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I should say that I seriously had a Whale of time yesterday. It was an experience of its kind and I felt that it is a one time opportunity. For people like us, sea is only till the shores and we simply admire the vastness of oceans and would be happy to wet our foot when those so called gigantic waves kiss the shore, but oceans have a different face when you actually venture inside. I should say that I enjoyed it more than what I actually expected and thanks to my friend G who helped me in setting up no expectations by saying some mere things about Whale watching which actually helped me in enjoying that 5 hours ride inside that ocean and I would like to take my readers into the Ocean now with my not so good writing skills, so come on, let’s venture into the Ocean and just be ready to shake your body in this rough sea...

We a gang of 5 started from Boston and walked towards the Boston harbor and rain joined hand with us and walked all the way till we reached our final destination (Nashua), but it did not do any damage to our sprits and we were determined to meet the biggest mammal of this universe. We all had our lunch at a place called Wagamama which G suggested after creating so much of hype, but fortunately the food was not that bad, but we did not like the taste ;-), after that we walked in that drizzle and reached the Boston harbor to board our ferry, we being a notorious five, we caught the attention of a local photographer who in turn took our snap, and the fact behind that is, once we come back from Whale watching (Should I say, "If we come back ...") they would have displayed that photograph in a well printed manner and we can buy that if we want to, but still I don't understand why they are wasting money when most of the people are not buying those snaps.

The ferry left the shores at around 2:30 PM and the rain had stopped by now and the ferry slowly started its travel into the deep sea, he was doing very good speed on those rough waters and I assume it would probably be 60 MPH and the very sight of the piercing the wind and trashing the water is indeed an awesome sight to watch. Initially I was wearing a jerkin, and feeling quite cozy, but unfortunately one of my other friend was shivering in cold as the ferry kept going further inside the ocean, me being the most youthful person in the gang (not by looks, but by stamina), I gave my jerkin to my friend and I was standing or I should say bereaving those gusty winds with just a slack t-shirt, I simply enjoyed that and by now rain joined party and we all were enjoying that ferry ride. After close to 2 hours of journey inside the ocean, we lost the sight of shores, clouds and rain added to the so called fear and the feeling of us being in the middle of the ocean made the moment more thrilling.

Me being a stupid fellow, kept thinking of what will happen if this ferry immerses into the water now? I don't know swimming and will I ever see land kinda types. Then came a lady who is our sea tour guide, she actually looked like a two legged whale to me, quite a gigantic figure (not the "figure" we all know) started announcing that they ferry is going to go further deep inside the ocean where the whales usually breed and eat. The wind chill and the rain made sure that the temperature is going to be in single digit and I still standing with a bare t-shirt as I have to maintain that youth image, though I too was shivering with terrible cold, I did not show that out. One beautiful thing I watched is the color of the ocean, you won't believe folks, it was in a beautiful green color and you know what's the reason ?? It is all because of our beloved corals and algae's which were present in abundant and our super hero whale uncle likes algae's very much was the news given to us.

The ferry inched slowly into the ocean and then there was this big roar from the crowd, and I turned in that direction and wowww!!! It was a beautiful black color hummer whale which just did a picture perfect dive for us, and that is the first time I saw a whale at such a close range, but the real surprise is not that I saw a whale, the surprise was from our tour guide, she screamed on top of her throat that "Yeah!!! That is Manny, he loves people and he always gives wonderful poses for cameras", I was stunned when she called out a name for a whale, but me being me, thought that she was just giving a name which came on top of her head and let the surprise dilute on its own, but within another 5 minutes, there was one more roar and this time there were two whales swimming together and gave us another picture perfect moment of splashing the water thru their nose and that happens when they come to the surface of the water to take some air and breath. Then our tour guide screamed "That is Sam and Laura who have been happily married for a year now, and their son Tom would be swimming somewhere near".

I just could not control my curiosity and wanted to know how she is calling the whale's by names where there are some 1000s of lookalike whales swimming in that ocean. I walked to her and then asked her the same question, and as a reply to that she showed me an instrument which is not more than the size of our palm and that is nothing but a sonometer. Whales communicate with each other with a specific ultra sonic frequency and it is unique for every whale in this planet, and this instrument would capture such waves and the research team has already ear marked 1000s of whales in this ocean belt. They have such wonderful information about those whales and they have studied their pattern of life style and the sheer beauty of that is, it can easily measure the weight of the whale and you know what was the weight of a baby whale ?? Nothing much, it is just 8000 tons and for a fully grown whale it would be somewhere around 12000 to 16000 tons :). I am simply stunned by their sheer size, they are so huge and they swim in those cold waters with ease.

I would have watched close to 30 whales that day and it is an experience I will never forget in my life and I can cherish this forever. I don't know if I will ever get a chance to go to such deep seas, so I wanna keep this etched in my memory forever. Apart from whale watching we did other watching as well, which cannot be disclosed in my blog, but I am sure guys would understand what I meant. The highlight of the trip was G. He is the one who was so keen in Whale watching, but moment the first whale surfaced from the ocean, our man got into "Sea Sickness" and vomited inside the ferry like crazy, finally he has to be escorted to a safer place under the deck and we four enjoyed the sight, poor G missed so much of fun.

Photos will be uploaded soon to my FB


  1. Lukin fwd to see the fotos...

  2. machan.. looks like u r havin one hell of an experience..
    n i think u shd hav flirted with tht "figure"..
    n upload some fotos here too.. all r not frnds of u in fb.. or atleast paste the album link here..

  3. The ferry ride would have awesome..

    Green waters in the middle of the ocean..with algae and corals..would love to see it some day..

    U sure had a good time whale watching!!


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