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Barkha Dutt :- She is one journalist i admire the most. I have been closely watching NDTV 24X7 for many years now, and i have personally kept track of this excellent female on the following major incidents that happen in our country

Earthquake which struck Gujarat in 1998:- She was walking amongst those rubbles and was presenting the news LIVE with the equal intensity of the EQ. She was terribly shaken by physic and by voice

2. War in Afganistan :- Can you imagine yourself standing amidst of war tankers and millitants ? She was standing there, not for interviewing any afgan PM or president, she went there to interview a te*****st, where in this earth that female got such a guts ? even though we can say that a camera crew would have travelled with her, but still. The questions were asked by her in URUDU and at one point the te*****st said that she is talking wonderful urudu.

3. TSUNAMI - 2004 :- For the first time i saw that BOLD female got completely drenched in her tears, she could not present the news LIVE as she was weeping so badly. When she saw scores and scores of dead bodies lying on the ground, she said this on air "GOD, why the hell you want to play such a spoil sport on us today morning ? I dont think you are still a thing to be worshipped"

I personally SALUTE this wonderful personality and has truely become her FAN!!!

Oooopppssss - Waitees, Satish, are you getting over emotional / centimental ? this is not your style of writing man, put something that suits your character.


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