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I just can't imagine that people of such caliber exist in this world. I have met one of the most selfish human being in this world just today, but unfortunately he stepped on the wrong pedal and tried to play fancy with me which landed him in a cup of hot soup. Ok, let me tell you folks that I am here in the US to get few performance issues busted out on a product and before we came here, the folks in the US have already hired a consulting agency who are helping them in validating whether what we folks in India are doing is correct or wrong or absurd or bull sh** or non-sense. Since the issue has become a bit political with the India team and the product team in the US, they sent me up to this place and bridge few gaps and also to prove that what we folks are doing is not non-sense, I had all the evidence and data to prove them that we are not fools ...

The discussion today morning started when the group of consultants where analyzing our performance metrics and all of a sudden the head of that gang who is a PhD in performance engineering, just banged his beer can on the table and yelled "Oh shit, this is crap and I just cannot believe the these folks have been doing such a grave mistake for almost two months now and the worst part is they did not know that they are doing a mistake, and this is freaking my a** out" blah, blah, blah", me being a person who does not react to situations, I put on my listener's hat and then started enjoying the shit that he is throwing on me and my team and stuffs like that, I made sure that I don’t not over react or take things personally when he was spoiling the image of my team and above all my technical expertise, who said I am a genius, I may and I will and I can do mistakes right? So I told myself that "Satish you are not going to react to this without digesting what that PhD fellow is saying" after all I should give respect to his qualification, experience and age as well, seriously I am not an expert in Performance Engineering when compared to him, lets accept facts here.

The folks at Nashua who are none other than my company mates, just believe those consultants and not us, and it is for obvious reasons that the work is getting pushed in to India and these folks did not like that and they too wanted to prove to the management that Bangalore team is a useless unit and stuffs like that, understandable. They also joined the party and then started firing questions at me in a pace which was a little too hot for me to handle, but luckily I was still wearing the listener's hat and noting down the questions and also in the background I was working on framing possible replies to their questions, that's when that PhD guy made a statement which flared me up and believe me guys, I just played a scene from Bhaashaa where Rajini would be tempted to beat Anandraj and in the negative shot, all his Mumbai dadaa days would be shown, I was literally in that mood and decided to give them back and said "Enough..." and what that guy said is - "I am a scientist (PhD), I always wanted proof, I just cannot accept this crap from you, and you better mind, that you are not going to prove me wrong, and I will not allow history to be created by an Indian", wowwwwwwwww, feeling the heat ???

Again, I am not a genius, but I was confident in what I was doing and I was equally confident in proving that the analysis that these folks are doing is wrong, because I have the technical background to validate their analysis. I really don't know from where I got the guts to talk in a way I spoke today and the guy who came with me was just seeing me flaring up with points and he would have never seen a soft-spoken person like me to have flared up so much. I bloody took out every damn metrics that they have plotted as nice graphs, did a complete post-mortem on that and re-worked on the way they arrived at certain metrics and argued on some of their stupid theory on Windows OS thread counts and stuffs like that and at last posted a question to that PhD guy "So, can I take this as an instance where you have failed to convince an Indian and history has been created ?" and that's when the conference room went silent and I finished it off by saying "Over confidence, does make us slip sometimes" and walked out of the room, excusing myself for a break. When I came back the consultants have gone and my team acknowledged and agreed that our approach is not a flawed.

I would anyways give the credit to those consultants because they are fighting for a job and their status in not like mine where I have a guaranteed job on hand. They too have a family to run, kids to take care of, mom and dad to be taken care with good medical attention, so if I were at their shoes, probably I too would have done the same thing. But the thing which hurt me is, they are not willing to accept the truth, just because it came from an Indian ? That is seriously a wrong attitude, which I feel we Indian's would never do.


  1. Great job Satish!!!

    Oru chinna doubt...ungaluku veri vandhappo, "rakshagan" padathule katramadri veins veliye thrinjadha??

  2. @Sats, Frankly we've ourselves to be blamed. We folks glorif(ied)y westerners all the time and made them feel superior. How do we treat a American tourist vis-a-vis an's all there mate. No point in blindly blaming them.

  3. Man you are in US where they value human rights and very much intolerant to racist comments. If you can sue the guy thats the end of his public life.

  4. has a sort of familiar sound to it.but those americans will be feeling this reverse we finish the work cheap and everything is being banglored..the jobs by american companies are not for i guess all that anguish is just trickled down to this..avangalum konjam pavam..but yena aanulum avangala kanda verupu thaan

  5. Jai ho Satish ji ki!! :D

  6. :-) the world indeed looks scared at us! I always tell my team on a lighter note that they see too many of us because our country is heavily populated :D my boss warns one of his teamies that someday I'd take his job too! :D

  7. @Swetha - Illa, naa andha padam paarkala la, so enakku appadi edhuvum varala ;-))
    @Chan - What you say is absolutely correct and Its entirely our fault :(
    @Rsrirams - You know what ? I took that statement as one which came out in a fit of rage, all certain done, his job is too at stake. Poor guy, lets forgive him.
    @Soin - Correctaa soneenga soin, I second your thoughts here. You and I too would do the same thing when the Chinese folks flood our market :)
    @Amrita - Thanks!! Actually felt like a "Slumdog" yesterday :)
    @Aparna - Its a "dog eat a** world" Aparna and that is a cycle which is next to inevitable, so it has to happen. Afterall this planet is meant for fit survivors naa.

  8. dont worry satish.. they are just afraid of all asians.. especially chinese and indians.. coz we are takin over their country..


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