Dec 22, 2008

Its Vacation Time ...

Ah, its vacation time!!! I always have a very bad habit of not taking too many leaves to work, though I am not a workaholic person, I tend to make my presence felt at work place. I have my own circle of friends to entertain and I have my own sets of "crush" on some of those cute little ladies, how can I miss all that and take off ? Well, but I am not so bad you see, I make sure that I take off during this season of the year every time, so here comes my vacation. I will be off to work from tomorrow and will get back to Bangalore only next year ...

I have completed all the tasks that I had on my plate, since you are an architect, there is no one who will be assigning you work though, you have to invent your own tasks for a day, but I made sure that I am not going to involve in any new development during this period of the year, so that I can set myself free from these troubleshooting, analysis, research, tools writing etc etc. I would fly back to my home town "Singaara Chennai" and from there I will go to some temples in the south and will come back promptly on the 31st so that I can start my new year at one of the most beautiful places on earth, Chennai.

I will be on my Blackberry, so I think I can still post couple of interesting things, but not sure though. I am taking off after a long gap and hence I have tons of plans to make this a fruitful one. I would obviously visit all my friends, and would spend most of the time with them, as always my granny would pester me by asking to look at some "sappa" figures, on the name of seeking a girl for me and above all I have to meet my friends new born who looks absolutely gorgeous in snaps, well the list I have in my mind is very big.

Ah, I wish all my readers a very happy and a merry Christmas, may Lord Jesus bless all of us with his choicest blessings and may he save this world from all the unwanted elements. I would be visiting a church on that day for sure, so will continue the rest of my prayers there


Amrita said...

have a great vacation satish

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