Its Vacation Time !!!

Its been a long time plan from my end to take a vacation and go to chennai and at last that happened on the 24th of this month. I along with my grany and aunt went back to chennai and i immediately plunged into vacation mood and slipped away from chennai to some beautiful villagges of south india. I usually go on a pilgrimage tour with my dad once a year and this time too we both had been to Mayavaram, Kumbakonam and to all navagraha sthalams.
I always love nature and admire its beauty, and once again i was absorbed by the nature when i was roaming inside those remote villages. I really envy the kind of life style those villagers are enjoying, lushy green outfields, abundant source of water and above all, excellent human beings. If you are strandered some where and dunno the route, don worry, there will be 100s of people who will come for your rescue, still humanity is living in the villages.
I could not imagine a scenario where a person coming all the way from his house till the bus stand and then telling us that these are the busses which will go to mayavaram, dont board white board busses as they will go very slow and waiting with us till the bus arrives and then only going back, do you guys think that the same will happen in CITY ? why, even i will not do such a thing, the reason ??? i will pretend as if i am busy.
I am sure, going forward, our younger generation will not see COWS, CATTLES, DOGS on streets, as they are all getting extint inside the city, but in villages people live with them, each and every house has either a goat or a cow or a dog and its not being treated as a pet, its being treated as one member of the family. Nature is always a challenge to humans and it will still be a challenge to mankind forever, so lets not waste our time in competing with that, lets start loving it and protect it.
I came back to chennai with a very heavy heart, as i should continue my race of running behind MONEY!!!!

Is ORKUT a Messenger of Death ??

Once again our infamous ORKUT has hit the headlines, but this time with a far more ugly face. Sometime back there were arguments in the parliment to shutdown this social network website as it found lots of communities which were created to degrade the character of Mahatma Gandhi, but all that roar and fuzz lasted only for the time of opening a COKE can.
Day before yesterday a MUMBAI based youth has lost his life for the crush he had developed on an unseen (beautiful) girl by name "Angel" whom he met and got accquinted thru ORKUT (this is what people say "A known devil is better than an Unknown Angel" ah!!!). The so called "She" pestered him to come and meet her in person at one of Mumbai's posh restaurants, but death awaited for him in the form of 3 youngsters (gangsters) who strangulated him to death and dumped him in his own SKODA.
The youth who was named Adnan, got accquinted with this "Angel" and developed some kind of closeness towards her. He has disclosed all his family details, where is dad works, what's his business etc etc. I am not able to believe the fact that educated people are falling trap to such plots, who on this earth would disclose such personal details to an unknown person ? I would rather say that DEATH was not awaiting him, instead he has invited DEATH.
ORKUT is a social network which has been created by GOOGLE for a different business reason, and that has to be used with some amount of consiousness within ourselves. This is second such DEATH that has happened siting the usage of ORKUT as the main cause.
Lets all wake up and make sure that we are not spinning a web around us where it will be very difficult for us to come out.
Pasangalaa, ponnu pera ketaalae waterfall start panaadheenga, ungala nambi unga kudumba irruku nu manasula vechukitu, velai pannunga. Not all girls are angel's nor DEVIL's so have a cautious approach.

VEERAAPU - Movie Review !!! (In my style)

Veeraapu - I just cant digest the fact that all producers and directors have taken our tamil ppl for granted - "Ivanga enna eduthaalum paarpaanga, ivanga romba nallavangadaaaaa" ngra type la they have taken this movie. The story line goes like this, A very strict father (Prakash Raj) is a mathematics "professor" for a primary school in a remote village (aamaam avaru periya raamanujan). He thinks that the entire world is revolving around MATHS (avaruku science, history, geography elaam pudukaadhu, yaenaa avaru padikala / pudikala). His son (Sundar C) is a genius in SCIENCE (avarae oru mechanical school bell kandu pudichurukaar naa paarungalaen!!!) he invents radio (nalla velai marconi ku indha vishayam innum teriyaadhu), battery, watch (adhuvum eppadi, urula kezhangula iyaa watch ooda vekaraarr la!!!!) and his entire village is praising that Sundar C is a genius, but unfortunately our HERO is ZERO in maths, which his father does not like, so oru naal kovathula he breaks all his son's "INVENTIONS" (Goiyaalae, oorula elaarum kandu puduichadhuku apporam ivaru kandu pudipaaraam, adhu invention aam).

HERO's father is scolding his SCIENTIST son, "see, our neighbor prabhu has got 100/100 in maths and what you have got is just 40/100, you go and drink his urine" (vaathiyaar pulla makku!!!). Our hero immediately goes to prabhu's house and asks him how much mark he has got in maths, he says 100, then comes the most scary scene in the movie (I am not talking about HEROINE introduction scene), our HERO says to prabhu "Inda kaiyaala thaanae daa nee exam ezhudhi 100 mark vaangina, adhunalaa thaanae da enga appa enna adikaraaru, inimae nee exam ae ezhudha koodaadhu" after such a lengthy dialogue our hero stabs prabhu's hand with a COMPASS, and you know what unfortunately that guy dies :-((( (the entire theater is weeping now, andha scene kaaga illa, poyumpoyum indha padatha paarka vechutanae aandavan nu azharaanga)

Prakash Raj drags his son by his shirt and puts him into jail and tells the inspector "Inspector, idhuvaraikum en paiyana onnum panaadheenga nu sollara appa va thaan neenga paarthurupeenga, ippo naa sollaraen, en paiyana enna venumnaalum pannunga, avan thirundhanum, nalla maths podanum" (Avar kammbi ennara maths pathi thaan sollaraaru). Our HERO takes a wow here, that he will never go to school again in life as he does not want to work mathematics, so he decided to become a ROWDY (maths varaati ivaru ROWDY aaiduvaaraam, yaen naa maths mela avalo kovam). Hero becomes a big rowdy in town, his father is very much ashamed of this and hero does lots of rowdyism just to frustrate his dad (paartheengalaa anniyaayatha, ivarukku maths varaadhaam, ivanga appa ivara science padika vidalayaam, adhunaala ivaru ooru makkala elaam potu saathuvaaraam, naalla irrukula tamaasu).

Here comes the turning point (adhaanga HEROINE (Gopika) introduction), once our HERO is being dragged onto the streets by police men where our hero was wearing only JETTY, there in between that mob comes gopika and immediately falls in love (hero melayaa, hero jetty melayaa nu enakku inni varaikum puriyala) and then comes a wonderful dream song with hero in jetty and heroine with a big white gown (koduma koduma nu theater ku ponaa, anga oru koduma koothu katti aadichaam). Then follows usual masala and finally comes the climax. Prakash raj has totally disowned his son and Gopika joins as a teacher in the same school where our HERO studied (irrunga naa innum suspense a sollala) and eventually she studied under Prakash Raj and she is one of his brilliant student, and the SUSPENSE is, our HERO Sundar C also studied in that same class and both were classmates.

Once there was an ANNUAL DAY function in that school and our HEROINE (who is already in love with our hero's jetty, Oh ... i am sorry HERO) is presiding over that function, there she says that our school principal (Prakash raj) will now inagurate one marvelous invention by one of that school's old student (Sundar C), our prakash raj was shocked to see that the invention was that "Mechanical Bell" (avaru yaen shock aanaar naa, andha ezhava thaan avaru eppovo pottu odachutaarae, adhu eppadi daa inga vandhudhu nu shock aaitaaru)
Folks, now only you guys should carefully read and imagine the scene in your mind, once that bell was inagurated, our heroine says to the crowd that the inventor was none other than our oor's rowdy Mr. Sundar C (Sundar C was also there in the crowd when she announced his name, eppadi nu enna ketkaadheenga, andha naara paya BADRI ya thaan ketkanum, avan yaaru nu ketkareengalaa ?? andha vendha vaayan thaan director) The entire audience stood up and gave a standing ovation to our (Rowdy) hero (idhula enna kodumanaa, andha kootathula clap adikara oru naayi, avan kannula kaneeroda clap thataraan, yaen andha naayi munna pinna belle paarthadhillayaa ???). Our hero is also in tears by now, the entire auditorium is in tears (Ada naara payaluvalaa ... pada paarka vandha naanga thaanae daa ippadi kaneer vidaum), our hero slowly comes to the BELL and touches it (flashback aam, avaru unarchi vasa pattutaaraam). Prakash Raj now realises that his son is a genius (edhu ... avaru bellu kandu pudichadhuku!!!) and finally accepts his son.

Ada edu patta payalae (Prakash Raj), ezhavu andha "invention" na nee oru 2 hours ku munaadiyae accept pannirundha naa, i would have gone home 2 hours early, also the theater buggers played a very nice trick, they closed all the doors and bolted from outside, so that nobody can escape, nalaa kuroopaa thaan yaa alayaraanga.

Hmm, i dont want to put a rating star to this movie. I will certainly not blame the director or producer of this movie, elaam enna sollanum, naayi vaala surutikitu veetula irrundhurukalaam, VEERAAPAA ponaen padathuku!!!!!

When should someone MARRY !!!

Ah!! The heading presses to be a "Million Dollar Question" isn't it ?
I am not writing this just because i am single. I too have my own hooks hanging over my head, but I am writing this after taking a careful survey amongst a set of folks in this society. I would first put forth the views of people who are not married. I could narrow down the reasons for not getting married into the fillowing broader "reasons"
  1. Individual wants to "Settle" in life
  2. He / She wants to have a sizable bank balance
  3. He / She does not trust in "Arranged" marriage (At the same time they are not in LOVE)
  4. He / She see marriage as pure GAMBLE

So the conclusion is, people are just finding some excuse to avoid taking "Responsibilies" in life, of course i am one bachelor who is suffering from this syndrome, i too dont want to take responsibility. So what does the individual lose if he / she is SINGLE ?? - !!!!NOTHING!!!!

Well, lets here the reasons of people who got married at an early age (26 yrs and above)

  1. Its fun to have a companion and the feeling of having someone (dedicated) for you is gr8.
  2. Understanding, Frequency and Chemistry are the factors which decide the success of a marriage.
  3. Marrying for the sake of marrying is something one should not do. (Experience speaks)
  4. That is the only relationship where in you get everything unconditionally

I too agree to some extent on the points putforth by married couples, but personally i feel that, no individual should get into a relationship unless he / she is financially sound and is ready to manage the new expense. I might sound a bit "money-minded" but i am a practical person, i strongly feel that MONEY is the only factor which drives anything and everything in this world.

I would definitely take a cautious approach in finding my Ms. Perfect and unless i am satisfied with my requirement (with a little bit of compromise) i will not tie the knot.

Journalist who LIVES News ...

Barkha Dutt :- She is one journalist i admire the most. I have been closely watching NDTV 24X7 for many years now, and i have personally kept track of this excellent female on the following major incidents that happen in our country

Earthquake which struck Gujarat in 1998:- She was walking amongst those rubbles and was presenting the news LIVE with the equal intensity of the EQ. She was terribly shaken by physic and by voice

2. War in Afganistan :- Can you imagine yourself standing amidst of war tankers and millitants ? She was standing there, not for interviewing any afgan PM or president, she went there to interview a te*****st, where in this earth that female got such a guts ? even though we can say that a camera crew would have travelled with her, but still. The questions were asked by her in URUDU and at one point the te*****st said that she is talking wonderful urudu.

3. TSUNAMI - 2004 :- For the first time i saw that BOLD female got completely drenched in her tears, she could not present the news LIVE as she was weeping so badly. When she saw scores and scores of dead bodies lying on the ground, she said this on air "GOD, why the hell you want to play such a spoil sport on us today morning ? I dont think you are still a thing to be worshipped"

I personally SALUTE this wonderful personality and has truely become her FAN!!!

Oooopppssss - Waitees, Satish, are you getting over emotional / centimental ? this is not your style of writing man, put something that suits your character.

Missing Angel ... 100th day

I was terribly shaken to hear the news when the portugal police declared
that little Madeleine McCann can be DEAD. This is one incident which shocked the entire world. How can such strange things happen in life, ever since she was abducted from a portugal resort, this case was sorrounded by mysteries and so many un-answered questions. Its really hard for me to believe that she has been abducted from her hotel room when her parents were enjoying that cold weather outside the resort. If i have to put myself in the shoes of her parents, my heart really goes heavy and i am lost for words to console that mother.
I still wish that some day this little angel should return to her parents, if that is not the truth may this wonderful girl be safe in the hands of GOD, till her parents reach there. Attimes life decideds to act very cruel to us. Continuing my prayers for this little angel's well being.

My First Funny Poem!!!

Hmm, i always knew that i have a poet sleeping inside me, and was waiting for that guy to come out (well he came out after 3o years). I have tried many a times to write short poems and kavidhaigal but thats a clandestine side of me. I was actually planning to post some of my tries on my blog, but just recently i made up my mind and decided to flash one here.

This is one very good song sung my ARR for the movie JOK (Surya / Jyothika), where he will be singing this from Newyork and the song goes like this - Newyork nagaram urangum neram thanimai adarndhadhu ... paniyum padarndhadhu ... kappal irangiyae ... kaatrum karaiyil nadandhadhu ....

Me being the first critic of this so called IT city of india, i thot of writing a poem which will portrait the flaws of BANGALORE city and no BANGALOREAN can comment on this, coz what i have told here is complete truth. Just listen to the main song and read my lyric in the same tune.









A New comer to our family ...

I am extremely happy to share the good news of my brother being blessed with a baby boy (I am yet to see that little one). I heard that he is doing fine with 3.2 Kgs, he came to this world thru a C-Section and hence his mom will take some more time to regain normalcy.

By GOD's grace both mom and kid are fine. Our entire family is overwhelmed to have the 3rd boy sibling of our generation. I just cant wait anymore to see him, but that is not going to happen any soon, i need to wait for couple of weeks for that.

Already we have one little fellow by name Anirudh who has started to walk on all fours and attimes manages to walk on two, and its sheer fun at his place as he is keeping his dad and mom quite busy with his notorious acts.

Will try to post his snap quite soon!!!

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...