see the way our public punished him, they removed his pants and made him stand with his inner wears on a hot sunny day and that too on a busy traffic road.Flags are nothing but symbolic representation of any country's pride, so for whatsoeve…

Break ...

Ah, i know it would not be a surprise to all, but i need to give you all a "Break" from reading my so called interesting blogs, currently my mind is occupied with so many other important things which i need to priotorize in my life, so putting the balme on the "time factor" I have decided to go off blogging for a while and also i should admit the very main fact being, "I am running out of steam / ideas" to write in my blog, and its reached the level where I myself dont feel anything "FUNNY" in my blog, then imagine the fate of the readers ? so till i get my steam rolling and ideas flushing in my mind i will not post any articles. In the mean time I might do some cosmetic changes like changing the colors, adding new images, etc etc, its really hard to miss my blog just like that you see. I will also continue to send songs to my readers if they "Shout at Me" in the shout box. I dont know uptill when i will be off, but till then its Good b…

Comment Adikaroam la ...

Varun: Hey Kavya, inga vaayaen vaasal la oru kutty kozhandha enna azhagaa irruku paaraen
Kayva: dei, nee nejamaavae kozhandhayaa thaan paarkariyaa or adha vechundu irrukara amma va paarkariyaa ? ...Varun: chee chee, sathiyamaa kozhndhaya thaan pa paarkaraen
Kavya: unnelaam namba mudiyaadhu daa ... adhaan ketaen
Varun: serious aa sollanum naa ... amma maadhiri kuzhandha azhagaa irruku
Kavya: nenachaen, indha aambal pasanga budhiyae ippadi thaanae pogum
Varun: aamaam neenga mattum pasangala sightae adika maateengalaakum
Kavya: seri, nee sight adikarachae enna yaen naduvula izhukara ? naa edhuku karadi maadhiri ?
Varun: Illa naa mattum ninnu sight adikarathuku oru maadhiri yaa irruku, kooda neeyum irrundhaa, innum focussed aa adikalaam paaru
Kavya: unelaam thiruthavae mudiyaadhu ... ekaedo kettu po, enna koopadaadha
Varun: naa enna paritsha paper aa thirutharathuku or thakaaliyaa kettu porathuku ?
Kavya: seri unakku ippo enna venum, yaen arukara ippadi ?
Varun: hmmm, nee sema "katta" paar…

Forgiving is Life ...

Both Kavya and Varun were happy with their married life and things were going fine, untill the day when Varun's parents came to their place to stay with them. Just because Varun was very particular in marrying Kavya, and also they had no other choice, Varun's parents accepted his proposal and went on with the marriage. Varun's mom was having this at the back of her mind and was just waiting for the right time to show her command and make sure that Kavya too feels the heat. As usualy Kavya was very busy in the kitchen preparing the breakfast cum lunch, now she has to do something great to impress her MIL and to get into her good books, she too knows that Varun's mom was not that happy with this marriage. She knews that her FIL is a sugar patient and would want to have his food at regular intervals, so she called him onto the dining table and started to server him some hot fluffy idli's, there came Varun's mom rushing towards the dining table with a big scream ..…

Ippadiyum oru Project Manager ...

We all know what will happen if we recruit someone over the telephonic interview, most of the cases a wrong person will join the company than the one who actually gave the interview, In one such incident a software company happens to hire a "Vettiyaan" (one who burries bodies in the burial ground) for the post of a Project Manager, he absolutely does not know anything about this industry and he manages to come into work for the first day, so here starts the hungama of our VPM (Vetti(yaan) Project Manager)
HR comes and introduces this new PM to his team and asks him to conduct a team meeting and get to know about the daily work that happens at the office and what kind of projects that are currently going.
Team: Good Morning Sir, ungala pathi eadhaavadhu sollungalaen
VPM: Enna pathi inaa kannu sollaradhu, inniku sethaa naalai ku paalu
Team: !!@#^@^#@&#
Team: Idhuku munaadi neenga enga velai senjukitu irrundheenga ?
VPM: Naa 20 varushamaa kannamaapetai layae thaan paa keeraen, ve…

Little Innocence ...

This little boy was going to shcool for the first time, his dad has to pinch his skin of savings to get him an admission into that famous school in the city. He was dressed up in his new uniform, new school bag, new books, new lunch box, new water bottle and also with a new dream of his dad, the rickshaw wala came ringing at his door step to take him to school, this little one was not so enthusiastic to to go to school, but he knows his dad and mom will not allow him to stay at home, so he dressed himself with a new tear ball in his eyes, new fear about teachers, new shy in meeting friends, and a new anger on his dad.
The rickshaw wala dropped him at his school and he was immedieately taken care by his new teacher. He was first stunned to see so many kids of his age and he was made to sit next to a girl called "Manvi" and that was his first love ;-), he liked her so much and instantly he thanked his dad for putting him in that school. Initial introduction began where every ki…

Pakistan's New Democracy ...

It was a much expected and predicted polls in pakistan where Musharaf's government suffered a major setback and was severely pulished by its public. He was truly running a dictator's rule in pakistan and all his so called political decisions acted against him. The first setback for Musharaf government was when he sacked the supreme court judge on a baseless charge, he too wouldn't have expected that the nation would have reacted so badly for that. He was always considered as a slave in front of the US and most of the times he has bent his knees for orders from the US and the famous one being Musharaf lifting off the "Emergency" after a serious warning from US president George Bush. Well at last pakistan people took a right decision of throwing off this Musharaf's government.
Well, i should add a very important point here. I was actually closely monitoring this polls which were held at pakistan and we had interviews of some politicians of pakistan, you guys sho…

V-Day @ Oracle

It was V-Day celebrations at Oracle and all men were asked to come in BLUE and all girls were asked to come in PINK but what actually happened is, the so-called men and women came in BLUE and PINK and the really looking guys (like me) and gals came in their normal attire. Hoooo, i really feel that "Manasaatchi" is a term which was long forgotten by those so-called guys and girls who came in Blue and Pink respectively. I also wonder what is their problem in getting a mirror at their place and hang it i a comfortable place where they can get a chance to look at themselves ? It was actually heartening to see guys, who took so much of strain to dress them up in blue and come all the way to office during their tiring times, what ?? you didn't get what i say ? Array yaar, most of the guys look like as if they are 9 months pregnent with such a biggg tummy, and they have to carry that whereever they go, i pitty those folks. Till date the only measurement i know when buying cloth…

Anything is Possible ...

Kavya was very tired today and hence decided to sleep for some more time, Varun by then had already got up and did the morning routines which normally would be done by Kavya, he took the milk packet which was lying outside the house and put it in the stove, he took a long time to think what to cook for today's lunch and finally he took the cabbage and onion out of the refregirator, while he was thinking he did not notice that the milk has already peeped out of the walls of the container and had played an ugly scene on the gas stove by then. He somehow managed to make a cup of tea for himself, and then cleaned the gas stove, by now the time was 6:45, normally if Kavya would have been up, Varun would have dressed himself tip-top to get to work and will be waiting on the dinner table demanding for breakfast.
Varun started cutting the vegetables and tried to cook something in the way he knows, he had cut the cabbage in all possible sizes and shape and managed to get hold of a kadai to …

Minor - Kunju

Yaen da minor, indha US economy ippadi down aaikitae pogudhae, idhelaam nallathuku aavum nu nenaikara ?
Adhaan kunju enakkum puriyala, ippadiyae poikitu irrundhaa namba industry elaam ennathuku aavum ? nenachu paarkavae bayamaa irruku da
Naa nenaikaraen minor idhu elaam indha Iran / Iraq la nadakara sandai naala thaan nu, adha niruthitaa elaam seriyaa poidum
Ada, appadinum solla mudiyaadhu kunju, its not only that issue you know ? indha software industry yum kaaranam maamsu
Hmm appadingara ? appo namba nelamai elaam enna aavum da ? cha yaen thaan indha industry ku vandhoam nu irruku
Kunju, being responsible kudi magan's of this country, namba thaan daa eadhaavadhu pannanum idhuku
yes da minor, naa nenachaen nee sollita da
Seri, nee nalla yosichu paaraen, ippo US economy edhunaala down aa irruku ?
Edhunaala ?
aaahhnn, appadi kelu, US oada silicon valley nu eadha sollaroam ?
California va ?
Californiyaa enga irruku ? US map la kizha irruku ? correct aa ? adha appadiyae mela thooki vechaanga nu…

On-Shore Vs Off-Shore

I am sure all of us would have worked in this kind of a model atleast for sometime in anybody's career, and the general notion / understanding is On-Shore is always better than Off-Shore and in some cases its quite true too (as like mine). So lets imagine this kinda model between Husband and Wife, and obviously you know who will take the roles of On-Shore and Off-Shore, but I leave it to the readers for assuming the way they wanted to. Here we go ....
Off-Shore - Gotta be awake till On-Shore sleeps
On-Shore - Will send an email instructing that Off-Shore can sleep
Off-Shore - Should invariably support On-Shore even if they sound stupid
On-Shore - Never like Off-Shore pointing fingers on them
Off-Shore - Will complete some tasks even without On-Shore telling them and will wait for appreciation
On-Shore - Will blast Off-Shore for messing up things and will warn them not to do it again
Off-Shore - Should do a chauffer service to every place if somebody from On-Shore comes home
On-Shore - Wil…

My Favourite Smell's

I was just sitting on my balcony last evening and was smelling this wonderful fragrance of "Water on Grass", so i just thought of what are all the other favourite smells that make me feel good ...
Here is my list, not in any specific order though
1. Filter coffee (obviously)
2. Boiling Milk
3. Semi-Dry earth after a brief drizzle
4. Clipping off the stem of beetle
5. Hard wood after its been cut into pieces
6. Varnish
7. Petrol
8. Tip of a ball point pen when its about to dry
9. Page of a book which was left unturned for years
10. Boiling Butter
11. Baked potatos
12. Hot steamed rice
13. Champhor (This proves i am not a donkey na ?)
14. Corporation water which comes via hand-pump's
15. Paper which has just been xerox'ed

Endha Guruvayurappa ...

After a long gap of nearly 6 years i got another chance to go to Kerala and this time i had been to guruvaayoor to attend one of my close friends wedding. It was fun all the way and we were a gang of 5 people and we all had a nice time together. I also got accquinted to two new friends and it was nice to meet them. My other close friend came to the wedding with his 7 month old daughter and she was my main entertainment, she looked very cute and was almost like a doll and i enjoyed every bit of being with that little angel. We went to the main guruvaayoor temple and had a nice dharshan. This is the first time i am going out of city to attend a wedding and i enjoyed every bit of it.
Hoooo, it wont be fair if i fail to mention this, my goddddddddd, all we have seen is 1 Nayan Thara, 1 Asin and 1 Meera Jasmin, hey guys ... in kerala, there are 100s of Asin's and Nayan Thaara's and Meera Jasmin's, Oh man .... 8 out of 10 girls look very beautiful there, hmmm saami dharisanathuku…