Endha Guruvayurappa ...

After a long gap of nearly 6 years i got another chance to go to Kerala and this time i had been to guruvaayoor to attend one of my close friends wedding. It was fun all the way and we were a gang of 5 people and we all had a nice time together. I also got accquinted to two new friends and it was nice to meet them. My other close friend came to the wedding with his 7 month old daughter and she was my main entertainment, she looked very cute and was almost like a doll and i enjoyed every bit of being with that little angel. We went to the main guruvaayoor temple and had a nice dharshan. This is the first time i am going out of city to attend a wedding and i enjoyed every bit of it.

Hoooo, it wont be fair if i fail to mention this, my goddddddddd, all we have seen is 1 Nayan Thara, 1 Asin and 1 Meera Jasmin, hey guys ... in kerala, there are 100s of Asin's and Nayan Thaara's and Meera Jasmin's, Oh man .... 8 out of 10 girls look very beautiful there, hmmm saami dharisanathuku wait pannarachae vera enna pannaradhu ? maami dharisanam thaan ;-))), its apt to be named as "GOD's own country"

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