For a Change ...

Vaidhegi was all thrilled to receive her son who is coming back from the US after a short trip, she started preparing all goodies he likes and Ramanathan was very nervous about his return, because he knows something which Vaidhegi does not know.

Suresh is coming by Lufthansa right ? I have heard that they never maintain their timings, I hope he reaches Chennai on time, said Vaidhegi. Ramanathan nodded his head as if he acknowledges to her statement.

Why can't you go and sleep, why do you have to make all these in this mid-night, anyways Suresh would have had something in the flight, you better go and sleep now. Vaidhegi brushed aside this statement of Ramanthan and said "nekku onnum thookam varala, en kozhandhaiya paarka kannu thudikaradhu" (I am not feeling sleepy, my eyes are waiting to see him")

It was 4 in the morning and Vaidhegi who was half-asleep by this time was woken by this loud taxi horn in front of her house, this being the month of maargazhi, Vaidhegi took her shawl and covered her ears and hurried towards the main gate to open, she was very much sure that it was Suresh and it was pretty hazy at the time and all Vaidhegi could see is smoke and from that smoke, there emerged two figures, one is her son Suresh and another one is a girl who was dressed in saree. Suresh just said a "Hi" to his mom and told Sukanya "Valadhu kaala eduthu vechu ulla vaa Suganya" (Keep your right leg first and come in).

Vaidhegi did not know whether is this real or is she dreaming, but soon the maargazhi chillness proved that she is not dreaming, and Vaidhegi rushed inside the house, she entered by locking a confused look on Sukanya and asked Suresh "Yaaru daa kanna indha ponnu" (Who is this girl), and for that she got a reply from Sukanya saying "I am your daughter-in-law Athai"

Oh nee Doctor ku law padichurukiyaa, very good, very good ...

Iyoo amma, she said she is your "maatuponnu"

Vaidhegi was stunned to hear that and she stood frozen and looked at Ramanathan "Enna naa sollaraan ivan" (what is he saying ?)

Ramananthan who already knew his plans, did not react to her question and he too pretended as if he is hearing this for the first time and he asked Suresh, "So is this an information or you are asking us permission?"

I think I am matured enough to take my own decisions appa and all I need is your blessings

Since you are matured enough to do anything, why can't you bless yourself ? yelled Ramanathan

Sukanya whispered into Suresh ears "What is happening Sur ? I thought you have convinced your parents and that's the reason you are bringing me to India ?"

Hey wait Sukanya, you know that it is not that easy to convince old folks and they are not educated like us, so let us give them some time.

Vaidhegi does not understand anything out of this conversation as English to her is more like a comb to a bald person, doesn’t make any sense.

Appa, Amma, I have not married her yet, all we did was a register marriage in the US, and I have come here just for a week, I have got an extension of work visa in the US and I would want to go back and settle there.

Vaidhegi, "Enna naa sollaraan avan, enakku puriyum padiyaa thaan pesungolen" (What is he saying, can you guys talk in a way I can understand ?)

Un paiyan America la poi settle aaga poraanaam andha ponnoda, he is just informing us (your son is going to settle in america with this girl)

Dei, unakku enna paithiyamaa daa pudichuruku, amma va vittutu poga unakku eppadi daa manasu vandhudhu ? Unakku enna vasiyam senjaa daa indha sirukki ? (Are you nuts ? How can you leave your mom ? What magic did this witch did on you ?)

Amma, please don't shout like this, let us not create a scene here. I wanted to stick to my decision. I am not here to beg.

Why are you like this ? You went with your friend Ramani and I don't think he is a stupid like you to take such decisions ? I wish Ramani could have been my son and not you.

Unnecessarily why are you comparing me with Ramani, he is not your son, I am your son, mind it.

Sukanya stood silent and she understood what is going on right now.

Vaidhegi fainted all of a sudden and she being a heart patient could not stand this, she required immediate medical assistance and Ramanathan is very much worried about her health and not Suresh. He screamed as Suresh to vacate the house and get lost.

Suresh expected such a reaction and slammed the door hard and disappeared in the dark with Sukanya. Vaidhegi raised her hand and signaled to Suresh to stay but he was not in a mood to look back at her.

It was around 4 in the evening, Ramanathan and Vaidhegi gathered some strength to go to Suresh's friend Ramani's house and ask him why he agreed his friend to take such stupid decisions. Ramani's house is just two blocks away from their place.

They both knocked the door bell and Ramani's sister opened the door with a swollen eyes and moment she saw Suresh parents, she rushed inside and said "Avaa vandhurukaa ..." (they have come)

Subramanian who is Ramani's father rushed towards Ramanathan and hugged him and cried "Ippadi pannitaane indha Ramani" and he was in-consolable

Ramanathan and Vaidhegi did not have a clue of what happened and Vaidhegi went into the kitchen to see Vimala who was talking to herself "Unakku enna kurai vechen nu nee ippadi senja daa Ramani" (What did we do wrong and why did you take this decision

Moment she saw Vaidhegi, she could not control her tears and it was all mess for 15 minutes. Ramani's sister Vanaja slowly whispered into Vaidhegi's ears "Anna, US poi, sex change pannindutaan, he is no more Ramani, he has changed his name to Sukanya"

Both Ramanathan and Vaidhegi stood still ...


  1. nalla, suda,suda katahiyai[ hope it is not a true incident}?! eduthundu poyii kadesiyile ippadi pannittyeda kuzhande!A very interesting piece.

    This reminds me of a joke where earlier a mother wanted her son to marry within her cast, later, it goes for hindu, then any religion and finally she wants her son to marry any girl from anywhere but definitely not a boy!!!!!!!!!!!

    idu eppadi irukku?

  2. Hahahahaha....couldn't stop laughin....not sure if this was intended to be funny :-D

  3. gethu story change??lol..yen intha yosanai..

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    the stroy is !!!:(!..........always ur way of writing super,words of experssion good

  5. ramanathan and vaidhegi stood still..
    am sittin glued to my bed.. wow.. that was one range story.. for a change nu title vachapovae milda doubt vandhadhu..
    neengalum andha madiri edho plan panreengala??
    n plz dont temme tht this is a true story..

  6. Bayangara twist in the climax. Did u first decide the climax and wrote the story accordingly.

  7. @Vishnu - Sathiyamaa naa andha maadhiri thappellaam panna maaten.
    @Mathangi - Suda suda pona kadhai la thanniya oothiteno :) Nope this was just my imagination ... neenga sollaradhu "Poove Unakkaaga" style maadhiri iruke :)
    @Chan - Machi ... ore comment la asinga paduthitiye ... seri seri ... free yaa vidu :)
    @Soin - Just like that, ennamo yosichen, ennamo vandhudhu ... :)
    @Pavithra - Romba thanks.
    @Chennai Girl - Oh yaa, generally frame the complete story and climax in my mind before I start, later if a better climax strikes me, I will use that ;)
    @All - This is just my imagination and nothing more than that, but this may have happened in real life, but I am not aware of that.

  8. machi .. gethu... eppadi pa yosikiringa??? kalais ku range stars.... iniku daan un blog aa follow pannen..partha eppadi ah ???


    keep posting...awesomes...

  9. i do not know what is this ' poove unakkaaga' i am not familiar wth tamizh movies (1.) I was out of south for 26 yrs, (2)not interested in knowing much about them (3) not many good movies or heroes/ heroines. cld u xplain?

  10. hehehe i agree with Chan - LOL
    hope it was meant to be funny hehehehehehe
    sorry if it wasnt hehe

  11. @Amrita - To be honest, I never intended to write this as funny :( but some felt it that way, as like you and Chan :)


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