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2013 - A Recap

First apologies for a prolonged absence, and yes, I have to admit that I have not been regular in my blogging or following my fellow bloggers, don't want to pass on the blame on the other dynamics of life, but to have it on me and my laziness. I always wanted to write more and then keep my writing skills intact, but it is just that I am not prioritizing things properly in my life and giving most of the importance to my professional career. I wish I could blog more and then write more in this New Year, so let me see if that is going to be possible. 2013 was a great year both professionally and personally. First let me talk about my professional career, it was just fantabulous. I never had any regrets in leaving my old company as my only motto is to come back to my sweet hometown Chennai and set my base, but GOD has given me more than what I asked for, this new company (now 28 months old) gave me all the right chances to shine and learn. I was made the lead for the Shared Servi