Little Devil ...

I gotta blog this for sure as I am so damn excited about that whole incident. I was walking into my apartment after work and I usually take stairs instead of LIFT, when I was walking up, I heard a sweet little voice from nowhere and it said "Uncle, can you please see if Siddartha is around ?" It actually took me a while to see from where and which direction that sweet little voice is coming, I then rolled my eyes towards the window pane and to my shock I see this cute little girls hanging with her hands tightly holding the grills, she must be 3+ years old and holding a window pane and hanging in the air would be painful for grown-up like us and I don't know how she managed. I was not sure if I can get her down, but I asked "Who is Siddartha ?", and she insisted on me checking in the corridor ...

I checked there and I could not find anyone at her age group and I said, Siddartha is not there. She requested me to get her down and GOD only knows how she went there. I asked what her flat number is, she could not answer that, so I took a walk in the corridor and looked out if someone is searching for this cute little girl. She was busy cleaning her dirty hands on my white t-shirt and gave me a wide smile. I asked her name and she said "Aswathi, New Horizon School, Daughter of Siddartha and Anusha", then only I came to know that Siddartha is her dad and not her friend. It was nice to see that they have trained her so well to give the complete details when someone asks her name. I again asked her, does she know her flat number, then I sensed that they might have moved in new to this apartment and then they would not have taught this little one on the door number. I took her to the security and then asked him which flat this little angel belongs to. Security too was clueless.

I just could not leave her there and then go to my apartment as I could not find anyone, I decided to wait with her for a while to see if someone is coming up. She coolly sat next to me on the stairs and was keeping her hands folded on her cheeks and asked me

"What are you doing ?"

"Hmm, I go to office"

"My dad also goes to office" and she pinches me hard on my shoulder and said "Same pinch"

She looked at my blackberry and asked "This is cell phone right ? I know" and I said "Yes, and do you have one?" I asked

"Oh yaa, I have one" and to my shock she took out a Blackberry from her pocket and I was about to faint and she continued and for this only my dad is searching me, and this time I felt dizzy. Within seconds, I heard a voice from the car park "Aswathiiiiiiiiiiii" and that's it, she said "Hey run, come on lets hide before Siddartha catches us", and I was like "Whattttttttttttt ??", and I took her by her arms, went down, handed her to her dad and she was screaming "You cheat ... you don't know how to play hide and seek", his dad thanked me for finding his daughter as well as his blackberry and I asked which flat number he stays and he threw me the real bomb saying he stays in "Sarovar Apartments" which is 3 flats next to my apartment.


  1. Playing "hide and seek" 3 buildings away???.... oh my god..her parents should be more careful with her....

    But sounds so sweet to even listen...

    She made ur day!!!

  2. I was wondering if she had kept her blackberry next to you takin it thinkin its urs and kept it in ur pocket...her dad comes and searches n she points cutely to yu saying u hv the phone...eppadi irukkum...sathyama pulla pudikarana maari irupa maams!!!

  3. Oh gosh!! Agree with Shylu.. her parents should be more careful.. good that you caught her she could have faced bad company

  4. Smart girl...Aana romba scary ah irukku. Dont they have security in their apartment....

  5. Ippo lam porakkarache ya ippadi dhaan irukkanga baass.. future nenacha nadungidhu!

  6. so cute but definitely scarry!

  7. Oh My God !!! Romba scary ! 3 apts away ? you know last weekend Jillu did the same but not to this level :( yenakku ippove romba bayamaa irukku :(

    But she was chooo chweeeet :)

  8. @Folks - She was soooo soooo soooo chweetttttt ... undoubtedly. But its scary that she escapes from home with her dad's blackberry at least 3 times a week :(

  9. Ippa theriyuthaa per kettaa en biodata solli koduthirukaanga nu ;)

  10. This hide & seek sounds funny:-). And the way you hv writtent abt the whole thing, makes it even more interesting:-).

  11. WIsh i was this naughty :D

  12. i wish i was like that little gal


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