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Sandhya and Sridhar is a wonderful couple and to add to their joy, they had this little Mansi. They enjoyed every moment of being with her and they felt that she is their world. Sandhya who was working as a director in one of the leading financial firm quit her million dollar job, just to take care of Mansi. Sridhar is a businessman and he has to do lots of travel to take care of his business, Mansi's presence made him to curtail his travels to a greater extent as he wanted to see Mansi grow in front of his eyes ...

Sandhya is no exception to a new mother, she had no clue of what the reason could be when Mansi cries, she and Sridhar are living all alone far away from their hometown so they don’t have the privileged of getting the advice for their elders, It took Sandhya more than a month to analyze and study the reasons for Mansi's cries and finally she became an expert in knowing her signs. Mansi is just 2 months old and Sandhya decided to get this "Baby Calendar" wherein she can go and mark dates against each action of Mansi. First smile, first yawn, first wink, first word, that list of first's grew like anything. They both made huge plans for Mansi's future and there would be occasional "fake" fights between both of them on her career, but they enjoyed every bit of it.

Mansi is now 1 year old, she moved up from walking on her fours to two's, she could not get the right balance all the time, and used to fall "thud" on the floor and every time she does that she would smile at Sandhya with those two tiny little front teeth flashing, Sandhya would feel a sense of pride and satisfaction on seeing these cute little stunts Mansi's used to pose, and not to mention the tantrums Mansi used to throw every now and then. Sandhya took enough care that no object is within the reach of that 1 ft tall angel but Mansi knows the art of grabbing things even if it’s not within her reach, she just used to walk to the balcony and throw the stuffs she has on hand and all she would do is to flash a big giggle, which is an indication that she had thrown something out of the window.

Mansi never likes those cerelac's or farex stuffs, she loves munching those boiled mashed carrots and boiled apple slices, at times she used to get those little pieces of "dhal" which Sridhar would feed her without letting Sandhya know, but Mansi would store those tiny remains of dhal on her tongue and will show that to Sandhya and there starts a marathon inside the house. A family like this would be everyone's wish list, and it’s very fortunate that Sandhya and Sridhar are blessed with such a peaceful life. Mansi became 4 years and the hunt for putting her in the right school started, Sridhar put her in one of the best schools in the city and as like any other kid Mansi never cribbed to go to school, in fact she wanted to go to schools even on Saturdays and Sundays which became a problem to Sandhya and Sridhar.

Mansi grew amidst of enough pampering and at the same time enough discipline. She was taught to pray every time before taking her meal, she was taught to be kind to others, she was taught the empathy she needs to have on others and all these little lessons of life got recorded in the diary Sandhya used to maintain. Mansi was one of the most loved student in her school by all her teachers, she is one of the bright student as well, who knows has good manners at that very young age, where all the other kids would love to do tantrums. Once one of her friend dropped her lunch box while coming to the play ground and all her food got mixed with sand, little Mansi volunteered her lunch box to her and they both shared that little stuff for that noon and Mansi was more happy to give a bigger share to her friend than eating on her own.

Mansi is 10 years old now and she became more responsible and obedient. Sridhar and Sandhya were very proud of their daughter and they felt that she is GOD's gift. Mansi once came to Sandhya and asked her the reason why her friend Sruthi's daddy is always coming to the school to collect her report card and why not her mom, Sandhya thought that its right time to tell Mansi the truth of life and she said that Sruthi's mom is no more and she had died, so she cannot come. Mansi felt so bad about that and fired the next question, "So she will not have anyone to make her breakfast, lunch, dinner and there won’t be anyone to take all her school books for that day, there won’t be anyone to check her homework’s is it ?, then why can't we have Sruthi with us, so that you can be her mother", though that innocence is still sitting on Mansi's head, she did not know that it’s not going to be possible.

Mansi became 16 and its the time where her body and mind undergoes a total transformation, Mansi was asked to distance herself from her boy friend’s, though they are very close to her, all of a sudden there is this change where she is not supposed to move with boys anymore, Mansi did not know the exact reason though, but Sandhya had instructed her to be like that and she followed it. Mansi topped her school by getting the highest mark in her 10th and she chose to do commerce as her main course going forward. Sandhya & Sridhar were never against to Mansi's wish, Sandhya's storage of diaries became 16 now and she had tracked each and every move of Mansi. Mansi had this empathy on others so if she feels that she has to help someone, she calls up her mom and then will request her that they need to help them, so many a times Mansi had helped most of her friends and this made her popular and lovable among her friends circle.

Mansi is 20 now and one fine day she came rushing from college and busted into tears and took seat on Sandhya's shoulders and said that a guy proposed her today and she felt so embarrassed, though Sandhya laughed it off and cheered her up, she was happy to note this very important thing in her diary. Mansi was doing her bachelor’s in commerce and she excelled in that too. Her habit of praying before every meal was a hit in the college and almost all the students followed the same. Mansi's helping tendency grew day by day and it went to an extent where she has to setup some goondas to save her friend from her irritating boy friend, and never Mansi had hidden anything to Sandhya or Sridhar and so is this event, which Mansi's got nice scolding from her dad and mom for the first time in her life.

Sridhar called Sandhya to have something to eat, but Sandhya refused to come, she is still reading those old diaries, with swollen eyes she kept on asking Sridhar "Why did we teach her all those good things, we shouldn’t have done that" and banged her head on those diaries. Yes, today Mansi is no more, her helping tendency took her life when she tried to save a kid which got stuck at the CST in Mumbai where the terrorists gunned her down and she had to take those 5 bullets on her chest, which otherwise would have pierced that little kid. Every life is precious in this world, and let’s not feed those messengers of death by sacrificing our loved ones. Let’s all fight against TERROR. This is not a real life story though, but this may well be an untold story in a family which had lost their loved ones ...


  1. oh this is a true story!! my condolences to the family who lost a dear child :(


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