My Interview - My Life ...

I should start this piece with a hearty thanks to Ms. Ratzz who screams at as she is the one who recommended my blog to This website would publish interview's of common man like us and they make us feel as heros. I am too a hero now ;-) and my interview is up on their website and I request all my readers to go through that and send me your comments :)

My Interview - My Life

Thanks a ton for all my readers and friends for motivating me to write. Though you all know that I am not a great writer ...


  1. good piece, with interesting facts. It has given a complete over all picture of you inside out. I just can't forget those brilliant answers for
    (a) role of a woman and man in family......(b) overall perception........

    Hats off and one more feather in your cap.

    It is God's gift that you have very good writing skill and expressing them. God be with you!

  2. A very nice interview!!!! Now I know why u r so gud in ur communication...u were born on the same day of the month as I was. Note: I only mentioned the day of the month and not the year ;)

  3. kalakiteenga ponga..

  4. ahan!! congozzz mama!!! ennakku ippo double the amount of chocolate venume :P

  5. Congratssssss!!!!!Nice interview Satish!

  6. Congratulations. Good one. All the best for future endeavours


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