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Sandhya was a bundle of mixed emotions, she felt so bad that she is in such a terrible shape and she knows that there is no one to be blamed other than herself for this pitiable situation. She is not ready to pass on the buck and put the blame on Vineeth or on GOD for the situation she is in today, even though Vineeth is also responsible for this. It’s been almost a week since Vineeth spoke a word to Sandhya from the day she had that controversial conversation with him, she knew that it's just a small mis-understanding and things would settle pretty soon, but this one does not seem to settle, rather it is now growing worse like a closed wound. Sandhya is a character who will not do things, if she is not fully convinced, but this issue is very different here ...

Sandhya decided to break the silence and sent out a "Hi" email to Vineeth, as expected, no reply from him, she never thought that Vineeth is going to take this so seriously, and also he is not a personality who would chew upon worries in his mind for a long time, but at the same time her ego did not allow her to wear Vineeth's hat and think from his angle too. Sandhya and Vineeth got married for almost two years now and it's an arranged love marriage. They always used crib that their love was never opposed by their parents and hence it has lost its thrill, what is the charm in "Love Marriage" when there is no one to oppose it ?. Life went on smooth and perfect until a month back, but today they both are living as strangers under one roof.

Vineeth came home early that day and hence he decided to cook for dinner, he made soft phulka's and channa dal for dinner, even though it was not dinner time, he finished his dinner and wrapped the rest in an aluminum foil and pasted a sticky note on its top saying, "Phulka and Channa dal for you" and placed it on the dinner table and went inside his bedroom and searched for a novel which he stopped reading two years back. After he marrying Sandhya he liked to spend more time with her and not with books, but now the story is very different, he wanted to distance himself from this "arrogant and stubborn" female. Sandhya came home very late as she knew that getting home early is not worth it, when Vineeth is not going to talk to her, but still she felt that what she has decided is valid.

Without knowing that there is a storm that is building inside the house, Sandhya's close friend Pooja visited her house one day, for Pooja, Vineeth and Sandhya are the best couple on earth, Pooja has accompanied by her husband Nitin and their 8 month old daughter Varshini. Sandhya tried a lot to bring that huge smile on her face and somehow succeeded in bringing that, Vineeth and Nitin are not direct friends, and they get to know each other only thru their wives. Nitin was holding their daughter and Vineeth decided to spend most of his time with her, he took her to his arms and then gave her all the little toys he had, he made all funny faces to her and made her laugh, he got so attached to her and so is Varshini, when Nitin and Pooja were about to leave, still Vineeth was playing with Varshini and he gave her back to her parents with a heavy heart. Moment Pooja and Nitin went back, the house was occupied by that same vacuum of silence and posed a graveyard look. Babies, if they leave a home, they take all the happiness along with them.

Sandhya could not just tolerate this hell anymore and hence she got up early in the morning and then made a good cup of strong coffee and went to Vineeth's room to wake him up with his favorite bed coffee. She gave Vineeth a gentle pat on his back and then asked him to get up by saying "Here is your loving filter bed coffee", Vineeth though he was awake, pretended to be sleeping, Sandhya tried many times to wake him up but no use, you generally cannot wake up people who pretend to be sleeping. 

Sandhya, though she is a bold character, she just could not tolerate this anymore and hence burst out crying there itself, Vineeth got up suddenly and said "it's not you who have to cry, it's me who should have done that, for marrying you". A sharp needle pierced the wounded heart of Sandhya. She asked, "So do you mean to say that I am the sole responsible person for all this ?", and Vineeth replied, "Oh, you still have doubts on that is it ?"

Sandhya was totally shattered and this matter being so sensitive, she cannot even discuss this with her friends or parents. She got a call on her mobile from one of her good old friend who is running an orphanage, she too felt that she needs a change and a break and hence she asked her if she can come and meet her now, her friend was more than happy to say a "Yes" and within 30 minutes she was at her orphanage. 
Sindhu and her husband Vinay runs that orphanage as Sindhu is so ambitious in starting one of that kind, in fact she delayed her marriage for a long time just because of this, fearing that her husband would oppose to her ambition of this sort, but lucky her, she found Vinay who is so understanding and caring and with his support and encouragement she started this orphanage. Sindhu took Sandhya to her office and asked her to sit aside as she has a guest visiting her orphanage today, Sandhya said that she will wait outside, but Sindhu said, it's ok if she is in her office. 

There came a couple who were in their mid 40s and they told Sindhu that they like that smart and cute little girl "Aruni" and would want to adopt her. That lady was so desperate to have "Aruni" as her daughter but Sindhu said that there is already a couple who have seen her and would want to take her abroad with them, and hence she cannot allow them to adopt Aruni as their daughter. That lady almost broke into tears and begged Sindhu that she will take care of Aruni very well and hence she has to give Aruni to them, even that mid-aged man could not control his tears and requested Sindhu to help them. Sandhya could not stand that scene anymore and hence she rushed out of her office.

Sindhu came out after pacifying them and then asked Sandhya why she came out in the middle, Sandhya said that she cannot stand the scene of them crying for a kid, Sindhu said, she is seeing 100s of couples like this in a month and also she explained the challenge in giving kids for adoption. She said that you never know which party is genuine and which party is a fraud, so she has to do a thorough background check about the interested party and if verified and satisfied then only she will allow them to adopt the kid. With the growing rate of "organ thefts", it's not that easy to give those kids to some unknown people, even though they are stamped as orphans, I treat them as my own kids. Vinay smiled and acknowledged her statement with his eyes, during the conversation Sindhu told Sandhya casually that, she is not worried for the fact that she cannot give birth to a baby as she already is a mother of 80 children, and this statement made Sandhya to freeze and felt proud of her friend for doing such a Nobel deed in spite of her grief.

The D day came and Vineeth was ready in his car to take Sandhya to the doctor, Sandhya decided to keep quite till they reach the hospital and she was very firm on her decision and did not want to change that. The doctor asked Vineeth to sign few forms and also gave him a "No Objection" form for "Aborting" his child. Doctor asked Sandhya to lie down on the table and took couple of tablets and asked her to take those. Sandhya replied to the doctor that she has not come here to abort her child, and she wants to continue with this pregnancy. The doctor was so happy to hear that and she said, whenever I abort a baby I used to feel so bad of why I chose this profession, and whenever I help delivering a baby, I am so proud to be a doctor.

Professional life can always be regained anytime, but personal life, if it's screwed, it's screwed forever. Working women need to have a fine balance between these two and take enough precautions before getting into pregnancy, just because there is a facility in the medicine world to "abort" a baby, you cannot commit a mistake and then take decision to kill a life which you don’t have no rights to do. Aborting a baby is a crime, you never know who he or she will become and they may one day rule this world.

Sandhya came out of the doctor's room within 10 minutes, and Vineeth thought that it will take 4 hours at least for her inside the doctor's room. Sandhya came near him and whispered "Be ready to celebrate Father's day". Vineeth just could not believe his ears, he hugged Sandhya and thanked her for making his life meaningful. He was happy that Sandhya changed her mind from aborting this baby, and he was wondering what would have made her to change this "determined" female, he is also happy that his request has been addressed.

There are 1000s of couples in this world who throng to have a kid, who are we to say a NO to GOD's gift, who knows, he will never give one again ...


  1. kept me thinkin for a long time as to what was the reason for thr tif hehehe
    nice one.. hmm though its a topic on which i hold a pretty firm and diff opinion :)

    keep posting!

  2. hey a small suggestion u may delete or rather dis approve this comment :D .. keep tab over the tenses in ur story.. u keep switching from one tense to another.. past, present present continuous etc... i aint an expert.. but jus something i observed and thought i might point out..
    hope u take this suggestion in gud spirits

  3. Amrita (I got it rite!!!). Comments are always to be taken in gud sprits, I know that I have this problem of switching tense in my writings, which is one worrying thing,I am trying to overcome this defect in my writings. I will from now on make sure that I dont switch too often. Thanks for your comments though. But you were a little too modest when you said "I anit an expert". :-)

  4. Good one - The last line crowns it all

    Thank you:-)


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