Indian Politicians ... A Rotten lot ...

I have been closely watching the happenings at mumbai, post terrorist attacks. I am extremely upset by three things that have happened last week. One is the atrocious remark made by Kerala chief minister Achuthananthan, second one is the replies given by Pakistan government to India's questions and the last one is the award given to our hero Sandeep by our Indian Government.

Firstly, how on earth we can classify that irritating, unethical, obnoxious human being Achuthananthan ? Is that valid to call him as a "human being" in the first place ?. The remarks he made on the family of our martyr Maj. Sandeep is something which no one can digest, just see, that this remark has sparked anger amongst the fellow "politicians" who are considered to be the most shameless creatures on earth. He said that, "If not for he (Sandeep) being a major, not even a dog would visit his house". He is talking as though lots of dogs will assemble in front of Achuthananthan's house when he dies. If not he being a politician or the chief minister of Kerala, no human being will mind to visit his house when he dies. I wish and pray that he should get a death which is more painful than what our hero Sandeep got. He does not deserve a place to be in this world anymore. Hope GOD is seeing all these from above.

Pakistan does not seem to have learnt from their mistakes. Their president Mr. Zardari is talking as if their country is innocent in this whole mumbai massacre and all Pakistani’s are deeply upset and are ready to support  fellow Indians at this moment of grief. The identities of the terrorists have been proved to be from Pakistan and Zardari does not seem to believe that, where 4 of the terrorists have had a Pakistan passport, so he does not believe his passport authorities is it ? Their external affairs minister Mr. Shoukat Ali is giving a bold statement saying "Pakistan is ready to help India, we are ready to peace as well as for a WAR", is he really talking with any sense here ? What does he think of Indian Army ? I hope he does not think that Indian Army is headed by Dhoni and we Indians will certainly lose the war. He should understand the power we posses. Developed countries like US and China and Russia have high regards for our National Army, I am sure that guy is joking. If INDIA decides to go on for a WAR, it would hardly take a day for us to remove a country called "Pakistan" from the globe. But, I don’t want to fight with Pakistan as there will be a huge loss of innocent lives, which a peace loving country like us would not want to do.

When Abhinav Bindra won the GOLD medal in Olympics, our government rewarded him Rs 3 crore, I don’t deny the fact that what he has achieved is a remarkable feat, but at the same time this government is giving Rs 5 lakh for all the commandos and solders who died in this Mumbai's terrorist attack. Don't you guys feel that the amount should actually be doubled in this case ? These folks have lost their lives while safeguarding this nation from terrorists and to save innocent people like us, they are no more today, their family can never enjoy the benefits that army gives for someone who is in service. They have lost their only earning member of their family, what can they do with that Rs 5 lakh ? With the growing rate of economy, what can those families do with that little money ? We IT professionals are paying huge taxes which are eaten by these rotten politicians, bloody rip them off their ass if they don’t increase the compensation amount. I wish the government takes some change in this stand and give all the families of the soldiers who died for our safety a huge amount.

Well, how can we end this post without talking about the greatest joker Maharashtra has ever produced ?? Ya, the Thackeray’s. Where was this fellow hiding when Mumbai was burning at the hands of terrorists ? I think he would be busy in calling for a "All Marathi’s" meeting in Mumbai to raise a "valid" question saying "How can Mumbai be targeted by a non-maharashtrian ?, We Marathi’s only have the right to blast Taj hotel, how can we allow an outsider to do that?", these kinds of rotten thoughts would have been going into that rotten fellow's mind. I wish the terrorists would have taken him as hostage and the entire Maharashtra state would have thanked those terrorists and would have constructed a temple for them. INDIA should change ... Politicians should change, they should realize that citizens of INDIA are not fools and these sickening people are elected by us and it will not take more than a minute to throw them off that power ... you stupid politicians ... have this in mind as a carving on the stone.


  1. I do agree and disagree on a few points you have here:

    1.Does the kerala CM deserve such a harsh punishment? he too had acted out of despair since it has been quite a blow to his self dignity when the commando's father literally shut the door on him.Fault lies both sides.

    2."If INDIA decides to go on for a WAR, it would hardly take a day for us to remove a country called "Pakistan" from the globe"

    This is not correct as they are equally powerful as us.

    1.Compensation amount should be increased.

    2.Enjoyed the last joke

    Moreover a thing which i noticed in the entire post is "ANGER"!!!

  2. @Shylu - Ah, you read me right, it was a post written with an intent of showing my anger. I am getting restless over these politicians day by day.

    BTW - You must have a high patience level, ivalo periya comment ezhudhirukeengale :)). Anyways, thanks for all your sincere comments, keep them flowing in.


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