Burning a National Flag ...

I still dont understand the logic behind someone burning a national flag ? What are they gaining out of it ? I recently saw a news broadcast where a group of people where burning the US national flag. You should have visited USA to see how well they respect their country and their national flag, you can see flags hoisted almost at all houses in the US, they treat that more than anything. I am sure any country will respect its national flag, and its is one important thing which is given very high importance in any country. I still remember the incident which happened in chennai.

A college student was wearing a jeans pant which had almost all the countries flags and unfortunately he had our tri-color printed big near his A**, and you should have see the way our public punished him, they removed his pants and made him stand with his inner wears on a hot sunny day and that too on a busy traffic road.

Flags are nothing but symbolic representation of any country's pride, so for whatsoever be the reason lets stop burning flags, let it be any country, i just can see it being burnt, by doing that, you are not burning a piece of cloth, you are burning the feelings and centiments of that particular country men, so lets stop all this and first try to act like a human, then you can act like an activist. If i see anyone burning my country's flag in front of me, i would not dare to kill him on the spot, i am so passionate about that, and we should understand that this will be the emotional reaction of any citizen of any country when he sees his national flag being burnt. Lets salute and respect other nations, be it our enemy or friend, give respect to their centiments and feelings.

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