Forgiving is Life ...

Both Kavya and Varun were happy with their married life and things were going fine, untill the day when Varun's parents came to their place to stay with them. Just because Varun was very particular in marrying Kavya, and also they had no other choice, Varun's parents accepted his proposal and went on with the marriage. Varun's mom was having this at the back of her mind and was just waiting for the right time to show her command and make sure that Kavya too feels the heat. As usualy Kavya was very busy in the kitchen preparing the breakfast cum lunch, now she has to do something great to impress her MIL and to get into her good books, she too knows that Varun's mom was not that happy with this marriage. She knews that her FIL is a sugar patient and would want to have his food at regular intervals, so she called him onto the dining table and started to server him some hot fluffy idli's, there came Varun's mom rushing towards the dining table with a big scream ...

Who asked you to serve him Idli ? This has very high glucose content as its been made out of rice, i really dont know what you are doing at your office without even knowing this, GOD only knows what is the significance between Idli and s/w industry. Kavya was not used to such compliments and did not know how to react to this, there came Varun for her rescue, he told his mom that she should have instructed Kavya about all these, as she knows better about dad's diet, his mom felt as if her son is supporting Kavya and not her, and immedieatly started to cry, "If you really dont lilke us to be with you, please book us a return ticket, we will go back to chennai", Varun though was initially pissed off, got a consoling look from Kavya saying "Be cool". Kavya jumped in and said that she will be back in a flash with a set of "Raagi" idli in a minute, so she went inside the kitchen and within 15 mins hot fluffy Ragi idli was served.

It was already late for Kavya to leave to work, she called her MIL and told her where she has kept the basic groceries such as sugar, coffee powder, milk, oil, rice etc etc, the reply she got back from her MIL was "Why are you telling me all these ? Will you not come back from work at all ? or do you mean to say that i should have prepared your dinner by the time you come back from work ?" Kavya knew that these are words not from the heart and its all because of the fact that she married Varun without her full concent, she repllied calmly "No aunty, its just for you to make your coffee in the afternoon and also to light swamy lamp in the evening", dont worry i will be coming home early and then will take care of that, if you are busy. Her MIL replied saying that her FIL cant be hungry for long and she has to prepare dinner by 7:00 PM, and hence she ordered her to come home early. Kavya though nodded her head, she knew that she has a conference call at 7:00

Kavya was very busy at work and time went on like a flash, she had this additional pressure of going home early, which was not before when Varun was the only person at home. She actually have to send an important status update email to onshore but due to the urgency of getting home, she forgot to email that, and little she knew that its gonna create a big ripple at office tomorrow. She came home by 6:00 and got into the kitchen and was busy preparing dinner, and attimes she was frequently called by her MIL for doing additional work like re-arranging the sofa, turning on the DVD, Operating the TV remote, Getting her tiger balm etc etc. She finished her cooking by 7:00 and asked her FIL to have his dinner, he was so busy in watching STAR Movies and hence refused to come for dinner, he said he will have it later. Time just went by and Varun called up Kavya to tell her that he will be very late to home as he has some major issues to be resolved.

It was 9:00 and still the dinner was left unserved at the dining table and all of a sudden her MIL came after watching all her favourite serials, she asked Kavya whether her FIL has had her dinner, she said she went and called him at 7:00 PM and he said he will have it later, once again she started to jump from earth to sky, If he said he will have it later, how can you permit that, dont you know that he is a sugar patient and he need to have his food on time ? will you do the same thing if he is your dad ? If this would have been a girl of my chioce, i would have scrutinized a lot of things which my DIL should have, hmmm what to do ? you mesmerized my son with your looks, go get lost, dont stand in front of me. This time a tear ball almost popped out of Kavya's eyes and she did a good job in hiding that. Varun came home by 11:30 and noticed that Kavya was still awake, he just weaved her hair and asked "Is everything ok dear" and she with all smiles on her face replied "Oh yaa, its fun to be with your parents, i am loving it"

Varun was not so convinced with her reply but did not want to have any interogating late night and hence he too went to bed. The next day morning, his mom came to him with a big complaint and has already attached eyes and ears to the issue of Kavya not serving dinner to his father at 7:00 PM last night, Varun sensed that something major has happened last evening and Kavya is not telling him. He told his mom that he will talk to Kavya and take necessary action, which really brought a big smile on his mom's face. Both of them went to office and Varun emailed her asking what happened last evening, and Kavya replied "nothing" that was the only text in her email, he was very much sure that Kavya is disturbed. He called her up on her mobile and told her that they will meet out for lunch. They met at their usual restaurant and Varun caught hold of Kavya's hand and asked her to look into his eyes and tell him what happened, this time Kavya could not control her emotions and burst out to Varun, but she added that it was not her mistake nor it was intentional, Varun told her that he will take some action for this, but Kavya was very strong in opposing to this and said she will manage and lets not blow this issue to propotions.

Days rolled on, and Kavya got used to all sorts of teasing by her MIL and was never ready to retaliate, she knows how much Varun loves his dad and mom and poor guy does not know whom to support, Kavya almost made sure that she does not pass on any humiliation she faced by her mom to Varun. One fine day she got a call from her MIL saying that Varun is un-concious and is almost breathless, Kavya left all her work on the desk and did not even tell her PM that she is leaving, she just asked her colleague to pass on the info to him. She tried calling Varun on his cellphone but that was un-answered and that increased her fear, she rushed home just to see no one panicking, she now sensed that is just another prank played by her MIL, her MIL came to her and said, I just wanted to see if you are so caring for us amidst of your work, looks like you pretend very well as if you are caring, i called you at around 2:00 and you are coming home by 4:00, is that your reaction speed for an emergency like this ? What will you do if something would have really happened to Varun ? I dont think you care for him, what to do, you love only his money and him, if you would have got another guy who is having more money, who knows ?, you might as well leave my son and go with him.

Kavya decided that its enough and this time she wanted to make sure that her MIL realises her mistake, she was waiting for Varun to come from office, she immediately asked him to come out for dinner and also told him that dinner for his parents have already been prepared, his mom got suspicious of they both going out for dinner on a weekday. Kavya took him out for dinner and opened up all the humiliation she had underwent and also the incident that happened today afternoon, Varun was shocked to hear that he mom can be so heartless, he decided to take this up with mom and settle this issue once and for all. He went home and called his mom and said, "Mom its purely my mistake in marrying Kavya, i should'nt have done that, i know you are not at all happy with my decision, and you have all rights to show your anger and aggression on me and not on Kavya, so if you have any upsets please do let me know, and not Kavya, this made his mom's BP to shoot up and she blasted him saying, "So you guys went out to discuss about me ? and are'nt you not ashamed to trust your wife's words and not your mom ? did you ever ask me what all harm she has done to me while i am here ? I was keeping mum just because i should not spoil your peace of mind, without even asking the points from my side, how can you talk like this ? I feel so ashamed to have you as my son, you have killed me alive, dont ever call me as your mother anymore" and there came his father rushing towards him and he gave a tight slap to his wife and said "Its all enough, its either you or its my DIL, i am ready to compromise, its better to live with a caring DIL rather than a sinister wife, i too know what all you had done to her, i wont even mind to kill you if you just open your mouth once again" and there came this hight drama to an end

The next day morning, Varun's dad was all ready packed up and told his son that he is leaving to Chennai, not that all these things have happened, its just being here for a long time and he has to take care of lots of things at Chennai, but Varun knows that his dad is leaving just he is not happy with what all happened, but he too does not want to stop them, he knows that a decent time-gap between them will make things alright. Kavya was not at all pleased with their decision of going back to Chennai, she felt as if she is the root cause for everything, but was comforted by her FIL saying, "Parvati is so nice of a person by heart, its just the fact that Varun did not consult her for his marriage, she was a bit upset, you please dont mistake her, if you are not comfortable, Varun will come for your rescue, likewise, i should support my wife forever, whatever being said and done, she is still my wife, i will take her to chennai and make her understand your good qualities and will surely bring her back to Bangalore, and i am sure we all will continue a good life thereafter.

So its just the 2 dimensions of Love, people may be upset for a variety of things, but those upsets should only be volatile and never that should be taken to heart, time is such a wonderful medicine which GOD has given us and that will take care of healing any wounds, so lets not get immersed into our own world and forget the present life which we need to live to its fullest.


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