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The morning was at its best in this village, the rays of the sun spraying a vibrant yellow on the green paddy fields and farmers were busy in sowing the seeds for the next season, there were white cranes standing tall in the mid of those green fields and gives us an impression as if an artist has spilt his white wax paint on a green canvas. There is a huge pump set which is pumping out water in a gush across that wide spread farm land, ladies were busy in stemming those baby rice crops at a speed which even a dual processor could not do, at a distant there is a railway track on which an old steam engine is rushing to some unknown destination by vomiting a thick smog of coal dust, Vinay kept looking at this scenic beauty which is in absolute contrast to the city life he lives ...

Vinay is an Agricultural student who has come to this village to study about a specific variety of cultivation which is happening only at this village and gotta prepare a thesis on the same. He was more interested to know the secret behind the serenity that he is feeling inside him in this village, than the research he is intended to do. Vinay needed this trip to forget his worries, he wanted a change of place so that he can keep his mind off the wound heart and the reason for that is Sindhu. Sindhu is Vinay's  neighbor and both of their families are very close to each other and so Vinay and Sindhu. She is doing her second year medicine and Vinay is doing his third year Agriculture. Sindhu is a bright student right from her school days and Vinay is exactly opposite to Sindhu. Sindhu hates pets, Vinay loves pets, Sindhu likes Kamal Hassan and Vinay likes Rajinikanth, they both are opposite to each other in every possible comparisons, and as you all know "Unlike poles attract".

Vinay felt that he is very lucky to have Sindhu as his girl friend and he knows that it is his responsibility to keep her happy in life, coz he has this feeling that he is no match to such a wonderful girl who is having positives in all the aspects when compared to him. Sindhu on the other hand liked Vinay's calm character, she always wanted her life partner to be a good listener, Vinay hardly speaks, he always listens to what Sindhu says, girls always likes guys who listen. Every love has a villain, that's an unwritten Murphy ’s Law, and this love is no exception. Here the villain came in the form of Sindhu's college mate Vikram. He is a smart young lad with all good qualities to attract a beautiful girl, he is energetic, enthusiastic, and lively and above all he is a guy who syncs up with all the likes and dislikes of Sindhu, so there is a chemistry that is already in place. Sindhu who is considered to be a girl who hardly speaks to guys, started to change and mingle with Vikram.

Vikram is a genius, he grasps things very easily and at the same time he does not spend a lot of time in studying, he is a "Party Animal". Sindhu started to admire Vikram for almost everything, at the same time she started to distance herself from Vinay. There used to be a weekly get-together between the two families and they make dishes from the respective houses and have a moon light dinner every Saturday night, that is the time where Sindhu and Vinay get to talk a lot about their carrier, future and rest of the other plans, there was one such get-together Saturday night and surprisingly Sindhu was not present, she had faked a reason of headache and chose to settle in her room, where she enjoyed a series of sms chats with Vikram. Vinay felt worried about her headache and as usually he stepped into Sindhu's bedroom, which is quite a normal thing that he used to do, but this time he was seriously warned by Sindhu for not knowing the manner's of knocking the door before entering her room. Vinay felt that she is very much bothered by that headache and hence she shouted at him, but little he knew that the he too will have a headache by name Vikram.

Time just went by and Sindhu discovered new reasons for missing the get-together’s that these two families used to have and Vinay is not that stupid to believe them. He once approached her and then asked her a straight question of why she is not gelling with the folks nowadays, and is there any mistake from his part, Sindhu did not expect such an interrogation from Vinay and she chose to reply to him saying, she is not answerable to anyone and hence it is her wish to participate or not to participate and he has no business to poke his nose into her matters. Vinay being a soft-spoken and a calm guy could not retaliate with that same ferocity, hence he chose to be quite. Vinay felt that Sindhu has changed or something has changed Sindhu. On the other hand Vikram who got into her heart has now put a chair and has comfortably placed inside that. Sindhu felt that Vikram is the pair of her and the relationship she developed with Vinay is just a childhood infatuation and nothing more than that, this reason is just to convince her and justify her actions.

Vikram is an extrovert, so he mingles with anyone and everyone, he takes life in its pure casual sense and lives that moment. Sindhu wanted Vikram to be her's, though she did not tell Vikram about her desire directly, but she tried to give him enough clues that she is mad on him, but Vikram on the other hand does not even seem to have noticed such signals, this irritated Sindhu. Vikram moves with the rest of the other girls in a similar way he moves with Sindhu, which she did not like, she wanted him to give her a special attention, that never happened. Sindhu lost her track in studies, from a bright student, she became one of the average performing candidates in her college and this surprised everyone, the college authorities, her parents and also Vinay.

Sindhu just could not keep all these trauma within herself and she wanted to pour that out, she then decided to talk to Vikram directly about her intentions and then breaks the news of her loving him. She met Vikram the next day and then she told him that she needs to talk to him, Vikram was busy in his "Biochemical Transformations on Human Hormones" assignment and hence he could not go and meet her on the time he has given her, this irritated Sindhu a lot and she was about to burst and that is actually a wrong time for anyone to talk to her, but poor Vinay came to her room, Sindhu too wanted to vent all her anger on someone, and here she got a scapegoat. Vinay asked her, "Ok tell me, who is that guy ? Let me see if I can help you", she blasted him back by saying, "I am not in any mood to talk to you, please let me alone", but Vinay insisted to her saying that she has to open up, so she conveyed to Vinay that there is a guy called Vikram who has come into her life and he is the one with whom she is going to spend the rest of her life.

Vinay was visually broken and he just could not know how to react, as usually he remained calm. He pacified himself saying, a bright guy like Vikram will only be a good match to Sindhu and he does not fit into the slot by any means. Sindhu's parents grew suspicious about her activities and hence decided to spy on her, at last their spy gave them a shocking information saying that she is behind a guy by name Vikram and he does not seem to be interested in her, so they came to know that this is an one sided affair, which they wanted to stop as soon as possible. Sindhu on the other hand planned to talk to Vikram and confess her crush towards him. She thought of calling him for a coffee at their college cafeteria and then express her feelings to him, but somehow she did not have the guts to do that, and hence dropped the idea.

Vikram saw Sindhu the next day at college and he casually asked her, "Hey what's up, you look so dull and depressed, what ? your boy friend Vinay ditched you is it ?" and winked at her, she replied back to him in a hurry saying that Vinay is just her friend and nothing more, and the very next moment she had this wild thought in her, that Vikram is distancing himself from her, as he mistook Vinay to be his boy friend, she got wild and cursed Vinay for projecting himself as if he is too close to her and he is her boy friend, immediately her fingers dialed Vinay's number and she asked him to come to "Coffee Day", Vinay who now know that Sindhu is not her's, he asked her, "Why?", that irritated Sindhu even more and she fumed over the phone saying "Oh, you will not meet me without a reason is it ?, I say come ..." and disconnected the line. Vinay was there in the next 30 minutes.

Sindhu wanted to make things very clear and she told Vinay that he is not supposed to talk to her or meet her anymore, as Vikram mistook their relationship as love, so, please get out of my life forever, she fumed. Vinay did a rewind of this same relationship, where Sindhu said that he is her life. Vinay did not say even a word, as he does not want to hurt her by any means, he wished her "Best of Luck" and decided not to interfere in her life anymore. He packed all his things and came down to this beautiful village, as he was pregnant in these thoughts, his mobile vibrated and the SMS read "Machaan, thanks a ton for letting me know that Sindhu is also in Love with me da. Today she proposed to me, many thanks for you machi, No wonder you are my best buddy right from my school days ...". Sindhu was happy to be with Vikram and she was proud of her action in sending Vinay out of her life.


  1. "A twist in the tale",had to re-read the last few lines to get it.. u have narrated it really well,that too the description of the village was cool :-)

  2. @Shylu - Ah, Thanks!! I actually wanted to give a diff ending, but later changed my mind. Thanks for all your sincere comments :)

  3. Ladki ko villain banaya...
    very bad


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