Recap of 2008

It’s time to re-cap the events that happened in 2008. I just could not digest the fact that 365 days have gone by in a flash, but that's the speed at which our lives run these days. Here are the highlights of my life in its true sense of authenticity...

1. The biggest joy of this year is the wedding of one of my close friend. She has been an integral part of my life and I always wished her to get settled in life and lead a happy married life, that great occasion happened in the month of Feb and I was flying on top of this world that day.

2. After being with Oracle for more than a decade, I decided to quit Oracle and I joined another product company as an Architect and with a salary which I have never dreamt even in the wildest of my dreams. It’s just few lakhs less than my age ;-) It’s a whopping figure. This happened in the month of May

3. I wanted to prove myself and establish myself in this new company and by GOD's grace I did that with ease and also got 3 awards in a short span.

4. One of my close friend was blessed with a baby boy. He is my sweet heart as of now, anyone would fall prey for his mesmerizing smile.

5. Got some good blogger friends, and to name some - Amrita, Shylu, Elango, Ramesh, Kiran, Chennai Girl etc etc. Thanks for all your encouragement and comments guys!!!

Ah, I could not recollect anything major other than these; I always feel that I am a GOD blessed child. GOD has always given me more than what I deserve, so I should admit the fact that he has kept me happy and he is keeping me happy. I wish and pray that he takes care of me the way he always does and help this useless boat to reach the shore. How can I finish off this note without thanking my FRIENDS who are my greatest asset and strength of life. I am proud to have such an affectionate friends circle and without their support and encouragement, I wouldn’t have come this far in my life.

Blog via Blackberry...

This is my first attempt to check if I can blog via my Blackberry. If this is successfull, I can start posting some interesting things which I would gain from this trip to all temples in south tamil nadu

Check... Check... Check...

Secret Santa ... Why Me ??

Ah, At times I feel it’s actually not good to be popular at your work place. Since you are a guy with a "Don’t care" attitude, it does not mean that I don’t care for anything that needs some "care". There is this very funny game that is being played at my work place called "Secret Santa", where you would be asked to pick up a paper from a box which would have the name of another employee (male or female) and you have to get them a GIFT, this is what they call a "game". Getting gift from my money to some unknown is a "game", thanks for this new definition of "game"...

The best part is, that "unknown" employee will not be from your team, he or she will be sitting somewhere inside that 35000 sq.ft office and you have to trace them with their employee number. Me being a relatively new comer to this office, I have no clue of where the one I picked sits and unfortunately I picked up a "female" name and there started this "pulling the legs" saga. It’s also difficult to be single at an age where you are no more interested in playing those petty thrills. I have no other choice other than giving my legs for them to pull, so I was waiting for each and every one to finish their "punch line" comment and I headed straight to the HR to figure out which team she belongs to, and as you all know HR is one of the worst department in any company, as expected they said "they have no clue".

Though I was a bit reluctant to proceed in this matter, I also thought "what’s wrong" in meeting that person, of course that’s the aim of this whole "game" na. I then took trust on our outlook and searched for her full name and there I found out the information about the team she works with and her manager's name as well, what a surprise I know her manager very well as we both are at the same grade, we have attended lots of meetings together, though I am not into managerial cadre, I too participate in some meetings related to management. Well, coming back to the "game", I called that guy and just for the sake of initiating a conversation, I asked him something common for our team and slowly asked him if there is anyone by "that" name in his team. I dunno what he would have thought about me, since this is a "Secret Santa" game, I should not reveal the real reason for me asking about her.

He told me that she is working for him and sits in 3rd floor and also he gave me a clue of where that location would be. I rushed to nearby gift shop and pulled a very generic gift and made sure that it does not contain any words that would put me in soup or a heart symbol or an image which shows as if two people are clinging on to each other. After gift wrapping that stuff, I went to 3rd floor and checked her location from a distance, what a surprise no one was in that seat, also there were none at her cubicle as well, so this is the right time to go and keep that gift on the table and rush back to my desk. Sounds like a perfect plan is it ?? I too thought so, but fate had different plans.

I inched towards that "unknown" friends seat, while walking I cursed myself for so many reasons, Why the hell I picked up that paper, Why the hell I decided to take this chance and Why the hell you have grown old, with these cursing thoughts flooding my mind and I am almost there at "her" desk and I carefully placed that plastic cover and turned back in a flash, the speed at which I turned and walked back was such that, I had my shoes getting under a wire which was connected to a monitor diagonally opposite to "her" cubicle and I pulled that monitor down and as a chain reaction the keyboard pullout fell apart, the CPU got twisted and tangled with the rotating chair's arm and all these cannot happen in "mute" in real-time, there came the entire team which I have never seen before along with that manager whom I know.

The good thing I did was, while I was reacting to all these mess, I took possession of the "gift" I placed on her desk and projected the scene as if I was walking across that cubicle and accidently I stepped over that cable and created this mess. With some initial questioning and enquiries they let me go and I sneaked my way back to my desk with that gift. This "Secret Santa" would always remain a "Secret" forever, as I have decided not to give that gift to that "unknown" person. I am still wondering who that person would be, and thank god I did not see her, because my friend who is heading that team has 6 direct reports and all were above 45 yrs of age (average).

Its Vacation Time ...

Ah, its vacation time!!! I always have a very bad habit of not taking too many leaves to work, though I am not a workaholic person, I tend to make my presence felt at work place. I have my own circle of friends to entertain and I have my own sets of "crush" on some of those cute little ladies, how can I miss all that and take off ? Well, but I am not so bad you see, I make sure that I take off during this season of the year every time, so here comes my vacation. I will be off to work from tomorrow and will get back to Bangalore only next year ...

I have completed all the tasks that I had on my plate, since you are an architect, there is no one who will be assigning you work though, you have to invent your own tasks for a day, but I made sure that I am not going to involve in any new development during this period of the year, so that I can set myself free from these troubleshooting, analysis, research, tools writing etc etc. I would fly back to my home town "Singaara Chennai" and from there I will go to some temples in the south and will come back promptly on the 31st so that I can start my new year at one of the most beautiful places on earth, Chennai.

I will be on my Blackberry, so I think I can still post couple of interesting things, but not sure though. I am taking off after a long gap and hence I have tons of plans to make this a fruitful one. I would obviously visit all my friends, and would spend most of the time with them, as always my granny would pester me by asking to look at some "sappa" figures, on the name of seeking a girl for me and above all I have to meet my friends new born who looks absolutely gorgeous in snaps, well the list I have in my mind is very big.

Ah, I wish all my readers a very happy and a merry Christmas, may Lord Jesus bless all of us with his choicest blessings and may he save this world from all the unwanted elements. I would be visiting a church on that day for sure, so will continue the rest of my prayers there

Untold Story ...

Sandhya and Sridhar is a wonderful couple and to add to their joy, they had this little Mansi. They enjoyed every moment of being with her and they felt that she is their world. Sandhya who was working as a director in one of the leading financial firm quit her million dollar job, just to take care of Mansi. Sridhar is a businessman and he has to do lots of travel to take care of his business, Mansi's presence made him to curtail his travels to a greater extent as he wanted to see Mansi grow in front of his eyes ...

Sandhya is no exception to a new mother, she had no clue of what the reason could be when Mansi cries, she and Sridhar are living all alone far away from their hometown so they don’t have the privileged of getting the advice for their elders, It took Sandhya more than a month to analyze and study the reasons for Mansi's cries and finally she became an expert in knowing her signs. Mansi is just 2 months old and Sandhya decided to get this "Baby Calendar" wherein she can go and mark dates against each action of Mansi. First smile, first yawn, first wink, first word, that list of first's grew like anything. They both made huge plans for Mansi's future and there would be occasional "fake" fights between both of them on her career, but they enjoyed every bit of it.

Mansi is now 1 year old, she moved up from walking on her fours to two's, she could not get the right balance all the time, and used to fall "thud" on the floor and every time she does that she would smile at Sandhya with those two tiny little front teeth flashing, Sandhya would feel a sense of pride and satisfaction on seeing these cute little stunts Mansi's used to pose, and not to mention the tantrums Mansi used to throw every now and then. Sandhya took enough care that no object is within the reach of that 1 ft tall angel but Mansi knows the art of grabbing things even if it’s not within her reach, she just used to walk to the balcony and throw the stuffs she has on hand and all she would do is to flash a big giggle, which is an indication that she had thrown something out of the window.

Mansi never likes those cerelac's or farex stuffs, she loves munching those boiled mashed carrots and boiled apple slices, at times she used to get those little pieces of "dhal" which Sridhar would feed her without letting Sandhya know, but Mansi would store those tiny remains of dhal on her tongue and will show that to Sandhya and there starts a marathon inside the house. A family like this would be everyone's wish list, and it’s very fortunate that Sandhya and Sridhar are blessed with such a peaceful life. Mansi became 4 years and the hunt for putting her in the right school started, Sridhar put her in one of the best schools in the city and as like any other kid Mansi never cribbed to go to school, in fact she wanted to go to schools even on Saturdays and Sundays which became a problem to Sandhya and Sridhar.

Mansi grew amidst of enough pampering and at the same time enough discipline. She was taught to pray every time before taking her meal, she was taught to be kind to others, she was taught the empathy she needs to have on others and all these little lessons of life got recorded in the diary Sandhya used to maintain. Mansi was one of the most loved student in her school by all her teachers, she is one of the bright student as well, who knows has good manners at that very young age, where all the other kids would love to do tantrums. Once one of her friend dropped her lunch box while coming to the play ground and all her food got mixed with sand, little Mansi volunteered her lunch box to her and they both shared that little stuff for that noon and Mansi was more happy to give a bigger share to her friend than eating on her own.

Mansi is 10 years old now and she became more responsible and obedient. Sridhar and Sandhya were very proud of their daughter and they felt that she is GOD's gift. Mansi once came to Sandhya and asked her the reason why her friend Sruthi's daddy is always coming to the school to collect her report card and why not her mom, Sandhya thought that its right time to tell Mansi the truth of life and she said that Sruthi's mom is no more and she had died, so she cannot come. Mansi felt so bad about that and fired the next question, "So she will not have anyone to make her breakfast, lunch, dinner and there won’t be anyone to take all her school books for that day, there won’t be anyone to check her homework’s is it ?, then why can't we have Sruthi with us, so that you can be her mother", though that innocence is still sitting on Mansi's head, she did not know that it’s not going to be possible.

Mansi became 16 and its the time where her body and mind undergoes a total transformation, Mansi was asked to distance herself from her boy friend’s, though they are very close to her, all of a sudden there is this change where she is not supposed to move with boys anymore, Mansi did not know the exact reason though, but Sandhya had instructed her to be like that and she followed it. Mansi topped her school by getting the highest mark in her 10th and she chose to do commerce as her main course going forward. Sandhya & Sridhar were never against to Mansi's wish, Sandhya's storage of diaries became 16 now and she had tracked each and every move of Mansi. Mansi had this empathy on others so if she feels that she has to help someone, she calls up her mom and then will request her that they need to help them, so many a times Mansi had helped most of her friends and this made her popular and lovable among her friends circle.

Mansi is 20 now and one fine day she came rushing from college and busted into tears and took seat on Sandhya's shoulders and said that a guy proposed her today and she felt so embarrassed, though Sandhya laughed it off and cheered her up, she was happy to note this very important thing in her diary. Mansi was doing her bachelor’s in commerce and she excelled in that too. Her habit of praying before every meal was a hit in the college and almost all the students followed the same. Mansi's helping tendency grew day by day and it went to an extent where she has to setup some goondas to save her friend from her irritating boy friend, and never Mansi had hidden anything to Sandhya or Sridhar and so is this event, which Mansi's got nice scolding from her dad and mom for the first time in her life.

Sridhar called Sandhya to have something to eat, but Sandhya refused to come, she is still reading those old diaries, with swollen eyes she kept on asking Sridhar "Why did we teach her all those good things, we shouldn’t have done that" and banged her head on those diaries. Yes, today Mansi is no more, her helping tendency took her life when she tried to save a kid which got stuck at the CST in Mumbai where the terrorists gunned her down and she had to take those 5 bullets on her chest, which otherwise would have pierced that little kid. Every life is precious in this world, and let’s not feed those messengers of death by sacrificing our loved ones. Let’s all fight against TERROR. This is not a real life story though, but this may well be an untold story in a family which had lost their loved ones ...

Tagged by Amrita ...

Ah, I should say, punished or taken revenge by Amrita ;-), hahaha, just kidding. Answer the questions below and do a Google image search on your answer,pick a picture from the results on the first page, with minimal explanation. Looks like a novel way of tagging, so here comes my answers ...

1. The age you will be in your next birthday ?

Ahem ... How many teeth a human has ? I think its 21 ;-))

2. A place you would like to travel to ...

Kashmir ... I will visit this beautiful place one day ...

3. Your favorite place ...

Its always Chennai ... No city can match to the comforts of this city in INDIA ... its purely my opinion

4. Your favorite food / drink

Hmmmmm - Onion Pakoda .... I would die for it ...

5. Your favorite pet ...

Always my cutie pie would be labrador ... that too a BLACK one (like me)

6. Your favorite color combination ...

Its always Black and Orange ... It suites me well. A black pant and an orange t-shirt wud be nice.

7. Your favorite piece of clothing ...

Shorts and a T-shirt ... always I prefer to be in this attire ...

8. All time favorite song ...

What else other than this ... I love my country to the core ...

9. Your favorite TV show ...

I hardly watch TV ...

10. Full name of your significant other ...

Searching for one ... so dunno :)

11. The town in which you live in ...

What image I can put other than "Bad Roads" to say that I live in Bangalore ??

12. Your screen name / nick name

I dont think I can find one image for this ... so leaving this question in choice ...

13. Your first job ...

HTML Programmer - way back in 1998 joined a very small company in Chennai ...

14. Your Dream Job ...

I am not a bad cook you know ?? come home for a sumptuous meal ... :)

14. Bad habit of yours ...

Ya, I dunno how to get rid of this :-(. Btw - That's not the snap of my fingers though ... Nail Biting is a very bad habit, so please don't do ... ;-)

16. Your worst fear ...

I just can't stand this reptile even for a second. If this is on the wall, I will be on the cot or on the refrigerator, or inside my wardrobe :-((

18. One thing you would like to do before you die ...

Direct a comedy movie ... which would be hilarious right from start to the end ...

19. First thing you will buy if you get $1,000,000.00

Would start counting the notes to see if there are any additions or deletions ... ;-)

I would want Chandru, Chennai Girl and Ganesh to do this ...

Happy Birthday ... To my Blog ...

Ah, My blog is 4 years old now, so its been 4 long years of blabbering, oops!!! Blogging. I should admit the fact that I was active in blogging only since 2007, so effectively its 2 years and in the whole its 4 years. I started blogging to improve my english vocab as well as grammer, but nothing seem to have improved, I am still a novice blogger when compared to some of my fav bloggers like Amrita, Coffee & Stories, Deepa, Shylu, Sandhya, Prabhu, Venky etc etc. I know I have a lots of space to improve in my writing as well as thinking capabilities, I too hope that a day will come where my blog too would hit 100s of visits a day.

I thank all my friends and fellow blog readers for giving me their sincere comments and encouragement to make me write more and better. I would try my level best to live up to your expectations. So please do continue your comments flowing in and as always, that will be taken in true sprit of blogging. :)

If there is a Nuke war ...

I got this funny stuff as an email forward, and just could not stop ROTFL. I thought that my reader's too should enjoy this. Thanks to Murali (my colleague) for forwarding me this beauty.

During the Cold War, if USA launched a nuke-loaded missile, Soviet Satellites would inform the Soviet army in 3 seconds and in less than 45 seconds Soviet counter-missiles would be on their way...

Recent studies commissioned by US department of Defense included one on nuclear war between India and Pakistan :

This was the scenario................

The Pakistan army decides to launch a nuke-missile towards India. They don't need any permission from their government, and promptly order the countdowns.

Indian technology is highly advanced. In less than 8 seconds, Indian army detects the Pak countdown and decides to launch a missile in retribution.

But they need permission from the Government of India.

They submit their request to the Indian President. The President forwards it to the Cabinet. The Prime Minister calls an emergency Lok Sabha session.

The LS meets, but due to several walkouts and severe protests by the opposition, it gets adjourned indefinitely.

The President asks for a quick decision.

In the mean time, the Pak missile failed to take off due to technical failure. Their attempts for a re-launch are still on.

Just then the Indian ruling party is reduced to a minority because a party that was giving outside support withdraws it. The President asks the PM to prove his majority within a week.

As the ruling party fails to win the confidence vote, a caretaker government is installed.

The caretaker PM decides to permit the armed forces to launch a nuclear missile. But the Election Commission says that a caretaker government cannot take such a decision because elections are at hand.

The Election Commission files Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court alleging misuse of power.

The Supreme Court comes to the rescue of the PM, and says the acting! PM is authorized to take this decision in view of the emergency facing the nation.

Just then one of the Pak missiles successfully took off, but it fell 367 miles away from the target, on its own government building in Islamabad at 11.00AM.

Fortunately there were no casualties as no employee had reached the office that early. In any case, the nuclear core of the missile had detached somewhere in flight.

The Pakistan army is now trying to get better technologies from China and USA. The Indian Government, taking no chances, decides to launch a nuclear missile of its own, after convening an all-party meeting. This time all the parties agree.

Its three months since the army had sought permission. But as preparations begin, "pro-humanity", "anti-nuclear" activists come out against the Government's decision. Human chains are formed and Rasta rokos organized.

In California and Washington endless e-mails are sent to Indians condemning the government and mentioning "Please forward it to as many Indians as possible".

On the Pakistan side, the missiles kept malfunctioning. Some missiles deviate from target due to technical failures or high-speed wind blowing over Rajasthan.

Many of them land in the Indian Ocean killing some fishes.

A missile (smuggled from USA) is pressed into service. Since the Pakistan army is unable to understand its software, it hits it original destination: Russia.

Russians successfully intercepts the missile and in retaliation launches a nuclear missile towards Islamabad. The missile hits the target and creates havoc.

Pakistan cries for help. India expresses deep regrets for what has happened and sends in a million dollars worth of Parle-G biscuits.

Thus India never gets to launch the missile.

The Best Gift ...

Vineeth was calm and composed than what he used to be and all his fellow mates noticed that change, but did not want to ask him or talk to him. Vineeth is supposed to be the most jubilant and happiest person in their room, so his unusual calmness created a kind of a vacuum in the room, finally one of his friend tried to change is mood, and he asked him to come out with him for a walk, so that he will feel relaxed. Vineeth too needed a change, so he agreed to go for a walk. They walked towards an open ground, where trespassers would not be allowed. Vineeth never shared any personal details about him to any of his roommates, also none of them forced him to disclose any such details as well ...

His friend told him that he is a mechanical engineering graduate and fate chased him so badly that he was jobless for almost 10 years even after completing his degree, he then divulged himself into some unwanted activities and a kind of lost his way and character in his life, but he added that he has no regrets for that and he comfortably placed the blame on this society. He started narrating his story to Vineeth, the way he was brought up, the way life was when he was young and how good he was during his college days and also about his first love. Vineeth chose to be a silent spectator, his friend who has seen only the bubbly side of Vineeth could not stand this somber face, but little he could do to cheer him up.

His friend slowly started to ask him about his personal life, he said, he need not say anything if he chose not to do so, but this time Vineeth wanted to share all the secrets he had and he felt that he will feel better if he shares that with someone. Vineeth started narrating his story and that visualized as a new scene in cinemas in the mind of his friend, also in a while all the fellow roommates joined them to hear his story. Vineeth is a doctor by profession, he hails from the interiors of tamil nadu and he did all his education in a tamil medium school, he was a bright student and he always excels with very high marks in all the subjects, his school was very confident that he will come up great in life, and that expectation came true as well.

Vineeth cleared his schooling with flying colors and though he had all his education from a Tamil medium school, he got admission in one of Chennai's leading medical college, which is an English medium. His dad, mom and sister gave him a teary send-off from their village bus stand and Vineeth travelled to the city which mesmerizes any one. Vineeth got his seat in scholarship and hence he need not pay any fees throughout his course, he was allotted a hostel room as well, where he had to share with 3 other guys who are from a well-off family and guys who would scream "Mummy" and not "Ammaa" even if you stamp them hard on their leg, they are spoken English which Vineeth could hardly understand.

He had a dream in his mind, he need to do well in this course and come out as a doctor and go back to his village to serve them. He worked hard and just concentrated only on studies and nothing more than that, but you never know when a girl would come in to you and make you feel restless and go sleepless, similarly in Vineeth's life too, there came an angel by name "Sahaana", she is the daughter of a normal "coolie" who picks-up luggage in the railway station, but she was the apple to many people eyes, but she never bothered to even look at them. Vineeth was bright in his studies and so is Sahaana, anatomy is the subject which united them, Sahaana used to come to Vineeth to clear her doubts on anatomy and Vineeth too would be happy to clear them for her. Their friendship turned to be a deep relationship and they figured out that they both have this wonderful chemistry which could take them long in life.

Vineeth changed his dressing, changed his hair style, changed in glasses, in short he changed the way Sahaana would like, Vineeth picked up his English speaking skills as well and he actually mastered it at one stage. They both were considered as "Made for each other" in their college and they too liked to be known that way. Both of them concentrated hard on studies and never allowed their age or love to hinder their studies. It was the final year in college and all aspiring to be doctor's were preparing hard for the final exams, Vineeth and Sahaana were very confident that they both will be clearing the exams with ease, and also they were depressed over the fact that they both have to depart to their respective homes and there will be very less change of meeting each other frequently. They both decided that they are going to settle well in their career and then they are going to get married, with that oath they wrote the exams, cleared them and became doctors. Fate does not like taking "Oath", it always plays a spoilsport on any oath and this oath too is no different.

Vineeth started a clinic in his own village and Sahaana got a job in one of the leading hospitals in Chennai, their hectic work distanced both of them and at one stage they hardly used to talk or meet or even think about each other, but that love still remained strong in their hearts. Sahaana's parents started to find a suitable pair for her and none of her dame excuses were entertained at her place, at one stage she was married to a doctor in the US and Vineeth could just be a visitor to that marriage, he gifted her a flower bouquet which was as heavy as his heart and both of their eyes opened up tears and it was wiped off before someone notices that. All lovers who got separated would name their kids by the name of their sweet love, so do Sahaana, who named her son "Vineeth"

Vineeth became the most leading surgeon in his field and once he got an opportunity to visit the US where Sahaana lives with her husband, knowing the fact that Vineeth is coming to the US, she wanted to meet him very badly. She called him up one day as a sweet surprise and asked him if he can come to LosAngeles, Vineeth who had come here for a conference chose to fly to LA from NY just to meet his ex-lover. Both of them met each other after nearly 15 years, Vineeth looked the same with the exception of few grey hairs flashing on his mush and head, Sahaana had completely changed, she was fat and bulky, her eyes have developed dark circles around them, he face had more wrinkles than her age, being a doctor, Vineeth understood that she is physically and mentally weak.

Sahaanaa asked Vineeth about his family and enquired about his wife and kids, Vineeth replied back with a thundering laugh and told her that he is still single, and the reason for that is certainly not "Sahaana", though Sahaana acted as if she believe his words, felt as if a thorn piercing her heart, she took her kerchief out and pretended well to rub off her tears as if some dust had gone into her eyes, but Vineeth was smart enough to notice that one tear ball which escaped all the guards. Sahaana started narrating the horror she underwent after marrying her husband, she told him how bad and psychic he was, once he got the letters she wrote to Vineeth and he got wild and out of rage he slashed an iron rod on her head which has left a permanent scar on her forehead. "It was a deep cut wound with mild minuscule and partial tissue damage", Sahaana gave him the technical definition of that blow.

Vineeth could only be a listener and he just could not do anything. Sahaana opened up her heart and feelings to Vineeth and regretted her decision of marrying that devil, she hurried herself from the hotel sighting that her husband would be back from work anytime and would blast her if she is not at home, Vineeth's heart skipped a beat to see Sahaana at this pathetic situation. In spite of her torture and trauma, Sahaana had invited Vineeth to her home one day for lunch, and that’s the time where her husband would also be at home. Vineeth went to her place on the day he gave her the appointment, and that was the second time he is seeing her husband. Sahaana's husband did not care much about his presence, he was busy boozing at 10 in the morning. He frequently interrupted Sahaana and ordered her to bring him the snacks and few bottles of whisky even though he was full tight.

Vineeth did not have the mind to eat at her place, he gave her the gift he got for her and then hurried himself out of her place, while he was driving back home, all those lovely college days came into his mind as a flash, he just could not digest the fact that Sahaana is living such a horrible life and he decided to do something for her to get freedom from this devil. He went to her place the next day knowing the fact that Sahaana is not in her house, as usually her husband was heavily drunk and was lying in a pool of vomit on that lovely carpet flooring, he took out his empty syringe from his pocket and administered that into that devil's veins, once the blood vessels developed a air block, all the other parts of the body would run out of oxygen and the person would slowly embrace death, that was the lesson he learnt in his first year. He slowly walked out of her house and left a note on the table saying "The best gift I could give you ..."

He came back to INDIA and then fate took an ugly turn, without able to talk anything further, he busted out with a huge cry. His roommates just could not believe that Vineeth had such a horrible story in himself and somehow he managed to be happy, they all took him back to his room and asked him to take good rest, Vineeth smiled at them telling "Good rest, yes I need to" and slept on his couch. He got up at 12 in the midnight and his mind was replaying those lovely days he spent with Sahaanaa and the good thing he did for her, by 4:00 AM there was a knock at his doorstep, Vineeth went near the door and he stood calm and composed till the police men took him to the dais of death. He was worn a black mask on his face and Sahaana's face came into his mind as a flash, he offered one last smile at that figure and before that could fade out of his mind, the lever was pulled down.

Bachelor's Party ...

It was Vinay's bachelor’s party and he had invited all his college mates and couple of his office colleagues. The party was hosted in one of the biggest hotels in the city and Vinay is very excited about his engagement and his happy to marry Sandhya. He knew Sandhya through a common friend and it’s not "Love at First Sight", he never had any spark at that moment and it was the case with Sandhya too, but you never know when a love bug bites you, today they both are into the agreement of getting married. Life always throws surprises at us, isn't it?...

Vinay is software professional who works for a leading MNC, he did his MS at a foreign university and is living abroad, he came down to his hometown just to enjoy with his old mates and also finish his marriage which is due in a week's time. Sandhya is also excited to marry Vinay and the reason for that is, one of her conditions for marriage is addressed by marrying Vinay, that condition is, her partner should be a broad minded person and he should be a known person to her before marriage. Vinay is a broad-minded person, he lives life for that moment and he takes things very easily. Sandhya was attracted to this quality of Vinay and may be this could be the seed which helped this love tree to grow in her heart.

Sandhya is very beautiful girl, Vinay is always attracted towards beauty, he always wanted his wife to be a beautiful girl, (who does not want that, tell me ?) he was purely attracted to Sandhya just becoz of her looks. Sandhya too is software professional and hence he can easily get her job abroad, one of his main conditions in his life partner is, she should not be a home-maker and she should work. His philosophy is, "An idle man's mind is a devils workshop" so he does not want her wife to be sitting at home all the time. This is surely a "Made for each other" couple was the talk all over their friends circle. There was one incident which happened right after their engagement, Sandhya lost her engagement ring somewhere and it could not be traced, it was a very costly diamond ring which Vinay got her from the US, she almost broke into pieces and cried buckets for that. 

One day she called up Vinay with all those salty tears flowing all over her cheeks and a viscous saliva bleeding out of her mouth, she said "Vinay, I lost our engagement ring da", and Vinay on the other hand replied with a big laugh and said "Hey darling, are you crying for this silly thing ? I never knew you are a cry baby, well, this is not a matter to be worried at all, just be cool and soon I will be there to give you a wedding ring". She put her dad in that same situation and he would have busted like a volcano for this issue. Sandhya felt so happy that Vinay is such a cool dude. Vinay got an email from an anonymous source which had some nasty comments on Sandhya and some nasty pictures on her, which was actually morphed. Vinay forwarded that to Sandhya and said "Looks like you have a good friend who is a bit worried in you getting married". Sandhya just could not believe the fact that Vinay took this so easy.

Vinay was enjoying with his friends in the party and he got a call from his darling Sandhya, she asked him where he is, and coincidently both of them were in the same locality, Sandhya told him that she came there for shopping and asked him when he will be done with his party, Vinay said he has no clue and he has just started to booze, with a little bit of warning Sandhya allowed him to take few pegs. Vinay and his friends where on the verge of losing their senses and all of them were in an inebriated state and their talk turned towards "sex" and the devil inside them came out and sat on their head. One of Vinay's friend tempted him saying "Hey come-on man, this is no big fault, just one last time before you get married, it’s actually a kick when you do it before your marriage", Vinay is not in his senses to say a YES or a NO, but he too wanted to give a shot.

Vinay asked, how can they arrange for tonight as its already 11 PM in the night, then one of his friend told him that he knows an auto wala who could arrange for some delight in a short notice, and as planned they called up the auto wala and he knew the place where he has to drop such girls as this is not something new to that friend who is coordinating this "act". All those heavily drunk animals went to that place which was completely dark and there they spoiled the life of a young girl. Just before dawn they all slipped in the middle of the dark to their respective homes. That next day morning Vinay was totally blank and he had no clue of what happened last night, but slowly as the sun moved towards the west he could recall that last night's nasty incident and he felt so bad on himself.

He called up his darling Sandhya just to confess his nasty act, but the call was not answered. He started getting calls from his friends who were part of that brutal act, and he told one of them that he needs to confess this to Sandhya, but his friend blasted him and warned him not to do such stupid act, which would screw his entire life, Vinay too thought for a while and then decided to burry that within himself. It was just one day to go for his marriage and he was busy going to beauty parlors and making himself look good for that great occasion of his life, on the other hand Sandhya too was busy in getting ready for that D-day. The marriage day arrived and things went on very well without any hiccups. Both Sandhya and Vinay were very tired after that whole day of hectic work. Vinay and Sandhya have to fly back to the states in another 3 days time, so they had lots of appointments to finish before they leave.

Vinay and Sandhya reached California after a long journey. Sandhya looked visibly upset and Vinay hugged her and told her that he is always there to take care of her, Sandhya placed her head comfortably on Vinay's shoulders. It was their first night after marriage, Vinay was at his romantic best and that enthu was missing with Sandhya, Vinay thought that she is missing home very badly and tried to lighten the moment, but Sandhya's eyes were fully flooded. Vinay was shocked to see that and he took her face by her chin and asked her "What’s the problem dear, are you missing home ?", Sandhya broke into tears, hugged Vinay hard and confessed saying "She was gang raped last week by some devils, the auto wala whom she took, kidnapped her to a remote place and she was destroyed" Vinay was totally shattered and he felt bad about the costly treat he kept for his friends.

Tagged by Deepa ...

Tagged by Deepa ...

Out of all the tags, this tag seems to be interesting to answer, so here are the questions on which I have been tagged.

1. Your Oldest Memories
2. What were you doing 10 years ago
3. Today - Your first thought in the morning
4. If you build a time capsule, what would it contain
5. Tomorrow - Next year, same day
6. What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now.

Here I go...

Your Oldest Memories ...

Ah it’s been 31 years now and I have come across many sweet / bitter memories in this span, so let me excuse myself in telling about the bitter memories that I had and would like to tell something about one such sweet memory which always lingers in my heart. It was way back in 1985, I was 8 years old, you all know that memory power at that stage would be very high for any individual, so this incident remains afresh in my heart even today, I could recollect every bit of it and could even replay that screen by screen.

I studied in a school called P. S Senior Secondary School in Mylapore, it one of the famous CBSE schools in the city. I used to go in a cycle rickshaw and that rickshaw drivers name is Maari, His face is still fresh in my mind. I would say that he is my first role model in my life, at that age (8 years) you really do not know one's financial strengths or ability, even your parents. He is just a rickshaw driver who was paid Rs 50 per month to drive me to and from the school every day, there used to be 8 kids in that rickshaw, and if my memory is still good, let me try recollecting my fellow passengers in that rickshaw - Me, Dhandapani, Sathish, Maithreyi, Cheenu, Ashok, ah I think that’s all I could remember.

I used to be an early goers to my school, I will be the first student in the class (not academic wise, it’s by the time you come into school), since maari has another trip at St. Johns school, he used to drop all P.S.S.S.S kids by 7:30 AM and then will rush to drop the kids of St. Johns. Similarly in the evening, our school gets over by 3:15 and St Johns will get over by 4:00, so he used to drop us and then go to St. Johns to pick up the other kids. Maari used to smoke lots of beedi's out of all the kids in that rickshaw, maari liked me a lot, he never allowed me to carry my bags, he used to carry that for me till the class room, I did not wonder why at that age, but now when you are grown up, I could feel that he has some special affection on me.

It was one such evening and the weather was very cloudy and it was about to rain cats and dogs, maari being a professional rickshaw man, he arranged all those polythene covers all over the top, in such a way that we are not getting drenched, he used to have these big big safety pins to which he would pin those plastic covers from not getting blown away by wind, I still remember that he used to fold those plastic over covers inside a small "Palmoil" yellow color covers and would safeguard that inside the small box which would normally be under the passenger’s seat. His rickshaw had no motor facility, so he has to pedal the rickshaw with the weight of almost 200 kgs on it. He is not a well-built man also. I used to ask him regularly - "Maari uncle, are you not feeling any pain in your legs while you pedal?" and he used to respond with just a smile and with some lecture which I did not understand at that age, but now I know what he meant - "I have a family and 3 kids, If I see this as a pain, then who will save my family ? Will you save them".

Coming to that lovely thing that happened. On that "about to rain" evening, while we are coming from the school, we all saw a shop where hot bajjis were served, we all being kids and we do not know the financial situation of Maari, we pestered him to the core to get us some bajji's, maari tried saying lots of reasons to hide his financial inability, but at last succumbed to our requests, that day, he got us 2 bajjis each and I still remember that he paid Rs 12 overall, he took changes from all his shorts and paid that bajji wala. We all thanked maari and we gave him a tight kiss, you should have seen the tears on Maari's eyes, he was never rude to us at anytime, how long you take to get ready to school or how long you take to come back in the evening, Maari would maintain a cool face. That Rs 12 should have been a huge amount to Maari at that time, but he had the heart to spend on us.

After I left P.S.S.S.S and joined some other school, Maari used to come to my house to see me quite often, even my family was not a well off family to give Maari some tips, but I could see that Maari had some special affection on me. When I was doing my college, one day I learnt from one of my fellow passenger (Dhandapani) that Maari died, I could not remember the date, but without me knowing, my eyes shed few tears for him, for my first role model. I learnt the art of being patient and the art of posing a smiling face all the time, only from Maari my great rickshaw man. Truly he is HERO to me. Today I am earning in lakhs and I could have easily supported Maari's family with ease, but Maari is no more ...

What were you doing 10 years ago ...

Wait let me pull up my calendar, ahhnn - Dec 5th 1998, I had a job on hand and I was working as a "Web Developer" in a company called "Internet Commerce and Solutions", I was 12 months old in to this IT industry and had that flare to come out with flying colors. Today it’s almost close to 11 years in this IT world and me sitting in a product company as an Architect. While I answer this question, I just could not digest the fact that 10 years have gone by in a flash.

Today - Your first thought in the morning

There were some burning issues in one of my project and also I am not at office, I am at Chennai and working from home. I know the dead line is nearing fast and there had been lots of emails floating on that issue worldwide, so I wanted to close and resolve that issue on my own.

If you build a time capsule, what would it contain

Ah, for sure that will contain lots of Anandha Vikatan's and many more books written by Vairamuthu and Kannadasan, my favourite music DVD's, I would love to listen to Ilayaraaja and SPB wherever I am. Then kgs and kgs of onion pakoda's :) I love them to the core. Then photos of Asin, Ileana, Nayan Thaara and that list is so big you see, I just don’t want to see them getting old ;-). Then lots of pre-recorded cricket DVDs of matched played by Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Viv Richards. Then one LCD plasma TV, with a BOSE home theater. I think after keeping all these inside the time capsule, I will not have place to get in, so I will stay outside and send that time capsule all alone ... ;-)

Tomorrow - Next year, Same day

Ah, who am I to predict the future ? I have absolutely no clue, if I could take a wild guess, I would still be in this IT industry and then will be fighting to solve some other issue. Ah, I may have got married, but once again, that is not in my hand, so not sure on that as well. In general I would wish for a same peaceful life as like today.

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now.

When you cannot say what will happen for you tomorrow, how can we predict such a long future ? I cannot even think of what life would have for me in store at my 45th age. I am sure I will be having loads of issues like Blood Pressure, Sugar, Cholesterol etc etc, apart from that I cannot think of anything great. If I could have a wish list that would come true, I would see myself as a "caterer" who caters to the needs of people by serving them some quality food, I doubt I will still be sticking on to IT at that time.

I would want Amrita and Shylu to tag this in their blog and also my fellow blog-o-sphere mates.

Thanks @Deepa for allowing me to tag this.

Committee Meeting ...

There was this urgent committee meeting by all notable politicians of INDIA irrespective of their party at the residence of Sonia Gandhi to discuss about the recent terror attacks in Mumbai by the terrorists. The personalities who took part in this meeting was our lovely prime minister Man Mohan Singh (MMS), Sonia Gandhi (SG), Shivraj Patil (SP), Narendra Modi (NM), Vilas Rao Deshmuk (VRD), Jayalalitha (J), Karunanidhi (K), Anbumani Ramadoss (ARD), Advani (AD) and P Chidambaram (PC), and Raj Thackerey (RT) here starts their "serious" discussion.

MMS: Hey guys, I think the entire nation is accusing all the politicians for this massacre in Mumbai, so we being "responsible" politicians should do something to change the mind-set of our dear citizens so please pour in your ideas and let's brainstorm.

SG: What ?? What did you said just now ? "I think" is it ? And give MMS a nasty stare

MMS: Oopss!!, I should have told "What Soniya Ji is thinking is ...." (Tells to himself - When did we start thinking on our own ??)

SP: Soniya ji, I feel vindicated by this whole incident, I don’t understand why people are so pissed off with me and wanted me to quit my post. It has been very clearly told that I am a "Home Minister" and I should take care of "homes" and there was never a word which says "Hotel Minister" in my portfolio, so how can I be blamed for a terrorist attack which took place in a hotel and not in a home ?

SG: You stupid, all you know is to change your dress every 2 hours, and did you ever think of changing your brains ?

SP: Oh, thanks Sonia Ji, I gotta go and change my safari, yesterday Raymond's gave me a new suit which I haven’t tried yet, thanks for reminding.

PC: Yoii, Ex-Home Minister, our country is like a home, and you have to take care of this country like the way you will take care of you home, that's why you have been named "Home Minister" and what have to done now ? You did not bother about this country and you where happily sleeping at home.

SP: Oh, New Home Minister ah ?? Thanks for your advice and also clarification. Now I understand why our country's economy is plunging like titanic, I think you have mistaken the meaning of your portfolio "Finance Minister" like the way you have mistaken "Home Minister", so you are treating all our country's finance as your "home" finance and then hiding most of it from the PM is it ?

P. Chidambaram leaves that place as if he got a call to his cell phone "aaru, aachiyaa, eppadi irrukeenga ..." and escapes ...

SG: ooi MMS, when the entire country was burning at the hands of terrorist you thinking as if you are acting brilliantly, have called in for an emergency meeting at 4:00 PM is it ?? Even a stupid will laugh at your decision man, the terror attacks have been happening round the clock and you keeping a meeting at 4:00 PM the next day is it ??

MMS: Soniya ji, I am sorry, I actually thought of keeping that meeting that mid-night itself, but without your permission what I have done tell me ? Since you were sleeping, I don’t want to disturb  you and also I don’t want to take any decisions on my own, which I have never taken in my life as a PM of INDIA.

SG: I am sorry to tell this MMS, you at times behave like a SARDAR who has no brains. Don't you know when there is an emergency you can feel free to disturb me ?

MMS: I very well know that Soniya Ji, but I don’t know whether this Mumbai attack is an emergency one or not, normally you only would tell me which is an emergency and which is not.

SG: (Tells to herself), My GOD damn, this singh is killing ...

J: If my government would have ruled in this state, this incident would never had happened, but what to do, I can't be everywhere.

K: Oh yaa, certainly this wouldn’t have happened, she would have booked this hotel for some lavish marriage and she would have blocked all the roads that leads to railway station, hospital, bus stops etc etc, so the terrorists too would have got stranded in that traffic jam and would have gone back home.

PC: Don't worry guys, with all these incidents the INDIAN economy is very much fine and we are at a much healthy state than any other country, so don’t worry. My successor Mr MMS will do a good job to maintain from where I have left.

AD: Hahahaha, Mr. PC, I never know that you have such a terrific sense of humour, or is it something like a "Short Term Memory Loss" for you ? Please don’t continue to blabber the same way in your new portfolio

VRD: I don’t know what to say, I am equally shocked like all the other citizens of INDIA. If I would have got a small clue that these terrorists are going to attack my people, I would have taken drastic steps to curb their action plans.

AD: Soniyaa Gandhi, I thot you were the only joker in your party, but it looks like your entire gang is a bunch of jokers. See, he is talking as if the terrorists should send him an official note that they are gonna target Mumbai. hahaha, you folks are really funny I say.

NM: I too feel the same way as what VRD is feeling, being a responsible citizen of this country and also being a guardian of this state, I should have protected my people, but the terrorists strike without a notice.

ARD: We actually got good information from the IB folks, but as usually we thought that to be a hoax and hence ignored that warning. The problem is IB is not always intelligent.

K: I think my state is the safest amongst all the other states in this country, My people feel so secured and there is absolutely no worry in their minds over a terrorist attack or any calamities of that sort.

J: The reason is, all the terrorists are within his party and we don’t need any one from outside to spoil that state. He has a mini version of LeT, Al-Quida inside his party, one is headed by his son Stalin and another one by his son Azhagiri

VRD He gets a call and he says "haan ji, haan ji, haan ji, teeke ji, teeke ji ... shukriyaa" and keeps the phone.

RT: I wanted to let you all know that I am deeply hurt by the fact that we allowed non-maharaashtrian's to attack this state, this bombing should have been done only by a fellow maraatiyan. Let me talk to my dad and initiate an opposition rally to this incident, already a team of people have been sent to many cricket grounds to dig the pitches, as we do not want any cricket match to happen with pakistani's anymore.

SG: Will you all stop blabbering ? We are here for some serious discussion to find out ways to get a good name amongst the public, I feel as if we politicians are targeted. We should not allow these INDIANs to think, they will collapse our rule and they can do anything they wanted to. Being a politician we should not allow our people to think, if they start thinking we are gone.

K: I have a wonderful idea, which was very well executed and time tested in my state. Announce immediately to all the citizens of Mumbai a free GUN, ask them to be self prepared to protect themselves, also announce that you will supply bullets (ravai) in all the ration shops for Re 1/- per KG

J: (Tell to herself) Oh no, not again.

VRD gets another call and this time he says "Waah Waah Waah ... teeke ji, mujae baath karo ji, mae ek important meeting mae hoon"

MMS: Being the PM of this country, I am planning to address the whole nation and ask them to be bold and fight against terror. I will assure all of them that we politicians are always with them to support them. What do you say Soniyaa ji ?

SG: MMS, you don’t need to prove me that you are an idiot, the entire meeting is because that our Indian citizens are terribly angry on us, we have to do something good to make them feel secured. Tell me some good idea

RT: First let’s flush out all non-maraatiyan from this state, I think they are the ones who have links with the terrorists and they are only helping them to get into our state. If they refuse to get out of our state, then we shall inject a cultural / religious fight between them and make them fight with each other, anyways these people will never be united when it comes to religion.

Sonia Gandhi takes her cell phone and dials "Al-Quida", "Hey Osama, this is sonia, how are you ?", btw - last week you called me to get the name of some popular personality whom you need to kill with a human bomb ?, please note the name, its "Bal Thackerey" and if you kill him, an additional supplement of "Raj Thackerey" can also be killed. Hearing this Raj Thackerey runs as fast as his heel kicking his ass.

NM: I actually went to Karkare's residence to pay last respects to that hero, but his wife was so violent that she untied her dog in her house and chased all of us away.

MMS: Even our home minister was given a DOG welcome when he went to meet one of the commando's families to mourn his death.

P C: All these are because of this stupid Achuthananthan, he only pulled in the DOG into these controversies, and so all the affected families are chasing us with a dog.

Sonia Gandhi: I don’t know what you guys will do, we need to gain good name amongst our country people, so think out a plan and let me know.

In the meantime VRD got a call on his cell phone and he was very happily responding "Thanks a lot ji, I am truly grateful to you, I will meet you soon"

SG: Hey stupid, we are in an important meeting and to whom you are talking all the time ?

VRD: No Sonia Ji, its Ram Gopal Verma, he has agreed to shoot a film on this Mumbai attacks and has agreed to introduce my son as the hero, so soon my son will be acting in a movie and he will be a great star.

MMS: So you are the VILLAIN in the real show and your son will be the hero in the reel version of this is it ?

SG asks all the other politicians to get into her guest rooms and asked VRD to stay outside, in a minute VRD was chased by some 50 dogs, and I don’t know what happened next.

Indian Politicians ... A Rotten lot ...

I have been closely watching the happenings at mumbai, post terrorist attacks. I am extremely upset by three things that have happened last week. One is the atrocious remark made by Kerala chief minister Achuthananthan, second one is the replies given by Pakistan government to India's questions and the last one is the award given to our hero Sandeep by our Indian Government.

Firstly, how on earth we can classify that irritating, unethical, obnoxious human being Achuthananthan ? Is that valid to call him as a "human being" in the first place ?. The remarks he made on the family of our martyr Maj. Sandeep is something which no one can digest, just see, that this remark has sparked anger amongst the fellow "politicians" who are considered to be the most shameless creatures on earth. He said that, "If not for he (Sandeep) being a major, not even a dog would visit his house". He is talking as though lots of dogs will assemble in front of Achuthananthan's house when he dies. If not he being a politician or the chief minister of Kerala, no human being will mind to visit his house when he dies. I wish and pray that he should get a death which is more painful than what our hero Sandeep got. He does not deserve a place to be in this world anymore. Hope GOD is seeing all these from above.

Pakistan does not seem to have learnt from their mistakes. Their president Mr. Zardari is talking as if their country is innocent in this whole mumbai massacre and all Pakistani’s are deeply upset and are ready to support  fellow Indians at this moment of grief. The identities of the terrorists have been proved to be from Pakistan and Zardari does not seem to believe that, where 4 of the terrorists have had a Pakistan passport, so he does not believe his passport authorities is it ? Their external affairs minister Mr. Shoukat Ali is giving a bold statement saying "Pakistan is ready to help India, we are ready to peace as well as for a WAR", is he really talking with any sense here ? What does he think of Indian Army ? I hope he does not think that Indian Army is headed by Dhoni and we Indians will certainly lose the war. He should understand the power we posses. Developed countries like US and China and Russia have high regards for our National Army, I am sure that guy is joking. If INDIA decides to go on for a WAR, it would hardly take a day for us to remove a country called "Pakistan" from the globe. But, I don’t want to fight with Pakistan as there will be a huge loss of innocent lives, which a peace loving country like us would not want to do.

When Abhinav Bindra won the GOLD medal in Olympics, our government rewarded him Rs 3 crore, I don’t deny the fact that what he has achieved is a remarkable feat, but at the same time this government is giving Rs 5 lakh for all the commandos and solders who died in this Mumbai's terrorist attack. Don't you guys feel that the amount should actually be doubled in this case ? These folks have lost their lives while safeguarding this nation from terrorists and to save innocent people like us, they are no more today, their family can never enjoy the benefits that army gives for someone who is in service. They have lost their only earning member of their family, what can they do with that Rs 5 lakh ? With the growing rate of economy, what can those families do with that little money ? We IT professionals are paying huge taxes which are eaten by these rotten politicians, bloody rip them off their ass if they don’t increase the compensation amount. I wish the government takes some change in this stand and give all the families of the soldiers who died for our safety a huge amount.

Well, how can we end this post without talking about the greatest joker Maharashtra has ever produced ?? Ya, the Thackeray’s. Where was this fellow hiding when Mumbai was burning at the hands of terrorists ? I think he would be busy in calling for a "All Marathi’s" meeting in Mumbai to raise a "valid" question saying "How can Mumbai be targeted by a non-maharashtrian ?, We Marathi’s only have the right to blast Taj hotel, how can we allow an outsider to do that?", these kinds of rotten thoughts would have been going into that rotten fellow's mind. I wish the terrorists would have taken him as hostage and the entire Maharashtra state would have thanked those terrorists and would have constructed a temple for them. INDIA should change ... Politicians should change, they should realize that citizens of INDIA are not fools and these sickening people are elected by us and it will not take more than a minute to throw them off that power ... you stupid politicians ... have this in mind as a carving on the stone.

Mumbai Vs Terror = Shame on INDIA

At last the drama got over at Mumbai. It was an incident of shame for our country. I am not seeing this as a "terrorist" attack by some pakistani's, it’s a shameful terrorist attack by "indians" on "indians". The shocking revelations that are coming out after all these shootings and fireworks, are very painful to hear. Some bloody basterd's have got bribe from the terrorists and then allowed them into our country, if they would have been sincere to their profession, today we would not have lost 100 innocent lives. Just imagine if this cheap mentality gets into our fellow brothers who guard our nation, you and I would not be peacefully blogging here. As long as we do not eradicate the deadliest devil called "bribe", there is no point in aiming to be the super power at 2020 ...

It was told that some terrorists have got into the Taj hotel and have held some hostages, that was the initial spark we got, but later another news flashed on the TV screens saying that some terrorists went on a shooting spree on the roads of Mumbai and have killed some innocent lives, those cruel animals didn't even spare a hospital, then another news flashed saying terrorists have taken hostages at hotel Oberoi, I was for a moment thought that all 5 star hotels have given free accommodation to terrorists. The news of many foreign nationals being held inside as hostages was even more pathetic, It’s our responsibility to take care of the tourists who visit our nation, the way we behave to them will be the face of our country, but after this bitter incident, I think INDIA's face value would have be decreased by greater extent amongst other tourists.

This news was a feast to all news channels, and it is so unfortunate for Mr. V P Singh to die at such a time where his death news was not at all covered by any news channel, if he would have been fortunate enough to die on a normal day, all the news channels would have covered that story right till the crematorium. These news anchors should be hanged in public, those journalists who were commenting from "Ground Zero" (that's how they call) are actually not reporting the news to the public, they are actually giving clues to the "terrorists" who were watching every bit that is happening outside from their rooms. One filthy journalist who was reporting for a famous news channel is saying like this when the helicopter dropped those commandos on the terrace - "Why are the terrorists not shooting that helicopter, why are they silent ? There must be some other plans to demolish that copter". I was pissed off after hearing that, he talks as if he is a terrorist.

Next worrying thing I noted in this entire "War on Mumbai" operation "Cyclone" is, the inefficiency of our NSG team in terms of arms and ammunitions and other technical equipments. In the US there are so many sophisticated instruments to tackle such a situation, they simply used to pass X-rays and then spot where the terrorist is hiding, but here in INDIA, they are still following the 1960s style of shooting, like inserting the gun into the window grill and then shooting without any aim. Its high time INDIA too invests on such sophisticated instruments which it may need in future. The copter which dropped those commandos, if you would have watched them carefully, all they have is a "machine gun" and nothing more, but the terrorists were having "Snipers" which are very cool and sleek to operate.

The commandos were not even given a binocular, if I am not wrong, they all were standing in the terrace right from morning till evening without doing anything. The terrorists have done through homework with the help of fellow indians (I should say fellow enemies ??), they have got the floor plan of all the three places they were attacking and they have been coming and going into those places very regularly, it was a well planned bid to attack Mumbai. It’s pathetic to see that Mumbai police have failed to learn from their mistakes, they should have taken enough precautions to stop this, moment the terrorists hijacked the police van and went on a shooting spree inside the city, they should have caught hold of them, these incidents happened in the night and they came to know only the next day morning.

During these encounters we lost some gallant heroes of our police department, it’s good that the NSG gunned down all the terrorists before our heroes were cremated. One news channel showed a clipping of a terrorist falling out of the window after a gunshot, it was excellent to watch, I thought how nice will it be if there would be some mechanism to kill all the terrorists of the world. It took more than three days for our NSG to bring all of them down, unfortunately we have to lose all the hostages held by the terrorists, and my heart goes for the family of those deceased. 

It’s very unfortunate that TAMIL NADU is very far from MUMBAI, you guys know why I am saying this as "unfortunate" ?. I don't know why Mumbai police have to call NSG's and Commandos to bring down the terrorists, when they have a very capable man sitting in CHENNAI who has vast experience in gunning down terrorists, he in fact has changed the mind of many terrorists just by talking to them (No fighting, no bullets, no blood... just talking!!!), If we would have sent him inside the Taj, the next 10th minute all the terrorists would have come down running to the police and begged them to arrest them or kill them, so it’s our bad luck that Mumbai wasted 3 days and lost precious police officer's in tackling the terrorists. Ada, you guys are still thinking who that genius is ?? array yaar ... it’s none other than our Captain "Vijayakanth" :-)

Day in the life ...

That place was heavily crowded and people where running here and there like mad, for him it looked as if every individual is running behind a dream to achieve, a life to lead, a necessity to earn, a compulsion to live, a ride to an unknown destiny; but everyone has a factor in common, that is, "To make money". That was one of the most busiest railway stations of Mumbai and usually trains there would run jam packed, an aerial view of that train would make you think as if a caterpillar with many hands and heads on its side, is running as fast as it can. People just walk over anything and everything to catch a train, it can be a basket or a carpet, or a trunk box or you or me, they just don’t care, their only aim is to catch that train...

Mumbai is very famous for "Dabba Wala's" whose commitment and the process they adapt in delivering the "tiffin boxes" to their fellow mumbaiker's is something amazing, and to cream it on the top, they have even gone to the IIMs to teach the students about those simple process and methodologies they follow to ensure the safety and the punctuality of their delivery. The style at which those dabba wala's carry those heavy stuffs on their shoulders and head will be amazing to watch, they completely defy the laws of gravity is what I would say. Their knack of getting into the train with those huge baggages will make any one to raise their eyebrows. This guy who came to the station to go to work was in no mood to catch his train today, so he decided to settle near one of the benches.

He was sitting there for a long time, since he is a regular guy in that station lot of people recognized him and also wondered what he is doing sitting on the platform at 8:30 AM where he normally used to catch his train for work. He used to see a couple who always come together and then board different compartments, before they go to their respective compartments they used to hug and kiss each other. Today he saw only that girl and not the guy, he just could not control his curiosity, hence he asked her why she has come all alone today and where is her husband or boy friend, though she gave him a nasty stare, but she responded to him saying that she had fought with him today and hence she did not come with him. At times in life, we would feel more comfortable to some stranger for no reason, and we wud share all our deep secrets with them.

An old lady who used to sell banana's at the station daily in the morning, came that day as well by carrying a huge load of banana on her hip, though she could not carry that entire weight, somehow she will manage to carry it, she knows that the amount she gets after selling those banana's would be of great help to her family to have one course of meal a day. He never buys bananas from her, but he has a soft corner to that old woman, as he feels pity for her that she has to work even at this age. That fateful morning, she dropped down unconscious and lost her banana basket on to the tracks and a speeding express train, just crushed all her banana's in no time, it not only crushed the banana's it also crushed her family's meal for a week. Though there were few kind hearted people to feel sorry for her, amidst of their busy schedule, but none of them came forward to lift her up and bring her back to senses.

There were huts on both sides of that railway station and at any point in time there would be 10 to 20 nude kids who would come there just to waive their hands to anyone and everyone they see in that train. They all would be of less than 5 yrs of age, the age where they really need not worry about anything in their life; in fact they even thought that skipping two meals a day is not because of poverty, it’s just a practice. With their nose dripping all the time and trying to get over that tiny little dam of curved upper lips, they never failed to smile at others and waive their hands. He thought to himself that this is the age to enjoy life without any expectations or commitment; he too went near the kids and enjoyed their innocence for a while. Every adult is a kid inside, it’s just the physical outlook that makes all of us look old, Isn't it?

He missed all his usual trains but he knew that he has the other trains to come so he never panicked. He is coming to that station to board the train for almost 20 years now, nothing has changed in that station or in his life, he is still doing the same work, the trains are still running with same crowd, it’s that same station master, nothing changed in his view, he used to wonder if life has stopped moving forward for him and to that station. He has never seen a quiet and a peaceful place in his life, all he has seen his crowd, congestion, uncaring people, irritated mornings, gloomy days at work, in short, happiness is something which he has not seen for years, he is also one amongst those 100s of people who are running behind money, maybe he is also dragged into that never ending race, he tells himself. Today he is not in any mood to go to work.

It was 10:00 in the morning now and he realized that he needs to eat his breakfast so he went to a shop where he usually used to get his breakfast, but today he was shocked to see a board hanging in front of the shop saying "Holiday due to unavoidable reasons", now he said to himself that he has to go to work today, his wife and his two thin kids came into his mind as a flash, "Yes I need to work for my family", he waited for the next train to come and once it arrived on the platform he slowly inched his way into a compartment and by rolling his 2 by 2 plywood which has four wheels attached to it, which could just accommodate his amputated limbs, he took out this empty aluminum plate and there he sings "Maa tuje salaam, Maa tuje salaam ... Vandhe maatharam ..." and runs his way thru that crowded train which is rushing like mad, as if it too has a dream to achieve.

If I can help you ...

The morning was at its best in this village, the rays of the sun spraying a vibrant yellow on the green paddy fields and farmers were busy in sowing the seeds for the next season, there were white cranes standing tall in the mid of those green fields and gives us an impression as if an artist has spilt his white wax paint on a green canvas. There is a huge pump set which is pumping out water in a gush across that wide spread farm land, ladies were busy in stemming those baby rice crops at a speed which even a dual processor could not do, at a distant there is a railway track on which an old steam engine is rushing to some unknown destination by vomiting a thick smog of coal dust, Vinay kept looking at this scenic beauty which is in absolute contrast to the city life he lives ...

Vinay is an Agricultural student who has come to this village to study about a specific variety of cultivation which is happening only at this village and gotta prepare a thesis on the same. He was more interested to know the secret behind the serenity that he is feeling inside him in this village, than the research he is intended to do. Vinay needed this trip to forget his worries, he wanted a change of place so that he can keep his mind off the wound heart and the reason for that is Sindhu. Sindhu is Vinay's  neighbor and both of their families are very close to each other and so Vinay and Sindhu. She is doing her second year medicine and Vinay is doing his third year Agriculture. Sindhu is a bright student right from her school days and Vinay is exactly opposite to Sindhu. Sindhu hates pets, Vinay loves pets, Sindhu likes Kamal Hassan and Vinay likes Rajinikanth, they both are opposite to each other in every possible comparisons, and as you all know "Unlike poles attract".

Vinay felt that he is very lucky to have Sindhu as his girl friend and he knows that it is his responsibility to keep her happy in life, coz he has this feeling that he is no match to such a wonderful girl who is having positives in all the aspects when compared to him. Sindhu on the other hand liked Vinay's calm character, she always wanted her life partner to be a good listener, Vinay hardly speaks, he always listens to what Sindhu says, girls always likes guys who listen. Every love has a villain, that's an unwritten Murphy ’s Law, and this love is no exception. Here the villain came in the form of Sindhu's college mate Vikram. He is a smart young lad with all good qualities to attract a beautiful girl, he is energetic, enthusiastic, and lively and above all he is a guy who syncs up with all the likes and dislikes of Sindhu, so there is a chemistry that is already in place. Sindhu who is considered to be a girl who hardly speaks to guys, started to change and mingle with Vikram.

Vikram is a genius, he grasps things very easily and at the same time he does not spend a lot of time in studying, he is a "Party Animal". Sindhu started to admire Vikram for almost everything, at the same time she started to distance herself from Vinay. There used to be a weekly get-together between the two families and they make dishes from the respective houses and have a moon light dinner every Saturday night, that is the time where Sindhu and Vinay get to talk a lot about their carrier, future and rest of the other plans, there was one such get-together Saturday night and surprisingly Sindhu was not present, she had faked a reason of headache and chose to settle in her room, where she enjoyed a series of sms chats with Vikram. Vinay felt worried about her headache and as usually he stepped into Sindhu's bedroom, which is quite a normal thing that he used to do, but this time he was seriously warned by Sindhu for not knowing the manner's of knocking the door before entering her room. Vinay felt that she is very much bothered by that headache and hence she shouted at him, but little he knew that the he too will have a headache by name Vikram.

Time just went by and Sindhu discovered new reasons for missing the get-together’s that these two families used to have and Vinay is not that stupid to believe them. He once approached her and then asked her a straight question of why she is not gelling with the folks nowadays, and is there any mistake from his part, Sindhu did not expect such an interrogation from Vinay and she chose to reply to him saying, she is not answerable to anyone and hence it is her wish to participate or not to participate and he has no business to poke his nose into her matters. Vinay being a soft-spoken and a calm guy could not retaliate with that same ferocity, hence he chose to be quite. Vinay felt that Sindhu has changed or something has changed Sindhu. On the other hand Vikram who got into her heart has now put a chair and has comfortably placed inside that. Sindhu felt that Vikram is the pair of her and the relationship she developed with Vinay is just a childhood infatuation and nothing more than that, this reason is just to convince her and justify her actions.

Vikram is an extrovert, so he mingles with anyone and everyone, he takes life in its pure casual sense and lives that moment. Sindhu wanted Vikram to be her's, though she did not tell Vikram about her desire directly, but she tried to give him enough clues that she is mad on him, but Vikram on the other hand does not even seem to have noticed such signals, this irritated Sindhu. Vikram moves with the rest of the other girls in a similar way he moves with Sindhu, which she did not like, she wanted him to give her a special attention, that never happened. Sindhu lost her track in studies, from a bright student, she became one of the average performing candidates in her college and this surprised everyone, the college authorities, her parents and also Vinay.

Sindhu just could not keep all these trauma within herself and she wanted to pour that out, she then decided to talk to Vikram directly about her intentions and then breaks the news of her loving him. She met Vikram the next day and then she told him that she needs to talk to him, Vikram was busy in his "Biochemical Transformations on Human Hormones" assignment and hence he could not go and meet her on the time he has given her, this irritated Sindhu a lot and she was about to burst and that is actually a wrong time for anyone to talk to her, but poor Vinay came to her room, Sindhu too wanted to vent all her anger on someone, and here she got a scapegoat. Vinay asked her, "Ok tell me, who is that guy ? Let me see if I can help you", she blasted him back by saying, "I am not in any mood to talk to you, please let me alone", but Vinay insisted to her saying that she has to open up, so she conveyed to Vinay that there is a guy called Vikram who has come into her life and he is the one with whom she is going to spend the rest of her life.

Vinay was visually broken and he just could not know how to react, as usually he remained calm. He pacified himself saying, a bright guy like Vikram will only be a good match to Sindhu and he does not fit into the slot by any means. Sindhu's parents grew suspicious about her activities and hence decided to spy on her, at last their spy gave them a shocking information saying that she is behind a guy by name Vikram and he does not seem to be interested in her, so they came to know that this is an one sided affair, which they wanted to stop as soon as possible. Sindhu on the other hand planned to talk to Vikram and confess her crush towards him. She thought of calling him for a coffee at their college cafeteria and then express her feelings to him, but somehow she did not have the guts to do that, and hence dropped the idea.

Vikram saw Sindhu the next day at college and he casually asked her, "Hey what's up, you look so dull and depressed, what ? your boy friend Vinay ditched you is it ?" and winked at her, she replied back to him in a hurry saying that Vinay is just her friend and nothing more, and the very next moment she had this wild thought in her, that Vikram is distancing himself from her, as he mistook Vinay to be his boy friend, she got wild and cursed Vinay for projecting himself as if he is too close to her and he is her boy friend, immediately her fingers dialed Vinay's number and she asked him to come to "Coffee Day", Vinay who now know that Sindhu is not her's, he asked her, "Why?", that irritated Sindhu even more and she fumed over the phone saying "Oh, you will not meet me without a reason is it ?, I say come ..." and disconnected the line. Vinay was there in the next 30 minutes.

Sindhu wanted to make things very clear and she told Vinay that he is not supposed to talk to her or meet her anymore, as Vikram mistook their relationship as love, so, please get out of my life forever, she fumed. Vinay did a rewind of this same relationship, where Sindhu said that he is her life. Vinay did not say even a word, as he does not want to hurt her by any means, he wished her "Best of Luck" and decided not to interfere in her life anymore. He packed all his things and came down to this beautiful village, as he was pregnant in these thoughts, his mobile vibrated and the SMS read "Machaan, thanks a ton for letting me know that Sindhu is also in Love with me da. Today she proposed to me, many thanks for you machi, No wonder you are my best buddy right from my school days ...". Sindhu was happy to be with Vikram and she was proud of her action in sending Vinay out of her life.

SPB - Legend with a Golden Voice Rest's in Peace

  This year 2020 is continuing to be the most depressing year in my life, how many lives we have lost across the globe due to this pandemic ...