Feb 27, 2008

Doctor's Strike ...

Hmmm, i at times wonder is a doctor profession so nobel ? may be it was nobel few decades ago, but now doctor's are behaving as equal as politicians, both of them forget the fact that they are doing a service to this country and its citizens. I really dont understand what could be so important for a doctor than saving a patient's life ? That too these junior doctors often go on strike, i think they are unable to get out of their college and hence practicing such strikes even after they got into their profession. What are they gaining by protesting against some MP or MLA or government by frying themselves under hot sun and screaming from the bottom of their stomach ? during this time if a patient dies can they bring back that life ? if they have that supernatural power then i encourage them to be on strike as long as they can....

Doctor's respected next to GOD as they alone have the capability to save a human's life, why cant they understand their importance in the society ? Yes, i do understand the fact that they have spent a good amount of money in getting into this profession, but making money alone should not be their motive, first they have to practice well and then come out with a rich experience to serve others, but most of the doctors are either busy participating in any strike and some of them are busy in "sight-seeing" fellow female doctors (beautiful girls alone), and keep very less concentration on the patient they are examining. Its a law by itself that doctor's are meant to do service to the society, and they should not bring in cast or religion or color or social status into their mind when they are treating a patient.

I request all the junior doctors to concentrate more on their studies and less on such "extra curricular activities" you people are called "Messenger's of GOD" its not that you will take care of sending us back to GOD, its the kind of respect we ordinary people give you, so know your limits and continue your honerable service to this country. I am not meaning that the entire Doctor's community is like that, its only for the young professionals who are getting caught inbetween political pressure and professional pressure and do something silly like this. I hope these kinds of strike's do not happen in future and last but not the least, please dont go again for a strike after reading this blog, this is just my personal opinion and it does not carry any weightage.


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