Its Vacation Time !!!

Its been a long time plan from my end to take a vacation and go to chennai and at last that happened on the 24th of this month. I along with my grany and aunt went back to chennai and i immediately plunged into vacation mood and slipped away from chennai to some beautiful villagges of south india. I usually go on a pilgrimage tour with my dad once a year and this time too we both had been to Mayavaram, Kumbakonam and to all navagraha sthalams.
I always love nature and admire its beauty, and once again i was absorbed by the nature when i was roaming inside those remote villages. I really envy the kind of life style those villagers are enjoying, lushy green outfields, abundant source of water and above all, excellent human beings. If you are strandered some where and dunno the route, don worry, there will be 100s of people who will come for your rescue, still humanity is living in the villages.
I could not imagine a scenario where a person coming all the way from his house till the bus stand and then telling us that these are the busses which will go to mayavaram, dont board white board busses as they will go very slow and waiting with us till the bus arrives and then only going back, do you guys think that the same will happen in CITY ? why, even i will not do such a thing, the reason ??? i will pretend as if i am busy.
I am sure, going forward, our younger generation will not see COWS, CATTLES, DOGS on streets, as they are all getting extint inside the city, but in villages people live with them, each and every house has either a goat or a cow or a dog and its not being treated as a pet, its being treated as one member of the family. Nature is always a challenge to humans and it will still be a challenge to mankind forever, so lets not waste our time in competing with that, lets start loving it and protect it.
I came back to chennai with a very heavy heart, as i should continue my race of running behind MONEY!!!!


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