I wish I could have died today ...

I wish I could have died today, seeing this one innings from GOD Sachin Tendulkar is enough to be proud of my life time and it has given every meaning for my birth. What we all witnessed in Gwalior today, is nothing but the demonstration of what will happen if GOD decides to go on a rampage. I should admit and be proud to say that, till date, I have not missed even one single century stroke of God Sachin, let it be one day or test matches. Today's innings of GOD Sachin would have proved all his haters (who to me are not human beings) and critics (who to me are stupid’s who does not have brains the size of their balls) that they are wrong and if they still continue to hate GOD Sachin, they are not eligible to say they are INDIANs.

I was at office doing a sickening work and honestly what I was doing is checking the scores on the internet and the way GOD Sachin started the innings, something flashed in my mind that GOD is up for some massacre and he may hit his 46th one day ton (Folks, it’s not a joke). I was in complete prayers to real GOD to help his counterpart on earth to hit is 46th ton, moment he hit that ton, there came a big whistle from Satish and the entire office went quite and then a huge round of applause (not for me though). I just cud not sit at work, and hence I decide to come home, I reached home as early as 4:30 PM and GOD Sachin was batting at 134, and from that run onwards what is saw was some simple, fantastic, jaw-dropping batting performance by GOD Sachin. The four which he hit of Kallis by walking towards the off and flicking it on to the leg, literally brought tears in me as that shot can be played only by a genius.

GOD Sachin was scoring at a brisk rate and when the second batting power play was taken, Yusuf Pathan and GOD Sachin went on a rampage and there goes the morale of the South African bowlers for a toss, Parnell, Kallis, Langeveldt were not shown any respect. GOD Sachin was toying Parnell like how he will hit my bowling. GOD Sachin was at 175 and every INDIAN heart thronged to surpass the highest one-day score 194 and if GOD achieves that, we can be rest assured that 200 is going to be a cake walk. Pathan dismissal brought Dhoni on to the crease and Dhoni was even more ruthless than GOD Sachin, he was hitting the ball so hard that no fielder wanted to test their fielding skills. Dhoni took the responsibility of making the scorecard ticking and GOD Sachin joined him with few beautiful 4s and 1 sexy 6. When Sachin scored a double to go to 195, the entire nation erupted as we dethroned the 13 yrs old Saeed Anwar from that throne and GOD Sachin took over that seat.

Dhoni then increased the BP of the entire nation by blasting four 6s and seven 4s, because the entire nation is not ready to see INDIA score more than 400, all we want is just 1 run to make GOD Sachin cross the 200 mark. The tension mounted when Dhoni blasted the first 3 balls of the last over for boundaries and the 4th ball was also a boundary and thanks for that splendid save from Hashim Amla who restricted to just 1 run and GOD Sachin was at the crease to create one more record and re-write history, that wide outside the off stump delivery was deliberately placed towards the silly point and GOD Sachin ran that 200th run and there I go into complete tears, whistled hard, danced, jumped, bowed, knelt down, screamed and yes, it was an emotional cocktail and it is all worth it for my role model of life GOD Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. When Sachin waved his bat up in the air, and seeking his dad's blessings, I am sure the entire nation would have been moved into tears as it did for me.

This piece of writing by Saurabh Somani on Crickbuzz about Sachin would remain the best write-up I have ever read in my life time. I initially copy pasted this from an email forward, but today, I would want to give credit to Saurab Somani for his excellent masterpiece. You can read the full post here

"Batman puts on a cape, Spiderman wears a costume, Superman sheds his normal clothes to reveal his true self - Sachin Tendulkar needs only to pick up a bat in hand to be a superhero. This is not an attempt to dissect the man statistically. It is not an attempt to provide expert views on his cricket. It is not an attempt to add to the paeans being sung about him as the cricketing world celebrates twenty years of excellence. This is simply an intensely personal view by a fan of a man who remained a hero from boyhood to adolescence and beyond. How many great moment that genius has given this nation of greedy fans? Through proxy-wars and floods, through terrorist attacks and droughts, through living under corrupt politicians and battling for survival at work or school - through it all, it was one man that brought us hope. He is the man who needed only to wield a bat to unite the most diverse country in the world, a hero who did not need a script, arc-lights and endless retakes to have the audience gasping in awe, but played out his dramas in real-time."

GOD Sachin once again proved that age does not matter for this game. Being played Cricket for a fair bit of period in my life, I would say that Cricket is a game which is easy to talk, more easy to comment on one's performance, but when you go there and stand in the pitch with your bat or ball on your hand, it’s certainly a different game altogether. The kind of shots GOD Sachin played today was something out of the world, what a terrific command over his technique and what confidence that genius has in his skills, he showed no signs of fear, and it was a wonderful demonstration of sheer skill and concentration. We all are blessed to have born in an era when GOD Sachin played cricket and I can't stop admiring that little master and he is a true gentlemen of that sport and a great human being. May GOD, bless GOD Sachin and give him a longer life span. We LOVE YOU GOD SACHIN, WE LOVE YOU.

Yippee!! It's Summer ...

Yippeeee, it's time for one of my favorite season of all times "summer". Summer always brings in loads of cute memories to all of us and for me it brings a whole new world. It reminds me exams, long walks to my school on the road filled with trees on both sides and those trees spreading a beautiful aroma, my unscheduled cricket matches, raw mango, sweat, early morning alarms to study, summer holidays etc etc. I been born and brought up in Chennai, all I know was hot, hotter and hottest types of Summer and hence there is no way I can crib on heat or sweat and surprisingly, I love sweating like a pig. During the times of my good old cricketing days, I wud be the only person, who refuses to wear a wrist band which is primarily used to wipe the sweat, I love when sweat trickles from my forehead on to my cheeks...

Summer is the time where one can do anything they want, if they are not so bothered about the heat, and for folks like me, studying is the next worst thing to committing suicide, I for some reason did not like my school days just for the fact that I have to study. I was never an outstanding student during my academics and I don't want to put the blame on my school or the teachers, it's me who did not have any interest towards studies. The one thing I loved the most is those long walks to my school is the walk I take back home in the evening, , my school was / is located in a place which is surrounded by trees on both sides and one of my prime activity is to collect the flowers that tree sheds, that flower wud be very aromatic and if you keep it between the pages of your textbook, it will add a whole new scent to my school bag which is full of dust and dirt. Summer is the time for butterflies, and my school had plenty of them and I wud have collected (killed) 100s of them and placed them inside my notebooks.

I never had an opportunity to visit any relatives place for summer holidays, it is just me and my imaginary games all the time, I was not allowed to go out and play with other street kids, as my family felt that I may corrupt them ;))). I never throw any tantrums for that, I will be busy in my own world and summer is the time I invent lots of games which can be played only by me and all it needs it only one player. Summer evenings are wonderful, that's when I was allowed to take bath twice a day and in my Chennai house, I have an open terrace and in the morning my granny would fill a drum full of water and at the time of sun set, that drum of water would be lukewarm and I just jump inside that drum and take a holy dip. Summer comes along with power cuts (even in Chennai), and when there is a power cut in the night, my joy doubles, because, all my friends will be on the road and playing hide and seek in that darkness is total fun.

The best part of enjoyment during summer is when the sale of raw mangoes start, who will not like a raw mango in this world and I am no exception to that. Though I hate eating mango as a fruit (I can’t even stand that smell), I love the raw ones. In Chennai we make something called "Maavadu" which is made out of tiny raw mangoes which were the first and early indications of summer setting in. The way my granny prepares that "Maavadu" is out of this world, and I being a crazy liker of that, I got the entire procedure of how to make that from her and this year I am doing to prepare "Maavadu". No side dish can even come near "Maavadu" for curd rice; in fact mango makes summer very special to me. The quite afternoons of summer are a good time to take a power nap and I was staying in a street house in Chennai and occasionally you will hear some street vendor screaming on top of his throat to sell something in that hot sun, whether I buy anything from him or not, I used to open the door and ask him if he needs water, we used to keep a mud pot in the staircase and anyone who asks for water, we will serve them with CHILL pot water.

Today I am working in a closed AC office, but summer's are cruel for folks who spend their time outside and fry themselves in that hot sun. We still see traffic police men, gas cylinder vendors, medical representatives, post man, sales girls, ice-cream vendor braving the sun and doing service to this society, so let’s give them a smiling face and we need not buy anything from them, at least let’s give them some water and make them happy naa. I may have grown up now to venture out and play with other kids, but I still enjoy summer as my childhood summers are still fresh in my memory and I cherish them a lot. As usually, I am having a big list of to-do things for this summer and the first one which tops that list is to learn "Yoga" and the next one is not so tough to guess, yeah, join a "Cricket Coaching Center". Let’s welcome summer once again and of course wait for raw mangoes.

A Different Tag

Here is a very different tag, tagged by Shylu and it is a very different one. I enjoyed writing this and thanks to her for tagging me.

1. A write-up on a kind gesture that someone had done for you which left you speechless

I was working with a colleague in Oracle, he must be 40 years and plus. He had a pretty trouble family life, his wife had breast cancer, his first daughter is autistic by birth and her second kid (son) is blind. He worked with me in the same team and most of the days when he cannot come to work or do work from home, I used to do his task as well and will update him. He was sitting 3 cubicles away from where I sit, and whenever there is a "comedy show" performed by me, there will be a big crowd near my seat. I used to mimic all the managers and make some serious fun, and whenever there is a huge laughter in my cubicle, my manager himself know that I am making fun of him and most of the times he too wud join the party. So when I decided to quit Oracle, and on the last day of my service, I got an email from this colleague and I still treasure that email as the biggest compliment. He said that the hours he spent with me in office made him to forget all his personal worries and he shares all of my jokes with his family and his entire family will laugh on that. He said he can never forget me and the kind of happiness I have brought in his life. I was moved to tears when I read that and I still treasure that moment as the "speechless" moment.

2. Indebted to someone lifelong...who??

Who else it can be other than my DAD? When my mom passed away when I was 11 yrs old and he was just 42, he was asked to remarry to take care of me, but he strongly refused that and decided to give his entire life for me and there is one another person who I have to add to this list is my aunt who decided not to get married, just to take care of me, with the help of those selfless people, Satish is what he is today. I am always Indebted to these two folks for my life time and I thank GOD now, as he has given me the strength and money to take care of them in every possible way. I am happy that I am keeping them so happy now and making them enjoy their old age.

3. Want to say "sorry" to someone...who???

I don’t think so. I never created a situation where I have put someone in a spot and made them feel bad, so I don’t have anyone to say "sorry". I was always polite and kind to others :) (ok ok ... stop trumpeting)

4. Want to say "thank you" to someone...who??

Oh my GOD, "someone" is too short. I have a big list if I decide to say thank you. I always feel that I am a GOD blessed child; I have been given everything in this life by GOD, more than what I actually deserve. I have to thank GOD for this life, my family for their constant support and my FRIENDS for their un-conditional love, what really moves me is, there are so many unseen friends in my buddy list, who shower love and affection on me, if I am not well, they will be more worried than my family. What else I can ask in this life?? I am one of the luckiest souls in this world to have such wonderful friends. I owe them a zillion.

5. And what’s your most cherished possession till date??

A small "We are Friends Forever" cup given by my friend, though the gift may be small, but the kind of love and affection she has on me is next to none. She is a friend who cares for me more than a mom. I cannot miss her forever in my life.

6. A special moment in life which brings along a smile every time you think of it

The time where one of my skits in my office went for a super dooper hit and It made the entire 1000+ audience ROTFL and the success of that skit was, I heard there were gangs in cafeteria that recollected some of the dialogues and were laughing like mad. The entire office gave us a standing ovation for that and my buddy Chan was the hero in that skit :)

I now want - Sandy, Chennaigirl to pick this up and tag.

Swami Saranam ...

What a memorable trip I had, every bit of this trip was so fascinating and entertaining. This being the first time I am going to "Shabari Malai" I was extra cautious in adhering to the protocols and discipline; I know the GOD who is sitting in between those 5 hills is one powerful source who can punish you instantly. I was all excited on the day I took my train to Chalakudi a native place of one of my close friend's wife. After a very comfortable train journey I reached Chalakudi around 10 in the morning and my excitement and awe started right from the time I took an auto in the railway station. It took a solid 15 minutes to reach the house from the railway station and the amount the auto wala charged me made me feel dizzy, for that good 15 minute journey inside those crooked streets, he just charged at 21 rupees and when we gave him 25 rupees, he promptly gave back 4 rupees. I have a very interesting and a funny story to tell here, but I will reserve that as the last paragraph, that would be the highlight and I am sure you all would ROTFL after reading that, so till that time, waiteeessssss...

That house of my friend's wife's relative is way beyond my imagination, it is a palace by virtue of its huge size and what made it more special is its construction, it is that kind of a typical kerala house with those thatched roofs and a huge garden which literally floored me. It is such a scenic place to have a house in the middle of a green garden and one should have been really blessed to live in such a calm and serene atmosphere. Though I enjoyed every minute of my stay in that house, a deep thought made me realize that I cannot live in such a place for more than a week, that place is especially designed for old people and to me it is a paradise to them, if any one still blabbering saying "Bangalore" is "Pensioner's Paradise", please visit Kerala once, that is the true "Pensioner's Paradise". I had a very good and a delicious lunch that day, a typical kerala style food and we got ready for the big pooja we had that evening.

It was a very small and a simple pooja and it started at 6 and went on till 10, after that we had our dinner and I straight hit my bed as I have to get up at 1:30 in the morning and get ready for that wonderful journey to "Shabari Malai". Around 3:00 in the morning all the devotees gathered at one place and we were waiting for our bus to come, the total gang size was 28 and it was predominantly ladies and very few men and that too I and my friend were the only "youth" (ok ok ... chilll). The bus started at around 3:40 and we all touched upon various temples on our way to Shabari Malai. Every temple in Kerala has some uniqueness and it was fascinating to know more about every temple. That too the day we started to Shabari Malai, it was "Shiva Rathri" and every Shiva temple was flooded with devotees. After travelling nearly 7 hours we reached "Pamba" around 2:30 PM and sun was at its super best and it was super hot everywhere, I could literally feel the heat on my bare body and with "Iru Mudi" on my head, I told myself that I am up for some serious "challenge", the path to climb the hill to meet the ultimate GOD was not that easy.

The management has made some patch work of putting some rough CEMENT flooring all the way up till the hill top, the problem was that scorching heat, with a bare foot you cannot keep your feet on that hot surface, but the constant uttering of "Swamiye Saranam Iyappa" made everything easy and we did not feel any pain on our feet, and yes, that is the power of that GOD and his name, after climbing a good 3 hours we young folks reached the hill top and the elder and older ladies were not that bad, they reached us in just a hour later. In Shabari Malai there is concept called "Dolly" where 4 people would carry the devotees who are not physically able to climb all the way, they charge you some 1400 or so and carry those devotees on their shoulders by walking those rough terrain. To me they are next to GOD and I salute every "Dolly" who does that service.

We expected crowed to be there at the temple but when the heavenly doors opened at 5:30 PM, what we saw there was chaos, people were trying to squeeze in from every possible direction and there was a very long queue for use to climb the "padhinettaam padi" (18 steps) after a patient wait for 2 hours we got our chance to climb the "18 steps" and that experience is really tough to explain, you have to feel that. Once that is over, we then have to stand in another queue for nearly 2 hours to meet the GOD Iyappan, heavy rush made us go virtually tired but somehow the GOD gave us the strength to see him, after a very long wait, I happen to see Lord Iyappan, that 5 metal idol (panchalokam) primarily GOLD was glittering like anything and I felt as if my whole body is getting re-energized. I prayed for C, L, R, B, B, S, B.R & Family, C, S, Su, P & Family, S, P, M, S, M & H, B and all my other friends for their well-being, I treasure their friendship and their well-being is more important to me than mine. I would recommend all my friends to go there once and see that GOD, he will inject some energy inside you and you will feel super dooper fresh as like what I feel now.

That night we all stayed in M N Nambiyaar's guest house which we pretty neat and well maintained. I prayed in front of M N Nambiyaar photo and to me he is one human being who is clean and pure by heart and is a real gem of a person, so getting his blessing is not a bad idea. The next day (Saturday) morning, we all got up at 4 and then got ready to see the "Nei Abhishekam" (Ghee Abhishekam) for Lord Iyappan which is a very very special and a must see "Abhishekam" when you go to Shabari Malai, what else I can say other than, I went speechless when I saw Lord Iyappan being covered with ghee all over his body? That was a sight which I will not forget for years, all I would say is, I am fortunate to get a chance to see him and I thank him for inviting me to see him this year. I don't know when he will call me next time, but I will be very happy to see him again whenever he calls me.

OK, OK, now coming to the FUN part of the trip, I recommend all my reader's to read this when they are alone and not when they are at office, I will not hold any responsibility if someone sees you laughing and you being stamped "A Nut" at the work place. The fun started when few other members from an outside group joined us in the bus. Initially it was supposed to be a family trip with member only from my friends wife family but later those new folks joined us and we all got introduced and there was this old man who introduced himself to us and it is always nice to know new people naa, so Satish being Satish sat in between two of those new joinees and both of them were 65+ of age, since we all got up very early in the morning, we all felt very sleepy moment the bus started, but later people in the van said, we should not sleep and we should chant "Swamiye Saranam Aiyappa" and keep going, so there were continuous chants and we all were chanting together, at one point in time, folks were vocally tired and hence we stopped chanting and the bus kept moving.

When the entire bus was silent and sleeping the old man next to me started screaming "Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and then the entire bus screamed "Saram Aiyapppaaaaaaaaaaaa", normally people will continue chanting that verse and they will not stop with one, but the old man who sat next to me stopped with just one and we all kept quite. After another 15 minutes that same old man screamed "Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and then the entire bus screamed "Saram Aiyapppaaaaaaaaaaaa" and this was followed by a very heavy release of poisonous Hydrogen Monoxide from someone who is sitting very close to me, the entire bus felt that stench and everyone turned backwards, and my friend spoke to me with his eyes and was asking "Is that me?" and I was nodding my head so badly and said it is someone who sits next to me and not know who. So the idea behind every screaming of "Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" is to collect all those poisonous gases at the anal tip and fire it when the van screams "Saram Aiyapppaaaaaaaaaaaa". I was like "Idhu enna daa pudhu trendaa irukku" (What is this new trend man)

Me actually sandwiched between two old folks and I am not sure who that serial "farter" is, I was having a game plan to nab the culprit, the next time that old man screams "Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", I am going to shut his mouth with my hand and was very sure that, instead of "Saram Aiyapppaaaaaaaaaaaa", I will hear "tttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound, and I was gearing up myself for that courageous act, as I just cannot sit at the back when there is so much of stench that is revolving around. When I all geared up to hold the mouth of the gentlemen who was sitting on my left (as I have circled on him), there came two sounds from both left and right "Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and the entire van except me screamed "Saram Aiyapppaaaaaaaaaaaa" and this was followed by a double dosage of poisonous hydrogen monoxide, and this time the folks inside the van really felt dizzy and everyone a kind of suspected three of us who were sitting in the back. I got so pissed off that people do not have the basic decency or courtesy I would say, to clean their bowels and come out. I was waiting for a break so that I can move away from those serial "farters" and try to get some fresh air and not "recycled air"

The bus stopped at a place for people to attend their nature call and this time the engine was switched off, my good old friend who sat on to my right sensed that people are getting up and starting to walk outside to relieve themselves and once again the same trick was applied, he was screaming "Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and to his shock, not one screamed "Saram Aiyapppaaaaaaaaaaaa" and the cat was out of the bag with a loud "ttttaaarrrrr ttttaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (same rythm ok ... ) and there goes a loud laugh inside the van and people spoke to him in malayaalam insisting him to relieve himself very soon and he too said he has to. I was actually about to clarify him a chanting verse which reads - "Swamiyai Kandaal Moksham Kittum" (If you see GOD, you will get heaven), and it is not "Swamiyai Kandaal MOTION kittum", (if you see GOD you will get MOTION). The bus started after a brief break and after that shocking expose, there were no more "Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" from that old man, what is the use anyways.

The bus stopped at the next temple and we all got down to have darshan and this old man said "Neenga poikongo, nyaan sattha avade velichu varu", (you all go inside the temple, I will go relieve myself and come) this one statement from that old man, brought smiles in all our faces. After nearly 25 mins we all assembled back into our respective seats and this time yours truly took a different seat sighting my ligament tear on the right knee and escape from that farting chamber. Everyone were there except that farting old man, and we all saw him running towards the bus, and you should see the expectation and the tension in the bus, we were all like nail biting as if Sachin Tendulkar is batting on 99, just to hear that one word from that old man saying "Its all done", moment he walked in one co-sufferer asked "Endha ... ellaam aachaa?" (what everything finished ah?), and with our heart beat raising for his reply he just shook his head towards left and right and said "onnum sari aagilaa ... vaayoo thaan pirinju" (nothing happened, it’s just gas)

I was like "Yov, vandi fullaaavume vaayoo thaane yaa pirinjuuuu" (Man, all that you were doing inside the bus is also that only naa) and for a moment he looked like "Devar Magan" Revathi to my eyes, You all remember that dialogue naa ? Revathi would say "Verum kaathu thaan varudhu ..." (Just air is coming), when the vehicle started to move after that disastrous news, everyone opened the windows and put their nose outside to get some fresh air like how dogs used to travel in car. In Kerala every temple has a concept called "Vedi Vazhipaadu" (Cracker Bursting Worship), that is, the person who wants to burst cracker should go to that counter and tell his name and the reason for which he wanted to burst a cracker, once that is said, the person would announce the same in the mike and somewhere you could hear a cracker bursting sound and they charge Rs 5 for that. I told my friend, why unnecessarily wasting Rs 5 every time, just tell everything to that old man, he will burst the same crackers inside the van, and it took a while for the laughter inside the van to settle.

Swamiye Saranam Iyappa .... :-)

Little Devil ...

I gotta blog this for sure as I am so damn excited about that whole incident. I was walking into my apartment after work and I usually take stairs instead of LIFT, when I was walking up, I heard a sweet little voice from nowhere and it said "Uncle, can you please see if Siddartha is around ?" It actually took me a while to see from where and which direction that sweet little voice is coming, I then rolled my eyes towards the window pane and to my shock I see this cute little girls hanging with her hands tightly holding the grills, she must be 3+ years old and holding a window pane and hanging in the air would be painful for grown-up like us and I don't know how she managed. I was not sure if I can get her down, but I asked "Who is Siddartha ?", and she insisted on me checking in the corridor ...

I checked there and I could not find anyone at her age group and I said, Siddartha is not there. She requested me to get her down and GOD only knows how she went there. I asked what her flat number is, she could not answer that, so I took a walk in the corridor and looked out if someone is searching for this cute little girl. She was busy cleaning her dirty hands on my white t-shirt and gave me a wide smile. I asked her name and she said "Aswathi, New Horizon School, Daughter of Siddartha and Anusha", then only I came to know that Siddartha is her dad and not her friend. It was nice to see that they have trained her so well to give the complete details when someone asks her name. I again asked her, does she know her flat number, then I sensed that they might have moved in new to this apartment and then they would not have taught this little one on the door number. I took her to the security and then asked him which flat this little angel belongs to. Security too was clueless.

I just could not leave her there and then go to my apartment as I could not find anyone, I decided to wait with her for a while to see if someone is coming up. She coolly sat next to me on the stairs and was keeping her hands folded on her cheeks and asked me

"What are you doing ?"

"Hmm, I go to office"

"My dad also goes to office" and she pinches me hard on my shoulder and said "Same pinch"

She looked at my blackberry and asked "This is cell phone right ? I know" and I said "Yes, and do you have one?" I asked

"Oh yaa, I have one" and to my shock she took out a Blackberry from her pocket and I was about to faint and she continued and for this only my dad is searching me, and this time I felt dizzy. Within seconds, I heard a voice from the car park "Aswathiiiiiiiiiiii" and that's it, she said "Hey run, come on lets hide before Siddartha catches us", and I was like "Whattttttttttttt ??", and I took her by her arms, went down, handed her to her dad and she was screaming "You cheat ... you don't know how to play hide and seek", his dad thanked me for finding his daughter as well as his blackberry and I asked which flat number he stays and he threw me the real bomb saying he stays in "Sarovar Apartments" which is 3 flats next to my apartment.

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...