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CUPde India ...

Well... Well ... Well... What else i can say other than "Stupendous". I have seen many nail biting encounters in my life, but this one i would probably want to rate as number ONE in that list. Right from the word GO, the match was electrifying, not just because its an Indo-Pak encounter, but also its the WorldTwenty20 tournament final (A MINI world cup i would say). This is how the entire drama unfolded in that 3 hour long battle. India won the toss and then chose to bat, knowing that we are good at batting and setting a target, but unfortunately our TOP order did not click the way it normally used to, barring the exception of Gautham Ghambir, who played a responsible and also an entertaining innings of 75 in just 50 balls, actually he is the guy who paved the route to INDIA's success. India did not seem to have any partnership going for a longer time, and as we all know FATE always has a different thought, the much expected explosive YUVRAJ failed to fire and his wicket

Its Raining Sixes in Durban ...

Yeah, i am back to blogging after a long time, hectic work forced me to distance myself from blogging, but that is something which i volunteered myself. Ah, there were many interesting things that happen in this gap and the one important thing is the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup which kicked off on the 11th of September 2007 in South Africa. 16 cricketing nations have taken place in this competition and INDIA being the least favourite team in the competition have really done well and are now into the SEMI's and meeting the world champions. There was one match between INDIA and England where in Yuvraj Singh blasted the impossible 6 sixers in an over and i was so fortunate to watch that live and it was simply mindblowing. For those you have missed out, check out this video

Corporatisation of Crime

Where else such bizzare things happen if not in INDIA, here is a very interesting news which i came across quite recently. Here is the latest in the corporatisation of crime. An agreement on STAMP PAPER is duely signed by the KIDNAPPERS and the victim's family saying that the victim's family will not go to the cops after the release of the KIDNAPPED individual even if the same person is KIDNAPPED again !!!! This bizarre sequence of events dates back to August 19th 2007 when a 14 year old "Saddam" went missing from outside his house in Uttar Pradesh, after a frantic search in the neighbourhood, the boy's father went to the police to lodge a "Kidnapping" case. With their usual nonchalance, the cops told the desperate father to go hunt for the boy himself. Left on his own devices, the victim's father made enquired but drew blank. Then on September 2nd, he was contacted by the kidnappers and they asked him to come to a remote village, the father begged t

Back to Square 1 ...

Hmm, after enjoying nearly 4 months of lovely home made food prepared by my grany and aunt, i am now pushed back to kitchen, yes i have left my grany and aunt at chennai and i came to bangalore on the 2nd of this month. Initially i was supposed to go to hyderabad for a training, and hence i dropped my grany and aunt back to chennai, but later that got cancelled due to the serial bomb blasts that happened at hyderabad. It was very different for me to cook after a long time and luckily i did not forget my culinary skills. I am planning to cook more variety dishes and then keep myself busy during the weekends. I am now back to bachelor life and have to do all household activities on my own, but this is not a reason for me to get married :-) I need to find out ways to keep myslef busy and kill my lonliness during the weekends!!!!