About Me

About Me

One more average indian who likes Rajinikanth, Sachin Tendulkar, Illayaraja, Mani Rathnam, and of course all beautiful Heroins ;-). Loves to cook, eat and sleep. Write JOKES, Stories and Blog ... Blog ... and Blog more. Loves to talk (yes, i talk non-stop), Playing Pranks but will make sure that i dont harm anybody's feelings. Dream a lot, and lives in my own imaginary world. FRIEND's are my WORLD and i just can't live without them. I am so blessed to have such an affectionate friend circle. I would want everyone around me to be happy and the selfish reason for that is, I can be happy only if my environment is happy :)


Writing and Creative Thinking. Saving all animals from humans. To be the best in whatever I do. And its Cricket, Cricket, Cricket. If I wouldnt have got typhoid during the Ranji selection, probably I would have been auctioned at IPL now :-(. Playing that game is more than a passion to me, but currently out of sorts in all the departments of the game. I also love to learn more about GHOSTS, I am a curious cat when its anything related to GHOST stories, photos, or videos. I should admit that i am too scared about those para-normal powers, but Its thrill to know about them and there existence. Watch this "GHOST HUNTERS" prgram on Star World, it will be amazing, but if you are a scary person, dont dare to watch that.


Its just a pass time for me, will not sit in front of the TV just to watch a game. But if Sachin is on the screen, i just cant take my eyes off, even if they show his poster ;-)


Blue Cross Member, will not tolerate any (anyyyy) kind of cruelty done to animals. I love all animals of this planet. But lizard (palli) is onething which i hate, so pls kill all palli's, I will support you ;-)


Another pass time for me but never misses to read Anandha Vikatan. Loves to read lots of Kavidhaigal, Kannadasan and Vairamuthu books are my motivations. I dont like putting names like Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and John Grisham just for the heck of putting it here, I have not read much of english novels.


Illayaraaja, Illayaraaja, Illayaraaja, Who does not want to hear that GODs music, tell me ?.

TV Shows:

I hardly watch TV, but if i watch it can only be Nat Geo, Animal Planet or Cartoon Network. My Favy is Tom & Jerry, i have got their complete collection of 18 DVD's from the US. All animation series are my favourites. "GHOST HUNTERS", "Criminal Minds", "Bones" are 3 good programs on Star World.


Only Tamil and English movies i watch, but again another pass time, will not spend time to go to the theatre and watch it.

English - *Day of the Jackal, *Sixth Sense, *Benhur, *Harry Potter (all series), *Sherk (1 n 2), *Indiana Jones, *At the Nick of time and my all time fav ICE AGE 1, I have cried buckets after watching that movie.

Tamil - *Mozhi, *Mouna Raagam, *Mondraam Pirai, *Naayagan, *Thillu Mullu, *PKS, *Avvia Shanmugi, *Thenaali, *Michel Madhana Kaama Rajan, Bhaashaa (movie which got me the nick name 'bhaashaa')


Home made food, and if its my cooking i will be happy to serve for others. If i wanna eat, i love my athai's cooking, hmm yummmyyy!!!. But I am a very poor eater, as most people believe, I do live with that little intake. Still energetic to play pranks, what else you need ?

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

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