Mumbai Vs Terror = Shame on INDIA

At last the drama got over at Mumbai. It was an incident of shame for our country. I am not seeing this as a "terrorist" attack by some pakistani's, it’s a shameful terrorist attack by "indians" on "indians". The shocking revelations that are coming out after all these shootings and fireworks, are very painful to hear. Some bloody basterd's have got bribe from the terrorists and then allowed them into our country, if they would have been sincere to their profession, today we would not have lost 100 innocent lives. Just imagine if this cheap mentality gets into our fellow brothers who guard our nation, you and I would not be peacefully blogging here. As long as we do not eradicate the deadliest devil called "bribe", there is no point in aiming to be the super power at 2020 ...

It was told that some terrorists have got into the Taj hotel and have held some hostages, that was the initial spark we got, but later another news flashed on the TV screens saying that some terrorists went on a shooting spree on the roads of Mumbai and have killed some innocent lives, those cruel animals didn't even spare a hospital, then another news flashed saying terrorists have taken hostages at hotel Oberoi, I was for a moment thought that all 5 star hotels have given free accommodation to terrorists. The news of many foreign nationals being held inside as hostages was even more pathetic, It’s our responsibility to take care of the tourists who visit our nation, the way we behave to them will be the face of our country, but after this bitter incident, I think INDIA's face value would have be decreased by greater extent amongst other tourists.

This news was a feast to all news channels, and it is so unfortunate for Mr. V P Singh to die at such a time where his death news was not at all covered by any news channel, if he would have been fortunate enough to die on a normal day, all the news channels would have covered that story right till the crematorium. These news anchors should be hanged in public, those journalists who were commenting from "Ground Zero" (that's how they call) are actually not reporting the news to the public, they are actually giving clues to the "terrorists" who were watching every bit that is happening outside from their rooms. One filthy journalist who was reporting for a famous news channel is saying like this when the helicopter dropped those commandos on the terrace - "Why are the terrorists not shooting that helicopter, why are they silent ? There must be some other plans to demolish that copter". I was pissed off after hearing that, he talks as if he is a terrorist.

Next worrying thing I noted in this entire "War on Mumbai" operation "Cyclone" is, the inefficiency of our NSG team in terms of arms and ammunitions and other technical equipments. In the US there are so many sophisticated instruments to tackle such a situation, they simply used to pass X-rays and then spot where the terrorist is hiding, but here in INDIA, they are still following the 1960s style of shooting, like inserting the gun into the window grill and then shooting without any aim. Its high time INDIA too invests on such sophisticated instruments which it may need in future. The copter which dropped those commandos, if you would have watched them carefully, all they have is a "machine gun" and nothing more, but the terrorists were having "Snipers" which are very cool and sleek to operate.

The commandos were not even given a binocular, if I am not wrong, they all were standing in the terrace right from morning till evening without doing anything. The terrorists have done through homework with the help of fellow indians (I should say fellow enemies ??), they have got the floor plan of all the three places they were attacking and they have been coming and going into those places very regularly, it was a well planned bid to attack Mumbai. It’s pathetic to see that Mumbai police have failed to learn from their mistakes, they should have taken enough precautions to stop this, moment the terrorists hijacked the police van and went on a shooting spree inside the city, they should have caught hold of them, these incidents happened in the night and they came to know only the next day morning.

During these encounters we lost some gallant heroes of our police department, it’s good that the NSG gunned down all the terrorists before our heroes were cremated. One news channel showed a clipping of a terrorist falling out of the window after a gunshot, it was excellent to watch, I thought how nice will it be if there would be some mechanism to kill all the terrorists of the world. It took more than three days for our NSG to bring all of them down, unfortunately we have to lose all the hostages held by the terrorists, and my heart goes for the family of those deceased. 

It’s very unfortunate that TAMIL NADU is very far from MUMBAI, you guys know why I am saying this as "unfortunate" ?. I don't know why Mumbai police have to call NSG's and Commandos to bring down the terrorists, when they have a very capable man sitting in CHENNAI who has vast experience in gunning down terrorists, he in fact has changed the mind of many terrorists just by talking to them (No fighting, no bullets, no blood... just talking!!!), If we would have sent him inside the Taj, the next 10th minute all the terrorists would have come down running to the police and begged them to arrest them or kill them, so it’s our bad luck that Mumbai wasted 3 days and lost precious police officer's in tackling the terrorists. Ada, you guys are still thinking who that genius is ?? array yaar ... it’s none other than our Captain "Vijayakanth" :-)

Day in the life ...

That place was heavily crowded and people where running here and there like mad, for him it looked as if every individual is running behind a dream to achieve, a life to lead, a necessity to earn, a compulsion to live, a ride to an unknown destiny; but everyone has a factor in common, that is, "To make money". That was one of the most busiest railway stations of Mumbai and usually trains there would run jam packed, an aerial view of that train would make you think as if a caterpillar with many hands and heads on its side, is running as fast as it can. People just walk over anything and everything to catch a train, it can be a basket or a carpet, or a trunk box or you or me, they just don’t care, their only aim is to catch that train...

Mumbai is very famous for "Dabba Wala's" whose commitment and the process they adapt in delivering the "tiffin boxes" to their fellow mumbaiker's is something amazing, and to cream it on the top, they have even gone to the IIMs to teach the students about those simple process and methodologies they follow to ensure the safety and the punctuality of their delivery. The style at which those dabba wala's carry those heavy stuffs on their shoulders and head will be amazing to watch, they completely defy the laws of gravity is what I would say. Their knack of getting into the train with those huge baggages will make any one to raise their eyebrows. This guy who came to the station to go to work was in no mood to catch his train today, so he decided to settle near one of the benches.

He was sitting there for a long time, since he is a regular guy in that station lot of people recognized him and also wondered what he is doing sitting on the platform at 8:30 AM where he normally used to catch his train for work. He used to see a couple who always come together and then board different compartments, before they go to their respective compartments they used to hug and kiss each other. Today he saw only that girl and not the guy, he just could not control his curiosity, hence he asked her why she has come all alone today and where is her husband or boy friend, though she gave him a nasty stare, but she responded to him saying that she had fought with him today and hence she did not come with him. At times in life, we would feel more comfortable to some stranger for no reason, and we wud share all our deep secrets with them.

An old lady who used to sell banana's at the station daily in the morning, came that day as well by carrying a huge load of banana on her hip, though she could not carry that entire weight, somehow she will manage to carry it, she knows that the amount she gets after selling those banana's would be of great help to her family to have one course of meal a day. He never buys bananas from her, but he has a soft corner to that old woman, as he feels pity for her that she has to work even at this age. That fateful morning, she dropped down unconscious and lost her banana basket on to the tracks and a speeding express train, just crushed all her banana's in no time, it not only crushed the banana's it also crushed her family's meal for a week. Though there were few kind hearted people to feel sorry for her, amidst of their busy schedule, but none of them came forward to lift her up and bring her back to senses.

There were huts on both sides of that railway station and at any point in time there would be 10 to 20 nude kids who would come there just to waive their hands to anyone and everyone they see in that train. They all would be of less than 5 yrs of age, the age where they really need not worry about anything in their life; in fact they even thought that skipping two meals a day is not because of poverty, it’s just a practice. With their nose dripping all the time and trying to get over that tiny little dam of curved upper lips, they never failed to smile at others and waive their hands. He thought to himself that this is the age to enjoy life without any expectations or commitment; he too went near the kids and enjoyed their innocence for a while. Every adult is a kid inside, it’s just the physical outlook that makes all of us look old, Isn't it?

He missed all his usual trains but he knew that he has the other trains to come so he never panicked. He is coming to that station to board the train for almost 20 years now, nothing has changed in that station or in his life, he is still doing the same work, the trains are still running with same crowd, it’s that same station master, nothing changed in his view, he used to wonder if life has stopped moving forward for him and to that station. He has never seen a quiet and a peaceful place in his life, all he has seen his crowd, congestion, uncaring people, irritated mornings, gloomy days at work, in short, happiness is something which he has not seen for years, he is also one amongst those 100s of people who are running behind money, maybe he is also dragged into that never ending race, he tells himself. Today he is not in any mood to go to work.

It was 10:00 in the morning now and he realized that he needs to eat his breakfast so he went to a shop where he usually used to get his breakfast, but today he was shocked to see a board hanging in front of the shop saying "Holiday due to unavoidable reasons", now he said to himself that he has to go to work today, his wife and his two thin kids came into his mind as a flash, "Yes I need to work for my family", he waited for the next train to come and once it arrived on the platform he slowly inched his way into a compartment and by rolling his 2 by 2 plywood which has four wheels attached to it, which could just accommodate his amputated limbs, he took out this empty aluminum plate and there he sings "Maa tuje salaam, Maa tuje salaam ... Vandhe maatharam ..." and runs his way thru that crowded train which is rushing like mad, as if it too has a dream to achieve.

If I can help you ...

The morning was at its best in this village, the rays of the sun spraying a vibrant yellow on the green paddy fields and farmers were busy in sowing the seeds for the next season, there were white cranes standing tall in the mid of those green fields and gives us an impression as if an artist has spilt his white wax paint on a green canvas. There is a huge pump set which is pumping out water in a gush across that wide spread farm land, ladies were busy in stemming those baby rice crops at a speed which even a dual processor could not do, at a distant there is a railway track on which an old steam engine is rushing to some unknown destination by vomiting a thick smog of coal dust, Vinay kept looking at this scenic beauty which is in absolute contrast to the city life he lives ...

Vinay is an Agricultural student who has come to this village to study about a specific variety of cultivation which is happening only at this village and gotta prepare a thesis on the same. He was more interested to know the secret behind the serenity that he is feeling inside him in this village, than the research he is intended to do. Vinay needed this trip to forget his worries, he wanted a change of place so that he can keep his mind off the wound heart and the reason for that is Sindhu. Sindhu is Vinay's  neighbor and both of their families are very close to each other and so Vinay and Sindhu. She is doing her second year medicine and Vinay is doing his third year Agriculture. Sindhu is a bright student right from her school days and Vinay is exactly opposite to Sindhu. Sindhu hates pets, Vinay loves pets, Sindhu likes Kamal Hassan and Vinay likes Rajinikanth, they both are opposite to each other in every possible comparisons, and as you all know "Unlike poles attract".

Vinay felt that he is very lucky to have Sindhu as his girl friend and he knows that it is his responsibility to keep her happy in life, coz he has this feeling that he is no match to such a wonderful girl who is having positives in all the aspects when compared to him. Sindhu on the other hand liked Vinay's calm character, she always wanted her life partner to be a good listener, Vinay hardly speaks, he always listens to what Sindhu says, girls always likes guys who listen. Every love has a villain, that's an unwritten Murphy ’s Law, and this love is no exception. Here the villain came in the form of Sindhu's college mate Vikram. He is a smart young lad with all good qualities to attract a beautiful girl, he is energetic, enthusiastic, and lively and above all he is a guy who syncs up with all the likes and dislikes of Sindhu, so there is a chemistry that is already in place. Sindhu who is considered to be a girl who hardly speaks to guys, started to change and mingle with Vikram.

Vikram is a genius, he grasps things very easily and at the same time he does not spend a lot of time in studying, he is a "Party Animal". Sindhu started to admire Vikram for almost everything, at the same time she started to distance herself from Vinay. There used to be a weekly get-together between the two families and they make dishes from the respective houses and have a moon light dinner every Saturday night, that is the time where Sindhu and Vinay get to talk a lot about their carrier, future and rest of the other plans, there was one such get-together Saturday night and surprisingly Sindhu was not present, she had faked a reason of headache and chose to settle in her room, where she enjoyed a series of sms chats with Vikram. Vinay felt worried about her headache and as usually he stepped into Sindhu's bedroom, which is quite a normal thing that he used to do, but this time he was seriously warned by Sindhu for not knowing the manner's of knocking the door before entering her room. Vinay felt that she is very much bothered by that headache and hence she shouted at him, but little he knew that the he too will have a headache by name Vikram.

Time just went by and Sindhu discovered new reasons for missing the get-together’s that these two families used to have and Vinay is not that stupid to believe them. He once approached her and then asked her a straight question of why she is not gelling with the folks nowadays, and is there any mistake from his part, Sindhu did not expect such an interrogation from Vinay and she chose to reply to him saying, she is not answerable to anyone and hence it is her wish to participate or not to participate and he has no business to poke his nose into her matters. Vinay being a soft-spoken and a calm guy could not retaliate with that same ferocity, hence he chose to be quite. Vinay felt that Sindhu has changed or something has changed Sindhu. On the other hand Vikram who got into her heart has now put a chair and has comfortably placed inside that. Sindhu felt that Vikram is the pair of her and the relationship she developed with Vinay is just a childhood infatuation and nothing more than that, this reason is just to convince her and justify her actions.

Vikram is an extrovert, so he mingles with anyone and everyone, he takes life in its pure casual sense and lives that moment. Sindhu wanted Vikram to be her's, though she did not tell Vikram about her desire directly, but she tried to give him enough clues that she is mad on him, but Vikram on the other hand does not even seem to have noticed such signals, this irritated Sindhu. Vikram moves with the rest of the other girls in a similar way he moves with Sindhu, which she did not like, she wanted him to give her a special attention, that never happened. Sindhu lost her track in studies, from a bright student, she became one of the average performing candidates in her college and this surprised everyone, the college authorities, her parents and also Vinay.

Sindhu just could not keep all these trauma within herself and she wanted to pour that out, she then decided to talk to Vikram directly about her intentions and then breaks the news of her loving him. She met Vikram the next day and then she told him that she needs to talk to him, Vikram was busy in his "Biochemical Transformations on Human Hormones" assignment and hence he could not go and meet her on the time he has given her, this irritated Sindhu a lot and she was about to burst and that is actually a wrong time for anyone to talk to her, but poor Vinay came to her room, Sindhu too wanted to vent all her anger on someone, and here she got a scapegoat. Vinay asked her, "Ok tell me, who is that guy ? Let me see if I can help you", she blasted him back by saying, "I am not in any mood to talk to you, please let me alone", but Vinay insisted to her saying that she has to open up, so she conveyed to Vinay that there is a guy called Vikram who has come into her life and he is the one with whom she is going to spend the rest of her life.

Vinay was visually broken and he just could not know how to react, as usually he remained calm. He pacified himself saying, a bright guy like Vikram will only be a good match to Sindhu and he does not fit into the slot by any means. Sindhu's parents grew suspicious about her activities and hence decided to spy on her, at last their spy gave them a shocking information saying that she is behind a guy by name Vikram and he does not seem to be interested in her, so they came to know that this is an one sided affair, which they wanted to stop as soon as possible. Sindhu on the other hand planned to talk to Vikram and confess her crush towards him. She thought of calling him for a coffee at their college cafeteria and then express her feelings to him, but somehow she did not have the guts to do that, and hence dropped the idea.

Vikram saw Sindhu the next day at college and he casually asked her, "Hey what's up, you look so dull and depressed, what ? your boy friend Vinay ditched you is it ?" and winked at her, she replied back to him in a hurry saying that Vinay is just her friend and nothing more, and the very next moment she had this wild thought in her, that Vikram is distancing himself from her, as he mistook Vinay to be his boy friend, she got wild and cursed Vinay for projecting himself as if he is too close to her and he is her boy friend, immediately her fingers dialed Vinay's number and she asked him to come to "Coffee Day", Vinay who now know that Sindhu is not her's, he asked her, "Why?", that irritated Sindhu even more and she fumed over the phone saying "Oh, you will not meet me without a reason is it ?, I say come ..." and disconnected the line. Vinay was there in the next 30 minutes.

Sindhu wanted to make things very clear and she told Vinay that he is not supposed to talk to her or meet her anymore, as Vikram mistook their relationship as love, so, please get out of my life forever, she fumed. Vinay did a rewind of this same relationship, where Sindhu said that he is her life. Vinay did not say even a word, as he does not want to hurt her by any means, he wished her "Best of Luck" and decided not to interfere in her life anymore. He packed all his things and came down to this beautiful village, as he was pregnant in these thoughts, his mobile vibrated and the SMS read "Machaan, thanks a ton for letting me know that Sindhu is also in Love with me da. Today she proposed to me, many thanks for you machi, No wonder you are my best buddy right from my school days ...". Sindhu was happy to be with Vikram and she was proud of her action in sending Vinay out of her life.

Father of Villains ...

One of my favorite villain’s of all times is no more. He actually is the godfather of setting up the guidelines of how a villain should be on screen. He was cursed to the core by all MGR fans and in fact people used to hate him from the bottom of their heart, and that’s the success of this genius of an actor. He is very famous for his voice and any mimicry artist will first start mimicking his voice before he moves on to others. He is very famous for this dialogue in one of his movies "Dei Maayaandi...” the tone at which he said that got into the hearts of millions of tamilians ...

He shared the screen space with lot of top actors of yester years especially Sir. Shivaji Ganesan, Sir. MGR and he also played the villain role to our top heroes of all times Mr. Rajinikanth and Mr. Kamal Hassan. He was there in the industry for almost 60 years and has played close to 700 movies. He and his counterpart Mr. Veerappa are supposed to be the most notorious villains of tamil cinema who have won millions of hearts through their excellent acting skills. Nambiyar though acted as villain in most of the cinemas, is a gem of a person off the screen. He is a serious devotee of Lord Iyappan and he used to visit Sabharimala during the month of "Karthigai". He has the record of going to Shabarimala for 50 plus years continuously, without even missing once.

Nambiar who generally used to act like smoking cigars and drinking alcohol in movies, is a tee-totaller in real life, he is a person with 0 bad habits. He also practiced YOGA meticulously and the way he maintained his body, is something unbelievable. He never looked old for his age; he used to be very energetic and lively even at this age of 90. Tamil cine industry has lost one of its greatest human being and an excellent actor. Life is so cruel and death is something you cannot stop. I pray for his soul to rest in peace.

பப்பி லவ் ...

இந்த ஒரு சம்பவத்தை நான் வெகு நாட்களாக எனது வலையில் பதிவு செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று எண்ணியிருந்தேன், அதற்க்கு தக்க நேரம் இப்பொழுது தான் வந்துள்ளது, இது ஒரு சிறிய கதை போல உங்களுக்கு தோணலாம், ஆனால் இது என் கல்லூரி நாட்களில் நடந்த ஒரு சுவையான நகைச்சுவை அனுபவம். இன்றும் எனது சக தோழர்களின் மனதில் ஆழமாக பதிந்த சம்பவம். நான் நியூயார்க்கில் இருந்த பொழுது எனது கல்லூரி நண்பர்கள் சிலரை சந்திக்க நேர்ந்தது, அப்பொழுது முதலில் தொடங்கிய அரட்டையே இந்த சம்பவத்தை பற்றி தான். சேரி ரொம்ப செந்தமிழ் ல பேசி உங்கள கொல்ல விரும்பல, இதோ நம்ப சாதாரண நடைமுறை தமிழ்லயே பேசுவோம்...

நா படிச்சது சென்னை ராயப்பேட்டை ல இருக்கற "புது கல்லூரி" ல தான், நெறைய சினிமா நக்ஷதிரங்கள உருவாக்கின கல்லூரி நு சொல்லலாம். நா படிச்சது B.Sc PHYSICS, எனக்கு ஒரு அளவுக்கு மண்டைல ஏறின சுப்ஜெக்ட் நா அது PHYSICS மட்டும் தான் நு கூட சொல்லலாம். சென்னை வாசிகளுக்கு எங்க காலேஜ் பத்தி நல்லாவே தெரியும் அதுவும் எங்க காலேஜ் கு எதிர் ல தான் "ஆதர்ஷ் வித்யாலயா" nu ஒரு பெண்கள் படிக்கற பள்ளிக்கூடம், கேட்கனுமா பசங்களோட சேட்டைய ? அநியாயத்துக்கு அந்த பொண்ணுங்கள போட்டு ஓட்டறதே ஒரு சில பசங்களுக்கு வேலை.

நா எப்பவுமே பஸ் ல தான் காலேஜ் கு போவேன், எனக்கு டூ வீலர் ஓட்ட தெரியாது, இன்னிக்கு ஓட்ட தெரியுமான்னு கேடீங்கன்னா, இன்னிக்கும் ஓட்ட தெரியாது. அப்படிப்பட்ட ஒரு ஆசாமிக்கு பஸ்ஸ விட்ட வேற வழி இல்ல. சின்ன வயசுல எல்லா பசங்களுக்கும் இருக்கற அதே "ஹீரோயிசம்" என்கிட்டயும் இருந்துச்சு (அட சத்தியமாங்க, இப்ப தான் நா காமெடியன், அப்போ ஹீரோ தான்), சோ ஓடற பஸ்ல ஏறறது, ஸ்டைல் லா பஸ் பாச நீடறது, கண்டக்டர் ர காட்டு தனமா ஓட்டறது, எல்லாமே எப்போ நா, அந்த ஸ்கூல் பொண்ணுங்க இருகரச்சே மட்டும் தான்.

எல்லாருக்குமே "பப்பி லவ்" நு ஒன்னு கண்டிப்பா இருந்துருக்கும், அதே மாதிரி எனக்கும் ஒன்னு இருந்துச்சு, சேரி "பப்பி லவ்" நா என்ன நு தெரியாதவங்களுக்கு, ஒரு சின்ன இன்பார்மேஷன் "பப்பி லவ்" நா, ஒரு பையனுக்கோ, பொண்ணுக்கோ, அவங்களோட ஆபோசிட் செக்ஸ் மேல ஒருவிதமான ஈர்ப்பு வரும், அது லவ் நும் சொல்ல முடியாது, இன்பாக்சுவேஷன் நும் சொல்ல முடியாது, அது ரெண்டுத்துக்கும் நடுவுல இருகர ஒரு பீலிங் தான் அது, எனக்கு ஒரு பொண்ணு மேல அப்படி இருந்துச்சு. ஆனா ரொம்ப சீக்ரெட்டான "பப்பி லவ்", எனக்கே அது "பப்பி லவ்" நு பல வருஷம் கழிச்சு தான் தெரிஞ்சுச்சு நா பார்த்துகோங்களேன்.

டெய்லி காலேஜ் கு, கலர் கலர் ஆ டிரஸ் பண்ணிக்கிட்டு போவேன், ஆதர்ஷ் ஸ்கூல் விடற டைம் உம், எங்க காலேஜ் விடற டைம் உம் ஒரே டைம் தான், ஸோ கரெக்டா அந்த டைம் கு வெளிய வந்துடுவேன் என் கூடாளிங்களோட, எவளோ பஸ் வந்தாலும் ஏதோ ஒரு சாக்கு சொல்லி, அந்த பொண்ணு ஏறி போகற பஸ் ல தான் போகணும் நு வெயிட் பண்ணி போவேன். இது ஒரு நாள் ரெண்டு நாள் இல்லங்க, ரெண்டு வருஷம் தொடர்ந்த "பப்பி லவ்" , இதுல விஷயம் என்ன நா, எனக்கு அந்த பொண்ணு பேரு கூட என்ன நு தெரியாது, நா தெரிஞ்சுக்கவும் ஆச படல.

எங்க டீம் பஸ் ல ஏறினாலே, எங்களோட கமெண்ட்ஸ் என்ஜாய் பண்ணறதுக்கு ஒரு கூட்டம் இருக்கும் பஸ் ல, நாங்க ரொம்ப நல்ல பசங்க வேறயா, ஸோ கேவலமா எந்த கமெண்ட் உம் அடிக்க மாடோம், சத்தியமா எங்க கமெண்ட்ஸ் வல்கரா இருக்கவே இருக்காது, அதே மாதிரி யார் மனசும் புண் படாம தான் கமெண்ட் அடிக்கணும் நு நா ரொம்பவே ஜாக்கரதையா இருப்பேன். ஒரு கட்டத்துல, பஸ் டிரைவர் அண்ட் கண்டக்டர் எல்லாம் என்னோட திக் பிரெண்ட்ஸ் ஆய்டாங்க நா பாருங்களேன்.

இப்படி நா அடிச்சா பல காமெடி கமெண்ட்ஸ் கு என் "பப்பி லவ்" பிகரும் ஒரு விசிறி ஆனது தான் சூப்பர் டர்னிங் பாயிண்ட், அடிக்கற எல்லா கமெண்ட்ஸ் உம் எங்க செட் பசங்கள பத்தி தான் இருக்கும், எங்கள நாங்களே மானகேடா ஒட்டிபோம், அதுவும் சத்தமா எல்லாருக்கும் கேட்கறா மாதிரி ஒட்டிபோம், குறிப்பா என் பிகர் கு கேட்கறா மாதிரி தான் கமெண்ட் அடிப்பேன், பட் ஒரு வாட்டி கூட அவ மூஞ்சிய நேர் ல பார்த்து பேசினது இல்ல.

ஒரு நாள் என்ன ஆச்சு நா, நாங்க என் செட் ல இருகர ஒரு பையன கச்சா முச்சா நு ஒட்டிக்கிட்டு இருந்தேன், அன்னிக்கு நா full form ல இருந்தேன் நு தான் சொல்லணும், ஸோ பஸ் ல இருந்த எல்லாரும் கை தட்டி சிரிச்சாங்க நா பார்த்துகோங்களேன், அதுல ஒரு பயணி சொன்னது இன்னும் ஞாபகம் இருக்கு, "தம்பி நீ எல்லாம் சினிமா கு போனா பெரிய ஆளா வருவா" நு சொன்னாரு, அதுக்கும் நா கமெண்ட் அடிச்சேன் "ஐயா, சினிமா கு போனா பெரிய ஆளா வருவேனா என்ன நு எனக்கு தெரியாது, ஆனா கண்டிப்பா இப்போ இருக்கற இதே சைஸ் ல கண்டிப்பா வருவேன்" நு, மொக்க ஜோக் தான் இது, பட் அன்னிக்கு அதுக்கும் எல்லாரும் சிரிச்சாங்க.

இதெல்லாம் என்னோட "பப்பி லவ்" என்ஜாய் பண்ணிருக்கா, ஸோ அடுத்த நாள் என்ன அதே மாதிரி பஸ் ல போறச்சே, அவ "Excuse Me" நு என்ன பார்த்து கூப்டா, உடனே என் கூட இருந்த பசங்க எல்லாரும், "என்ன மச்சி சொல்லவே இல்ல" நு ஒரு கிண்டல் வேற, எனக்கு உள்ளுக்குள்ள அந்த கமெண்ட ரசிச்சேன் நு சொன்னாலும், வெளிய ஒரே பயம், இந்த பொண்ணு ஏன் நம்பள கூப்புடுது, நம்ப எந்த தப்பும் பண்ணலையே நு நெனச்சேன், சேரி இருந்தாலும், ஆம்பளைக்கு தெய்ரியம் தான் அழகு நு எனக்கு நானே சொல்லிக்கிட்டு,"எஸ் சொல்லுங்க" நு சொன்னேன்.

அந்த காலத்துலேயே அந்த பொண்ணு செல் போன் வெச்சுருந்தா, சேரி பசை உள்ள பார்ட்டி போலருக்கு நு நெனச்சுப்பேன், அவ என் கிட்ட தனியா பேசணும் நு சொன்ன, சத்தியமா சொல்லறேன், நா ஆடி போய்டேன், நமக்கு வாய் இருக்கற அளவுக்கு தெய்ரியம் கெடையாது, நா அவங்க கிட்ட சொன்னேன், தனியா என்னங்க பேச போறீங்க, எதுவா இருந்தாலும் இப்பவே சொல்லுங்க நு சொன்னேன், அதுக்கு அந்த பொண்ணு சொல்லிச்சு, இல்ல நா உங்கள ஒருத்தருக்கு அறிமுக படுத்தனும், ஸோ நாளைக்கு இதே பஸ் ஸ்டாண்ட் ல நீங்க வெயிட் பண்ணுங்க நு சொல்லிடு போய்டுச்சு.

ஓடி வந்து பசங்க கிட்ட இத சொன்னேன், "மச்சான் அந்த பொண்ணு யாரையோ எனக்கு அறிமுக படுத்தனும் நு சொல்லரா டா, எனக்கு பயமா இருக்கு, ஒரு வேளை அவங்க அப்பா வா இருக்குமோ" நு சொன்னேன், அதுக்கு என் பசங்க சொன்னாங்க, இதுக்கு தான் வாய மூடிகிட்டு கம்முனு வா நு சொன்னோம், நீ தான் பெரிய பருப்பு மாதிரி, பஸ் புல்லா காமடி பண்ணிண்டு வந்த, இப்போ நீ செத்த டி நு சொல்லி, இருகர பயத்த ஜாஸ்த்தி பண்ணி விட்டுடாங்க.

அவ சொன்ன நாளும் வந்துச்சு, நா தனியா போக பயந்துகிட்டு, என் பசங்களோட தான் போனேன்,அவங்க ஒரு பக்கம் இருந்தாங்க, நா இன்னொரு பக்கம் அந்த பொண்ணுக்காக வெயிட் பண்ணினேன். அந்த பொன்னும் அவ கூட ஒரு ஆளும் வந்தாங்க, லைட்டா ஒதறல் எடுக்க ஆரம்பிச்சுது, ஓடி போய்டலாம் நு கூட நெனச்சேன், சேரி ஓடினா அசிங்கமா இருக்கும், நம்ப தான் எந்த தப்பும் பண்ணலையே, எதுக்கு ஓடனும் நு வெயிட் பண்ணினேன். அந்த பொண்ணு கிட்டக்க வந்து "ஹாய் சதீஷ், இவரு தான் என் ஹஸ்பெண்டு முரளி" நு அறிமுக படுத்திட்டு, உங்க கமெண்ட்ஸ் எல்லாத்தையும் நா டெய்லி ஈவினிங் பொய் முரளி கூட ஷேர் பண்ணிப்பேன், நல்லா விழுந்து விழுந்து சிரிப்போம் ரெண்டு பேரும், u have got a terrific sense of humour" நு சொன்னா. ஒ தேங்க்ஸ் நு அசடு வழிஞ்சுட்டு நின்னேன்.

என்ன பார்க்கணும் நு இன்னிக்கு முரளி ஆபீஸ் லீவ் போட்டார் நு ஒரு குட்டி தகவலும் சொல்லிட்டு, வாங்க சதீஷ் எல்லாரும் சேர்ந்து போகலாம் நு சொல்லி, எல்லாரும், ஒரு பஸ் ல ஏறி போனோம். என்ன தான் என் "ப்பி லவ்" இப்படி ஆய்டுச்சே நு வருத்தம் இருந்தாலும், அந்த பொண்ணு "ஆதர்ஷ் வித்யாலயா" ல கணக்கு டீச்சர் நு சொன்னா பாருங்க, அங்கேயே நாங்க எல்லாரும் விழுந்து விழுந்து சிரிச்சிருக்கோம், அவங்க ரெண்டு பேருக்கும் நாங்க ஏன் சிரிச்சோம் நு இன்னி வரைக்கும் தெரியாது.

ஆளு பார்க்க கொஞ்சம் குள்ளமா இருந்த உடனே எப்படி மச்சி நீ ஸ்டுடென்ட் நு நெனச்ச ? நல்ல வேளை நீ வேற எதுவும் பேசல அவங்க கிட்ட, மகனே வேற ஏதாவது சொல்லிருந்த, அதே முரளி உன்ன இன்னிக்கு கொல்ல வந்துருபாறு நு பசங்க கிண்டலடிச்சாங்க. ஆனா உண்மை என்ன நா, ஆதர்ஷ் வித்யாலயா ல 11th & 12th கு யூனிபார்ம் கிடையாது, கலர் டிரஸ் தான், ஸோ அங்க தான் நா டீச்சர் கும் ஸ்டுடென்ட் கும் confuse ஆய்ட்டேன்.

இப்போ அதே சம்பவத்த 14 வருஷத்துக்கு அப்பொறம் எல்லாரும் நியூயார்க் ல ஒரு ஹோட்டல் ல நினைவு படுத்தி பேசினோம், it took all of us back to 1994. ஆயிரம் தான் இருந்தாலும், காலேஜ் லைப் காலேஜ் லைப் தான். அப்போ எங்க எல்லார் கிட்டயும் சேர்த்து பத்து ரூபா இருந்தா பெரிய விஷயம், பட் எங்க கிட்ட சந்தோஷம் இருந்துச்சு, இப்போ எல்லார் கிட்டயும் லக்ஷ லக்ஷமா காசு இருக்கு, பட் அந்த சந்தோஷம் மட்டும் இல்ல.

Back to Home ... Sweet Home ...

Ah, after a tiresome 30 hours of journey, I am finally back to my sweet home "Chennai". I vacated my hotel room on the 15th morning at 6:00 AM and to me it looked like the nature is crying buckets and given me a teary send off, oh ya, it was pouring cats and dogs at New York in the morning. The cab which I have booked came on time and I reached JFK by 6:45, even before the Emirates counter was open. I had too many worries in my mind, one related to my excess baggage weight and another one was the fear of traveling for 14 hours non-stop, but little I knew that I am going to have a fantastic 14 hour journey, wanted to know "What happened ?" ....

I checked in my two huge suitcases at the counter and I was mentally prepared to pay the excess baggage amount if they asked me to do so, but God’s grace, even though I had an excess of 6 pounds per piece, the female who was issuing my boarding pass, did not even see the weights, she simply pasted the tag which was checked in all the way to Chennai. I had a big sigh of relief. I then chose my preferred seating location in the aircraft (I always take aisle) and took my boarding pass and walked all the way to my gate, as I was feeling hungry, I had a cup cake and a mocha to suppress the noises of my tummy.

I waited at the lounge for nearly 2 hours and while I was sitting, I saw an "Angel", she was one of the most gorgeous female I have ever seen, I wish if I could sit next to her, and after a while the boarding gate opened and I moved along with the queue and took my seat after placing my cabin baggage inside the top rack. I then started to flip the pages of my book and in a few minutes time, I heard a sweet voice saying "Excuse me..." I just could not believe my eyes, it was that angel who is gonna sit next to me, she had accompanied by her mom, who is sitting on to her left. I was like, "This is what I mean LUCK" and smiled to myself.

I know it would be very obvious if I start a conversation and also it will be difficult to travel 14 hours without even talking to your fellow passenger who is sitting next to you, that too a being a beautiful girl, but something stopped me in initiating that conversation, hence I waited for her to start, after 10 minutes there was an announcement from the captain saying, there are 32 flights waiting in the runway for take off as the visibility is very low and hence there will be a delay of 60 minutes minimum, anyways I was happy that I could spend 15 hours with that beautiful girl. She took out a notebook from her small bag and a pack of crayons with all different colors and then looked at me with a smile and asked me "Do you know how to draw a cat? I know, you see how I draw", I was more than happy to see that 4 year old angel drawing with her tiny little hands. :-)

Since she has already initiated the conversation, then it was my turn to prove my skills, I took her notebook and drew a dog, a cow and a sheep, she was simply excited and in her world I am her "Ravivarma", she happily showed that to her mom and she asked me to draw a dinosaur this time, which I have no clue of how to draw, I then tried my level best in running the "Jurassic Park" movie in my mind and then I did a pretty decent job in bringing the teeth of the dino, with some perfection, then her mom asked her to sleep and she immdly said ok and she laid her head on her mom's lap and her legs on mine, her mom told her not to do so, but she asked me directly if she can keep her legs on mine, for which I was more than happy to say a "yes".

She then woke up after 5 hours and then started our gala time, we both watched all the animation movies together and then she even shared some of her greatest secrets with me, i.e. once she was going to her school .... oops, since it’s a secret, I would let it remain that way, I don’t want to spill the beans here ;-). She then shared one of the ear bud of my i-Pod and started to listen some Tamil songs, though she does not know what it is all about, but she enjoyed, then we played a game called "Find my finger", she taught me the game, its very simple, she will close her right hand with her left hand and all you could see is the tip of all the fingers, she will then say "Index Finger" and you have to touch that, you get a point, if you say it wrong she gets a point. To be honest here, I lost to her by 8 to 10, she won the game. I am happy to lose that as well to that cute little angel.

Finally arrived Dubai, I was totally not in a mood to miss that angel, but I know that’s the end of our journey and I have to leave her with a kiss on her forehead and a "GBU" statement. I felt some kind of heaviness in my heart when I have to see her go off, but that's life, I know I am not going to meet her again in my life, similarly how many things we miss in life unknowingly ?. I was having a 14 hours transit in Dubai, hence Emirates gave me a 5 star hotel stay, and I went to that hotel and then went to bed immediately. I was dead tired.

I got up at around 5:30 Dubai time and then took a hot shower and reached the airport by 6:15. I purchased some G there and then did some more duty shopping. I took my 9:00 PM flight which got delayed by 30 mins. I reached Chennai around 3:00 in the morning and after clearing all the immigration, I came home by 4:30, from then to this time, I did not sleep as I need to overcome my jetlag. I distributed all the things I got from the US, had a good home made food, watched cricket by 8:30, I had my dinner and then started to write this blog. I would have had a successful US trip, but somehow my heart is failing to forget the cute little girl, I dunno what made me to think of her all the time, may be is this called "Love at First Sight ... ??"

For No One's Fault ...

Its Kavya's 27th birthday and she is not too excited about that. This is the fourth birthday after marriage and Kavya could sense that her life has changed and swayed a lot from what she had expected out of marrying Varun. "Varun has changed", murmured her lips, her memories rolled back to 2002 the year she met Varun at a conference in Singapore, a guy who has sharp "features" and no girl would want to miss a chance of seeing him, quite attractive guy. He had that charming smile on his face all the time and his sense of humour was incredible, there were days, Kavya thronged to get an intro to Varun ...

She came back to INDIA and though she does not believe in luck or fate, but that incident made her to believe in those, what a surprise, Varun was sitting next to her in that "Singapore Airlines" and he was busy in chatting with someone, occasionally he grins while chatting and laughs to himself, the devil inside Kavya tempted her to see with whom he is chatting, may be some girl with whom he has an affair? her heart started to beat faster, so she dropped her hanky purposely and bend down to pick that up, so that she can see his laptop monitor, Varun was quick enough to bend his head to pick that hanky and there goes a BANG, both of them dashed their head and Varun said, that shouldn’t be painful, coz my head is empty, but your was a tough blow, may be you have a "head-weight" and winked at her. Kavya burst into laughter, which caught the attention of some fellow Chinese passengers.

Kavya was quick to introduce herself to Varun and he too introduced himself to her saying he works for a leading MNC as their business analyst, Kavya said she knows that, as she was one of the delegates in the conference where he addressed, Varun was surprised to hear that and said he is unaware of that. Kavya is still nervous about that unknown person with whom he is chatting with and was praying that Varun should not have any affair, but at the same time, her mind asked her a simple question, "Do you think that he will still be single? Charming guy, Well employed, good ethics, he should have been engaged by now", normally Kavya used to listen to her mind, but this time she does not want to and she had some intuition saying, Varun should still be single. She wanted to get that confirmed from him, if not she felt as if her head would burst.

She started the conversation, so, how was the trip? Did you come here only to attend this conference ?, Varun who got back to his chat, absolutely missed her question and asked her "Pardon me ... you were asking something", Kavya repeated the same question, Varun still having his eyes on the chat, said, "Ahhnn, ya, ah, I came from Canada to Singapore to address the employees of that bank and now I am going to Chennai, I just cannot wait any more to see her, "She" cannot stay without me even for a day and laughed. That "She" came down as a thunder to Kavya for a moment, she prayed all the GOD's that "She" should not be his wife or girl friend, she somehow coined her words and asked him with a puzzled look "Shee ???", and waited for Varun's reply, "Oh yaa, it’s my brother's daughter, she is 1 year old and she likes me more than anyone in my family, I am her world, all my check-in baggage is full of toys that I purchased for her. Kavya told herself that "Even for her, he is the world" and grinned.

Varun asked her what she is doing for a living. She said that she is a Business Journalist and she works for a leading Business magazine in Chennai and hence she came to Singapore to gather some information. Varun raised his eyebrows and said, I always envy "Journalists" to me they are the great people, they have to make sure everything is fine before releasing the news under the ink, I always wonder how could they make sure that the information they have got is authentic, but "journalist" job is most of the time "On the roads", so how do you manage with that and being a girl ?, Kavya said, she does not have to worry about that, as her family has given her complete freedom in doing whatever she wants and she is blessed with such wonderful dad and mom. She added a footnote to that saying, "I don’t have a BOSS, who could control me", Varun gave her a confused look, she said "It means, I am single and I don’t have a husband" and winked.

They both discussed a lot of things from a business point of view and Varun made her laugh all the way with his occasional humour comments and when the flight landed in Chennai, Varun too landed inside Kavya's heart. They both exchanged their number and email-id's as a customary action which anyone will do with their co-passenger, Varun never thought that this female would be his life partner, Varun landed in Chennai and on his first day at work, he was surprised to see an email from Kavya. Email's turned into yahoo chats, yahoo chats changed in to phone calls, phone calls turned into personal meetings and personal meetings turned into love and love turned into marriage. It was a marriage which happened without any fuzz. 

Kavya remembers the first gift she got from Varun on her birthday; it was a diamond studded ROLEX watch and a candle light dinner at Taj Connemara. Kavya was so happy to have Varun as her better half, not for such monetary benefits, but for the love and affection he has on her, whenever he flies abroad, he used to call her and talk to her for hours together, but now, he hardly emails her. Kavya is still trying to figure out when and where things started to go wrong, may be it all started when she refused to come abroad with Varun on a long term? or maybe it would have started when she insisted Varun to come out alone and stay in a different place away from his parents or will it have started when she blasted Varun for not inviting her parents for his sister's engagement?, but this is not the time to find a reason for his split, it’s time to unite, told her mind.

Kavya is tired of thinking why her life has taken an ugly turn, Varun too is equally disturbed and he avoided coming home some days, he volunteered himself to travel abroad, so that he can spend less time with her. Kavya's only pass time nowadays is browsing the internet, but she will not do that when Varun is around, as Varun may not like it. It’s her birthday and as usually Kavya was busy surfing the net and Varun who headed to office came back to pick up his cell phone, he got wild when he found Kavya browsing an internet site, he stood behind her and Kavya could sense that something is standing behind her, before she could see who it is, Varun grabbed the laptop and smashed it on the floor, that cute little beauty was broken into pieces and Kavya was frozen out of fear.

Varun could not stand that anymore and he banged his head and screamed to her "Why the hell you are refusing to understand me? Why are you killing me alive? How many times I have told you not to look out for another girl on the internet for me? Instead of that you please kill me by yourself, which will give me the PEACE you are trying to give me. I am hurt deeply by your behavior, and its painful to see that you have not understood me in these 4 years of our married life", he couldn’t continue any further and tears rolled out of his eyes, Kavya stood still. She had her 3rd consecutive abortion and doctors told her that she could not have a baby anymore in her life, so Kavya decided to arrange for a second marriage to Varun which is against his will, that's when things started to drift and Varun started to distance himself from her.

Kavya slowly inched towards Varun and tapped him on his shoulder; Varun with his teary eyes asked her "Tell me, what I should do to make you believe that I love you so much for the way you are and not for your mean flesh?, you not able to carry a baby is not your fault, and not my fault either, but you have decided to punish me for that and planning to get me married for one more time and make me live with that sense of guilt all through my life is it ?. We can always adopt a kid and lead a happy life, but how can I live a life with another girl, when I am having you deep inside my heart?" Kavya replied to him with tears and Varun pulled out a big "I AM SORRY" heart shaped balloon and they both smiled at each other after a long time... Kavya, decided to ease the mood and asked him, so who will answer your office now ? You have just broken your office laptop ... Varun almost fainted ...

Last Weekend @ New York ...

It was my last weekend at New York and I am very much excited about that for two obvious reasons, one being the feeling that the same time next week, I will be in INDIA and the next one is the visit of my close friend Paul from Chicago. I reached my cousin's place on Friday night and had some good dinner. Then it was fun time with all the room mates and we were laughing like mad for nothing. We watched this movie called "Chakkarakatti" which was horrible to the core, but we all had nice fun. At times I feel proud to be single, as you get to execute what you wanted to do and can enjoy every moment without any pinch of worry when you are with your friends, if you are married, and you are out with your friends, that happiness quotient will not be 100%, I know there are people ready to oppose this statement, but that's purely my perception about married life ...

Saturday morning myself and my cousin got up early and then rushed to Newark airport to pick up my friend, though the subway trains played hide and seek, we somehow reached the airport on time and picked up Paul. It was very cloudy in the day and also the weather man had predicted "Rain" in the afternoon, but I had a little of hope that it won't rain, unfortunately that was not the case, as it started to rain from 1:00 PM. We three decided to brave this rain and started to "Statue of Liberty", but the rain, wind and chillness was so much that we came back to our apartment by 1:30, we knew it’s going to be very tough to get there in this rain and also the ferry ride in this cold weather would be near to impossible.

We came home and started playing cards, not for one or two hours we played for five hours. By 6:00 we took Paul to a nearby mall and then we shopped few groceries for the night feast we have planned to make. We started cooking by 7:00 and all my cousin's roommates were back to hut after their outing. Paul made Veg Biriyani and I made Onion Pakoda and another guy made Onion raitha and in 3 hours time the dinner table was full of delicious items. We all had a chatty dinner and then we watched some streaming videos of a program called "Jodi Poruttham", man that was the best, it was hilarious to the core and we could not stop laughing. I was in the best of my comments that day and things came out as fluent as it can. The entire house was bursting in laughter. Then we watched "Shivaji" movie for some time and I went to sleep by 12:00

Sunday, we knew it’s going to be a very busy day for me, my cousin and Paul. The weather looked bright and sunny, but the temperature was just 5 degrees and it was freezing. We started around 9:00 to the "Statue of Liberty", we were taking snaps in almost all the scenic locations we saw. We took the ferry and reach the statue and spent about 1 hour there, weather forced us to cut short our shooting sessions, as our hands got freeze and we were unable to click the camera. We hurried ourselves to a restaurant and had pizzas, which was a bit soothing to that temperature, then we walked around the Hudson for some more time and took our return ferry to New York.

We came to "Empire State Building" by 4:00, and then we took a long walk of nearly 4 miles to reach "Times Square", there we had our light evening snack, by 6:00 we reached "Times Square", our photo sessions continued there as well. At one stage we were all dead tired and hence decided to relax in my hotel room which we quite close to "Times Square". By 8:00 we took the subway train back to NJ and reached my cousin’s apartment by 8:30. A very long day comes to an end, and all three of us were visibly tired. On kind request of my cousin's roommates, I made "Basundi" and surprisingly, it came out well. I was too tired even to taste that, and I wanted to hit my sack ASAP. By 11:30 I went to bed. It was good to meet my friend in the US for one last time, not sure if we both will meet again the US. Also an eventful weekend came to an end. My cousin (poor guy) gathered all his patience and then came with us to all the places, well, that's why he is my sweet little cousin.

Bye Bye ... Prince ...

Sourav Ganguly, the man who made the entire world to look towards INDIA in the world of cricket due to his skilful captaincy. He was one of the greatest left hand batsmen INDIA has ever produced. He is extremely stylish and his cover drives are a treat to watch. He has this immaculate skill of driving through the off, even when it’s packed with 7 fielders. People, who have cribbed about him, should think of all those good days he had and all the entertainment he has given to this nation of billion fans.

He is one of the most successful captain India has ever produced, to me I would rate him the best amongst all the other captains of India. His aggressiveness on the field was tremendous when he was at his peak. Yes we all know that he has spoiled his name on his own due to some unwanted comments and statements he made while he was captaining the side, and there was a drift within the team and that was evident on the recently concluded World Cup 2007. I could not agree rating ganguly's caliber based on his off field performances, when he was at his peak he was a terror to the bowlers. Remember guys, he and sachin are the best opening pair India has ever had....

The way he hits SIX by coming down the crease and lofting it over the spinners head, is something we cannot explain in words that has to be felt. He dances down the pitch and then gives a neat whack at the ball, to the best of my knowledge; I could not remember Ganguly missing those lofted shots and got caught in the outfield. He has several great knocks to pat his back on, one particular thing being the partnership he had between Dravid for 364 runs at Old Trafford against Srilanka during 1999 world cup. He has that famous "shirt removing" incident which he did to give it back to what Flintoff did for us when England played against us in India.

He rubbed shoulders with the then coach Greg Chappel and what happened after that is a world known history. I feel bad that India will miss such an exciting, stylish left hand player in the coming games, and if he wouldn’t have got caught in those political storms, he would have been a great cricketer like Sachin. I am surely going to miss watching his batting and whatever that is being said, to me is one of INDIA's finest cricketing legend. May Sourav get his time to spend with his family and wish I him all the best in whatever he does in future. I hope we can see him in action during the IPL.

That's my house ...

I came to this house a decade back and it’s located in the most congested areas of Chennai. This is a complex where there are 30 different families living in all the 5 floors. I being single, I did not want a house with a kitchen or a hall, all I need is a room and a bathroom with tap and water connection. I was given a common place which is accessible by all the 30 tenants. It’s a pretty small 6 by 6 room and I cannot ask much more than that, as my situation is like that. I being a good observer, but I never advice or suggest anything to anyone, I would love to be a listener in most of the times...

Ravi is an "educated fool" as far as I know. He struggled a lot to get a job, at one time he used to sit idle all the time at home and will come to my room only to talk to himself, since my room is more like a closed enclosure, he will come in and bolt the door and will abuse his dad, mom, sister and all the other tenants, but it’s understandable, he has to vent his anger out at some point, and my room was very convenient for him to do so, as usually I will be a good listener and will never utter a word back. Ravi managed to get a job as a sales representative with a detergent company, you should have seen him after that, he demanded attention of all his family members, his dad used to clean his cycle before he starts to office, his mom used to iron his shirts and pants and his sister used to clean and polish his shoes, he actually conducted a drill in the morning to all his family members. Ravi does not know how to respect his parents, and all he earns is a mere Rs 1500 per month.

Sailaja thinks that she is the most beautiful girl in that house; she tries hard to keep her beautiful, you cannot see Sailaja without her make-up kit and her handbag, even if she comes down to collect the morning milk. I don’t interact with her whatsoever, but I notice her, she too comes to my place at times and will apply those make-up powders in front of me, she would have thought that I am looking at her, but for GOD sake I did not do that even once. Her mom is a divorcee and she thinks that her daughter's beauty will invite a "Prince" to marry her and afterwards all their poverty will be off and they all will be moving into a palace. Thunder struck her one fine morning when Sailaja came to the house with a garland on her neck and a guy on her right. She fell in love with an auto driver who has a stand opposite to our house, all her mom's dream of moving into a palace came down crashing. But for that auto driver who was homeless till date, is moving into a palace, anyways I am happy that somebody got a palace.

I should be honest in saying that I was scared to be in the ground floor for one reason, which is because of that little devil "Anusha", she is doing her first standard and is naughty to the core. Whenever she sees me, she used to twist my ears and pour water on me, throw all dirty clothes on me, if she refuses to eat, I am gone, her mom will place her on my shoulder and she will sit there till she finishes eating. It’s because I am much taller than her and she cannot jump off from my shoulder that easily. Many times I was showered with her "Nature call" elements, but what to do, you cannot scold a kid. I liked her for her activeness and she is so cute and bubbly, she used to give me her school uniforms and then ask me to wash it for her, I was more than happy to do that. Now Anusha is a big girl, she never disturbs me, she goes to her high school and you cannot see her out of the house moment she comes back from school.

One particular scene in that entire house will be fun to watch, that is the actions of Varadhu Kutty. If Varadhu Kutty is going to office, it means fun time for most of the tenants. We have nick named him "Mr. Memory", he is famous for his "absent mindedness". There is one funny incident which the entire house could never forget, it was very hilarious too. It was a rainy day in Chennai and Varadhu Kutty was already late to office, he too knew that he is very absent minded and hence he will double check everything before he goes out of the house. That day he was neatly dressed and came out of the house, checked his watch, his purse, house keys, umbrella's and made sure that he did not miss anything, he locked the house and stepped out, and realized that he did not wear his shoes, so he came back and wore his shoes and then checked all his stuffs and again locked the door and this time he realized that he has forgot to wear his spectacle, likewise he kept repeating things and all the tenants were ROTFL. He bit his teeth and then yelled at all of us "What is there to laugh ?? Am I dancing Nude here ?? I am only going to office, you stupid’s", then came a voice from the 4th floor saying "Varudhu, you did everything right, but unfortunately today is SUNDAY"

I enjoyed this atmosphere a lot and never thought of vacating that place even if it’s not that comfortable to be in the verandah of that house. Kichu maama, is a retired post office employee and one of the most educated person in that complex, though he cannot prove that, he feel that his 1960s BA (English) is equivalent to an IAS, IPS, BE, MCA, or MBBS of this current period. Though he had high ambitions in life, fate made him to work in a post office for 35 years, he joined as a gumastha and retired as a gumastha. He has his wife who is suffering from a serious "speaker damage", i.e. she is completely deaf. He is also like me, he hardly speaks and even if he speaks he will be very low toned, I used to think that he saves all his energy to talk to his wife, you won't believe, his house has developed more cracks than the rest of the houses, just for the simple reason that he talks loud to his wife. Our street end iron wala does not have a clock or a watch, he closes his shop sharp at 8:00 PM, coz Kichu maama will tell his wife "Hey Bhaamaa, SUN News has started, come here and watch" as if she can hear it, that will be quite audible till the street end and our Iron wala packs off.

This couple is famous for their fights, both of them are working and hence they don’t have time to take care of their kids. Our entire complex gets up in the morning by hearing them fighting. One day the fight got worsened and it became like a mini WAR. He screamed "Hey nooo, no no, put it down" and followed by "banging of few ever silver vessels", but their good practice is, they will never open their doors, all the fights will be within those four walls. Making their kids get ready to go to school is a sight which will be as equivalent to a "jail torture". He will take care of the 1st child and she will take care of the 2nd child, since we have a common toilet which is just in front of my room, they bring their kids there. Not even a single day I have seen those kids taking bath without getting a harsh slap on their back, slap on the back with water and soap on top of it will be extremely painful I say!!. If someone comes to them and ask them "Why are you showing your anger on those young kids", they will get a fitting reply like "Ahhn, Is this your kid ? Or am I beating your kid ? Or is he a kid born between you and my husband ?, just shut up and get lost", will someone even dare to talk to them after such reply ?

Vasanthi is a very puzzling character, no one knows what her background is. That lead to a series of speculation inside the complex, some said that she is a widow, some said that she is a divorcee, some said that she is a girl of "that" kind and some said that her husband is in abroad and some even passed comments while she is crossing my room like "See this female, a shameless creature, roaming with loafers" as if they have seen her roaming with loafers. She never reacts or responds to such comments, I somehow developed some pity for her, though I too wanted to know who she is and what is she doing here, but I would remain silent, as I am a good observer. One fine day she walked into the house complex with a guy and that sparked the other tenants, similarly she came to the house with a new guy every day and she goes into her house and then locks the door. All the other tenants protested her behavior and then demanded her to vacate that house, she without speaking a word accepted to vacate the house and on the day she vacated she told everyone that she is a "Nun" and people visit her house for "Confession".

I should tell you about my heartthrob, she is my favorite girl, who has stolen my little heart, I go mad and my head starts to spin whenever she comes near me. I have developed some kind of attraction towards her but I could not tell her directly, If I get a chance to marry, I will surely marry her, but I know it’s not going to be possible even in the wildest of my dreams, her status is way ahead than mine, I should not aim for such things in life. I was totally attracted by her sheer beauty and I just could not take my eyes off when she is in the verandah. I too know that she is also noticing the fact that I am staring at her, but I am helpless and I could not avoid doing that, while saying all these to you I saw her coming to the verandah, suddenly she started walking towards my room and my heart skipped a beat, she came and poured a bucket of chill water on me and I was shocked, also she twisted my ears and dumped all her dirty clothes inside me and plugged me into the power, as usually I helped her washing her clothes, what do you expect a Washing Machine to do ?? but I still love her …

Software Engineers ...

Once there lived a wood-cutter who would cut trees for his living. One fine day he went into the forest to cut woods, while cutting a tree, his axe slipped out of his hand and fell into the water, and suddenly the river god came out with a golden axe and showed him if that is his axe, the wood cutter says a no and then she goes down again and comes up with a silver axe and asked the wood cutter if that is his axe, the wood cutter says a no and again she plunges into water and then comes up with a bronze axe and asks the wood cutter if that is his axe, no says the wood cutter and finally she brings up his old rusted iron axe and asks him if that is his axe and he happily says yes, river god was impressed by his honesty and gave him all the axes and vanished. That is an old story, if we have to twist the same story in-line with a software engineer, how will that be, here is a small imagination...

Once there lived a software engineer who used to cut and paste code for his living, one fine day he goes to his office to cut and paste codes, while cutting a code, his code vanished somewhere and he panicked. Suddenly a software genie came in front of him with the same code he lost and asked him if this is his code, that software engineer said no, then that genie worked something and brought another code which had a much better logic and asked him if that is his code, the software engineer said no, the genie again worked something and then showed him a code which was even better than the previous one, and asked him if that is his code, the software engineer said no. Genie once again worked for a long time and then showed him a code snippet which is the best amongst the others and asked him if that is what is the code he lost, the software engineer with all smiles on his face, said a big YES to that.

The genie was pissed off with his greedy behavior and told him that he had lied and that was not his code and hence he deserves a punishment. The software engineer begged for innocence and then pleaded to the genie not to punish him, but the genie was not convinced and decided to punish him, in spite of his requests the genie deleted the entire project and said that he can never get that project back, as it has deleted even the backup's. After hearing this that software engineer jumped in joy, on seeing that the genie got confused and told him, "I have deleted your entire project and you are laughing like mad, you must be a nut" saying that the genie vanished with a "puff"

There came his friend after a 1 hour tea break, who had requested his help to fix a code in his project. This guy replied, "Machaan something is wrong in your system daa, I cannot find that piece of code anywhere" and his friend replied, "Oh is it ? It’s not there ah ?, maybe I will reboot my system once and see If I can get it"

So the moral(s) of this story is, "Have short tea breaks" and "Never transfer your work to others" and "Reboot is not a solution always" ;-)

Championship ...

Prasad shot to limelight overnight just for the simple reason that he is the one who has been selected from his village for the world chess championship. The entire village was jumping in joy and also they have seen Prasad winning medals in competitions like boxing, running, wrestling, high jump, long jump etc etc, so they were very confident that Prasad will surely be a world champion in chess as well. Not to doubt his abilities Prasad too have heard a lot about chess and he started to prepare mentally for the game by doing yoga and other mind exercises ...

Prasad was given a separate house with all loaded amenities and all the other villagers were informed that they should not disturb Prasad for a month and he should concentrate hard on winning this world championship, and that will get a big name to the village. Prasad became the center of attraction and he too enjoyed that attention. He was told that mental strength is the first priority to play chess and hence he needs to develop that, but Prasad being a winner for so many other games, decided the other way, he felt that he should be physically strong and hence he decided to exercise 8 hours a day. He called up on the village people to supply him with rich protein food daily so that he can develop his physic.

Prasad did yoga to keep his mind fit and then exercises to keep his body fit and the days for the competition was fast approaching. All the villagers were more anxious to know how Prasad has prepared for the big event. It was just one day to the competition and Prasad is about to leave to SPAIN to play the championship, and he was seen exercising all thru the day and he has developed a very good physic, on seeing that the villagers were a little worried and approached him to ask how he has prepared for the competition apart from doing physical exercises.

Prasad was happy to see the entire village assembling in front of his house and the village chief asked him with a little worried tone, Prasad, we have seen you doing only physical exercises for whole of this month, but we have not seen you practicing playing the game, are you confident that you will win ?? Prasad replied back with a huge laughter and said, he pities them for their ignorance, I heard that in chess I have to move HORSES and ELEPHANTS, how will I do that if I don’t have the right physic. The entire village plunged into silence ...

Chennai ... Chinna ... Cinema ...

The first sight of Chennai and its pulsating environment made Cinna to swoon, he has not seen such a place in his life before. This is the first time he has come out of his village amidst the opposition of all his family members who warned him to be circumspect in whatever he does. Chinna is one of the hundreds of young villagers who step into this city with aspirations of becoming a superstar. Chennai is a place where anyone can survive, it’s the city which welcomes the rich and the poor and keeps them mesmerized with its baffling nature. Every day in this city will be challenging, Chennai unfolds a whole new world to such new comers and will kindle them to search for their desire. Chinna is one such person who has come all the way from Madurai to solve this jig-saw puzzle called Chennai ...

Triplilcane is one place where new comers to this city targets to get themselves an accommodation, it is the only location which is close to the Central Station and it’s the mother of mansions. Every mansion is a separate world on its own, you could find variety of people in mansions, who mostly are bachelors, who will be roaming in their own world with their trade mark "disheveled" looks. Mansion's to me is the place where you can see people of all varied characters, it’s a place of extremes where you will find imbecile, prodigious, loquacious, magnanimous, rapacious, indigenous, obsequious, ominous, odious and also altruistic personalities. Some of the greats of Tamil film industry were sculptured in such mansions, so it’s the place where you can shape yourself or screw yourself.

Chinna too found one such mansion on pycrofts road, all he has is a yellow bag and few hundred rupees with him. It was strange for Chinna to see the queue that is formed in the mornings in front of the restrooms where people go in and come out in a timed fashion, he used to take bath in a open pump set where there is never a restriction on the quantity of water he consumes, but here he was given just half a bucket of water with which he has to do all his morning routines including bathing. Chinna told himself that these things would certainly change when he becomes a superstar, but what he failed to realize is, there are more people standing in the same queue in front of him with the same dreams. Chinna is new to competition and Chennai will take care of teaching him the lesson for his life.

Chinna contacted the mansion's administrator Ramanathan and with no compromise on his innocence, he asked, "Sir, can I get the address of superstar Rajinikanth?", there was a big round of laughter in that room and people were looking at him up and down. Chinna felt a little too embarrassed with that and stood there blank without knowing how to react, his inner voice told him, "Welcome to chennai". Ramanathan is an experienced campaigner, he was in his mid fifties and he had seen many youngsters like him coming into his mansion with the flare of becoming a star in cinemas. He is a matured person too, he took Chinna to his room and asked him, "So you have come here to get a chance to act in movies is it?", for that Chinna replied "Yes, Sir, I want to become like Rajinikanth".

Ramanathan does not want to scare him by saying the bare truths of cine industry and also he does not want to discourage him by saying that it is not that easy to get into the cine industry. He knew that there would be a family waiting for him in Madurai and expecting the news of him becoming an actor. If not for such encouraging mansion owners, we wouldn’t have had a genius like Rajinikanth today, so you never know what is one's potential. Ramanathan told Chinna to join an acting school and learn the skills of acting in a professional way and he also told him that without proper skill, no one could survive in this industry. Chinna does not that the money to join such a school, he can't even go back to his parents and ask for money, but he too felt that he needs to develop his skills if he has to become a star.

Chinna joined a nearby hotel as a server for a paltry Rs 800 per month salary, out of which he has to give Rs 150 as mansion fee every month, though Ramanathan would love to discount that amount for Chinna, he has to think about his family too, as they are entirely dependent on that money. Chinna decided to save money for him to study in that famous acting school and based on his calculations he should work for 5 years to save that amount and then only he can join that school. Chinna decided to do part time jobs and worked almost round the clock. He worked in the hotel in the mornings and in the evenings he would work in a nearby go down as a coolie and early in the morning he used to put papers and milk packets to his nearby locality. He does not mind doing all these petty work, as his dreams are bigger.

Chinna saved each and every penny for his ambition and he could save some good amount of money every month, after nearly 6 months of his hard work, he felt that he has some money to pay for his first semester at the acting school, he went there and got an application form and with the help of Ramanathan he took a neat snap and then got his form ready to be posted the next day, but he received a shocker the next day morning when he found his yellow bag missing where he has kept all his money, who will he go and ask in that huge mansion of unknown people, everyone in his eyes seem to be a culprit. His head started to spin and he was about to faint. He somehow gathered some strength and went running to Ramanathan's room and burst out in tears and said someone has stolen his money bag. All Ramanathan could do is to be a silent listener and share his grief.

Chinna wandered in the streets of Chennai as if the entire world had crashed on him, he kicked himself for not safeguarding the money. He does not want to go back to his mansion that night, so he slept in one of the platforms on Mount Road, that too near an open drainage. Their opens a dream in Chinna, he got a very good chance to act in a movie opposite to Nayan Thara and he has been surrounded by a mob of people who are waiting to get his autograph, the shooting is in Ooty and it was a song sequence that was being shot, the director screamed "Rolling ... Start Camera ... Action..." Chinna was doing his best dance moves with Nayan and he sees the sky it was very clear, bright and sunny, and all of a sudden it started to rain and Chinna got completely drenched, but in reality someone poured a bucket of water on him and asked him to vacate the place as he was sleeping in front of a tea shop.

"Time and tide waits for none", they should have actually added "Hunger" to that list, even it does not wait for anyone. Chinna's tummy started to groan, but his pocket was empty to buy even a single glass of tea. He has no other option other than going and standing in front of Ramanathan who was worried all through the night about Chinna, he was happy to see him that day morning, without he asking anything he offered him a plate of hot idly, Chinna's eyes got wet and his eye lids tried a lot to put gates to stop those tear balls rolling out, but he couldn’t. Ramanathan gave him a comforting look and encouraged him to try even harder and not to lose hope. His encouraging words poured fresh gallons of blood into Chinna and he was fully charged up by his words and also by those two idly’s.

Chinna started to search for a chance on his own and hence he climbed all the studios in Chennai, but everywhere he got only "NO" as the answer and somewhere even more harsh in saying "If you become an actor, then it would be doom of our film industry", but Chinna was not demoralized, he knew that he has that fire in him to break the ice and get into film industry. He then started to concentrate on his writings and then planned to pen stories and become a story writer, and there also Chinna got cheated when one of his story was stolen by a producer and then it was made into a film, which became a super duper hit, Chinna does not know the intricacies of patenting a story, but that bitter lesson taught him the truth and he learnt it in a hard way.

As per the famous saying "Every dog has its day", even Chinna could see light at the end of the tunnel, one of his stories got published in a leading magazine and Chinna shot to fame overnight. Instead of he going and searching for producers, producers keep knocking his doors and requested him to sell his story to them, so that they will use it to make a movie. Chinna's story was made into a film and it became the talk of the town. Chinna was interviewed by all leading magazines and he enjoyed that limelight. He felt happy that GOD has finally answered his prayers for all the hard work he has put in.

Pradeep was anxiously waiting for the reaction of the producer who was listening this story, as he closed his eyes and was chewing the story, Pradeep go too nevrous and started to sweat, but unfortunately the producer was not so convinced by this story line and he said he is not ready to sponsor for his story and hence he asked Pradeep to leave. Chinna, who has changed his name to Pradeep, thinking that it would bring him good luck, got dissapointed and left that place.

Its almost 20 years now, Chinna, oops!! sorry, Pradeep is now a proud owner of a mansion in triplicane who is serving shelter to ambitious bachelors. One fine morning, a guy by name "Kanna" came to his mansion with a yellow bag and asked him without compromising his innocence "Sir, can I get the address of superstar Rajinikanth?", there was a big round of laughter in that mansion, Chinna smiled to himself and took Kanna him to his room. Chennai is still the same...

End of Meghadoot ...

Once there lived a rishi by name "Kalpatharu" who spent most of his life time in the forests of "Kundali", he by the grace of GOD got all the divine powers that is needed to protect this world from the asuras. He lived in the forest with his wife "Pundari" and his daughter "Samiksha". His daughter is very famous in that forest for her looks, as she is the most beautiful girl in that locality. Samiksha is a very obedient girl who will not do anything against her dad and mom's wish. Kalpatharu wanted to her to marry a person who is also a rishi and who follows the rules of "Pradhyushta" meticulously. The head of the asuras "Meghadoota" was madly in love on Samiksha and he somehow wanted to abduct her from the forest and bring her to the hell...

Rishi "Parjothyama" had a son by name "Veeramithra" who is one eligible bachelor who have all the qualities to marry Samiksha, even Kalpatharu wanted to give Samiksha to Veeramithra. The problem is Veeramithra had a curse which would accompany him throughout this life. The curse is something like this; he will go blind after sunset and will get back his vision only the next day morning. Kalpatharu came to know about this curse and he suggested that if they do a "Nethra Kaama Yagyna" he will get back his vision, but the problem in conducting that yagyna is they have to sacrifice the eyes of a young girl into the fire. Veeramithra got this curse when he accidently threw a stone on a rishi who was doing hi tapas with his eyes closed, since he was disturbed form his tapas, he cursed Veeramithra to go blind after sunset.

Both Kalpatharu and Prajothyama agreed to get their daughter and son married and Samiksha will be offering her eyes to the fire so that Veeramithra will get his sight back, but the beauty of that yagyna is, the eyes that were thrown into the fire will also be given back once Veeramithra gets his vision. All the rishi's in that forest worked together to arrange for this maha yagyna, which is performed on the name of lord Shiva, who is believed to give sight to the blind with the help of his third eye. They all chose a location which is not easily to be traced by the asura's so that they will not come and spoil their yagyna. This news somehow leaked to the head of the asura's "Meghadoot" and he became furious. He wanted to abduct Samiksha and bring her to his place.

All the asura's decided to find the location where the yagyna is going to happen so 100s of asura's roamed in the forest and they decided to torture all the other rishis so that they will leak the secret location of where the yagyna is going to happen, so they gave all sorts of trouble to the rishis, but they could not find the location where the yagyna is going to happen. Meghadoot decided to take the matter in his own hands and decided to mingle with the rishi's in disguise. He then took the look of a young girl and somehow befriended Samiksha and even managed to stay at her place. Rishi Kalpatharu has drawn a magical line in front of the room where Samiksha stays and hence no evil powers can cross that line. The asura in disguise came to know that and made sure that he is not crossing that line.

One fine day Veeramithra came to rishi Kalpatharu's hut and expressed his desire to meet Samiksha and then take her for a ride in his horse, since rishi had his own fears of their safety and security, he gave Veeramithra a stick, which he have to use in case of any evil that attacks them. The asura who is in the disguise of a girl volunteered to go with them for security, so that she can alert rishi Kalpatharu in case of any danger, rishi who does not know that she is no one other than the asura Meghadoot, he allowed her to go with them in a different horse. Meghadoot smiled to himself thinking that his plan has worked out, but at the same time he does not know what the stick would do, and hence he decided to get that stick from Veeramithra and then keep it with him.

All three of them were riding inside the jungle and beyond a point, asura Meghadoot asked Veeramithra to give the stick to her, so that he and Samiksha can spend some time together somewhere in the forest and she will wait here itself, unknowing the dangers of handing over the magic stick to her, Veeramithra gave that magic stick to that asura, moment he gave that stick, that young girl turned back into an asura and then grabbed Samiksha from veeramithra and then vanished from that place, even the horses were gone and Veeramithra does not know where he is, adding on to this tension, the sun started to set and Veeramithra was losing his eye sight. Samiksha was taken to that asura's palace and was jailed. Asura decided to enjoy her that night.

Rishi Kalpatharu was worried that the couple did not return until dawn and hence he visualized what would have happened in his "Gynadrishti", he came to know that, asura Meghadoot was the one who was in disguise at his place as a maid and he has taken Samiksha to his palace and jailed her. He alerted all the rishis and they wanted to rescue Samiksha before mid-night. Meghadoot will get extraordinary powers during the night and it will be very difficult to win him at that time, so they all ran towards lord Shiva and started to pray for his blessings. Lord Shiva decided to come to their rescue and he took disguise of a beautiful girl, who is much beautiful than Samiksha and he reached the palace of asura Meghadoot.

Meghadoot was getting ready for his night with Samiksha and at that time one of his servants came to him and said that there is one beautiful girl who wanted to meet him. Asura not knowing the plan of lord Shiva, asked her to come in, moment he saw her, he lost all his love towards Samiksha and he fell in love with that beautiful girl. He was more like a string doll and was obeying to all her commands. They both danced together and they danced for almost the whole night, the asura went tired and he could not compete with lord Shiva, at one stage he fell down and fall asleep. Lord Shiva then took control of Samiksha and then brought her back to "Kundali" forest, in the meantime Veeramithra got his sight back and traced his way back home and narrated the whole sequence of events, he was happy to see Samiksha there. Rishi's thank lord Shiva for rescuing them from that asura.

Asura Meghadoot got wild because of this and he was fuming with anger on Lord Shiva and the rishi's who cheated him. He then sent fiery dragons to "Kundali" forest and then destroyed all the trees so that he can spoil the yagyna performed by Kalpatharu. The entire forest was set on fire and all the rishi's once again pleaded Shiva's request, he granted Veeramithra the power to destroy Meghadoot and gave him the "Brahmastaram". Veeramithra went inside the forest in search of Meghadoot, somehow knowing this plan, Meghadoot disguised himself as "Samiksha" and decided to confuse him. Both Veeramithra and the asura "Samiksha" met in the forest and as expected Veeramithra was shocked to see Samiksha there, he asked her to go back to the hut and he is on a mission to kill the asura Meghadoot, also he told her that lord Shiva has given him the "Brahmastram" to kill Meghadoot.

Asura got wild on hearing that and he forgot the fact that he is in disguise of Samiksha and he screamed in a very rough voice and took a wow that he will kill lord Shiva, Veeramithra reacted to the situation well and then he immediately took his bow and shot the "Brahmastram" on Meghadoot and their goes that asura's head into 1000 pieces and he was eaten by fire there itself. The rishi's carried on with their yagyna and then sacrificed Samiksha's eyes and restored vision for both Veeramithra and Samiksha. 

All of a sudden Veeramithra started to cry and on seeing that Meghadoot started to cry and on seeing that rishi Kalpatharu and his daughter Samiksha started to cry all the other asura's started to cry and there was crying all over the place, then the lights started to dim and there was a big round of laughter and nonstop applause for those LKG kids who enacted this play, Veeramithra who was constantly bothered by that bow and arrow lost his pants and gave a nude pose to all the audience and the laughter inside the hall never settled down.

Meaning to Life ...

Sandhya was a bundle of mixed emotions, she felt so bad that she is in such a terrible shape and she knows that there is no one to be blamed other than herself for this pitiable situation. She is not ready to pass on the buck and put the blame on Vineeth or on GOD for the situation she is in today, even though Vineeth is also responsible for this. It’s been almost a week since Vineeth spoke a word to Sandhya from the day she had that controversial conversation with him, she knew that it's just a small mis-understanding and things would settle pretty soon, but this one does not seem to settle, rather it is now growing worse like a closed wound. Sandhya is a character who will not do things, if she is not fully convinced, but this issue is very different here ...

Sandhya decided to break the silence and sent out a "Hi" email to Vineeth, as expected, no reply from him, she never thought that Vineeth is going to take this so seriously, and also he is not a personality who would chew upon worries in his mind for a long time, but at the same time her ego did not allow her to wear Vineeth's hat and think from his angle too. Sandhya and Vineeth got married for almost two years now and it's an arranged love marriage. They always used crib that their love was never opposed by their parents and hence it has lost its thrill, what is the charm in "Love Marriage" when there is no one to oppose it ?. Life went on smooth and perfect until a month back, but today they both are living as strangers under one roof.

Vineeth came home early that day and hence he decided to cook for dinner, he made soft phulka's and channa dal for dinner, even though it was not dinner time, he finished his dinner and wrapped the rest in an aluminum foil and pasted a sticky note on its top saying, "Phulka and Channa dal for you" and placed it on the dinner table and went inside his bedroom and searched for a novel which he stopped reading two years back. After he marrying Sandhya he liked to spend more time with her and not with books, but now the story is very different, he wanted to distance himself from this "arrogant and stubborn" female. Sandhya came home very late as she knew that getting home early is not worth it, when Vineeth is not going to talk to her, but still she felt that what she has decided is valid.

Without knowing that there is a storm that is building inside the house, Sandhya's close friend Pooja visited her house one day, for Pooja, Vineeth and Sandhya are the best couple on earth, Pooja has accompanied by her husband Nitin and their 8 month old daughter Varshini. Sandhya tried a lot to bring that huge smile on her face and somehow succeeded in bringing that, Vineeth and Nitin are not direct friends, and they get to know each other only thru their wives. Nitin was holding their daughter and Vineeth decided to spend most of his time with her, he took her to his arms and then gave her all the little toys he had, he made all funny faces to her and made her laugh, he got so attached to her and so is Varshini, when Nitin and Pooja were about to leave, still Vineeth was playing with Varshini and he gave her back to her parents with a heavy heart. Moment Pooja and Nitin went back, the house was occupied by that same vacuum of silence and posed a graveyard look. Babies, if they leave a home, they take all the happiness along with them.

Sandhya could not just tolerate this hell anymore and hence she got up early in the morning and then made a good cup of strong coffee and went to Vineeth's room to wake him up with his favorite bed coffee. She gave Vineeth a gentle pat on his back and then asked him to get up by saying "Here is your loving filter bed coffee", Vineeth though he was awake, pretended to be sleeping, Sandhya tried many times to wake him up but no use, you generally cannot wake up people who pretend to be sleeping. 

Sandhya, though she is a bold character, she just could not tolerate this anymore and hence burst out crying there itself, Vineeth got up suddenly and said "it's not you who have to cry, it's me who should have done that, for marrying you". A sharp needle pierced the wounded heart of Sandhya. She asked, "So do you mean to say that I am the sole responsible person for all this ?", and Vineeth replied, "Oh, you still have doubts on that is it ?"

Sandhya was totally shattered and this matter being so sensitive, she cannot even discuss this with her friends or parents. She got a call on her mobile from one of her good old friend who is running an orphanage, she too felt that she needs a change and a break and hence she asked her if she can come and meet her now, her friend was more than happy to say a "Yes" and within 30 minutes she was at her orphanage. 
Sindhu and her husband Vinay runs that orphanage as Sindhu is so ambitious in starting one of that kind, in fact she delayed her marriage for a long time just because of this, fearing that her husband would oppose to her ambition of this sort, but lucky her, she found Vinay who is so understanding and caring and with his support and encouragement she started this orphanage. Sindhu took Sandhya to her office and asked her to sit aside as she has a guest visiting her orphanage today, Sandhya said that she will wait outside, but Sindhu said, it's ok if she is in her office. 

There came a couple who were in their mid 40s and they told Sindhu that they like that smart and cute little girl "Aruni" and would want to adopt her. That lady was so desperate to have "Aruni" as her daughter but Sindhu said that there is already a couple who have seen her and would want to take her abroad with them, and hence she cannot allow them to adopt Aruni as their daughter. That lady almost broke into tears and begged Sindhu that she will take care of Aruni very well and hence she has to give Aruni to them, even that mid-aged man could not control his tears and requested Sindhu to help them. Sandhya could not stand that scene anymore and hence she rushed out of her office.

Sindhu came out after pacifying them and then asked Sandhya why she came out in the middle, Sandhya said that she cannot stand the scene of them crying for a kid, Sindhu said, she is seeing 100s of couples like this in a month and also she explained the challenge in giving kids for adoption. She said that you never know which party is genuine and which party is a fraud, so she has to do a thorough background check about the interested party and if verified and satisfied then only she will allow them to adopt the kid. With the growing rate of "organ thefts", it's not that easy to give those kids to some unknown people, even though they are stamped as orphans, I treat them as my own kids. Vinay smiled and acknowledged her statement with his eyes, during the conversation Sindhu told Sandhya casually that, she is not worried for the fact that she cannot give birth to a baby as she already is a mother of 80 children, and this statement made Sandhya to freeze and felt proud of her friend for doing such a Nobel deed in spite of her grief.

The D day came and Vineeth was ready in his car to take Sandhya to the doctor, Sandhya decided to keep quite till they reach the hospital and she was very firm on her decision and did not want to change that. The doctor asked Vineeth to sign few forms and also gave him a "No Objection" form for "Aborting" his child. Doctor asked Sandhya to lie down on the table and took couple of tablets and asked her to take those. Sandhya replied to the doctor that she has not come here to abort her child, and she wants to continue with this pregnancy. The doctor was so happy to hear that and she said, whenever I abort a baby I used to feel so bad of why I chose this profession, and whenever I help delivering a baby, I am so proud to be a doctor.

Professional life can always be regained anytime, but personal life, if it's screwed, it's screwed forever. Working women need to have a fine balance between these two and take enough precautions before getting into pregnancy, just because there is a facility in the medicine world to "abort" a baby, you cannot commit a mistake and then take decision to kill a life which you don’t have no rights to do. Aborting a baby is a crime, you never know who he or she will become and they may one day rule this world.

Sandhya came out of the doctor's room within 10 minutes, and Vineeth thought that it will take 4 hours at least for her inside the doctor's room. Sandhya came near him and whispered "Be ready to celebrate Father's day". Vineeth just could not believe his ears, he hugged Sandhya and thanked her for making his life meaningful. He was happy that Sandhya changed her mind from aborting this baby, and he was wondering what would have made her to change this "determined" female, he is also happy that his request has been addressed.

There are 1000s of couples in this world who throng to have a kid, who are we to say a NO to GOD's gift, who knows, he will never give one again ...

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...