I Retire ...

Ah, what a day of eye-opener I had today, all the so called stamina and other technical skills I had on one of my passionate game Cricket has been proved wrong, when I tried to compete with my next generation. I had an opportunity to play cricket with folks who are 8 to 9 years younger than me and I was bubbling with all confidence and I was feeling pride of the great innings I have played for my company and other teams, in short if I have to put this, I walked into the stadium as if I am Sachin Tendulkar and the other boys were juniors to me. I know it has been years since I have touched the bat and ball, and I was having my own pride of being a fantastic fielder, so all these motivated this 32 year old man to go and play a game and this is what unfolded in front of my eyes and I decided to put this as a post in my blog, so that whenever I get another chance to play cricket, I will open my blog and read this post ....

Game 1:

Satish chose to bowl first as he was always an opening bowler for his team, and the score at the end of the over is 22. 3 fours, 1 six and 2 double. I told myself that it was just a warm-up over and I can prove my skills in the next over, this being a 6 over per side game and I am sure I will get the 5th over as there were only 4 bowlers in my team. 5th over, no change other than the runs I gave 24 runs this time, 4 fours, 1 six and one double. This time I am not ready to believe that it is another over of warm-up, I told myself, you young man, you are getting old and you have absolutely no pace or accuracy in your bowling. I was pitching all half volleys and it was more than a "one more time" for the batsmen. I being the eldest in the entire gang, took it on my stride and then planned to show my mettle on batting, once again the flashback screen revolved in front of me and I remembered one of the face saving innings I played for Oracle, where we won by 1 wicket. There goes Satish with his bat and swinging arms and a bumpy walk to the pitch, looked around where the field placement is, adjusted my pads and concentrated very hard on the bowlers arm and the cherry, with complete concentration on the cherry, Satish swings his bat in the exact direction where the ball came and there he heard a sound, "ptaaankk", one of my stump had gone for a long walk and there Satish walks back to the pavilion with a golden duck.

Game 2:

Satish decided to take the second spell and did not want to take the first over, and there came over number 4 and Satish had already formed a strategy of how to attack the batsmen who has already scored 26 in two over’s. First ball, wowww, that was a blinder to the fellow, and Satish was proud of that delivery and the Andy Robert's and Malcom Marshals's and Bret Lee's came to my imaginary mind and gave me a pat and the very next ball was smashed for a 6, next one, another 6, next one, another 6, next one, another 6, next one, another 6, unfortunately it looks like Stuart Broad too came into me and made me to bowl. So there walks a dejected great bowler back to his fielding position and told himself that he is going to prove his worth to his team by making some stunning saves and catches, so I moved one young guy from a short mid-wicket position to long on and said, I will take care, he actually did not want to go and gave me a stare as if "Are you sure, you can stand here you old man ??", I took guard on my position and before the bowler bowled the next ball, he called me and gave me a sign like "that’s the place you are gonna get the next ball, ready to catch it", I returned a sign back to him like a "thumbs-up" and that guy actually kept his word and bowled the ball at the right slot and it came straight in my direction like a tracer bullet, and before me mentally preparing myself to take that catch, that ball was in the boundary.

So what do these incidents mean ? Satish though looks like a youth for his age, internally the body has taken its toll and it refuses to co-operate and made me feel like a dead pig. I am no fit for that young chap’s game anymore and I think I have to retire and not even claim that I have played cricket in my life. I know my fellow blogger "Chan" is an excellent cricketer and I have admired his game a lot, I still remember the finals we played for our office, though we lost it by 1 run, it was a memorable match. Chan do you remember that catch I took by banging straight on you, as we both ran together to take that one, without me calling "Its mine". Today is a day which proved to me a fact that, I am getting old and I can never be a youth and I am not fit for such games in my life anymore :( with a very heavy heart, I have to say that I am retiring from all forms of CRICKET w.e.f today and I will not touch the bat and ball anymore. *sob* *sob* *sob*

My Interview - My Life ...

I should start this piece with a hearty thanks to Ms. Ratzz who screams at http://www.tantrumzz.com as she is the one who recommended my blog to SpeakBindas.com. This website would publish interview's of common man like us and they make us feel as heros. I am too a hero now ;-) and my interview is up on their website and I request all my readers to go through that and send me your comments :)

My Interview - My Life

Thanks a ton for all my readers and friends for motivating me to write. Though you all know that I am not a great writer ...

Countdown ...

Adithya was lying all alone inside his dark room, and thinking about his future, while doing that he smiled at himself and said, what is there for future when he is counting his days, he knows he is not going to be here in this place for ever and doctors have already set the date for him, he is not bothered about that, as he is matured enough to understand that this is all part of life. His thoughts revolved around Amrita, he loved her more than anyone else and he is just not ready to miss her, but he knows that he cannot be with her for long, he recollect the days where he and Amirta used to chat within themselves like there would be no tomorrow, they both enjoyed those conversations, but it is all over now, he and Amrita are never going to get time to talk in private, his eyes ejected few tear balls out and that got mixed with the darkness and the dampness of his room ...

Amrita came into his life just 9 months back and before that they both were strangers, initial three months he was not so comfortable with her and also Amrita was not comfortable with Adithya, but as days progressed Amrita realized that Adithya is going to be her life and Adithya too understood that his life without Amrita is next to nothing, you never know when the love bug bites you. They both made sure one thing, that their love is not made public and no one knows that they are in love, also they made sure that there is no one around when they were talking, Amrita liked everything in Adithya and its vice versa. Adithya as far as the society is concerned is a job less bachelor, he has nothing to do in this world other than admiring Amirta, but Amrita on the other hand was working in a decent firm and earning a lot, after the both fell in love, almost every day Amirta used to give him food and shelter, after all it is love.

Adithya too had an exceptional talent, he is a great swimmer, but was too shy to participate in any competitions and win prizes, Amrita sensed his talent and would request him to swim just for her and those were the times Amrita would be flying in air, she will feel so happy and also Adithya would be at his best when he swims in front of Amrita. Time is running out and Adithya is not going to talk to Amrita anymore, all those daily chats and silent giggles are going to go for once. His room was still dark and Adithya is still lying all alone, and he was physically restless. One fine morning he was taken to the hospital to see if there are any chances, but the doctors have already given him a date and that date was today. Amrita cried buckets that day and she has no choice as well, at the strike of 10 AM in the morning, Amrita busted into a huge cry and scream, and little Adithya came out crying with those watery fluids all over his body and was laid in the arms of Amrita, for the first time both had a chance to see each other and they both giggled...

கவிதைகள் ...

பத்தினி ...

தூரத்து மேகத்தை கையுள் அடக்கி ரசிக்கின்றாள்
வீசுகின்ற பூங்காற்றை முந்தானையில் முடிகின்றாள்
மலராத பூவொன்றை பூங்குழலில் அணிகின்றாள்
வெஞ்சான்றுக்குழம்போன்றை முகம்தன்னில் பூசுகின்றாள்
செயற்கையாய் சிரிப்பொன்றை உதட்டோரம் உதிர்க்கின்றாள்
தொடுவானம் தூரமென்று மனதுக்குள் சிரிக்கின்றாள்
விடிவெள்ளி தோன்றுமென்று கதவோரம் சரிகின்றாள்
தொலைத்துவிட்ட பால்யத்தை ஒரு முறை நினைக்கின்றாள்
அடி வாங்க நேருமென்று, விரைவாக விரைகின்றாள்
அந்தி சாய்ந்து போனதனால் அறைதனில் அடைகின்றாள்
முகமறியா உருவத்தை மார்போடு அணைக்கின்றாள்
மீண்டும் ஒரு அரக்கன் என்று விம்மி விம்மி அழுகின்றாள் ...

பய புள்ள ...

பள்ளிக்கூடம் போகக்கூட என் முகம் பார்த்து அழுத பய
படிச்சாத்தான் சோறு நு சொன்னவுடன் போன பய
பள்ளிக்கூட மணி அடிச்சா என் முகம் காண ஏங்கும் பய
முந்தானை முடிச்சுதனில் சுண்டு விரல் கோத்த பய
நாட்டார் கடை போகும் முன்னே என் கால் தொட்டு போன பய
என் காலில் தச்ச முள்ள அவன் கால நெனச்ச பய
அந்த முள்ள வெறும் காலில் நசுக்கியே சாச்சா பய
பொண்டாட்டி வேணாமுன்னு பிடிவாதம் செஞ்ச பய
என்போல வருவாளா நு எப்போதும் நெனச்ச பய
இந்த கண் போன கெழவிய வெளிய போ நு சொன்ன பய
மூணு வேளை திங்காட்டி செத்துடுவியா நு கேட்ட பய
அவன் கால என் நெஞ்சில் வெச்சு உசுரோட கொன்ன பய
அவளோட பேச்சக்கேட்டு, என் உறவ அறுத்த பய
பிடிவாதம் பண்ணாம எனக்கு கொள்ளி போட்ட அந்த பய
அவனுக்கு தான் என்ன தெரியும், நா பெத்த செல்ல பய


For a Change ...

Vaidhegi was all thrilled to receive her son who is coming back from the US after a short trip, she started preparing all goodies he likes and Ramanathan was very nervous about his return, because he knows something which Vaidhegi does not know.

Suresh is coming by Lufthansa right ? I have heard that they never maintain their timings, I hope he reaches Chennai on time, said Vaidhegi. Ramanathan nodded his head as if he acknowledges to her statement.

Why can't you go and sleep, why do you have to make all these in this mid-night, anyways Suresh would have had something in the flight, you better go and sleep now. Vaidhegi brushed aside this statement of Ramanthan and said "nekku onnum thookam varala, en kozhandhaiya paarka kannu thudikaradhu" (I am not feeling sleepy, my eyes are waiting to see him")

It was 4 in the morning and Vaidhegi who was half-asleep by this time was woken by this loud taxi horn in front of her house, this being the month of maargazhi, Vaidhegi took her shawl and covered her ears and hurried towards the main gate to open, she was very much sure that it was Suresh and it was pretty hazy at the time and all Vaidhegi could see is smoke and from that smoke, there emerged two figures, one is her son Suresh and another one is a girl who was dressed in saree. Suresh just said a "Hi" to his mom and told Sukanya "Valadhu kaala eduthu vechu ulla vaa Suganya" (Keep your right leg first and come in).

Vaidhegi did not know whether is this real or is she dreaming, but soon the maargazhi chillness proved that she is not dreaming, and Vaidhegi rushed inside the house, she entered by locking a confused look on Sukanya and asked Suresh "Yaaru daa kanna indha ponnu" (Who is this girl), and for that she got a reply from Sukanya saying "I am your daughter-in-law Athai"

Oh nee Doctor ku law padichurukiyaa, very good, very good ...

Iyoo amma, she said she is your "maatuponnu"

Vaidhegi was stunned to hear that and she stood frozen and looked at Ramanathan "Enna naa sollaraan ivan" (what is he saying ?)

Ramananthan who already knew his plans, did not react to her question and he too pretended as if he is hearing this for the first time and he asked Suresh, "So is this an information or you are asking us permission?"

I think I am matured enough to take my own decisions appa and all I need is your blessings

Since you are matured enough to do anything, why can't you bless yourself ? yelled Ramanathan

Sukanya whispered into Suresh ears "What is happening Sur ? I thought you have convinced your parents and that's the reason you are bringing me to India ?"

Hey wait Sukanya, you know that it is not that easy to convince old folks and they are not educated like us, so let us give them some time.

Vaidhegi does not understand anything out of this conversation as English to her is more like a comb to a bald person, doesn’t make any sense.

Appa, Amma, I have not married her yet, all we did was a register marriage in the US, and I have come here just for a week, I have got an extension of work visa in the US and I would want to go back and settle there.

Vaidhegi, "Enna naa sollaraan avan, enakku puriyum padiyaa thaan pesungolen" (What is he saying, can you guys talk in a way I can understand ?)

Un paiyan America la poi settle aaga poraanaam andha ponnoda, he is just informing us (your son is going to settle in america with this girl)

Dei, unakku enna paithiyamaa daa pudichuruku, amma va vittutu poga unakku eppadi daa manasu vandhudhu ? Unakku enna vasiyam senjaa daa indha sirukki ? (Are you nuts ? How can you leave your mom ? What magic did this witch did on you ?)

Amma, please don't shout like this, let us not create a scene here. I wanted to stick to my decision. I am not here to beg.

Why are you like this ? You went with your friend Ramani and I don't think he is a stupid like you to take such decisions ? I wish Ramani could have been my son and not you.

Unnecessarily why are you comparing me with Ramani, he is not your son, I am your son, mind it.

Sukanya stood silent and she understood what is going on right now.

Vaidhegi fainted all of a sudden and she being a heart patient could not stand this, she required immediate medical assistance and Ramanathan is very much worried about her health and not Suresh. He screamed as Suresh to vacate the house and get lost.

Suresh expected such a reaction and slammed the door hard and disappeared in the dark with Sukanya. Vaidhegi raised her hand and signaled to Suresh to stay but he was not in a mood to look back at her.

It was around 4 in the evening, Ramanathan and Vaidhegi gathered some strength to go to Suresh's friend Ramani's house and ask him why he agreed his friend to take such stupid decisions. Ramani's house is just two blocks away from their place.

They both knocked the door bell and Ramani's sister opened the door with a swollen eyes and moment she saw Suresh parents, she rushed inside and said "Avaa vandhurukaa ..." (they have come)

Subramanian who is Ramani's father rushed towards Ramanathan and hugged him and cried "Ippadi pannitaane indha Ramani" and he was in-consolable

Ramanathan and Vaidhegi did not have a clue of what happened and Vaidhegi went into the kitchen to see Vimala who was talking to herself "Unakku enna kurai vechen nu nee ippadi senja daa Ramani" (What did we do wrong and why did you take this decision

Moment she saw Vaidhegi, she could not control her tears and it was all mess for 15 minutes. Ramani's sister Vanaja slowly whispered into Vaidhegi's ears "Anna, US poi, sex change pannindutaan, he is no more Ramani, he has changed his name to Sukanya"

Both Ramanathan and Vaidhegi stood still ...

Dining Abroad ...

One more outing with a set of white skins to an Indian restaurant and out of all the other Indian restaurants I have been to in the US, this one is very different, in the sense, this restaurant does not have any employees of the Indian origin and all our Indian dishes are made by a foreigner. Could you ever imagine eating a "potato bonda" done by a foreigner ?? I am sure he would have come to India to acquire the knowledge on that. This place was very different that I did not feel like eating, I somehow don’t feel comfortable in a white skinned girl serving me rasam saadham, I know this is a mindset and of course that is what it is. I have been counting within myself of how many times I would have gone out for lunch and dinner with these US folks and how many times I would have explained the taste of Indian food and how they are made and things like that, this time for a change I did not open my mouth and G was the one who was explaining how the stuffs are prepared to the other folks.

The restaurant was quite when we entered and moment we 8 folks (3 Indians and rest US) occupied our seats they started to play songs from Bunty Or Bubly "Kajraare ... Kajraare ..." and I am wondering why not a "Ilayaraaja" song ? Like "Sorgame Endraalum adhu Namboora Pola varummaa", anyways I am not a big fan of Hindi songs so I did not bother to listen and surprisingly one of the outsider listened to that music and he said, "This song is wonderful", I am a kind of stunned, so music is something beyond words. We were all going through the menu card and I safely chose to take the buffet as I am not that comfortable in deciding things for my order and I always feel that it is waste of time, because there will always be a better thing than what you have ordered and the same concept applies for our lives as well, there is always a superior quality of life than what we live. We a kind of convinced everyone to take buffet, but one guy said he wanted to order and he was asking me what is the meaning of "Raitha" and I told him what it was and I could see light bulbs flashing out of his eye as he has never eaten a vegetable soaked in yoghurt.

It was altogether a very different feeling for me to see a white-skilled person serving you rasam and bonda's and chapathi's, I am seriously not a racist here, I am just speaking out my mind aloud, maybe it is my stupid mind set. I have spent a decent amount of duration in this country and I have been to numerous Indian restaurants but I have seen people of race and ethnicity serving me the food, and they do talk in my language and then ask me how the taste was, but here the feeling was different. The biggest thing is explaining a person who in his first time eating an Indian food, so he was asking in every item if there is any chance of eating a non-vegetarian stuff, he was so funny when he asked me if he can get a non-vegetarian rasam, and I said "oh you certainly can, but you have to come to India and eat my office cafeteria food where they float roaches inside the rasam". My good friend G started comparing and contrasting our Indian food and their food and the explanation he gave for chapathi's was the best, he said these are nothing but "Tortilla's" and that person ordered 8 chapathi's and poor guy had only 2, may be his vision of tortilla's were different.

The buffet was one of the worst I have ever had in the US barring "Potato Bonda", that was actually good, but IMHO, no one can spoil a potato bonda unless he or she is a pathetic cook. Every dining table topic in the US has always ended in comparing the two countries and every foreigner knows about India and our varied heritage and history, I feel so proud of it. But that being said, I would generally avoid getting on to those lines when I am abroad, because knowingly or unknowingly you may hurt somebody's feelings when you compare two countries, obviously for anyone the country comes first and every other thing wud be following that thought. After talking for a good 60 minutes about our country we decided to leave and a formal shake hands happened for the guy who invited for the treat and I was thinking, let this be the last time I am dining with foreigners and let me not come to this country again ... Hope GOD is hearing this loud and clear.


கொலு - தமிழ் பண்டிகைகள் ல ஒரு முக்கியமான ஒரு பண்டிகை, அதுவும் என்ன மாதிரி மைலாப்பூர் ல பொறந்து வளர்ந்த ஒரு ஆசாமிக்கு கொலு வந்தாலே சந்தோஷம் தான், அப்போ தான் அழகழகான ஐயர் ஆத்து பொண்ணுங்க கண்ணுக்கு குளிர்ச்சியா தழைய தழைய புடவைய கட்டிண்டு எங்க வீட்டுக்கு அழைக்க வருவாங்கங்கர ஒரு காரணத்துக்காக மட்டும் இல்ல, கொலு பொம்மை, கொலு படி, வகை வகையா சுண்டல், லாஸ்ட் பட் நாட் த லீஸ்ட் வீட்டுக்கு வர மாமி / பொண்ணுங்க பாடற பாட்டு. அது என்னமோ தெரியாது, இந்த கொலு நேரத்துல தான் அவங்க அவங்களுக்குள்ள ஒளிஞ்சிண்டு இருக்கற சுசீலா, ஜானகி, சித்ரா எல்லாரும் வெளிய வந்து எட்டிப்பார்பாங்க, ஆனா உண்மைய சொல்லணும் நா, நிறைய மாமி / ஐயர் ஆத்து பிகர்ஸ் ரொம்ப நல்லாவே பாடுவா, நா சில டைம் நினைச்சதுண்டு, இவாலாம் ஏன் சினிமா கு பாட போகல நு, ஆனா அதே சமயம், இவாள ஏன் டா பாட சொன்னோம் நு வருத்த பட வெக்கற அளவுக்கும் சில பேர் பாடி நம்பல டார்ச்சர் போடுவா. இப்படி ஒரு அருமையான கொலு நேரத்துல நடந்த ஒரு மகா காமெடி மேட்டர் ஒன்ன தான், நா இப்போ உங்களுக்கு சொல்ல போறேன், இத ஏன் தமிழ் ல எழுத முடிவு பண்ணினேன் நா, இத இங்கிலீஷ் ல சொன்ன, சொதப்பலா இருக்கும், ஏன்னா எல்லாமே ஐயர் ஆத்து பாஷை ல சொன்னா தான் என்ஜாய் பண்ண முடியும் ...

நா பொறந்தது, வளர்ந்தது, படிச்சது, ஏன் வேலைக்கு போனது கூட மைலாப்பூர் சுத்து வட்டாரத்துல தான். மைலாப்பூர் மாட வீதி பக்கத்துல தான் எங்க வீடு, ஆத்துலேர்ந்து கல்லு விட்டு எரிஞ்சா கபாலீஸ்வரர் கோவில். இந்த கொலு டைம் ல, மைலாப்பூர் குளத்த சுத்தி எக்கச்சக்க பொம்மை கடை வெச்சுருப்பா, அந்த சமயத்துல மைலாப்பூர்க்கு இருக்கற ஒரு எலெக்ட்ரிக் அட்மாஸ்பியர் வேற எப்பவும் இருக்காது. மைலாப்பூர் எப்பவுமே பண்டிகை காலங்கள் ல அருமையா இருக்கும், திரும்பவும் சொல்லறேன், மைலாப்பூர் ஐயர் ஆத்து பொண்ணுங்கள சைட் அடிக்கணும் நா, பண்டிகை டைம் ல தான் அடிக்கணும். சப்ப பிகர் கூட புடவை கட்டினா, சட்டு நு ஒரு பக்கம் திரும்பி பார்க்க தோணும், நம்ப பேசிக்காவே காஞ்சு போயிருக்கோம்ங்கறது உண்மைனாலும், நா இப்போ சொன்னது சத்தியமா பொய் இல்ல. எங்காத்துல கொலு நு சொன்ன அது நித்திய கொலு தான், எங்க அப்பா ஒரு ஷோகேஸ் ல பெர்மனென்ட் ஆ லைட் எல்லாம் செட் பண்ணி பொம்மை எல்லாம் அடுக்கியே வெச்சுருப்பா, ஆனா எங்காத்து கொலு ல ஹைலைட் என்ன நா, அது நாங்க விடற "மின்சார ரயில்". எங்க அத்திம்பேர் ஆத்துலேர்ந்து அதை தூக்கிண்டு வந்து, தண்டவாளம் எல்லாம் செட் பண்ணி, அதுக்கு கனெக்க்ஷன் குடுக்கறது இந்த அம்பியோட வேலை.

நெஜமாவே அது ஒரு சூப்பர் ட்ரைன், நிஜம் கரண்ட் ல ஓடற ஒரு பொருள். அது கூட ஒரு நிஜம் ரயில்வே ஸ்டேஷன் ல என்னல்லாம் இருக்குமோ அதனை பொருளும், அதோட சின்ன சைஸ் ல குடுத்துருப்பான். நீங்க அதா செட் பண்ணி முடிச்சா ஒரு சின்ன ரயில்வே ஸ்டேஷன் ந நேருல பார்க்கறா மாதிரி இருக்கும். இதுக்கு நடுவுல, ஒரு தாம்பாளத்துல போட் விடுவும், அந்த காலத்துல ஒரு போட் உண்டு, அது உள்ளுக்குள்ள அகல் விளக்கு போட்டு ஏறிய விட்டேள் நா, "பட பட பட பட" நு சத்தம் போட்டுண்டே சூப்பெரா அந்த தாம்பாளத்துக்குள்ள சுத்தி சுத்தி ஓடும். இந்த ஒரு விஷயத்த பார்கரத்துகே எங்காத்துக்கு கூட்டம் வரும். எல்லா பொண்ணுங்களுக்கு முன்னாடி, ஐயா தான் ரயில் ஓட்டி காட்டுவாரு. கண்டிப்பா ஏதாவது ஒரு பொண்ணு, அந்த ரயில எப்படி ஓட வெச்சேன் நு கேள்வி கேட்கும், நானும் இது தான் சாக்கு நு, நல்லா மொக்கைய போட்டு, அந்த பொண்ணுக்கு புரிய வெப்பேன். அந்த பொண்ணும் நான் தான் "ஜார்ஜ் ஸ்டீவென்சன்" ங்கற மாதிரி ஆச்சர்யமா பார்க்கும்.

நா அப்போ பத்தாவது படிச்சுகிட்டு இருந்தேன், மீசை கூட அரை குறையா முளைச்ச வயசு, ஸ்வீட் சிக்ஸ்டீன் நு கூட சொல்லலாம். எப்பவுமே பார்த்தீங்கன்னா, இந்த காத்தாடி சீசனும், கொலுவும் ஒன்னு போல வரும், அப்போ தான் காத்து செட்டில் ஆகி, வானம் அமைதியா இருக்கும். மைலாப்பூர் ல காத்தாடிக்கு மாஞ்சா போடறதுல வித்தகர், சாட்ஷாத் அடியேனே தான், சோ என்ன தேடி பக்கத்துல இருக்கற சேரி லேர்ந்து, நிறைய நண்பர்கள் வருவா, எங்க அப்பாக்கு, நா அவாளோட பழகறது சுத்தமா புடிக்காது. நா அவாளோட பழகினா, கேட்ட வார்த்தை எல்லாம் கத்துண்டுடுவேன் நு அவருக்கு ஒரு பயம், ஆனா இதுல கொடுமை என்ன நா, அவா யாரும் எனக்கு கேட்ட வார்த்தை கத்து குடுக்கல, நல்ல ஸ்கூல் ல படிச்சு, பெரிய பெரிய யூனிவெர்சிட்டி ல பட்டம் வாங்கின மக்கள் தான் எனக்கு "fuck" உம், "shit" உம், "a** ho**" உம் கத்து குடுத்தது. எனக்கு ஆனா அந்த சேரி பசங்களோட தான் பழக புடிக்கும், அவா கிட்ட பணம் காசு இல்லையே தவற, நல்ல மனசு இருந்துது. எங்காத்துக்கு ஒரு சேரி பையன் வந்தா, எங்க பாட்டி அவனுக்கு ஒரு சொட்டு தண்ணி கூட குடுக்க மாட்ட, அதுவே நா அந்த சேரி பையன் ஆத்துக்கு போனா, அவங்க அம்மா எனக்கு உட்கார வெச்சு சோறு போடுவா. யாருக்கு வேணும் பணமும், ஜாதியும் சொல்லுங்கோ ? அந்த சேரி பசங்க கட்துகுடுத்த பல நல்ல விஷயம் தான் இன்னிக்கு என்ன இந்த நிலைமைக்கு வர வெச்சுருக்கு. சேரி ரொம்ப தத்துவம் வேண்டாம், நம்ப நேரடியா காமெடி விஷயத்துக்கு வருவோம், சோ நா என்ன சொன்னேன் உங்க கிட்ட ? மைலாப்பூர்லையே காத்தாடிக்கு சூத்திரம் கட்டி, மாஞ்சா போடற எக்ஸ்பெர்ட் இந்த ஐயர் ஆத்து பையனே தான் :)

ஒரு நாள் சாயங்காலம் நா எங்காத்துக்கு வந்துருந்த மாமி's கு, ரயில் ஓட்டி காமிச்சுண்டு இருந்தேன், அன்னிக்கு எங்காத்துல கொண்டகடலை சுண்டலும், ராகி ல பண்ணின ஒரு கேசரியும் செஞ்சுருந்தா. ராகி ல பண்ணின கேசரி, நம்ப ரெகுலர் ஆரஞ் கலர் ல இருக்காது, அது கிட்ட தட்ட, மண்ணுல போட்டு பெரட்டின கேசரி மாதிரி, brown நா இருக்கும். எங்க அதை வரவாளுக்கு எல்லாம் கேசரியும், சுண்டலும் குடுத்துண்டு இருந்தா, நா பாட்டுக்கு செவனே நு ரயில் ஓட்டிண்டு இருந்தேன், அப்போ திடீர் நு வாசல் ல ஒரு அழைப்பு - "ஐயரே ... வூட்ல கீறியா?, நான் முத்து வந்துருக்கேன்" நு, எனக்கு சரியா கேட்டுதோ இல்லையோ, எங்க அப்பாக்கு கெட்டுடுத்து அவனோட அழைப்பு, நா அடிச்சு புடிச்சு வாசலுக்கு போய் அவனுக்கு என்ன வேணும் நு கேட்டேன். "நாளைக்கு P S High School" கிரௌண்டு ல, நம்ப காத்தாடி விட போறோம், அதுனால நீ இந்த வஜ்ரத்த புட்டி(Glass) போட்டு அரைச்சு, இந்த நூல் கண்டு ல மான்ஜாவா தடவி நாளைக்கு கொண்டுட்டு வரியா ? நு கேட்டான், நானும் அதுனால என்ன, போட்டு குடுத்துட்டா போச்சு நு, அந்த காரியத்துக்கு ஒத்துகிட்டேன். வஜ்ரம் நா என்ன நு தெரியாத வாசகர்களுக்கு ஒரு பின் குறிப்பு - வஜ்ரம்ங்கற வஸ்து இஸ் மேட் அவுட் ஆப் 5 பொருள்'s - புளியாங்கொட்டை, லப்பம், கோந்து, மைதா மாவு அண்ட் வெல்லம், இதெல்லாம் போட்டா தான் மாஞ்சா போடும் போது, நூல் கெட்டியா இருக்கும், இது கூட கடைசியா சோடா பாட்டில் அரைச்சு, நல்ல கொழ கொழ நு கிண்டி, ஆவகமா நூல் மேல தடவனும், வஜ்ரதொட காம்போசிஷன் கரெக்கட்டா இல்லாட்டி உங்க காத்தாடி டீல் ஆகறத்துக்கு வாய்புகள் அதிகம்.

அவன் ஏற்கனவே வஜ்ரத்த நல்லா அரைச்சு ஒரு டப்பா ல போட்டு குடுத்துருந்தான், அதா அவசர அவசரமா எங்க அப்பா கண்ணுக்கு தெரியாம, சமையல் கட்டு பக்கத்துல இருந்த மேடைல வெச்சுட்டு நா திரும்பவும் ரயில் விட போயிட்டேன். மணி சுமார் ஒரு 8 இருக்கும், அப்போ தான் என்டெர் ஆனார் அந்த 75 தாத்தா. என்ன பார்த்ததும், நா எப்படி படிக்கறேன், எப்படி படிக்கணும், எவ்வளோ மார்க் வாங்கினா நல்லது, எந்த மாதிரி மேல் படிப்பு படிக்கணும், அது இது நு 1008 விஷயம் பேசினார், எங்க அத்தை ஆத்துக்கு வந்துருந்த மாமிகளோட அரட்டை யா போட்டுண்டு இருந்தா, எங்க அப்பா சும்மா இல்லாம, டேய் தாத்தாக்கு அந்த ராகி கேசரி கொண்டு குடுடா நு சொல்லி என்ன அனுப்பிட்டார், நானும் ஏதோ ஒரு கவனத்துல நம்ப முத்து குடுத்த "வஜ்ரத்துல" ஒரு ஸ்பூன போட்டு, தாத்தா கிட்ட குடுத்துட்டேன், சத்தியமா அது வஜ்ரம் நு எனக்கு அப்போ தோனல. வஜ்ரத்துல வெல்லம் ஜாஸ்த்தியா போட்டுருபான் நு நினைக்கறேன் முத்து, தாத்தா அதோட பல் செட்ட போட்டுண்டு கட கட நு எல்லா வஜ்ரத்தையும் சாப்பிட்டு முடிச்சுடுத்து.

நா ராத்திரி ஒரு பத்து மணிக்கு அந்த வஜ்ரா டப்பா வ தேடறேன், வஜ்ரா டப்பா காணும், எங்க டா நு நானும் தேடி தேடி பார்க்கறேன், கண்ணுல மாட்டல, ஒரு வேலை எங்க அப்பா அதை எடுத்து எங்கயோ ஒளிச்சு வெச்சுட்டாரோ நு நெனச்சேன், அப்பொறம் ஏதோ தண்ணி குடிக்கலாம் நு சமையல் கட்டு உள்ள நுழைஞ்சேன், உள்ள போனா ஒரு பேரதிர்ச்சி, முத்து குடுத்த வஜ்ரா டப்பாவ எங்க அத்தை சுத்தமா அலம்பி கவுத்து வெச்சுருக்கா, ஐயோ, அதை பார்த்த உடனே எனக்கு தெரிஞ்சு போச்சு, நா என்ன காரியம் பண்ணினேன் நு. மரம் நின்னுச்சு, பறவை நின்னுச்சு, அலை மேல அடிச்சு நின்னுச்சு, எரிமலை வெடிச்சு நின்னுச்சு, ஒரு நிமிஷம் என் இதய துடிப்பும் நின்னுச்சு. உடம்பெல்லாம் வேர்த்து போச்சு, இந்த சம்பவம் நடந்து ஒரு 4 மணி நேரமாவது ஆகிருக்கும், இன்னும் பக்கத்தாத்துலேர்ந்து ஒரு அழுகை சதமும் வரலையே, ஒரு வேளை ஆஸ்பத்திரிக்கு தூக்கிண்டு போய்ட்டாளோ, ஒரு வேளை ஆஸ்பத்திரி ல அவர் செத்ததுக்கு காரணம் வஜ்ரம் தான் நு கண்டு புடிச்சுடுவாளோ நு எல்லாம் எனக்குள்ள ஒரே பீதி, நல்ல வேளை, என் பீதி, அடுத்தநாள் அந்த தாத்தா கு பேதி நு சொன்னதுக்கு அப்புறம் தான் அடங்கித்து. ஆமாம், முழுக்க கால் கிலோ வஜ்ரம் சாப்டா பேதி ஆகாம வேற என்ன ஆகுமாம். ஆனா இதுல ஒரு விஷயம் பாருங்கோ, என்னோட வஜ்ரத்த சாப்ட அந்த தாத்தா எப்போ தெரியுமா மண்டைய போட்டார் ? அவரோட 95 வயசுல, ஆகவே, நீண்ட ஆயூள் பெற வஜ்ரம் சாப்புடுங்கோ நு சொல்லறேன் :)

Mount Washington ...

Sunday was one hectic day in my life and it all started with a terrible back sprain, and oops!! Wait, if I say back pain, it is not the one which comes near the hip, this sprain was in a virtually untouchable place, right in the middle of my left shoulder where you will have no access either thru your right hand or by your left and it was paining so badly that I could not even sneeze. I know I have a very long day to go and this sprain was a real dampener to my spirits. We all had plans to drive to a mountain peak which is the tallest in this part of the country and the day was bright and sunny which gave us a perfect sign for hiking. Our gang was all tired after doing this Whale watching, but still we do not want to miss a sunny Sunday so we gathered strength to go to this Mt. Washington Peak. The journey was a wonderful one and here is how it unfolded ...

We a gang of 5 left our hotel in our Ford Focus and I was the only appointed driver and also the one who had experience in driving in the US, I know it is close to 268 miles from where I stay and it was a solid 3 hours drive, we all started at around 7:30 in the morning and took the exact rout with the help of GPS, without a GPS you cannot drive in the US, that too an outsider like would find it extremely difficult, and it is not like India were you can park and ask some passerby, because there won't be any passerby in this country as everyone has a car. The drive to this mountain was nothing but scenic and we took some wonderful shots in my friend’s camera and every snap can be wallpaper on its own, this part of the US is extremely beautiful during this time of the year. When I was driving at 80 MPH and that's when I have to take an exit and merge into a freeway, where cars would be coming a 100 MPH, the thumb rule in this country is, when you are merging into a freeway from an exit, you have to lean forward towards your mirror and make sure that no one is crossing your lane and then merge, when I attempted to do that, there was a big scream in the car, oopss!! That was me and the reason was my sprain on the back, it literally paralyzed me and I was shitting bricks in my pant, as I don't know if this would lead to some major accident.

We all pulled over to a nearby restaurant to have our breakfast and that's when my cousin did some massaging to my back, but the pain refused to subside, unfortunately I am the only eligible driver who can drive here and hence I could not hand over the wheel to my other folks. There were pine and peach trees on both sides of the road and there were beautiful streams which were running across the country side of Walthom, NH and the colors of the leaves started to change to an orangish red, on the whole the whole drive was picture perfect. I was doing good speed on the highway and all of a sudden I saw this police officer who was standing there with a speed gun and all of a sudden I brought down my speed from 90 to 55 which was the permitted speed limit. I got up so early in the morning to go for this drive and hence I did not catch good sleep, when I was driving on a single lane highway, all of a sudden I heard this "wrrrrwrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound, and oh shittttttttttt, I was crossing the double yellow line and driving on the opposite side and you know the reason ?? I fell asleep over the wheel. The entire gang got worried that I am stressing myself beyond the limits, but nothing much they can do. I got out, refreshed myself with some stretching and then continued my drive.

We reached the base of the mountain around 11:00 AM and then we took our car to the peak. The drive to the peak was nothing but adventurous, the more the height you go, the less the visibility and it started to get overcast and visibility dropped to less than 1 meter, and then super thrilling thing is, if you miss your turn, probably you would be down under 6000 ft, the entire gang was worried, I would say scared, coz I had given them the scare of sleeping over the wheel and if I do that this time, we all would be referred with a prefix of "Late" to our name. The folks put Ilayaraja songs to motivate me and keep me awake, they were chatting non-stop within themselves so that I am not sleeping, but I know I have a great responsibility on my hand, so I concentrated 200% on the roads and drove with utmost care, the visibility went to almost zero when we were just 2 miles away from the summit. My eyes started to burn and it started to drip but I never lost my focus. It was dead cold outside and around 11:30 we reached the summit which was at 6842 meters above sea level. On a bright sunny day (it never happens) we could see Canada from that peak is what the claim is.

We spent a good solid 1 hour on the summit, enjoyed every bit of that cold and chill winds, in fact we were inside the clouds and the feeling of those chill clouds touch your face and go was something beyond words for me to explain, you have to feel that to believe that, it was literally heaven up there, but unfortunately you cannot stand outside for more than 20 mins, as you would freeze to death. We all had a hot cup of tomato soup after that, which was like "Yummmmm!!!!!!!!" to all of us. The ascent ride was even more dangerous, if the grip on your car was not ok, you would probably hit the floor very soon. We have to keep our legs on the brakes constantly and that in turn would result in heating the brake plates and chances of them failing would be very high, so every 1 mile, you have to pull your car to the tip of the mountain and cool your brakes, but don’t dare to look down, as you may faint and fall down. When we pulled over such a spot, we dared to look down and admire nature's beauty, but when you go to places like this, nature is rather scary than being beautiful. The scene was simply terrific, and the sight of those mountains from that height was awesome.

I carefully drove down to the base, we refilled our tank and then started our another long journey back to Boston where I have to drop my cousin and from there I have to head to Nashua, by 6:30 I reached home like a dead pig after driving 538 miles in a day which is approx 1000 plus kms in our country. But it is all worth it when I recollect those lovely scenic places I saw during my drive.

Boston Whale Watching ...

I should say that I seriously had a Whale of time yesterday. It was an experience of its kind and I felt that it is a one time opportunity. For people like us, sea is only till the shores and we simply admire the vastness of oceans and would be happy to wet our foot when those so called gigantic waves kiss the shore, but oceans have a different face when you actually venture inside. I should say that I enjoyed it more than what I actually expected and thanks to my friend G who helped me in setting up no expectations by saying some mere things about Whale watching which actually helped me in enjoying that 5 hours ride inside that ocean and I would like to take my readers into the Ocean now with my not so good writing skills, so come on, let’s venture into the Ocean and just be ready to shake your body in this rough sea...

We a gang of 5 started from Boston and walked towards the Boston harbor and rain joined hand with us and walked all the way till we reached our final destination (Nashua), but it did not do any damage to our sprits and we were determined to meet the biggest mammal of this universe. We all had our lunch at a place called Wagamama which G suggested after creating so much of hype, but fortunately the food was not that bad, but we did not like the taste ;-), after that we walked in that drizzle and reached the Boston harbor to board our ferry, we being a notorious five, we caught the attention of a local photographer who in turn took our snap, and the fact behind that is, once we come back from Whale watching (Should I say, "If we come back ...") they would have displayed that photograph in a well printed manner and we can buy that if we want to, but still I don't understand why they are wasting money when most of the people are not buying those snaps.

The ferry left the shores at around 2:30 PM and the rain had stopped by now and the ferry slowly started its travel into the deep sea, he was doing very good speed on those rough waters and I assume it would probably be 60 MPH and the very sight of the piercing the wind and trashing the water is indeed an awesome sight to watch. Initially I was wearing a jerkin, and feeling quite cozy, but unfortunately one of my other friend was shivering in cold as the ferry kept going further inside the ocean, me being the most youthful person in the gang (not by looks, but by stamina), I gave my jerkin to my friend and I was standing or I should say bereaving those gusty winds with just a slack t-shirt, I simply enjoyed that and by now rain joined party and we all were enjoying that ferry ride. After close to 2 hours of journey inside the ocean, we lost the sight of shores, clouds and rain added to the so called fear and the feeling of us being in the middle of the ocean made the moment more thrilling.

Me being a stupid fellow, kept thinking of what will happen if this ferry immerses into the water now? I don't know swimming and will I ever see land kinda types. Then came a lady who is our sea tour guide, she actually looked like a two legged whale to me, quite a gigantic figure (not the "figure" we all know) started announcing that they ferry is going to go further deep inside the ocean where the whales usually breed and eat. The wind chill and the rain made sure that the temperature is going to be in single digit and I still standing with a bare t-shirt as I have to maintain that youth image, though I too was shivering with terrible cold, I did not show that out. One beautiful thing I watched is the color of the ocean, you won't believe folks, it was in a beautiful green color and you know what's the reason ?? It is all because of our beloved corals and algae's which were present in abundant and our super hero whale uncle likes algae's very much was the news given to us.

The ferry inched slowly into the ocean and then there was this big roar from the crowd, and I turned in that direction and wowww!!! It was a beautiful black color hummer whale which just did a picture perfect dive for us, and that is the first time I saw a whale at such a close range, but the real surprise is not that I saw a whale, the surprise was from our tour guide, she screamed on top of her throat that "Yeah!!! That is Manny, he loves people and he always gives wonderful poses for cameras", I was stunned when she called out a name for a whale, but me being me, thought that she was just giving a name which came on top of her head and let the surprise dilute on its own, but within another 5 minutes, there was one more roar and this time there were two whales swimming together and gave us another picture perfect moment of splashing the water thru their nose and that happens when they come to the surface of the water to take some air and breath. Then our tour guide screamed "That is Sam and Laura who have been happily married for a year now, and their son Tom would be swimming somewhere near".

I just could not control my curiosity and wanted to know how she is calling the whale's by names where there are some 1000s of lookalike whales swimming in that ocean. I walked to her and then asked her the same question, and as a reply to that she showed me an instrument which is not more than the size of our palm and that is nothing but a sonometer. Whales communicate with each other with a specific ultra sonic frequency and it is unique for every whale in this planet, and this instrument would capture such waves and the research team has already ear marked 1000s of whales in this ocean belt. They have such wonderful information about those whales and they have studied their pattern of life style and the sheer beauty of that is, it can easily measure the weight of the whale and you know what was the weight of a baby whale ?? Nothing much, it is just 8000 tons and for a fully grown whale it would be somewhere around 12000 to 16000 tons :). I am simply stunned by their sheer size, they are so huge and they swim in those cold waters with ease.

I would have watched close to 30 whales that day and it is an experience I will never forget in my life and I can cherish this forever. I don't know if I will ever get a chance to go to such deep seas, so I wanna keep this etched in my memory forever. Apart from whale watching we did other watching as well, which cannot be disclosed in my blog, but I am sure guys would understand what I meant. The highlight of the trip was G. He is the one who was so keen in Whale watching, but moment the first whale surfaced from the ocean, our man got into "Sea Sickness" and vomited inside the ferry like crazy, finally he has to be escorted to a safer place under the deck and we four enjoyed the sight, poor G missed so much of fun.

Photos will be uploaded soon to my FB

How to Name It ...

All of a sudden today morning when I woke up, I was struck by a lightening thought which asked me a question, "What am I doing in Life ?" and this question seem to haunt me for quite some time now and for the sake of me and GOD, please don't equate this thought or question to the fact that I am single, and I would straight away mark that as rubbish, but if I have to give a deep thought to search for an answer to this question, my mind took me to lot of factors which would have probably prompted me to have this question coming up in my mind, and just note a point here, all these thinking’s and searches and answers happened in a flash and I was out of my bed the next minute and it was fascinating to see that my brain worked super fast to give me clues for why am I getting this haunting question very frequently these days and here I am sharing those inner thoughts to my readers and I am sure there would be individuals in this planet who are going through this same phase and the same question would be lingering in your thoughts as well.

First and foremost I would say that the kind of profession I am in would probably attribute the major slice of the pie on this "What am I doing in Life ?" question, but this does not mean that being in software industry for little over 12 years is a sin, I certainly cherish every year I have spent in this field and still cherishing it, but the fact which is probably hiding behind those cerebrum and cerebellum is, a kind of mundane has started to settle into the work and I have a feeling that I am doing the same old job again and again. Being an Architect for a product company is certainly challenging, but somehow those challenges are not satisfying me or my mind, and thanks to GOOGLE who has almost given every possible answer for a problem at a click, maybe I am getting old to think a lot and bring in innovative ideas which would probably justify my role of being an "Architect" or maybe I am far superior than an average developer and hence whatever I say folks just blindly agree and refuse to challenge me? And I am for sure that they refusing to challenge me would not be for my technical skills, it would probably be for my age ;-)

When I see other folks who are of my age, being content with what they are doing by having a 9 to 5 job and happy to run a family and take care of their kids and stuffs like that, I somewhat feel that is not the life I wanted to live and I don't really wanna get into a nut shell and be one in a zillion, but seriously I don't know if I have any extra potential to stand out from the rest of the crowd and do something different, but who can stop a dreaming mind, I do feel that I can be different and do things which others cannot do, well, if I have to touch my heart and think about that, what all I have said in this paragraph are crap. May be I am lost in life for the fact that I don't know what to do next, or probably I don't have any bigger aim in life so that I can work towards it. I never dreamt that I would be blessed with such a wonderful life in the first place; maybe I am pampered to the extent possibly by GOD that I really don’t have to worry about my future. When a person like me who has everything in life and little to no worries, worrying about what to do next, sounds stupid right? Oh yaa, who said I am not a stupid.

When I talk to my friends all they say is "Get Married" but is that what considered as an "achievement" in an individual's life? Or is that considered as an end point to your purpose of birth? I don't think so, but at the same time I am not denying the fact that we always need a shoulder to cry and rest, but that does not guarantee you a peaceful life or a goal for your life, may be you will feel some meaning for the amount of money you earn and spend, may be you will act as if you are responsible and matured, may be you will have a sense of pride that you have a minimized version of your flesh and blood sleeping on your lap, may be your will be proud to be called as "someone's" husband, but that still does not answer the question "What am I doing in Life ?", I am sure all these would become mundane at some point in time in your life, and I am hearing loud screams from you folks that "You bloody idiot, that is what is called as a life cycle", agreed, agreed!!! But that does not seem to convince ME, maybe I am a NUT, who fails to enjoy the happiness of today and worry about the peace of tomorrow.

Fine, if I don't want to be in this industry, I should quit my job and do something which motivates me to do in life and keep going in that path till that path gets boring, so what are all the other capabilities I have to change my path ? Am I a good actor?? NO, Am I a good painter?? NO, Am I a good singer?? NO, Am I a good sports person?? NO, Am I a good creative person?? NO, Am I a good teacher?? NOOOO, Am I a good cook?? NO, Am I a fool?? Looks like, Am I Insane?? For sure, am I preparing myself to go and get admitted into NIMHANS?? Perfect. So when I don't posses any qualities other than this stupid technical skills and that too half-baked, what else I can do other than blogging about this and still doing nothing about it to change. I am for sure know one thing here, I am suffering from this famous "Mid-Age Crisis" and folks who are of my mind state, please do send in your comments and we folks can join a club "Vazhukkai Vizhundha Velangaadha Vaalibar Sangam" How is it ??? - FYI - I am not bald yet, but will soon be for sure.

Consultants ...

I just can't imagine that people of such caliber exist in this world. I have met one of the most selfish human being in this world just today, but unfortunately he stepped on the wrong pedal and tried to play fancy with me which landed him in a cup of hot soup. Ok, let me tell you folks that I am here in the US to get few performance issues busted out on a product and before we came here, the folks in the US have already hired a consulting agency who are helping them in validating whether what we folks in India are doing is correct or wrong or absurd or bull sh** or non-sense. Since the issue has become a bit political with the India team and the product team in the US, they sent me up to this place and bridge few gaps and also to prove that what we folks are doing is not non-sense, I had all the evidence and data to prove them that we are not fools ...

The discussion today morning started when the group of consultants where analyzing our performance metrics and all of a sudden the head of that gang who is a PhD in performance engineering, just banged his beer can on the table and yelled "Oh shit, this is crap and I just cannot believe the these folks have been doing such a grave mistake for almost two months now and the worst part is they did not know that they are doing a mistake, and this is freaking my a** out" blah, blah, blah", me being a person who does not react to situations, I put on my listener's hat and then started enjoying the shit that he is throwing on me and my team and stuffs like that, I made sure that I don’t not over react or take things personally when he was spoiling the image of my team and above all my technical expertise, who said I am a genius, I may and I will and I can do mistakes right? So I told myself that "Satish you are not going to react to this without digesting what that PhD fellow is saying" after all I should give respect to his qualification, experience and age as well, seriously I am not an expert in Performance Engineering when compared to him, lets accept facts here.

The folks at Nashua who are none other than my company mates, just believe those consultants and not us, and it is for obvious reasons that the work is getting pushed in to India and these folks did not like that and they too wanted to prove to the management that Bangalore team is a useless unit and stuffs like that, understandable. They also joined the party and then started firing questions at me in a pace which was a little too hot for me to handle, but luckily I was still wearing the listener's hat and noting down the questions and also in the background I was working on framing possible replies to their questions, that's when that PhD guy made a statement which flared me up and believe me guys, I just played a scene from Bhaashaa where Rajini would be tempted to beat Anandraj and in the negative shot, all his Mumbai dadaa days would be shown, I was literally in that mood and decided to give them back and said "Enough..." and what that guy said is - "I am a scientist (PhD), I always wanted proof, I just cannot accept this crap from you, and you better mind, that you are not going to prove me wrong, and I will not allow history to be created by an Indian", wowwwwwwwww, feeling the heat ???

Again, I am not a genius, but I was confident in what I was doing and I was equally confident in proving that the analysis that these folks are doing is wrong, because I have the technical background to validate their analysis. I really don't know from where I got the guts to talk in a way I spoke today and the guy who came with me was just seeing me flaring up with points and he would have never seen a soft-spoken person like me to have flared up so much. I bloody took out every damn metrics that they have plotted as nice graphs, did a complete post-mortem on that and re-worked on the way they arrived at certain metrics and argued on some of their stupid theory on Windows OS thread counts and stuffs like that and at last posted a question to that PhD guy "So, can I take this as an instance where you have failed to convince an Indian and history has been created ?" and that's when the conference room went silent and I finished it off by saying "Over confidence, does make us slip sometimes" and walked out of the room, excusing myself for a break. When I came back the consultants have gone and my team acknowledged and agreed that our approach is not a flawed.

I would anyways give the credit to those consultants because they are fighting for a job and their status in not like mine where I have a guaranteed job on hand. They too have a family to run, kids to take care of, mom and dad to be taken care with good medical attention, so if I were at their shoes, probably I too would have done the same thing. But the thing which hurt me is, they are not willing to accept the truth, just because it came from an Indian ? That is seriously a wrong attitude, which I feel we Indian's would never do.

Travel to the US ...

What a tiring trip to the US, sick of flying 24 hours and the waiting time at the transit's, nasty food by the airlines, and to add to the woes a non-stop farting co-passenger, let me take you guys to that horror story a while later in this, but before that I wanted to let you folks know the traumatizing experience I had with this sickening airline called Lufthansa. I was mis-led my many of my friends that Lufthansa is one of the most wonderful airline to the US, but I would say that they are the worst ever I have travelled till date.

The aircraft is a so called Boeing and their economy class is next to a dungeon with absolutely no leg space and it is no better in my business class as well, that is a bit better than the economy class. I would say that Lufthansa's aircraft crew are one of the most lethargic folks I have ever seen, they just don’t care about the customer and their response to any of your query would be either a NO or a Sorry I don’t have types. I asked them if they have chocolates, they said NO and the AVML which I have asked for was not available and I was forced to eat egg omelet.

The pilots from Lufthansa have to learn how to land an aircraft from the Emirates folks, man I would always say that the best airline carrier I have ever travelled would be Emirates. Believe me folks there was no in-flight entertainment in a ling hour flight. They have this stupid TV at the end of the lavatory and they play some idiotic German movie and all the magazines they have inside the flight were in German Language and most of the magazines were filth with nasty nude pictures of some German models (I would admit that I like those models). They just don't seem to have been running an airline for the world.

After travelling for nearly 26 hours I reached the BOSTON airport and from there I have to take a shuttle to reach Nashua. My hotel seems to be a very good one and I always enjoyed my stay in this chain of hotel in the US. I and G went to get few groceries and we already had a plan to go to NY this weekend as it is a long weekend here. Called up home to let them know that I am safe and also messaged few of my other friends who would be worrying if I don’t convey the msg to them. Hit the sack as early as 10 that day and also started my countdown of when I will go back to INDIA.

Ok Ok, I know I have to share the horror story here. Well I never dreamt that I would have to face the wrath of a non-stop farter who made my life miserable adding on to the worst service from Lufthansa folks. This guy, who is of the same origin as like us, started farting those pungent gases of hydrogen monoxide right from Bangalore and I was given early alarms even before the take off. I seriously cannot understand why people cannot clear their bowels before boarding long distance flight's ?? This bugger keeps lifting his ass from left to right to ease out the passage for those gasses to contaminate the air.

Though there was no in-flight entertainment this fellow made sure that I am occupied. Whenever he lifts his right side of the a** I have to position myself to the left side, so that the damage to my nostrils is minimized, I was shifting my nose from left to right whenever he lifts his a**, but I should admit that it is of no use, coz that gas is very strong and effective, I have to take out my AXE body spray and pour it on my hanky and keep breathing that, and that was also ineffective after sometime. Every other co-passenger was put to this hardship and I sitting exactly at the back took the major brunt of it. I think that the airhostess did not come to our side mainly because of that guy, the funniest part is, he too pretended by closing his nose and looking around as if someone else has farted, idiot.

I prayed to GOD that he should not travel to BOSTON with me in the same flight and this time GOD has answered my prayer. :)

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...