Bachelor's Party ...

It was Vinay's bachelor’s party and he had invited all his college mates and couple of his office colleagues. The party was hosted in one of the biggest hotels in the city and Vinay is very excited about his engagement and his happy to marry Sandhya. He knew Sandhya through a common friend and it’s not "Love at First Sight", he never had any spark at that moment and it was the case with Sandhya too, but you never know when a love bug bites you, today they both are into the agreement of getting married. Life always throws surprises at us, isn't it?...

Vinay is software professional who works for a leading MNC, he did his MS at a foreign university and is living abroad, he came down to his hometown just to enjoy with his old mates and also finish his marriage which is due in a week's time. Sandhya is also excited to marry Vinay and the reason for that is, one of her conditions for marriage is addressed by marrying Vinay, that condition is, her partner should be a broad minded person and he should be a known person to her before marriage. Vinay is a broad-minded person, he lives life for that moment and he takes things very easily. Sandhya was attracted to this quality of Vinay and may be this could be the seed which helped this love tree to grow in her heart.

Sandhya is very beautiful girl, Vinay is always attracted towards beauty, he always wanted his wife to be a beautiful girl, (who does not want that, tell me ?) he was purely attracted to Sandhya just becoz of her looks. Sandhya too is software professional and hence he can easily get her job abroad, one of his main conditions in his life partner is, she should not be a home-maker and she should work. His philosophy is, "An idle man's mind is a devils workshop" so he does not want her wife to be sitting at home all the time. This is surely a "Made for each other" couple was the talk all over their friends circle. There was one incident which happened right after their engagement, Sandhya lost her engagement ring somewhere and it could not be traced, it was a very costly diamond ring which Vinay got her from the US, she almost broke into pieces and cried buckets for that. 

One day she called up Vinay with all those salty tears flowing all over her cheeks and a viscous saliva bleeding out of her mouth, she said "Vinay, I lost our engagement ring da", and Vinay on the other hand replied with a big laugh and said "Hey darling, are you crying for this silly thing ? I never knew you are a cry baby, well, this is not a matter to be worried at all, just be cool and soon I will be there to give you a wedding ring". She put her dad in that same situation and he would have busted like a volcano for this issue. Sandhya felt so happy that Vinay is such a cool dude. Vinay got an email from an anonymous source which had some nasty comments on Sandhya and some nasty pictures on her, which was actually morphed. Vinay forwarded that to Sandhya and said "Looks like you have a good friend who is a bit worried in you getting married". Sandhya just could not believe the fact that Vinay took this so easy.

Vinay was enjoying with his friends in the party and he got a call from his darling Sandhya, she asked him where he is, and coincidently both of them were in the same locality, Sandhya told him that she came there for shopping and asked him when he will be done with his party, Vinay said he has no clue and he has just started to booze, with a little bit of warning Sandhya allowed him to take few pegs. Vinay and his friends where on the verge of losing their senses and all of them were in an inebriated state and their talk turned towards "sex" and the devil inside them came out and sat on their head. One of Vinay's friend tempted him saying "Hey come-on man, this is no big fault, just one last time before you get married, it’s actually a kick when you do it before your marriage", Vinay is not in his senses to say a YES or a NO, but he too wanted to give a shot.

Vinay asked, how can they arrange for tonight as its already 11 PM in the night, then one of his friend told him that he knows an auto wala who could arrange for some delight in a short notice, and as planned they called up the auto wala and he knew the place where he has to drop such girls as this is not something new to that friend who is coordinating this "act". All those heavily drunk animals went to that place which was completely dark and there they spoiled the life of a young girl. Just before dawn they all slipped in the middle of the dark to their respective homes. That next day morning Vinay was totally blank and he had no clue of what happened last night, but slowly as the sun moved towards the west he could recall that last night's nasty incident and he felt so bad on himself.

He called up his darling Sandhya just to confess his nasty act, but the call was not answered. He started getting calls from his friends who were part of that brutal act, and he told one of them that he needs to confess this to Sandhya, but his friend blasted him and warned him not to do such stupid act, which would screw his entire life, Vinay too thought for a while and then decided to burry that within himself. It was just one day to go for his marriage and he was busy going to beauty parlors and making himself look good for that great occasion of his life, on the other hand Sandhya too was busy in getting ready for that D-day. The marriage day arrived and things went on very well without any hiccups. Both Sandhya and Vinay were very tired after that whole day of hectic work. Vinay and Sandhya have to fly back to the states in another 3 days time, so they had lots of appointments to finish before they leave.

Vinay and Sandhya reached California after a long journey. Sandhya looked visibly upset and Vinay hugged her and told her that he is always there to take care of her, Sandhya placed her head comfortably on Vinay's shoulders. It was their first night after marriage, Vinay was at his romantic best and that enthu was missing with Sandhya, Vinay thought that she is missing home very badly and tried to lighten the moment, but Sandhya's eyes were fully flooded. Vinay was shocked to see that and he took her face by her chin and asked her "What’s the problem dear, are you missing home ?", Sandhya broke into tears, hugged Vinay hard and confessed saying "She was gang raped last week by some devils, the auto wala whom she took, kidnapped her to a remote place and she was destroyed" Vinay was totally shattered and he felt bad about the costly treat he kept for his friends.


  1. You have a nice knack of putting things together - appreciate it
    But the story per say, I find it a bit cinematic

  2. Oh yaa, I am still growing my stroy writing skills, so you have to wait for some more years for me to come up with a classic :). Thanks for your comments though, keep them flowing in.

  3. Didnt think it was a story till i read the last paragraph. Nice one


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