Corporatisation of Crime

Where else such bizzare things happen if not in INDIA, here is a very interesting news which i came across quite recently.

Here is the latest in the corporatisation of crime. An agreement on STAMP PAPER is duely signed by the KIDNAPPERS and the victim's family saying that the victim's family will not go to the cops after the release of the KIDNAPPED individual even if the same person is KIDNAPPED again !!!! This bizarre sequence of events dates back to August 19th 2007 when a 14 year old "Saddam" went missing from outside his house in Uttar Pradesh, after a frantic search in the neighbourhood, the boy's father went to the police to lodge a "Kidnapping" case. With their usual nonchalance, the cops told the desperate father to go hunt for the boy himself.

Left on his own devices, the victim's father made enquired but drew blank. Then on September 2nd, he was contacted by the kidnappers and they asked him to come to a remote village, the father begged the kidnappers to return his son, as he is his only "hope" for future, but the kidnappers were adament, but the father kept begging for mercy and finally he signed a BOND with the kidnappers on a stamp paper and got his son released.

Waittttt, the story does not end here, the interesting part comes now. We all have the habit of procuring a loan and then paying that money in easy monthly installments (EMI), what if the same option is given by the kidnappers for bringing back home our loved ones who are kidnapped ? Yes, kidnappers are now giving an option to the vicitm's family to pay the "Ransom" they have demanded in easy installments and its absolutely "Interest" free!!!! Sounds interesting ah? Well, no wonder if banks soon start allocating a scheme and issuing loans for "Kidnapping", but they do charge interest!!!!


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