Pakistan's New Democracy ...

It was a much expected and predicted polls in pakistan where Musharaf's government suffered a major setback and was severely pulished by its public. He was truly running a dictator's rule in pakistan and all his so called political decisions acted against him. The first setback for Musharaf government was when he sacked the supreme court judge on a baseless charge, he too wouldn't have expected that the nation would have reacted so badly for that. He was always considered as a slave in front of the US and most of the times he has bent his knees for orders from the US and the famous one being Musharaf lifting off the "Emergency" after a serious warning from US president George Bush. Well at last pakistan people took a right decision of throwing off this Musharaf's government.

Well, i should add a very important point here. I was actually closely monitoring this polls which were held at pakistan and we had interviews of some politicians of pakistan, you guys should have seen that too, but one very admireble quality which caught my eyes were the fluency in english those politicians had, mygoodness they were absolutely stunning, this gentlemen by name Zardari he gave an interview to NDTV, that was mind-blowing, the idioms and phrases that guy used was simply top notch. Wait ... Wait ... Wait ... do you know where i am coiming to ? Yes, you got me right, 80% of INDIA's politicians are at one stage of their life would have been a rougue, criminal, murderer, rapist etc etc, and one great quality of most of them is they are all illitrates, and we educated people vote of such stupid a** h**** and then cry that INDIA has not improved, INDIAN politics is a drainage etc etc, but before being an "arm-chair cribber" did we realise the fact that 70% of the educated people are not casting their votes ?? So lets change INDIA and get in some excellent people to rule this wonderful nation, lets not wait for some disaster to happen.

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