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What a tiring trip to the US, sick of flying 24 hours and the waiting time at the transit's, nasty food by the airlines, and to add to the woes a non-stop farting co-passenger, let me take you guys to that horror story a while later in this, but before that I wanted to let you folks know the traumatizing experience I had with this sickening airline called Lufthansa. I was mis-led my many of my friends that Lufthansa is one of the most wonderful airline to the US, but I would say that they are the worst ever I have travelled till date.

The aircraft is a so called Boeing and their economy class is next to a dungeon with absolutely no leg space and it is no better in my business class as well, that is a bit better than the economy class. I would say that Lufthansa's aircraft crew are one of the most lethargic folks I have ever seen, they just don’t care about the customer and their response to any of your query would be either a NO or a Sorry I don’t have types. I asked them if they have chocolates, they said NO and the AVML which I have asked for was not available and I was forced to eat egg omelet.

The pilots from Lufthansa have to learn how to land an aircraft from the Emirates folks, man I would always say that the best airline carrier I have ever travelled would be Emirates. Believe me folks there was no in-flight entertainment in a ling hour flight. They have this stupid TV at the end of the lavatory and they play some idiotic German movie and all the magazines they have inside the flight were in German Language and most of the magazines were filth with nasty nude pictures of some German models (I would admit that I like those models). They just don't seem to have been running an airline for the world.

After travelling for nearly 26 hours I reached the BOSTON airport and from there I have to take a shuttle to reach Nashua. My hotel seems to be a very good one and I always enjoyed my stay in this chain of hotel in the US. I and G went to get few groceries and we already had a plan to go to NY this weekend as it is a long weekend here. Called up home to let them know that I am safe and also messaged few of my other friends who would be worrying if I don’t convey the msg to them. Hit the sack as early as 10 that day and also started my countdown of when I will go back to INDIA.

Ok Ok, I know I have to share the horror story here. Well I never dreamt that I would have to face the wrath of a non-stop farter who made my life miserable adding on to the worst service from Lufthansa folks. This guy, who is of the same origin as like us, started farting those pungent gases of hydrogen monoxide right from Bangalore and I was given early alarms even before the take off. I seriously cannot understand why people cannot clear their bowels before boarding long distance flight's ?? This bugger keeps lifting his ass from left to right to ease out the passage for those gasses to contaminate the air.

Though there was no in-flight entertainment this fellow made sure that I am occupied. Whenever he lifts his right side of the a** I have to position myself to the left side, so that the damage to my nostrils is minimized, I was shifting my nose from left to right whenever he lifts his a**, but I should admit that it is of no use, coz that gas is very strong and effective, I have to take out my AXE body spray and pour it on my hanky and keep breathing that, and that was also ineffective after sometime. Every other co-passenger was put to this hardship and I sitting exactly at the back took the major brunt of it. I think that the airhostess did not come to our side mainly because of that guy, the funniest part is, he too pretended by closing his nose and looking around as if someone else has farted, idiot.

I prayed to GOD that he should not travel to BOSTON with me in the same flight and this time GOD has answered my prayer. :)


  1. hehehehe this was funny :D hehehe

  2. oh wat a fartful journey... dude ur tweet updates are tempting me... come back with lots of chocolates or else i wont let u to land in India...

  3. Poor you mate...Hope yu hv a better return journey sitting ryt next to a blonde without a boy friend...

    "he too pretended by closing his nose and looking around as if someone else" - Hahahaha couldnt stop myself from falling dwn with laughter...

  4. Hm..Emirates was good.Even though i had missed the connecting flight and had lost a baggage too at the JFK,everything was set right...I loved their services..particularly for making me take the dubai tour!!!

    Return tickets booked??

  5. hey, I would have told you that Lufthansa is an horrible airlines :D give me tickets for free and I probably still not choose to take that!! :D


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